National Library of Scotland Act 2012

Legislation to update the powers and functions of the National Library of Scotland came into effect in February 2013. 

The National Library of Scotland Act 2012 strengthens the role of NLS in safeguarding and sharing knowledge for current and future generations. This Act replaces the 1925 National Library of Scotland Act.

As the National Library of Scotland Bill was making its way through Parliament, Martyn Wade, who at that time was National Librarian and Chief Executive of NLS, said: 'The Library has changed immeasurably since the previous legislation was passed in 1925. The Bill recognises and reflects our role in the 21st century and is very welcome.'

The Scottish Government's Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop said: 'As the Library continues to make more of its collections available online, in response to the changing needs of its customers, it is important that legislation keeps pace with the requirement to preserve and develop our national collections for generations to come.'


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