Labour or socialist parties and organisations

Scottish labour history collections

A list of collections relating to labour or socialist parties and organisations — not the Labour Party — held at the National Library of Scotland. These include educational bodies affiliated to trade unions.

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  • Edinburgh Socialist Sunday Schools: Minutes, 1905-1931. [NLS reference: Acc.4977/1-6]
  • Fabian Society: Edinburgh Fabian Society minutes, 1909-1960. [Acc.4977/7-15]
  • Labour Crusaders: Copy of a membership card of the Labour Crusaders youth movement, 1897. [Acc.5346]
  • National Council of Labour Colleges (NCLC): Records, including minutes, correspondence and papers of the Labour College, Oxford, Scottish Labour College, Central Labour College, London; the Plebs' League; and the NCLC Publishing Society, 1909-1965. [Acc.5120; Acc.6889]
  • Scottish Labour Party (established: 1976): Minutes correspondence and papers of the Edinburgh Branch, 1976-1979. [Acc.7472]
  • Social Democratic Federation: Minutes of the executive committee and trustees, 1931-41; associate members' register, 1930-1939; cash book, 1925-1940. [Acc.5641]
  • Workers' Educational Association (WEA): Minutes, annual reports, correspondence and papers of the South-East Scotland District and Scottish Council of the WEA, 1925-1993. [Acc.11551]


Scottish labour history collections

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