National Library of Scotland Annual Review 2008-2009


The publication of our Integrated Collecting Strategy is a clear and fresh indication of the direction in which the National Library of Scotland is moving. In this, we stress the importance of working collaboratively, not just with other collecting institutions, but also with the wide range of organisations involved in putting material online. In essence, we aim to meet our customers' expectations of finding a wealth of resources quickly and easily, and to explore the rich potential of these collections, wherever they may be in the world, and at whatever level of research they are doing.

As our collections continue to grow (to at least 16 million items at the time of writing) their research potential and the expertise of our staff grows with them. This is an area in which we have invested much time this year with highly promising results. Collaborative research projects with numerous universities have won funding and have charted exciting new waters in the academic realm.

Homecoming has been a prevalent theme in much of our exhibition and outreach activity this year, and the global potential for making our collections and knowledge accessible to people throughout the world continues to drive so much of what we do at the Library.

During the same year in which we celebrated the birth and growth of Scottish printing, we also embarked on our biggest digitisation project to date. This project is making thousands of books relating to Gaelic language available online. Alongside our efforts to put more of our resources online, we continue to do all that we can to make finding them easier. The addition of our catalogue records this year to WorldCat, a leading global 'master catalogue', is one example of this, while another is the adoption of the latest, intuitive search technologies on our own site.

We hope you enjoy discovering more about our recent progress and the enormous potential the future holds for the Library, just as much as we have enjoyed helping our customers discover our national collections and their vast potential.

Martyn Wade
National Librarian and Chief Executive

Professor Michael Anderson
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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