Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation


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The Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation (BOSLIT) is an online resource that offers an extensive and readily accessible source of information about Scottish literature in translation.

With currently over 30,000 records, and steadily increasing, BOSLIT aims to serve the needs of academic researchers, writers and translators, libraries, schools, literature administrators and general readers.

 A wealth of information

Through consulting BOSLIT you can find out, for example —

  • How often has Irvine Welsh's 'Trainspotting?' been translated into Welsh?
  • Which European countries have a strong interest in Henryson, Burns, and the Scottish ballads?
  • What has been the worldwide impact of 'Ivanhoe'or 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?'

As well as poetry, drama and prose writing, BOSLIT records translations of material from the oral tradition, together with works by Scottish historians, philosophers,scientists, theologians and others whose works have aesthetic, intellectual and cultural significance.

 Scottish and international benefits

As a research tool, BOSLIT can be used:

  • To identify translations of the works of Scottish writers, spanning the whole chronological spectrum of Scottish writing.
  • As an indispensable tool for studies of the way in which Scottish literature has been perceived, interpreted, re-used and imitated.
  • To identify information about translations of Scottish literary works published in journals and anthologies.
  • To identify unsuspected literary connections.
  • To enhance pupil awareness of the influence of Scottish writers outside Scotland.
  • As a point of information and advice about overseas literary works which have influenced Scottish translators, writers and readers.
  • As a source of valuable information for initiatives concerned with raising Scotland's international profile.


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