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Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation

Within schools the Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation (BOSLIT) provides a useful means of extending and developing pupil knowledge and understanding of the position of Scottish literature in an international context.

The study of Scottish literature and language is a vital component of the Scottish curriculum from 5-14 to Advanced Higher level. BOSLIT offers senior pupils, pursuing courses of study in literature and language, an opportunity to build on their prior knowledge by enhancing their awareness of the influence of Scottish writers outside Scotland.

  • Who has been translated most frequently and most widely?
  • What 'Scottish' themes emerge as having resonances in other cultures?
  • Which contemporary writers are most popular in translation?
  • What are the implications of translation from Scots into other languages?

Analysis of the information contained on the BOSLIT site is valuable in enhancing pupil awareness of such issues and providing a broad background against which to study Scottish writers and texts.

BOSLIT has particular application to those pupils who are undertaking a Specialist Study in Higher English or a dissertation at Advanced Higher English involving the study of Scottish literature or language.

Pupils undertaking Advanced Higher Modern Languages may also find the BOSLIT site a useful starting point for comparative studies in Extended Reading.

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