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August 2006

Guide to Scottish Newspaper Indexes
An online guide is now available for indexes to Scottish Newspapers. This has details of Scottish newspaper titles that have been indexed, and includes the type of index, the dates covered and the holding locations for the indexes. Printed, electronic and web-based indexes are all included and it is searchable by title of the paper, place and keyword. The guide has been developed by NEWSPLAN Scotland in collaboration with Scottish local libraries. See the Guide to Scottish Newspaper Indexes.

December 2005

Indexes to newspapers project
A project to provide a list of Indexes to Scottish newspapers held in Scottish libraries is now underway at the National Library of Scotland. The information is being collated through collaboration with local libraries and it is hoped that a searchable list will be published on the NLS website next year. This will be a useful resource for anyone consulting or researching local Scottish newspapers.

August 2005

The NEWSPLAN2000 Project came officially to an end on 31 July 2005. The Project successfully achieved its aims and objectives to preserve local historic newspapers and to make the content widely available in local libraries. Scotland received around a third of the total number of microfilms produced and these are now available in local libraries as well as the National Library of Scotland.

June 2005

Microfilm reading equipment
A total of 76 microfilm readers and 27 microfilm reader printers have now been delivered in Scotland to the libraries who participated in the NEWSPLAN2000 Project. Full details on the locations of the equipment and specifications of the machines can be found on the NEWSPLAN2000 web page.

January 2005

Delivery of microfilm reading equipment
Following the announcement in November 2004 that Kodak UK had been appointed as the supplier for this, a weekly delivery schedule has been drawn up and microfilm readers and reader-printers are now being supplied to local authority libraries. Delivery is expected to continue through to March 2005. Further information on the allocation of equipment and delivery can be found by checking the NEWSPLAN 2000 Project website.

December 2004

Filming completed
The filming for the NEWSPLAN 2000 Project has now been successfully completed. In all, 618 Scottish newspaper titles have been preserved and 9,820 reels of microfilm are being delivered to libraries across Scotland and the National Library of Scotland. A total of 1,350 titles and 30,500 reels of microfilm have been produced for the whole of the United Kingdom. Full details can be found on the NEWSPLAN 2000 Project website.

November 2004

>Equipment Contract Announced
On 1 November 2004 the Project Office announced that Kodak (UK) Ltd has been appointed as the supplier to NEWSPLAN 2000 for microfilm reading equipment. The tender with Kodak covers the supply of microfilm reader-printers and microfilm readers to libraries across the UK. Full details of the specification of the equipment and the procurement contract can be found on the NEWSPLAN 2000 Project website.

September 2004

Filming of Scottish Titles
At this stage in the Project over 80% of the filming of titles for Scotland has been completed amounting to 8,260 reels of microfilm. Full details of the titles can be found on the schedule page of the Project website.

July 2004

Microfilm Reading Equipment
The Project Office have announced that the tender for the supply of microfilm reading equipment has now commenced. Full details of this are available on the Project website. Microfilm readers will be available for all libraries participating in the Project.

June 2004

Extension for Filming Contract
The Project Office have announced that the filming contractor Microformat have been granted an extension of six months to allow completion of filming for NEWSPLAN 2000. A total of 30,000 reels of microfilm will be produced for the whole of the United Kingdom and the Project will now run until January 2005.

April 2004

Results of Second Newsplan Survey
The second survey of use of historic newspapers on microfilm was carried out by NEWSPLAN Scotland in libraries throughout Scotland in January 2004. The completed questionnaires have now been analysed and the full results are now available to download or read on-line. Survey results.

February 2004

Completed Scottish Titles
To the end of January 2004 the NEWSPLAN 2000 Project has preserved a total of 304 Scottish newspaper titles amounting to 5174 reels of microfilm. Details of the titles can be found on the schedule page of the Project website.

December 2003

Second NEWSPLAN Survey
The second national NEWSPLAN survey of use of historic newspapers on microfilm will be carried out early in 2004. All libraries will once again be invited to take part by encouraging anyone reading newspapers on microfilm to complete a questionnaire. The national results of the last survey for all 10 NEWSPLAN regions can be viewed on the British Library Concord site.

November 2003

Good publicity is particularly important to NEWSPLAN and everyone who is receiving microfilms in Scotland should consider contacting their local papers to ask them to help to publicise the project. Draft press releases are available to download from the project website.

October 2003

Completed Titles
A total of 191 Scottish newspaper titles have now been successfully preserved by the project amounting to 3294 reels of microfilm. A full list of these can be found on the schedule page of the NEWSPLAN 2000 Project website.

July 2003

Financial Support for Filming Scottish Titles
The Project Office are pleased to report that the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation have granted the NEWSPLAN 2000 Project funds which will be used towards the filming of some Scottish newspapers from the 19th century. NEWSPLAN Scotland are extremely grateful to the Foundation for this generous donation. Further information on the Foundation can be found on the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation website.

June 2003

Completed Titles
The Project Office have confirmed that, to 30 June 2003, 8 titles for Scotland have now been filmed totaling 127 reels of microfilm. A list detailing these can be found on the schedule page on the NEWSPLAN2000 Project website.

May 2003

Microfilming Schedule
The microfilming schedule for May 2003 has now been confirmed and contains titles to be filmed for Scotland. Summer schedules have also been revised.

March 2003

Microfilming Schedule
The microfilming schedule has been adjusted by the Project Office to take account of the current production of microfilms by Microformat. Titles for Scotland now appear from April 2003 and can be viewed on the revised schedule on the NEWSPLAN 2000 Project website.

February 2003

Price Increases
The NEWSPLAN 2000 Project Office have announced price increases for purchasing additional reels of microfilm. Full announcement (download in pdf format).

December 2002

Report of Seminar
The second NEWSPLAN Scotland Seminar took place on 12 November 2002 and was attended by NEWSPLAN participants from all around Scotland. The full report is now available to download in pdf format.

October 2002

NEWSPLAN Scotland - Seminar
The second Scottish NEWSPLAN Seminar will be held at the National Library of Scotland on Tuesday 12 November 2002. This will focus on the preparation and servicing of locally held newspaper titles which will be filmed through the project. Further information on this event can be found in NEWSPLAN Scotland News Issue 5.

September 2002

Microfilming schedule - Scottish titles
The microfilming schedule has now been made up to June 2003 and a number of Scottish titles have been included. This is available to read or download from the NEWSPLAN 2000 Project website under the link to microfilming schedule.

July 2002

Article - Scottish Libraries
An article on the progress of NEWSPLAN Scotland has appeared in Volume 27, No.1, Issue 2, 2002 of 'Scottish Libraries - The Journal of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland'. This is available to download in pdf format: 'Newsplan Scotland: Bringing the News Home'.

April 2002

External assessor appointed
The National Library of Scotland has been appointed as the external assessor for the first 18 months of the NEWSPLAN Project. Films provided by Microformat, the sole contractor for the project, will be checked to ensure standards and quality meet the guidelines set by the Project Office. The National Library of Wales will take over as assessor for the remainder of the project.

October 2001

Microfilming Contractor Named
Microformat Uk Ltd have successfully won the contract for filming newspapers for the NEWSPLAN 2000 Project. The company have more than 28 years of experience in this specialised field and have an established customer base in the United Kingdom. Filming will be carried out at their premises in Rochester, Kent and is expected to commence in March 2002.


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