Scottish National Party papers

An index to modern political manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland.

National Party Papers
  • SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY: Acc.6679, Acc.7295, Acc.10754 & Acc.11987. minutes, correspondence and other papers of the Scottish National Party, the Scottish Convention, the Scottish Home Rule Association and the Scottish Covenant Association, 1932-1995.
  • SCOTTISH SECRETARIAT: Acc.3721. papers of the Scottish Secretariat and of R E Muirhead including material regarding the Scottish Home Rule Association, National Party of Scotland, Scottish National Party, Scottish National Congress, c1920-c1960.
Personal Papers of Politicians
  • MCINTYRE (Robert D.), Scottish National Party M.P. for Motherwell and Wishaw 1945: Acc.10090. correspondence and papers, c1930-1989.
  • [note: although never a member of parliament the papers of Arthur DONALDSON (Acc.6038 & Acc.11908), Chairman of the SNP during the 1960's, contain a large amount of party information. Similarly, the papers of James A.A. PORTEOUS (Acc.7505/18-19) contain papers of the policy committee on finance and taxation, 1968-1969, and papers of Professor Gavin KENNEDY (Acc.11565), contain minutes, reports and policy papers of the central committees of the Party, 1974-1982. Other collections of activists include those of George DOTT (Acc.5542, Acc.5927, Acc.8371 & Acc.12222), Andrew D. GIBB (Acc.9188 & Dep 217), Tom H. GIBSON (Acc.6058), Neil M. GUNN (Dep.209/Box 15).]

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