Miscellaneous papers — Scottish labour history collections

A list of miscellaneous papers among the Scottish labour and trade union history collections at the National Library of Scotland.

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  • Early Socialism: Album of newspaper cuttings compiled by Alexander Dalrymple, circa 1894-1906. [NLS reference: Acc.4451.]
  • Forward versus the United Turkey Red Company: Copy papers relating to the case against the Forward printing and publishing company following the publication of statements on the working conditions in the United Turkey Red Company's works, 1911. [Acc.6088.]
  • Cabinet and Chairmakers: Verbatim transcripts from tape of interviews, 1990-1991, of Ian MacDougall with 32 Scottish participants in hunger marches within or from Scotland in the 1930s, used for his book 'Voices from the Hunger Marches'; with associated research correspondence and papers, 1986-1991. [Acc.10481/3-4; Acc.10801/38-44; Acc.11097/3 (restricted)]
  • Independent Labour Party in Bo'ness and district, West Lothian:  Unpublished narratives and research notes for a history of the of the ILP in the district between 1903 and 1932 compiled by James Livingstone, 1985-circa 1990. [Acc.9630; Acc. 11087]
  • Mining life: Verbatim transcripts from tapes of interviews with miners working in Lady Victoria Colliery, Newtongrange (now part of the Scottish Mining Museum) and other pits of the Lothian Coal Company, many during the period of of Mungo MacKay as General Manager. Recorded by Ian MacDougall, 1980-1991. [Acc.10801/37 (restricted)]
  • Quarries: Fourteen volumes of press cuttings compiled by Dr Lachlan Grant regarding strikes at slate quarries in Argyll and social conditions in the highlands of Scotland generally, 1902-1993. [Acc.12187]
  • Russian photographs: Prints from original photographs of political events in Soviet Russia, circa 1920. [Acc.5435]
  • Scottish Labour against war in the Gulf: Correspondence and other papers of campaign group, 1991. [Acc.10585]
  • Scottish Labour History Society: Correspondence and papers of the Secretary, 1963-1993. [Acc.7554; Acc.10482; Acc.11096 (restricted)]
  • Scottish Working Peoples' History Trust: Minutes, correspondence and other papers of the Secretary, 1986-1997. [Acc.11306/13-25; Acc.12066 (restricted)]
  • Socialist literature: A collection of British and American socialist pamphlet literature collected by Ian S Wood and used in his research. Includes material from the Socialist Labor Party (USA), the Socialist Labour Party (UK), and pamphlets by Guy Aldred, Glasgow Anarchist, 1902-1989. [Acc.12155]
  • Socialist movement in Edinburgh: A copy of an unpublished narrative on 'Early days of the Socialist Movement in Edinburgh', circa 1884-1893; original compiled by John Gilray, 1909. [Acc.4965]
  • Socialist movement in Scotland: Transcripts of tape interviews recorded, 1962-1986, by Ian MacDougall, from veterans of the socialist and trade union movements, 1914-1939. [Acc.10801/34 (restricted)]
  • Spanish Civil War: Photocopies of original photographs and papers from International Brigade veterans from Aberdeen who fought in Spain, 1936-1939. [Acc.10042; Acc.10043]
  • Spanish Civil War: Verbatim transcripts from tapes of interviews by Ian MacDougall, 1984-1985, with Scottish veterans of the International Brigade used in his book 'Voices from the Spanish Civil War' (1986); and research correspondence and papers, 1986-1990. [Acc.10481/1-2; Acc.11306/26-35 (restricted)]
  • Spanish Civil War: See also Dunlop (John), Murray (David), and Murray (Thomas).
  • Wheatley (John): Research papers of Ian S Wood used in the production of his biography of John Wheatley (MUP:1990).
  • Working lives: Proofs and other papers regarding the production of the book 'Working Lives' by Ian MacDougall (Scottish Library Association, 1997), 1996. [Acc.12099 (restricted)]


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