Caitchean - Carson, John

  • CAITCHEAN [KITCHEN], William papermaker Edinburgh
    Canongate 1799
    Daughter Margaret married James Taylor serjeant in the Mid Lothian Light Dragoons 2 October 1799.
  • CAITHNESS CHRONICLE newspaper office Thurso
    Caithness Chronicle and Northern Advertiser Durness Street 2 April-16 December 1847
    The first issue was that of 2 April 1847. It was printed and published by William Manson for the proprietor David Cowan. The editor was called Buchanan.
    Cowan; John Mowat 'Books and Printing in Caithness' Records of the Glasgow Bibliographical Society vi 84-94 (1920); The Waterloo Directory of Scottish Newspapers 1800-1900.
  • CAITHNESS, Thomas bookseller, stationer and circulating librarian Edinburgh
    1 Albany Street 1830-38
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • CALDER, Geddes printer Edinburgh
    14 Charles Street 1815-17
    Edin Dir
  • CALDER, James printer Greenock
    10 Brougham Street 1845
    Greenock 1845
  • CALDER, James bookseller Peebles
    High Street 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • CALDER, R. bookbinder Falkirk
    Falkirk 1773
    Sold copies of Thomas Boston's Essays. Falkirk. 1773.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CALDER, Robert bookbinder Glasgow
    Saltmercat 1765
    Glasgow 1771
    Robert Calder apprenticed to James Robb bookbinder Glasgow 1759. John Bunyan's The Jerusalem sinner saved was printed for him in 1765. Apprentice: Alexander Muir apprenticed to Robert Calder bookbinder Glasgow 1771
    NLS Impr Ind; Maxted
  • CALDER, Thomas engraver Edinburgh
    Edinburgh? 1710-24
    In the Abbey 1732
    Calder alias Caddell engraver in the Abbey admitted to Sanctuary for debt at Holyroodhouse 4 December 1732.
    Cadell; Bush.2; Johnst3
  • CALDERWOOD, John bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1669-82
    A child buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 24 May 1669. Debtor in A. Andersons inventory 1676 Bann. Misc. ii.283. Married Christian Auld 20 July 1676; Burgess and Guild Brother be right of wife Christian daughter to Mr William Auld Merchant 19 February 1679; Will 1682 Bann. Misc. ii.289. Wife Christian Auld daughter of William Auld bookbinder named cautioner in the confirmation of the will. Died 1682; Will registered 10 May 1683. Will of his son Alexander Calderwood, surgeon, registered 13 April 1726.
    Aldis 1904; GreyBuri; EdinMarr; EdinBurg; EdinTest
  • CALDERWOOD, John printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1685
    The imprint of Richard Simon. Opuscula critica. Edinburgh: Typis Joannis Calderwood 1685 is false.
    Aldis 1904
  • CALDERWOOD, William stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1699
    His wife Elizabeth Rankin buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 26 September 1699.
  • CALDWELL & Co wholesale stationers Edinburgh
    16 & 17 Waterloo Place 1845
    Caldwell Brothers 15 & 17 Waterloo Place 1846-55
    13, 15 and 17 Waterloo Place 1856-59
    and lithographers and stationers same address 1860-70
    11, 13 and 15 Waterloo Place 1869-20th Century
    William and Thomas. Ltd from 1881 and printers from c.1885.
    Edin Dir; Schenck
  • CALDWELL BROTHERS wholesale stationers and publishers Edinburgh
    Caldwell & Co 16 & 17 Waterloo Place 1845
    Caldwell Brothers 15 & 17 Waterloo Place 1846-55
    13, 15 and 17 Waterloo Place 1856-59
    and lithographers and stationers same address 1860-70
    11, 13 and 15 Waterloo Place 1869-20th Century
    Edin Dir
  • CALDWELL [T.P.], LLOYD & Co wholesale booksellers and stationers Edinburgh
    44 Hanover Street 1841-43
    T.P. Caldwell wholesale stationer 15 Waterloo Place 1844
    Caldwell & Co booksellers same address 1845-50
    wholesale stationers 16 & 17 Waterloo Place 1845
    Caldwell Brothers 15 & 17 Waterloo Place 1846-55
    13, 15, and 17 Waterloo Place 1856-70
    11, 13 and 15 Waterloo Place 1871-20th Century
    No entry under Lloyd Edin Dir 1841-43. Perhaps the Bartholomew F. Lloyd bookseller of Edin Dir 1844.
    Edin Dir
  • CALDWELL [T. P.] & Co booksellers Edinburgh
    T.P. Caldwell 88 Princes's Street 1840
    of Caldwell Lloyd & Co 66 Broughton Street 1841-43
    T.P. Caldwell & Co 15 Waterloo Place 1844-50
    Edin Dir
  • CALDWELL, George bookseller, stationer and circulating library Paisley
    Paisley 1774-82
    Moss Street, North-East Corner of Dyer's Wynd 1774-1783
    Near the Cross 1784-86
    Opposite the Head of Dyer's Wynd, near the Cross 1789
    Paisley 1790-1808
    1 Dyer's Wynd Pigot 1825
    'His business (circulating library), which included that of selling books, prospered so much, that, in 1774, he removed to larger premises ... he afterwards, to meet the demands of his still increasing business removed to the north-east corner of Dyer's Wynd ... Moss Street' Robert Brown. Paisley poets i,369; Tait's Glasgow Directory 1783, which includes a Paisley Directory shows him already at the Moss Street address. In 1789 he published A Catalogue of the Paisley Circulating Library, consisting of above one thousand volumes, which are lent to read, by the year, half-year, quarter, month, or single night. He was in his later days always know as George Caldwell senior to distinguish him from his son George Caldwell 2. This is the George Caldwell whose conversation about Dougal Graham was reported by William Motherwell in The Paisley Magazine, and who is twice mentioned by Hawkie (William Cameron) as being in 1819, retired 'at the Head of Dyer's Wynd', 'but still kept a few small books to serve hawkers'.
