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Published catalogues

The following published catalogues may be available in your local library.

Catalogue 1 (fiche)

A microfiche edition of that part of the General Catalogue of Printed Books which records all printed books published before 1968 which entered the National Library of Scotland's collections before 1974. It contains about 1,800,000 entries. Since the publication of this fiche edition in 1988, many of its entries have also become available on the online version of the General Catalogue.

A Short-Title Catalogue of Foreign Books Printed up to 1600

Published by the Library in 1970, this lists books printed or published outside the British Isles before 1600 which are in the National Library of Scotland and the Library of the Faculty of Advocates.

Directory of Scottish Newspapers

Edited by Joan P S Ferguson and published by the Library in 1984. An invaluable reference work which shows the newspaper holdings both of the National Library and other Scottish libraries. Available for purchase. See also 'NEWSPLAN: Report of the Newsplan Project in Scotland' (The British Library, 1994), which lists newspaper holdings throughout Scotland.

Scottish Gaelic Union Catalogue: A List of Books Printed in Scottish Gaelic from 1567-1973

Edited by Mary Ferguson and Ann Matheson (National Library of Scotland, 1984). A record of printed works in Scottish Gaelic, with details of where they are to be found in a total of 83 Scottish and major British libraries, including the National Library of Scotland. Available for purchase. (See also the online database Bibiography of Scottish Gaelic.)

Mountaineering: Catalogue of the Graham Brown and Lloyd Collections in the National Library of Scotland

A catalogue of the National Library of Scotland's major mountaineering and polar collections. First published by the Library in 1994, this contains microfiche supplements covering accessions catalogued to the end of 1995.


Manual catalogues

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