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Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation

  • Are you interested in Scottish literature?
  • Would you like to discover which works by Scottish writers are most popular overseas?
  • Have you a favourite author?
  • Do you know how BOSLIT can help you?

BOSLIT records all the known translations of Scottish literary works of all periods in all countries.

By means of BOSLIT you can find out which works by Scottish authors are most popular in other countries.

BOSLIT identifies those authors whose works have been most frequently translated within other countries at specific times.

BOSLIT highlights the popularity of certain works in individual countries worldwide.

BOSLIT will enable you to trace the progress being made in the translation of the works of contemporary Scottish authors at the present time.

Ian Rankin on Rebus

If you are a fan of the Inspector Rebus stories, you might enjoy reading about the author's involvement in translations of his work. The Scottish Corpus of Text and Speech (SCOTS) website has a transcription of an Ian Rankin interview. In it the noted Edinburgh crime novelist, who is a member of the BOSLIT committee, also talks more generally about his Rebus novels.

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