Labour Party papers

An index to modern political manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland.

Local Party Papers
  • DALKEITH LOCAL LABOUR PARTY: Dep.200. minutes, 1935-1951.
  • EDINBURGH BRANCH, LABOUR PARTY: Dep.306. minute book, 1911-1914, and notes, 1980, by Russell A. Fox on the minutes.
  • EDINBURGH CENTRAL BRANCH INDEPENDENT LABOUR PARTY: Acc.5241. minutes, with some correspondence and papers, 1911-1924.
  • EDINBURGH DISTRICT LABOUR PARTY: Acc.11922. minutes, correspondence and papers, 1956-1983.
  • EDINBURGH SOUTH CONSTITUENCY LABOUR PARTY: Dep.203. minutes, 1922-1960, 1962-1975; account book, 1922-1930.
  • LEITH DIVISIONAL LABOUR PARTY: Acc.4977/16-18. minutes, 1939-1956.
  • ROXBURGH AND SELKIRK DIVISIONAL LABOUR PARTY: Acc.4145. minute book, 1925-1955 and account book, 1925-1949; minute books of Hawick Labour Party, 1918-1955, and of its Women's Section, 1924-1953.
Papers of politicians
  • CLUNIE (James), Labour M.P. for Dunfermline 1950-1959: Acc.4334. correspondence, 1908-1962.
  • CRAIGEN (James M.), Labour / Co-op M.P. for Glasgow Maryhill 1974-1987: Acc.10316, Acc.10476. printed material, 1961-1990.
  • HAMILTON (William W.), Labour M.P. for West Fife 1950-1974, Central Fife 1974-1987: Acc.10951. diaries, photographs, writings, correspondence, and other papers, 1951-1992.
  • HARDIE (James Keir), Independent Labour M.P. for South West Ham 1892-1895, Labour M.P. for Merthyr Tydfil 1900-1915: Dep.176. correspondence and papers, 1889-1915.
  • HUGHES (Emrys), Labour M.P. for South Ayrshire 1946-1969: Dep.176. large collection of material, 1914-1969.
  • JOHNSTON (Thomas), Labour M.P. for West Stirlingshire 1922-1924 & 1929-1945, Dundee 1925-1929, under secretary of state for Scotland, lord privy seal, secretary of state for Scotland 1941-1945: Acc.5862. a small collection of surviving personal papers and letters, 1904-1957.
  • LAWSON (George M.), Labour M.P. for Motherwell 1954-1974, Motherwell and Wishaw 1974: Acc 9588. correspondence and papers, 1948-1978.
  • MACDONALD (J Ramsay), Labour M.P. for Aberavon Division of Glamorganshire 1922-1929, Seaham Division Co. Durham 1929-1931 & 1931-1935, Scottish Universities 1936-1937, Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party and Leader of H.M. Opposition 1922, Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs 1924, Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury 1929-1935, Lord President of the Council 1935-1937: Acc 11180. a collection of letters and telegrams of condolence following the death of his wife, Margaret Ethel MacDonald, 1911.
  • MACKINTOSH (John P.), Labour M.P. for Berwick and East Lothian 1966-1974: Dep.323 [some files restricted]. correspondence, notes, press cuttings, articles and other papers, 1927-1978
  • MATHERS (George), later Baron Mathers, Labour M.P. for West Edinburgh 1929-1931, Linlithgowshire 1935-1950, West Lothian 1950-1951: Acc.4826. correspondence, press cuttings and other papers, c1915-1961.
  • WOODBURN (Arthur), Labour M.P. for Clackmannan and East Stirling 1939-1970, Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Supply 1945-1947, Secretary of State for Scotland 1947-1950: Acc 7656. correspondence and papers, 1907-1978.

Note: For papers of individuals involved in the labour movement when defined more broadly, see the online index to our Scottish labour history collections.


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