    Chapbook Printers; Crawford
  • CALDWELL, George, junior printer and bookseller Paisley
    High Street 1824
    69 High Street 1825-28
    1 New Street 1828
    2 New Street (up one stair) 1828-31
    George Caldwell senior same address 1834-38
    Caldwell & Son [probably also George] same address 1839-42
    same address 1851-52
    George Caldwell junior & Co same address 1868
    From 1825 until the early 1840s George Caldwell was one of the half dozen most prolific chapbook printers in Scotland, and seems to have stereotyped many of his titles. After that date, the firm apparently gave up chapbooks, though the printing firm continued. In 1825 he took over the newspaper The Gaberlunzie but only published 10 issues. In 1851 the firm now under George Caldwell 3, calling himself 'junior' was still at the same address, his house being 'Teetotal Tower, West Sandyford' according to Fowler's Paisley Directory. Between 1858 and 1868, the style of the firm was George Caldwell & Co, and in 1878, there was a Jane Caldwell bookseller and stationer at 2 Gilmour Street.
    Chapbook Printers; Crawford; Fowler 1831, 1834; Paisley 1838; 1851; 1868; Slater 1852
  • CALDWELL, John bookseller, stationer &c. Edinburgh
    4 Bakers' Place 1850-53
    Edin Dir
  • CALDWELL, John stationer Paisley
    161 Causeyside 1831
    Fowler 1831
  • CALDWELL, Robert wholesale stationer Edinburgh and Leith
    44 Hanover Street 1849-51
    Adelphi Place, Leith 1852
    Edin Dir
  • CALDWELL, T. P. bookseller Edinburgh
    88 Princes's Street 1840
    of Caldwell Lloyd & Co [home address] 66 Broughton Street 1841-43
    Caldwell Lloyd & Co wholesale stationers and booksellers 44 Hanover Street 1843
    T.P. Caldwell wholesale stationer 15 Waterloo Place 1844
    wholesale stationers 16 & 17 Waterloo Place 1845
    Caldwell Brothers 15 & 17 Waterloo Place 1846-55
    13, 15, and 17 Waterloo Place 1856-70
    11, 13 and 15 Waterloo Place 1871-20th Century
    Edin Dir
  • CALEDONIAN MERCURY newspaper office Edinburgh
    265 High Street 1822-64
    257 High Street; printing office 265 High Street 1865-66
    Edin Dir
  • CALLANDER apprentice bookbinder and bookseller Dumfries and Whitehaven
    Dumfries ca 1825
    shopman at William Grinsdale & Co booksellers Whitehaven
    'Callander, the Shopman, leads them - they knowing nothing of the business - Callander pretends to more knowledge than he possesses being trained a Binder in Dumfries' Oliver and Boyd Travellers Logbook NLS Acc.5000/78; William Grisdale and Co booksellers late Brockbank dealers in music and nautical instruments] 1 Market Place Pigot 1820
    Bell; Pigot 1820
  • CAMERON and Co papermakers Edinburgh and Loanhead
    Robert Cameron Springfield Paper Warehouse Old Fishmarket Close 1805
    Robert Cameron & Son High Street - house Bank Close 1806
    2 Bank Street 1807-09
    Robert Cameron & Co same address 1810-18
    Robert junior & Co same address 1819-23
    6 James' Court 1825
    Robert Cameron and Son papermakers 76 Adam Square [South Bridge] 1826-28
    Cameron & Co same address 1829-34
    79 Adam Square 1835
    79 South Bridge 1836-40
    13 Bank Street 1841-49
    and wholesale stationers Stead's Place 1850
    Springfield Paper Mills, Loanhead 1833-58
    The Adam Square and South Bridge addresses could be the same premises. In 1833-34 the foreman of the Springfield Paper Mills was Robert Reardon. His name is given under Lasswade. John Cameron of Cameron & Co lived at Glenesk, Loanhead in 1845. The Manager in 1847 and 1848 was James Johnstone. John Strachan is given as [of] Springfield Mill in 1848. The Managing partner in 1852 was James M'Murray. James Durham & Sons owned Springfield in 1859.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837; Slater 1852
  • CAMERON, Miss stationer Edinburgh
    80 South Bridge 1845-47
    Edin Dir
  • CAMERON, Alexander printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1797
    Married Janet daughter of the deceased John M'Dougal porter 9 October 1797.
  • CAMERON, Alexander bookseller Paisley
    Shop formerly possessed by the late Mr Weir 1794
    Commenced business... Glasgow Courier 9 Dec 1794.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CAMERON, Alexander bookseller, printer and stationer Glasgow
    North side Argyll St 1795
    Alexander Cameron & John Murdoch 102 Trongate 1795-8
    Alexander Cameron same address 1798
    Argyll St 1799
    Copartnery with John Murdoch dissolved Glasgow Courier 3 July 1798.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CAMERON, Allan engraver and printseller Edinburgh
    George Cameron & Son Todderick's Wynd 1790
    Covenant Close 1791
    George and Allan Cameron same address 1793-96
    Murdoch Close 1797
    Allan Cameron Clark's Land, Bristo 1799
    opposite Tiviot Row, Bristow 1800-02
    Borthwick's Close 1803
    West Bow 1804
    Married Helen daughter of Alexander Young wright in Edinburgh 27 September 1798. Admitted to Sanctuary for debt at Holyroodhouse 4 March 1803.
