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Pack (Donald Cecil), Professor of Mathematics, University of Strathclye Acc.10075
Painted Spoken Acc.13246
Paisley (Janet), Author Acc.13050
Paisley Abbey Cartulary Adv.MS.34.4.14 [transcript Adv.MS.34.1.10]
Pamphilia MS.3058
Panmure Music Books MSS.9447-9476
Pantheon (Debating) Society, Edinburgh MS.9834
Panton (John), Golfer Acc.9752
Paolozzi (Eduardo), Sir, Sculptor Acc.11632
Park (Alexander), Writer, Glasgow (pseud. Andrew Ker) Acc.12656
Park (Mungo), Explorer Acc.12055
Park (Mungo), Explorer Acc.13149
Park (Mungo), Explorer Acc.9834
Park Family, New Zealand Acc.11918
Parker (Agnes Miller), Wood Engraver and Book Illustrator Acc.11238
Parker (Agnes Miller), Wood Engraver and Book Illustrator Acc.7288
Parker (Douglas Charles), Writer and Musician MSS.21551-21561
Parker (Douglas Charles), Writer and Musician [microfilm] Acc.7331 [Mf.MSS.337]
Parker (William Mathie), Author Acc.4252
Parker (William Mathie), Author Acc.5892
Parker (William Mathie), Author Acc.5893
Parnell (Michael), Biographer of Eric Linklater Acc.10248
Pasley ( Charles), Sir, General MSS.9869-9884
Paterson (Agnes),Mrs, née Aird Acc.11552
Paterson (Alexander Brown), Playwright MSS.26482-26486
Paterson (Alexander), Missionary Acc.4499
Paterson (Charles D.), WWII Prisoner of War Acc.13215
Paterson (Don), Author Acc.12689
Paterson (Rachel), Missionary, India Acc.12248
Paton (Allan Park), Librarian, Greenock MSS.3217-3219
Paton (Colin Forrester), Rev. Acc.11977
Paton (George), Antiquary Adv.MS.29.3.8
Paton (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.29.5.5-29.5.8
Paton (Joseph Noel), Sir Acc.6219
Paton (Joseph Noel), Sir Acc.9133
Paton (Joseph Noel), Sir Acc.9591
Paton (Joseph Noel), Sir Dep.351
Paton (Margaret Hamilton Noel), Playwright and Poet MSS.27465-27475
Patrick (William Ralston), of Trearne Acc.12687
Paul Family MSS.5139-5164
Payne (Roger), Bookbinder, London MS.8497
Peacock (Alan), Sir Acc.12820
Pearson (Ethel Maude), Wife of Sir Cyril Arthur Pearson MSS.17954-17955
Pearson (Fiona) Acc.13399
Pearson (John V. ) Acc.11495
Pearson (John V. ) Acc.8424
Pennington (Hugh), bacteriologist Acc.13614
Penny (Michael C), Accountant (Managing Board of St Giles Cathedral) Acc.12281
Peploe (S. J. ), Painter Dep.297
Perth Psalter MS.652
Perth Theatre Acc.4643
Perth Theatre Acc.4675
Peter Lawson and Son, Seed Merchants, Edinburgh Acc.4378
Peter Reid Piobaireachd Manuscript MS.22118
Petrie (David) Acc.10908
Petrie (William O), Dr. Acc.11042 [MF.MSS.535-539]
Petrie (William Oliver), physician and missionary Acc.13582
Philip (J. Randall), Sir Acc.4157
Philip(Hermann), Missionary to the Jews Acc.10139
Pilkington (Charles), Mountaineer Acc.11605
Pilkington (Charles), Mountaineer Acc.12631
Pillans and Wilson, Printers Acc.10614
Pinkerton (John), Antiquary MSS.1709-1721
Pinkerton of Lyttlepark Papers Acc.9502
Piobaireachd Society Acc.12565
Piobaireachd Society Papers Acc.9103
Pitcairn Family, of Forfar Ch.5901-5910
Pitcairne (Archibald), Physician and Poet Acc.8042
Pitcairne (Archibald), Physician and Poet Acc.8803
Pitscottie (Robert), of Lindsay Adv.MSS.35.4.10-35.4.11
Place (Stephen), Footman to 1st Duke of Sutherland Acc.11265
Placzek (Joyce Anstruther), Writer (pseud. Jan Struther) Acc.13220
Plans of Pitsligo, Fettercairn and Invermay estates Acc.6780
Plans of Scottish Towns Acc.3625
Play in Scottish Hospitals Acc.11456
Plebs League, Central Labour College and National Council of Labour Colleges Acc.6889
Plumb (Isabella), Missionary Acc.12680
Plumbing Trades Union Acc.4339
Plumbing Trades Union Acc.4961
Plumbing Trades Union: Edinburgh and Leith Lodge Acc.4722
Plummer of Middlestead Acc.9281
Pluscarden Priory Rental Adv.MS.49.7.2
Pollock (Samuel), Poet Acc.10236
Pollock (Samuel), Poet Acc.10580
Pollock Music Festival Papers Acc.10500
Pont Maps Adv.MS 70.2.9
Ponting (Herbert George), photographer Acc.13594
Porteous (James A. A. ), Dollar Acc.7505
Porteous (James A. A. ), Dollar Acc.7882
Porteous (James A. A. ), Dollar (including Scottish Covenant Association) Acc.5978
Portolan Chart MS.20995
Pow (Tom), Author Acc.12233
Pow (Tom), Author Acc.12950
Pow (Tom), Dumfries Acc.11195
Powell (Anthony) Acc.10635
Powell (Reginald W.), Physicist Acc.10574
Powell (Richard), Major Acc.11804
Powell (Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden), Baron Baden-Powell Acc.3342
Presbyterian Church of Nigeria Acc.5239
Price (Richard), Poet Acc.12230
Price (Richard), Poet Acc.12231
Price (Richard), Poet Acc.13246
Priestley (Clive) Acc.11595
Prince William, Duke of Cumberland Acc.13137
Pringle (John Q.) Acc.8643
Probert (Katherine) Acc.13507
Provan and Riddrie Unionist Associations Acc.13286
Prudhomme (Georges) Acc.10507
Prudhomme (Georges) Acc.6914
Prudhomme (Georges) Acc.7098
Purves (John), Reader in Italian, Edinburgh University Acc.7175
Purves (John), Reader in Italian, Edinburgh University Acc.7203
Purves (John), Reader in Italian, Edinburgh University MSS.15560-15901


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