Catalogues overview

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National Library of Scotland catalogues and databases contain information about items in our collections. You should find these useful if you plan to consult material in our reading rooms. For maps information you can search the main catalogue or browse maps of Scotland online.

Other resources in this section give details of material of Scottish interest that is held in NLS, in other Scottish libraries and elsewhere.


Brief summaries of this section:

  • Main catalogue: Contains details of over four million items in our collections. We provide specific information for library professionals and advanced researchers. Read more in the main catalogue overview.
  • Catalogues and databases: We have several online catalogues and databases that contain records of material in NLS collections. You can also find information about books and items of Scottish relevance held at NLS and elsewhere by using union catalogues and collaborative databases.
  • Manual catalogues: We also have a number of manual catalogues which you can only consult in the National Library of Scotland and, in some cases, in other libraries.


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