Cinema exhibition product range

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Cinema exhibition product range

Detail from 'Frankly hen I don't gie a damn' poster

Our 'Going to the pictures' exhibition inspired a range of goodies:

Posters and postcards

Choose from our seven designs for marketing posters and postcards each showing a famous film quote that has been 'Scotified'. Or buy all seven!

Poster text 'Luke A'hm yer Da'
Poster: £4.50
Postcard: £0.50
Poster text 'Where we're going we dinnae need roads'
Poster: £4.50
Postcard: £0.50
Poster text 'Ah pure luve the reek of naplam in the morning'
Poster: £4.50
Postcard: £0.50

Available as poster only:

Poster text 'We're gonna need a bigger boat'
Post text 'Mrs Robinson are you trying to winch me'

Available as postcard only:

Poster text 'Fankly hen I dinna gie a damn'
Poster text 'Say hello to my wee pal'
'Let's go to the movies' postcard
Standard: £0.60
Large: £1.00

DVD of films shown in the exhibition

DVD cover

Experience cinema-going in Scotland through historic film clips, cinema advertising and film-location shooting, from 1895 right up to the present day.

  • Clips from historic films, including footage showing the Gordon Highlanders around 1899
  • The earliest representation of Scottishness on screen in the 'Execution of Mary Queen of Scots' (1895)
  • Location and queuing for films from around the 1920s
  • Star-spotting, featuring, among others, Vera Reynolds, Sir Harry Lauder and Sean Connery
  • 'World War Z' filming that brought Brad Pitt to Glasgow in 2012.

Films featured on this DVD are from the collections in the NLS Scottish Screen Archive.

Lantern slides range

For these designs we used mostly old cinema lantern slides, which are held at the Scottish Screen Archive.

'It's lolly time' mug
Mug: £6.50
Sold in all three designs
Drinks coaster
Coaster: £3.50
Sold in all three designs
Fridge magnet
Fridge magnet: £2.00
Sold in all three designs
Notebook: £2.75
Sold in all three designs
Key ring
Leatherette key ring: £3.50
Single design only


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