Local and regional library networks

The National Library of Scotland works at a local and regional level within the library sector. We help to develop new opportunities and share what we can with those who require need it. Organisations we are involved with include:

Ayrshire Libraries Forum (ALF)
We are on the management committee of Ayrshire Libraries Forum. Through the committee we highlight our digital activities and encourage collaboration.

Edinburgh Libraries and Information Services Agency (ELISA)
The National Library of Scotland is a member of the general and business committees of the Edinburgh Libraries and Information Services Agency. We are working to share information about Edinburgh's digital collections and the provision of the 'Edinburgh library passport'.

Glasgow Area Libraries Together (GALT)
We have supported Glasgow Area Libraries Together to help it develop co-operation and knowledge-sharing between the academic and city libraries of the greater Glasgow area.

Grampian Information (GI)
Through Grampian Information we share professional expertise with a wider range of information organisations and people from different sectors, such as:

  • Educational establishments
  • Research institutes
  • Voluntary bodies
  • Commercial organisations.


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