A summary of the modern political manuscripts index

The index of modern political manuscripts is primarily concerned with 20th-century political material, although some later-19th-century collections are mentioned.

The Library is the custodian of the principal archive of four of the political parties currently active in Scottish politics, and these national papers are augmented by papers of many local branches of these parties and others.

Personal papers of many politicians are also represented in the collection. Where collections of papers are listed under an individual's name, that person was generally a Member of Parliament.

Researchers should note that the National Library of Scotland has important holdings of political manuscripts from the 18th century onwards — for example, the Melville, Liston and Minto collections. Please contact Manuscripts Collections for further information.

The National Library of Scotland has, since its foundation, collected the manuscripts and archives of Scottish political parties and Members of Parliament, and the Manuscripts Collections division has extensive holdings of this type.

Furthermore, the National Library of Scotland has been particularly active in the collection of labour and trade union records. Please see our online index of Scottish labour history collections for information on these papers.

Staff in Manuscripts Collections at the National Library of Scotland are always happy to provide advice on the collections and answer questions. Equally, we are happy to consider the potential deposit of further collections. Contact:

Manuscripts Collections
National Library of Scotland
George IV Bridge

Tel: 0131 623 3700
Fax: 0131 623 3701
Email: manuscripts@nls.uk

For further information on political collections in the National Library of Scotland and other repositories in the UK, see the website of the Political Parties and Parliamentary Archives Group, United Kingdom.

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