An Index to Modern Political Manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland

The Conservative and Unionist Party

National Party Papers
  • SCOTTISH CONSERVATIVE AND UNIONIST ASSOCIATION: Acc.10424 & Acc.11368 [restricted - permission of depositor required]. minutes and other papers regarding the Primrose League, the 'Whips' Committee', Western Divisional Council, Eastern Divisional Council, Liberal-Unionist Association, Glasgow Conservative [later Unionist] Association, the Glasgow Conservative Operatives' Association, the Glasgow Conservative Club, Maryhill Liberal Unionist and Unionist Association, National Union and Scottish Unionist / Conservative and Unionist Association, 1924 Club (Edinburgh), St Andrews Conservative Club, Scottish Conservative Club, Western Conservative Club, Westminster Ladies Luncheon Club, Highland Area Committee, Empirical Society, Edinburgh Conservative Association, Scottish Constitutional Committee, Glasgow Euro-Constituency Council, 1837-1991.
Local Party Papers
  • CENTRAL AYRSHIRE CONSERVATIVE AND UNIONIST ASSOCIATION: Acc.9079. minutes, correspondence and other papers, including minutes of Young/Junior Unionists and Young Conservatives, 1936-1983.
Papers of Politicians
  • ANSTRUTHER-GRAY (William), later Lord Kilmany, Unionist M.P. for St Andrews Burghs 1906-1919: Acc 8100. some personal papers within Anstruther-Gray of Kilmany collection.
  • BUCHAN (Priscilla), Lady Tweedsmuir, later Baroness Tweedsmuir of Belhelvie, Conservative M.P. for Aberdeen South 1946-1966: Acc.11884. papers of and concerning, 1915-1992.
  • COOPER (Thomas M.), later Baron Cooper of Culross, National Conservative M.P. for Edinburgh West 1935-1941: Acc 6188 [not available before 2006]. notebooks and other papers, c1935-1955.
  • DALRYMPLE (Charles), Conservative M.P. for Bute 1868-1885, Ipswich 1886-1906: MS.25568-25631, MS. 25642-25641. journals, correspondence, notes, speeches and other papers, 1856-1916.
  • DOUGLAS-HAMILTON (James A.), Baron Selkirk of Douglas, Conservative M.P. for Edinburgh-West 1974-1997, M.S.P. for the Lothians 1999-present: Dep.252 [restricted]. papers, 1974-current.
  • ELLIOT (Walter), Conservative M.P. for Lanark 1918-1923, Kelvingrove, Glasgow 1924-1945 & 1950-1958, Scottish Universities 1946-1950, under-secretary for health for Scotland, under-secretary of state for Scotland, secretary of state for Scotland 1936-1938, and Minister of Health 1938-1940: Acc 6721 & Acc12198. articles, cuttings and other papers, 1934-1957, and correspondence with Lady Blanche ('Baffy') Dugdale, 1922-1942.
  • NAIRN (Douglas L. Spencer-), 2nd Bt., Conservative and Unionist M.P. for Ayrshire Central, 1955-1959: Acc.9079/21-22. general constituency correspondence on public issues, 1955-1959.

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