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Cover of issue 25 of NLS magazine

'Discover NLS' is the National Library of Scotland's award-winning full-colour magazine.

Issue 25, spring 2014, includes:

  • Scottish independence and previous constitutional debates
  • Theatre in Scotland 150 years ago
  • Tapping into Scotland's heritage in the NLS Digital gallery
  • A brief profile of Tim Berners-Lee.

Read 'Discover NLS' issue 25, part one (PDF) (18 pages; 2.9 MB)

Read 'Discover NLS' issue 25, part two (PDF) (18 pages; 3.5 MB)


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You'll find back issues of 'Discover NLS' in our archive. Each is available as a PDF file.


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We provide our magazine online only. This allows us to make considerable savings on rising print production and postage costs. It also helps us to reduce our carbon footprint significantly.

We are conscious that some of our readers may prefer to sit and relax with a magazine, so some paper copies will still be available in our Visitor Centre.


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