Mission, vision and values

At the National Library of Scotland we are committed to the mission, vision and values set out in our 2015-2020 strategy. 'The way forward'. These are:

Mission: To make a significant and lasting contribution to global knowledge and the memory of the world.

Vision: To be recognised as one of the leading national libraries in Europe by using our collections and spaces to generate opportunities for learning and research while improving understanding and participation in Scotland's rich cultural life.


  • Excellence
    Knowledge matters; we design and deliver outstanding services and provide a leadership and support role for the library community.
  • Inclusion
    The collections belong to everyone; we are committed to gaining and sharing knowledge.
  • Commitment
    The Library is a national treasure; we will work hard to grow and develop its collections and reputation.
  • Innovation
    Change is inevitable and welcome; we are proactive in our work, we embrace change in practices, procedures and technology.
  • Creativity
    New opportunities abound; we constantly seek new and innovative ways of delivering our services and engaging people in the cultural life of Scotland.

Find out more in the in Library's strategy 2015-2020 (PDF) (1 MB; 12 pages) and in the strategy introduction video.


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