    Edin Dir; CanonMarr; Cadell; Johnst3
  • CAMERON, Andrew editor Edinburgh
    Editor of Christian Treasury Madeira Cottage 1845-46
    Canaan Villa 1847
    7 Salisbury Place 1848-49
    Edin Dir
  • CAMERON, Archibald printer Edinburgh
    1 St John's Street, Canongate 1804
    In Denovan's Directory. A mistake for 'painter', corrected in the errata
    Edin Dir
  • CAMERON, Cowan paper warehouse Glasgow
    90 Bell Street 1835
    Christian name from trade index Glas Dir 1835
    Glas Dir
  • CAMERON, Daniel subscription library Edinburgh
    librarian Mechanics Subscription Library 8 James Court 1847-54
    librarian same address 1855
    Edin Dir
  • CAMERON, Donald wholesale stationer Edinburgh
    23 Blair Street 1848-55
    Macniven & Cameron 23-33 Blair Street 1856-20th Century
    Manufacturers of the famous Waverley Pen, one of the earliest and best-loved of the steel pen-nibs that supplanted the quill.
    Edin Dir
  • CAMERON, Donald bookseller & stationer Tobermory
    Tobermory 1852
    Slater 1852
  • CAMERON, Duncan bookseller, bookbinder stationer and printer Aberfeldie
    Aberfeldie 1852
    Slater 1852
  • CAMERON, Duncan copperplate printer Edinburgh
    Canongate 1760
    Bell's Wynd 1774
    Married Agnes daughter to John Gib indweller in Dundee 6 June 1760.
    CanonMarr: Edin Dir
  • CAMERON, Francis stationer Edinburgh
    house 50 George Street south side 1808
    house 13 Dundas Street 1809
    house 8 Dundas Street 1810
    house 15 Dundas Street 1811
    house Rosebank 1812-13
    house - James Court 1814
    Apparently the son of Robert Cameron and Son of 2 Bank Street.
    Edin Dir
  • CAMERON, Francis book auctioneer Edinburgh
    40 Princes Street 4 December 1820-1821
    auctioneer of literary property 25 Hanover Street 1822-23
    He also held auctions of pictures, wine and property. There copies of his auction catalogues in the National Library of Scotland December 1820-1822.
    Edin Dir
  • CAMERON, George engraver Edinburgh
    Opposite to the foot of the Post House Stairs Cowgate 1764
    Borthwick's Close 1773
    Toderick's Wynd 1774-86
    George Cameron & Sons same address 1788-90
    Covenant Close 1791
    George and Allan Cameron Covenant Close 1793-94
    Murdoch Close 1797
    George Cameron and Son Gavinlock's Land, Head of the Luckenbooths 1799-1802
    Caledonian Mercury 29 September 1764; Edin Dir; Bush.2
  • CAMERON, Hugh bookbinder Glasgow
    27 Wilson Street 1828
    Glas Dir
  • CAMERON, Hugh stationer and librarian Glasgow
    97 Gallowgate 1828
    Glas Dir
  • CAMERON, Hugh bookseller and stationer Glasgow
    189 Argyll Street 1840
    Glas Dir
  • CAMERON, James bookbinder Glasgow
    2 Prince's Street 1818-19
    158 Trongate 1820
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1820
  • CAMERON, James bookseller Glasgow
    92 High Street 1819
    John Cameron same address 1820
    James Cameron bookseller and printer 92 High Street
    and 2 Hutchison Street 1823
    92 High Street 1824-25
    187 High Street 1828
    17 Canon Street 1835
    James Cameron merchant bookseller Burgess and Guild Brother as eldest son to deceased John Cameron merchant 7 January 1824.
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; GlasBurg
  • CAMERON, James bookseller, stationer and librarian Glasgow
    54 Gallowgate 1823-25
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1825
  • CAMERON, James printer Glasgow
    43 Trongate 1840
    Glas Dir
  • CAMERON, James bookseller, stationer and printer Glasgow
    143 High Street 1844
    printer and stationer same address 1847
    Glas Dir
  • CAMERON, John wholesale stationer Edinburgh
    39 Blair Street 1834
    stationer 86 South Bridge 1836-37
    39 Blair Street 1841-44
    [David] Macniven & [John] Cameron 15 Blair Street 1845-47
    23 Blair Street 1848-49
    1 Hunter Square 1850
    'and black borderer' 1844.
    Edin Dir; Gray 1837; Pigot 1837
  • CAMERON, John stationer Edinburgh
    1 Hunter Square 1850-52
    Edin Dir
  • CAMERON, John bookseller Glasgow
    98 High Street 1809
    92 High Street 1815-18
    James Cameron same address 1819
    John Cameron same address 1820
    Glas Dir
  • CAMERON, John, wholesale stationer Glasgow
    George and John Cameron 67 Virginia Street 1852-53
    John Cameron 45 Queen Street 1854-56
    5 & 7 Renfield Street 1857-60
    175 Buchanan Street 1861-73
    47 York Street 1875-81
    45 West Nile Street 1882-84
    Published popular songsters. Formerly in partnership with George Cameron.
