About us

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The National Library of Scotland is a reference library with world-class collections. NLS is also Scotland's largest library and one of the major research libraries in Europe.

Our collections range from rare historical documents to online journals, covering every subject. We specialise in Scotland's knowledge, history and culture. See below for a short summary of each section in this category.

Summary of sections:

  • What we are
    A brief outline of NLS and our history, the Board of the National Library of Scotland, the legal deposit privilege, and the Visitor Centre.
  • Publications
    Read and download our annual review and our quarterly magazine, 'Discover NLS', and see a list of books we have published.
  • Corporate documents
    The main policy documents, including the NLS Strategy and Corporate Plans, and some collecting policies are here.
  • Collections care
    This team provides preservation, conservation and reprographic services within NLS, and offers an advisory service to other Scottish libraries.
  • Support NLS
    Find out how you can support what we do, including joining one of our Patrons schemes. You can make secure donations online.
  • Freedom of Information
    Make a request under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act using our online form.
  • Working with others
    Information about formal and informal partnerships with other organisations and projects in Scotland and elsewhere.
  • Awards
    Read about annual awards aimed at promoting excellence in literature and in craft bookbinding.
  • Procurement
    Information for suppliers and contractors about access to contract opportunities through the public contracts advertising portal.

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