    Chapbook Printers
  • CAMERON, John paper maker Springfield
    Springfield, [Polton] 1825
    John Cameron & Co same address 1832
    Cameron & Co same address 1852-53
    Papermaking machinery was installed in 1816. James McMurray became a partner in John Cameron & Co in 1850. By 1860 the mill was owned by James Durham & Sons.
    Pigot 1825; Thomson
  • CAMERON, Richard printer bookseller and auctioneer Edinburgh
    High Exchange 1717
    Shop & auction house near Magdalen's Chapel Cowgate 1720
    High School Wynd 1726
    Mary Sinclair relict of Richard Cameron stationer admitted to Sanctuary for debt at Holyroodhouse 23 November 1742.
    NLS Impr Ind; Cadell
  • CAMERON, Robert paper maker Edinburgh
    Springfield Mill 1798
    James Court 1799
    Robert Cameron Springfield Paper Warehouse Old Fishmarket Close 1805
    Robert Cameron & Son High Street - house Bank Close 1806
    2 Bank Street 1807-18
    R. Cameron junior & Co printseller, publisher and wholesale stationer 2 Bank-street 1819-23
    6 James Court 1825
    Robert Cameron & Son paper maker and paper merchant 2 Bank Street Pigot 1825
    Robert Cameron and Son paper makers 76 Adam Square 1826-28
    Cameron & Co same address 1829-34
    Springfield Paper Mills, Loanhead 1833-58
    79 Adam Square 1835
    79 South Bridge 1836-43
    13 Bank Street 1843-49
    Stead's Place 1850-56
    Writer to the Signet, Trustee in examination of Nisbet & Co Paper makers Glasgow Courier 10 September 1799. The son in 1810 was Francis. One of the two was inventor of a papermaking machine in 1816. John Cameron was the owner of Springfield in 1825. W. Anderson & Co were given as successors to Cameron & Co at the 2 Bank Street address in 1824. The Adam Square and South Bridge addresses could be the same premises. In 1833-34 the foreman of the Springfield Paper Mills was Robert Reardon. His name is given under Lasswade. John Cameron of Cameron & Co lived at Glenesk, Loanhead in 1845.
    Edin Dir; NLS Impr Ind; Pigot 1820; 1825; Thomson
  • CAMERON, William, known as "Hawkie", Speech Crier
    Glasgow 1818-19
    Paisley 1819
    Edinburgh 1820
    Glasgow 1821-1851
    A William Cameron had Janet Clinker's oration, on the villanies of the old women, and the pride of the young ... taken in short hand by Humphrey Clinker printed for him in Edinburgh, without date but probably about 1820. He is also the hero of a broadside A funny conversation between Cuddy Willie the pigman and Hawkie, the speech crier. "Hawkie" was a great character and a large number of anecdotes circulated about him. The first account of him appeared in The Laird of Logan. Glasgow: David Robertson, 1841, where there is a memoir, partly based on the autobiography "Hawkie" wrote for Robertson while he was in the Town Hospital of Glasgow. He died there in September 1851. He is also featured in Peter Mackenzie. Reminiscences of Old Glasgow. Vol.III 1868 pp.75-116. The manuscript of the autobiography survives among David Robertson's papers in Glasgow University Library, and it was published as Hawkie the auto-biography of a gangrel. Edited by John Strathesk. in 1888.
    Chapbook Printers
  • CAMP, John T. fancy paper manufacturer Glasgow
    62 Argyll Street 1828
    Glas Dir
  • CAMPBELL & Co printers Glasgow
    20 Brunswick Place 1847
    75 Argyll Street 1849
    Glas Dir
  • CAMPBELL & CLARK stationers and bookbinders Edinburgh
    Campbell & Clark 36 Leith Street 1826
    Douglas Campbell same address 1827-31
    bookseller Bible Depository 17 Leith Street 1832-46
    late bookseller 42 Ann Street 1847-50
    no trade same address 1851-56
    Edin Dir
  • CAMPBELL & WALLACE booksellers Edinburgh
    Opposite the Luckenbooths 1792-93
    Luckenbooths 1794-94
    The Edinburgh Directory for 1790 has a Samuel Campbell bookbinder and a William Wallace bookbinder perhaps the same.
    Edin Dir; NLS Impr Ind; Williamson 1794
  • CAMPBELL, Mrs paper maker Auchterarder
    John Campbell 1820
    Mrs Campbell Damside 1825
    Mill No 4. Thomson gives it as 1812, the foundation date? The List of papermills in Scotland 1825 gives it as John Campbell.
    Pigot 1820; 1825; Thomson
  • CAMPBELL, A. bookseller Paisley
    Paisley 1805
    Easy lessons for children was printed for him by John Neilson in 1805.
  • CAMPBELL, Agnes See ANDERSON, Andrew
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CAMPBELL, Alexander bookseller and book agent Aberdeen
    45 Castle Street 1840
    41 St Nicholas Street 1844-49
    16 Crown Street 1857-59
    Agent for Thomas Kelly's publications.
  • CAMPBELL, Alexander editor of Albyn's Anthology Edinburgh
    20 Jamaica Street 1816
    2 James's Place 1817-23
    11 North Richmond Street 1824
    Musician and miscellaneous author, born in 1764 at Tombea Loch Lubnaig, his father removed to Edinburgh where he died. Alexander was a pupil of Edinburgh music teacher Tenducci. He was appointed organist of an episcopalian chapel, and gave lessons in singing. Published Twelve songs set to Music [1785?]; Odes and Miscellaneous Poems. Edinburgh, 1796; An introduction to the History of Poetry in Scotland. Edinburgh, 1798; A Journey from Edinburgh through parts of North Britain. 1802 and 1811; The Grampians Desolate. Edinburgh, 1804. Albyn's Anthology; or, A select collection of the melodies, songs, dancing measures, and military music peculiar to...Scotland and the Isles...Collected and arranged by Alexander Campbell was published in two folio volumes, by Oliver & Boyd in 1816 and 1818. A prospectus, written by Sir Walter Scott, appeared in 1816. Married twice. His second wife was the widow of Ranald Macdonald of Keppoch. Campbell died in 1824.
    Edin Dir; DNB; Kay
  • CAMPBELL, Alexander apprentice stationer Stirling
    Perth 1750
    Alexander Campbell son of Daniel Campbell apprenticed to James Jaffrey stationer Stirling 7 March 1750.
  • CAMPBELL, Archibald printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1785
    Married Mary daughter of William Millar hatter 30 July 1785.
  • CAMPBELL, Archibald bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    South side Leith Street 1794
    'begs to inform his friends ... has just opened shop' Edinburgh Evening Courant 18 January 1794.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CAMPBELL, Archibald lithographer and engraver Glasgow
    21 Argyle Street 1840-45
    [R.] Miller and [David] Buchanan same address 1846-51
    R. Miller same address 1852-63
    Succeeded to business of James Miller.
    Schenck; Glas Dir
  • CAMPBELL, Charles engraver Edinburgh
    Borthwick's Close 1805-09
    Edin Dir
  • CAMPBELL, Colin bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1748-54
    Opposite to the foot of the Old Fishmarket 1755
    Edinburgh 1756-74
    Colin Campbell, son of Robert Campbell, apprenticed to David Gray bookbinder Edinburgh 1720. God's assurance printed for him Edinburgh Evening Courant 2 June 1755. Burgess 16 March 1733. Died 1774. Creditors of relict Edinburgh Evening Courant 2 June 1775. Apprentice:[as bookbinder] Gilbert Young 30 November 1748
    Maxted; NLS Impr Ind; EdinBurg; EdinPren
  • CAMPBELL, Colin engraver Edinburgh
    Head of Borthwick's Close 1804
    mistake for Charles Campbell?
    Denovan 1804
  • CAMPBELL, Colin engraver Edinburgh
    Royal Bank Close 1814-16
    miniature painter and engraver 90 South Bridge 1817-18
    187 High Street 1819
    90 South Bridge 1820-22
    31 South Bridge 1823-25
    miniature painter 12 William Street 1826
    5 College Street 1827
    Edin Dir
  • CAMPBELL, Colin bookseller Edinburgh
    5 North College Street 1825
    147 Princes Street 1826
    6 South College Street 1827-28
    11 South College Street 1829
    19 South College Street 1830
    Edin Dir
  • CAMPBELL, Colin bookbinder Greenock
    54 Cathcart Street 1845
    Greenock 1845
  • CAMPBELL, D. & A. papermakers Glasgow
    20 Prince's Street 1809
    Wilson's Court, 29 Argyle-street 1815-20
    Wilson's Court, 19 Argyll Street 1823
    Was this the Duncan Campbell & Co who owned Millholm at Cathcart in 1825?
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1820; Thomson
  • CAMPBELL, Daniel type-founder and printers' furnisher, &c. Paisley
    13 High Street 1851
    Paisley 1851
  • CAMPBELL, Daniel bookseller & bookbinder Strichen
    Strichen 1852
    Slater 1852
  • CAMPBELL, David book agent Dundee
    4 Joint Stock Buildings 1829
    Dundee 1829
  • CAMPBELL, David bookseller Edinburgh
    3 Lothian Street 1844
    Edin Dir
  • CAMPBELL, Donald bookseller, stationer and bookbinder Glasgow
    8 Dundas Street 1847-49
    Glas Dir
  • CAMPBELL, Douglas stationer and bookbinder Edinburgh
    Campbell & Clark 36 Leith Street 1826
    Douglas Campbell same address 1827-31
    bookseller Bible Depository 17 Leith Street 1832-46
    late bookseller 42 Ann Street 1847-50
    no trade same address 1851-56
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • CAMPBELL, Duncan & Co papermaker and snuff manufacturers Cathcart
    Millholm 1825
    Millholm was in the possession of John Webster in 1832.
    Pigot 1825; Thomson
  • CAMPBELL, Duncan bookseller & librarian Dunfermline
    Chalmers Street 1852
    Librarian of the Tradesmen's & Mechanics' Library
    Slater 1852
  • CAMPBELL, Duncan, junior gardener and bookseller Glasgow
    Gallowgate Toll 1765
    Sold copies of John Willison A fair and impartial testimony in 1765.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CAMPBELL, Duncan stationer and librarian Glasgow
    3 Buchanan Street 1828
    bookseller, stationer and librarian same address 1835
    143 Buchanan Street 1840
    stationer, account-book manufacturer &c. same address 1844-47
    Glas Dir
  • CAMPBELL, J. bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1796-97
    Sold The Missionary Magazine.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CAMPBELL, J.& P. booksellers and stationers Glasgow
    63 Argyll Arcade 1840
    and publishers 24 Glassford Street 1844
    John Campbell & Co stationers same address 1847
    Also bookseller in Trade index 1847.
    Glas Dir
  • CAMPBELL, James librarian Montrose
    Baltic Street 1846
    Librarian of the Reading Society's Library founded 1819.
    Angus 1846
  • CAMPBELL, John paper maker Auchterarder
    Damside Mill 1820
    John and Thomas Campbell 1822
    Mrs Campbell, Damside 1825
    Mill No 4. A blank where the Damside Mill should be in the 1832 list of papermills.
    Pigot 1820; 1825; Thomson; Ewen Jardine. 'The history of paper mills in Central Scotland'. IPH Yearbook vol.7 1988 81-93
  • CAMPBELL, Mr John printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1718
    Burgess and Guild Brother of Glasgow gratis 21 August 1718.
  • CAMPBELL, John & Company printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1722
    Printed A letter from a father to his children. Edinburgh. 1722.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CAMPBELL, John running stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1754
    Married Alison daughter to John Johnston workman 17 February 1754.
  • CAMPBELL, Mungo apprentice bookbinder Perth
    Perth 1743
    Mungo Campbell, son of Mungo Campbell, apprenticed to Alexander Mitchell bookbinder Perth 1743
  • CAMPBELL, Peter printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh before 1792
    Relict Isobel Dobie married James Jeffrey day labourer 29 February 1792.
  • CAMPBELL, Peter running stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1800
    Married Margaret Grant relict of William Williamson labourer 10 July 1800.
  • CAMPBELL, Robert paper merchant Aberdeen
    Well Court, 14 Broad Street 1825-27
    Pigot 1825; Beavan
  • CAMPBELL, Samuel bookbinder Edinburgh
    West Bow 1773
    Portsburgh 1774-76
    West Bow 1778-86
    Fountain bridge 1788
    Castle barns 1790
    Daughter, Jean, married Thomas Allan bookbinder 13 May 1780.
    Edin Dir; EdinMarr
  • CAMPBELL, Samuel bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1792
    Agent for emigrant ship Britannia. Glasgow Courant 19 June 1792. Possibly the Campbell of Campbell & Wallace.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CAMPBELL, Thomas apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1662
    Son to Gilbert Campbell indweller in Glenluce apprenticed with William Jaffray bookbinder 24 December 1662.
  • CAMPBELL, Thomas bookseller stationer and librarian Greenock
    12 Hamilton Street 1836
    J.G. Bankier was carrying on the same trades at the same address in 1845.
    Fowler 1836
  • CAMPBELL, Walter lithographer & engraver Glasgow
    Johnston & Campbell 16 Queen Street 1843
    Walter Campbell same address 1844-51
    Walter Campbell & Co same address 1852-53
    and gold printer 1847-49.
    Schenck; Glas Dir
  • CAMPBELL, William printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1780
    Married Sarah daughter of deceased John Hay gentleman's servant 21 February 1780.
  • CAMPBELL, William bookbinder Glasgow
    187 Trongate 1835
    179 Argyll Street 1840
    Glas Dir
  • CAMPBELL, William bookseller, stationer and librarian Glasgow
    404 Argyll Street 1835
    and newsagent 324 Argyll Street 1840-49
    Glas Dir
  • CAMPBELL, William printer Greenock
    Watt Place 1852
  • CAMPBELL, William printer Greenock
    4 Mansion-House Lane 1845
    Watt Place 1852
    49 Cathcart Street and 1 Bank Street 1853
    Greenock 1845; 1853; Slater 1852
  • CAMPBELL, William bookseller and bookbinder Maybole
    Maybole 1820-25
    Main Street 1852
    Pigot 1820; 1825; Slater 1852
  • CANNON, Alexander printer and publisher Edinburgh
    printer Edinburgh Evening Post 5 Moray Street 1839
    16 South St David Street 1840-43
    27 Hanover Street and 12 Rose Lane 1844
    27 Hanover Street 1845
    30 Hanover Street 1846
    5 St James Square and 30 Hanover Street 1847-49
    44 Hanover Street 1850
    printing office 3 East Rose Street lane 1851
    46 Hanover Street 1852-54
    51 Hanover Street 1855-59
    23 [East] Thistle Street 1860-82
    William Milne Cannon same address 1883-86
    His home address in 1850 was 11 South St Andrew Street, which he ran as a Temperance Hotel and Coffee house.
    Edin Dir
  • CANNON, John bookseller, printer and librarian Kirkcudbright
    High Street 1825-52
    Pigot 1825; Slater 1852
  • CARFRAE, Mrs paper and rag warehouse Glasgow
    1 Little Dowhill 1835
    Glas Dir
  • CARFRAE, Alexander printer Edinburgh
    Old Baxter's Close, Lawnmarket 1794
    Williamson 1794
  • CARFRAE, Andrew bookseller Edinburgh
    9 Heriot Buildings 1828
    Edin Dir
  • CARFRAE, James paper makers mould maker Glasgow
    Carswell's Court, George Street 1809
    49 Stockwell 1815
    41 Charlotte Street 1828
    Glas Dir
  • CARFRAE, John bookbinder Edinburgh
    Canongate 1797
    Married Elizabeth daughter of Andrew Tennent labourer in Portsburgh 2 August 1797.
  • CARFRAE, John and Company bookseller Edinburgh
    3 Drummond Street 1812-14
    John Carfrae same address 1815
    John Carfrae senior same address 1816-29
    John Carfrae & Son same address 1825-32
    and auctioneers of literary property same address 1832-35
    62 South Bridge 1835-40
    John Senior and Junior listed separately with house addresses 1823-37. 'Auctioneer of literary property' 1836-38. The National Library of Scotland has catalogues issued by John Carfrae & Son 1828, 1830-32. John Carfrae senior died 1829. Were there three generations of John Carfraes? 'I had also become a great frequenter of evening book-auctions ... Carfraes were the more genteel and dignified'
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; William Chambers. Memoir of William and Robert Chambers. 12th ed. Edinburgh and London, 1883, p.80-81.
  • CARLIER, William bookseller Edinburgh and Aberdeen
    [Mrs] Burnett and [William] Carlier bookbinders Aberdeen 1806-10
    Information from Rosemary Philip
  • CARFRAE, John, junior bookseller and auctioneer Edinburgh
    John Carfrae & Company 3 Drummond Street 1812-14
    John Carfrae same address 1815-23
    John Carfrae & Son bookseller same address 1824-32
    and auctioneer same address 1832-34
    62 South Bridge 1835-40
    John Senior and Junior listed separately with house addresses 1824-35.
    Edin Dir
  • CARFRAE, John bookbinder Edinburgh
    30 Old Fishmarket Close 1818-20
    5 Drummond Street 1821-22
    no trade 1 Hill Square 1823-24
    'junior' 1819-24. In The New and Improved Directory 1824 but not in the Post Office Directory for that year.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820
  • CARFRAE, John bookseller Edinburgh
    8 Nicolson Street 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • CARFRAE, John paper and rag warehouse Glasgow
    386 Gallowgate 1819
    Little Dovehill 1820-23
    2 Little Dove Hill 1825
    3 Little Dowhill 1828
    London Street 1835
    Initial only Glas Dir 1819-20
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1825
  • CARGILL, George printer and bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1651-1666
    in the Horse Wynd 1666
    Married Alison [sic] Glasgow 11 March 1651. A child buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 9 November 1658. His wife Rachel [sic] Glasgow buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 27 May 1662. Married Elspeth Orme [sic] 12 February 1663. Child buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 14 August 1664 [indexed under Pergill] and another 7 December 1665 [doubtful see under George Greig]. George Cargill buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 13 November 1666. His widow Elizabeth Crem [sic] buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 4 September 1667.
    EdinMarr; GreyBuri
  • CARGILL, James teacher of writing Leith
    17 Dock Street and 10 Cable Wynd 1844
    32 Bridge Street 1845
    teacher 16 Dock Street 1846
    and lithographic writer and printer same address 1847-52
    teacher 1 Corunna Place 1854-57
    writing master and copyist 4 St Patrick's Square 1858-61
    Not in Edin Dir1853
    Edin Dir; Schenck
  • CARLILE, Alexander bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1742
    Alexander Carlile, son of James Carlile, apprenticed to William Duncan stationer Glasgow 1730. John Howe's Blessedness of the righteous was printed for John Barry and Alexander Carlile. Glasgow. 1742. His will was registered 1 November 1752.
    Maxted; NLS Impr Ind; GlasTest
  • CARLILE, James bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1751
    Dr Arbuthnot's Miscellaneous works 2 vols. was printed for him in 1751.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CARMICHAEL & Co printers Glasgow
    22 Main Street, Gorbals 1828
    Glas Dir
  • CARMICHAEL, Alexander printer and bookseller Glasgow
    Above the Cross 1729
    Glasgow College 1730-3
    Alexander Carmichael & Andrew Stalker 1731
    Mr Carmichael & Co 1731-2
    Mr Carmichael, Jo. & Ja. Brouns. Alex Millar and Mris Broun in Co. 1733-4
    Alexander Carmichael, Alexander Miller, John and James Brouns, and Mris Broun in Co 1734-5
    Alexander Carmichael, Alex. Miller, John & James Broun in Co 1736
    Alexander Carmichael and Alex. Miller in Company 1736
    Burgess and Guild Brother as eldest son to Mr Gershom Carmichael one of the Regents of the College at Glasgow 26 November 1724.
    EdinBurg; NLS Impr Ind
  • CARMICHAEL, Alexander and John Brownlie stonemasons Edinburgh
    Alexander Carmichael and John Brownlie in Company 1756
    'Intend speedily to publish The Edinburgh Smoke Doctor' Edinburgh Evening Courant 25 September 1756.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CARMICHAEL, Daniel printer Edinburgh
    Canongate 1792
    Married Mary Morison daughter of William Morison shoemaker 26 November 1792.
  • CARMICHAEL, H. stationer and reading room Glasgow
    3 Main Street, Gorbals 1828
    Glas Dir
  • CARMICHAEL, Hugh librarian Milngavie
    Milngavie 1852
    Librarian Mechanics library
    Slater 1852
  • CARMICHAEL, James engraver Edinburgh
    Physic Gardens 1844-45
    engraver on silver and wood 1 Physic Gardens 1846-47
    34 North Bridge 1848
    Craig's Close 1849-50
    Edin Dir
  • CARMICHAEL, James F. portrait painter and teacher of drawing Edinburgh
    4 Hope Street 1833
    East Hope Park house 1834-35
    68 Nicolson Street 1836
    and stationer 22 Frederick Street 1837
    60 Nicolson Street 1838
    artist and teacher of drawing same address 1839
    62 Nicolson Street 1840-42
    50 George Street 1843-51
    9 Antigua Street 1853
    Not in Edin Dir 1852
    Edin Dir
  • CARMICHAEL, John running stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1760
    Married Elizabeth daughter to the deceast Peter Watson millar at Barieshole in Fife 2 November 1760.
  • CARMICHAEL, John engraver Edinburgh
    16 South Richmond Street 1842-43
    Edin Dir
  • CARMICHAEL, John bookseller and librarian Glasgow
    85 Hospital Street Hutchesonton 1823-25
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1825
  • CARMICHAEL, John printer Glasgow
    Glasgow 1840
    He printed Full particulars of the dreadful shipwreck of the ship Tartar and Remarkable life of James Simpson, a boy aged fifteen, who was executed for murder, both in 1840.
    Chapbook Printers
  • CARMICHAEL, Thomas bookseller Edinburgh
    Grassmarket 1769
    John Gib's The beauty and strength of Gospel-Zion. Edinburgh. 1769 was printed for him.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CARR, John printer Edinburgh
    of King's Printing-Office - house 9 Simon Square 1818-26
    Edin Dir
  • CARR, John & Charles bookbinders Coldstream
    Coldstream 1852
    Slater 1852
  • CARRICK, Andrew bookseller and stationer Glasgow
    Opposite St Andrew's Square. Saltmarket 1798
    Saltmarket. corner of Prince's Street 1799
    'Owing to the decease ... business will be discontinued ...' Glasgow Courier 19 December 1799.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CARRON MILL paper warehouse Glasgow
    76 Virginia Street 1828
    Glas Dir
  • CARRON, William printer Edinburgh
    of The Heirs of Andrew Anderson 1678
    Edinburgh 1680
    Petitioned the Privy Council to claim exemption from watching and warding as an employee of the King's Printer 1678. In partnership with Archbald Hyslop bookseller in 1680. 'After this, Archibald Hyslop, a Bookseller, set up, taking in with him William Carron a very excellent Workman, who advis'd Mr Hyslop to bring new Materials from Holland. They printed Thomas a Kempis very neatly, and some other small Books; to which is prefix'd sometimes the Name of the one, and sometimes the name of the other.'
    Register of the Privy Council of Scotland Ser. 3 v. 441; James Watson. History of printing. Edinburgh, 1713 p.11, Aldis 1904
  • CARRUTHERS, A. engraver Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1718
    Appears in list of subscribers to Nisbet's Essay on armories 1718 as A. Caruders.
  • CARRUTHERS, Alexander dealer in paintings and prints Edinburgh
    16 Horse Wynd, College 1837
    Gray 1837
  • CARRUTHERS, J. bookseller Dumfries
    Dumfries ca 1825
    John Carruthers papermaker &c 92 Friars Vennel Pigot 1820 there is also a John Carruthers joiner in Brewery Street; John Carruthers brace manufacturer and wholesale dealer, 1 Castle Street and John Carruthers inn-keeper at the Blue Bell, Friar's Vennel; in 1825 there is John Carruthers earthenware and china dealer Church Place, and John Carruthers wholesale merchant and brace maker; in 1837 there seem to have been no Carruthers in trade in Dumfries. 'Good but does nothing in our line now' Oliver and Boyd Travellers Logbook NLS Acc.5000/78.
    Bell; Pigot 1820; 1825
  • CARRUTHERS, John paper maker Dumfries
    92 Friars-vennel 1820-23
    In 1825 this mill, No 47, is called Colzer Mill, Dumfries and was the hands of Douglas Kirkpatrick & Co.
    Pigot 1820; Thomson
  • CARRUTHERS, Robert newspaper editor Inverness
    Inverness Chronicle 1828-78
    Born at Dunfries 5 November 1799, the son of a small farmer in the parish of Mousewald, he was apprenticed to a bookseller in Dumfries. His apprenticeship over he moved to Huntingdon as Master of the National School. Editor and afterwards, in 1831, proprietor of The Inverness Chronicle. In 1845 and 1846 he also published a monthly agricultural periodical called Inverness and Northern Agriculturalist. A copious and successful author, he will probably best be remembered for his edition of the Poetical Works of Alexander Pope, published in 4 vols in 1853. The University of Edinburgh awarded him the degree of LL.D. in April 1871. He died at Inverness 26 May 1878 and was succeeded as editor by his son Walter Carruthers. On his death in 1885, his son was succeeded by James Barron.
    Cowan; John Noble. Bibliography of Inverness Newspapers and Periodicals. Stirling, 1903; DNB; Waterloo Directory of Scottish Newspapers 1800-1900
  • CARRUTHERS, Thomas bookseller Edinburgh
    Parliament Closs 1695-1712
    Mrs Carruthers same address 1712
    Son to William Carruthers of Deanby apprenticed to Andrew Chalmers stationer 12 March 1690. Burgess and Guild Brother as apprentice to deceased Andrew Chalmers stationer 27 March 1695; married Anna Kennedie daughter of deceast Master Albert Kennedie, Professor of Philosophy 6 April 1699; Died 1712. Mrs Carruthers Scots Courant 15 December 1712. Apprentices: Alexander Innes 14 September 1698; John Brown 16 April 1707 [both as stationers]. Will of John, Halbert, Mary and Thomasina, lawful children to the deceased Thomas Carruthers registered 29 November 1733.
    Aldis 1904; EdinPren; EdinBurg; EdinMarr; NLS Impr Ind; EdinTest
  • CARSON, Henry librarian perhaps also joiner Balmaghie
    Lawrieston in Balmaghie 1852
    Librarian of Parish library Lawrieston in Balmaghie
    Slater 1852
  • CARSON, John papermaker Kilmarnock
    Galston Mill 1786
    Mill insured for £400.

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