Crowder, Stanley - Deuchar, David

  • CROWDER, Stanley bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1770
    Second edition of Gordon. W. General counting-house. Edinburgh, 1770 was printed for him & Alexander Donaldson in 1770.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CRUICKSHANK, A. bookbinder Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1628-36
    Beavan (Beavan quotes Mitchell as his source. This is puzzling as he does not seem to be in Mitchell's book.)
  • CRUICKSHANK, Allan printer Edinburgh
    Third entry, James' Court 1808-12
    Edin Dir
  • CRUICKSHANK, James book dealer Aberdeen
    88 Gallowgate 1824-38
    bookseller Cotton 1838
    58 Barron Street, Woodside 1845
  • CRUICKSHANK, James printer Huntly
    The Square 1852
    Slater 1852
  • CRUICKSHANKS, John bookseller & druggist Macduff
    Macduff 1852
    Slater 1852
  • CRUICKSHANK, Robert stationer Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1633
    Beavan quoting Aldis as his source
  • CRUICKSHANK, William printer Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1842
    The John Knox Printing Office 2½ Broad Street 1843
    Printer of The John Knox.
  • CRUM, John bookseller and stationer Glasgow
    189 Gallowgate 1847
    159 Ingram Street 1849
    Glas Dir
  • CUBBIN, John apprentice bookseller Dumfries
    Dumfries 1771
    John Cubbin apprenticed to Allan M'Lauchlan bookseller Dumfries 1771.
  • CULLEN, James bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1737
    Isaac Ambrose's Prima, the first things. printed for him and others at Glasgow in 1737.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CULLEN, John engraver Edinburgh
    10 Paul Street 1835-37
    Gray 1835; 1837
  • CULLEN, John S. engraver Edinburgh
    8 Drummond Street 1840
    John Cullen engraver and lithographic printer same address 1841-42
    20 Drummond Street 1843-44
    Mrs John Cullen same address 1845
    circulating library same address 1846-47
    103 Canongate 1848
    Edin Dir
  • CULROSS, William bookseller, printer & bookbinder Coupar in Angus
    Cross 1852
    An advertising pamphlet for William Culross & Son Ltd A Home of Good Printing A visit to Culross Coupar Angus [ca 1950] says the firm was founded in 1835. In June 1964 they issued a Typebook.
    Slater 1852
  • CUMMING, George stationer Edinburgh
    Canongate 1776
    Married Mary Kellie 22 March 1776.
  • CUMMING, Gershom Gourlay copper engraver, lithographer, stationer and printseller Dundee
    artist and engraver 37 Reform Street 1839
    21 Reform Street 1840
    printseller and stationer same address 1840-42
    and lithographer 37 Reform Street 1842-46-48?
    94 Nethergate 1848?-52
    6 High Street and 5 Panmure Street 1853-54
    Born in Broughty Ferry 1810. Engraved and wrote Views at Dunkeld with descriptive illustrations. Dundee, 1839. He died in Broughty Ferry 28 March 1898.
    Dundee 1846; Schenck; Dundee Advertiser 29 March 1898; Johnst3
  • CUMMING, James copperplate printer Edinburgh
    Gosford's Close 1824-26
    Edin Dir
  • CUMMING, James bookseller Kirkcaldy
    High Street 1825-39
    Kirkcaldy 1844
    Pigot 1825; Doughty; Campbell Journal
  • CUMMING, John grocer, draper and printer Fintray
    Fintray 1849-1885
    Slater's Directory 1886 gives his address as Hatton
    John Cumming published a number of chapbooks and pamphlets of local interest between 1849 and 1884. The majority are undated. G. M. Fraser gave an account of him in The Glasgow Herald 5 March 1908 in an article entitled 'A Scottish Rural Press'. Born at Hatton of Fintray, he inherited his mother's shop and went to Aberdeen to learn the trade, and there he also picked up the rudiments of printing and installed a press in the shop when he returned to Fintray. At first he called his press the Pitmedden Press, but afterwards dropped the name. He was succeeded by his son William who continued to reprint the chapbooks which were all stereotyped.
    Chapbook Printers
  • CUMMING, R. & Co printers Aberdeen
    34 St Nicholas Street 1830
    Printers of The Portfolio.
  • CUMMING, Thomas glazier and bookseller Paisley
    Paisley 1810-19
    12 Gauze Street 1820
    Dreadful Catastrophe at Paisley, November 10th, 1810 was printed for and sold by Thomas Cumming 1810. Peep into the cabinet, A poem by Thomas Cumming was printed for the author. Paisley, 1818; and another poem Sympathy displayed. Paisley undated, but said to be 1819, was also printed for the author. Pigot 1820 gives a Thomas Cumming glazier at 12 Gauze Street.
    Crawford; Pigot 1820
  • CUNNINGHAM, Alexander printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1675
    A child buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 22 May 1675.
  • CUNYNGHAM [CUNNINGHAM], Alexander printer Glasgow
    Glasgow 1669-81
    Merchant printer, Burgess and Guild Brother as married to Jonat daughter to deceased John Auldcorn skinner 9 December 1669. Testament registered in Edinburgh 25 February 1681. Bann.Misc.ii.296.
    GlasBurg; EdinTest
  • CUNINGHAME, Andrew journeyman printer Edinburgh
    of The Heirs of Andrew Anderson 1678
    Petitioned the Privy Council to claim exemption from watching and warding as an employee of the King's Printer.
    Register of the Privy Council of Scotland Ser. 3 v. 441.
  • CUNNINGHAME, David die, stamp and seal engraver Glasgow
    190 Trongate 1849
    Glas Dir
  • CUNNINGHAM, Gavin bookseller Edinburgh
    Head New Street, Canongate 1796
    Edin Dir
  • CUNNINGHAM, Gavin bookseller Edinburgh
    Niddry Street 1808
    Edin Dir
  • CUNNINGHAM, James bookbinder Glasgow
    22 Trongate 1825
    43 Trongate 1828
    Pigot 1825; Glas Dir
  • CUNNINGHAM, John bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1691-97
    Canongate 1700-18
    Burgess & Guild Brother be right of father James Cunynghame merchant 8 April 1691; Married Ann Pillans daughter of the deceased Mr Thomas Pillans minister proclaimed 14 June 1696; A still-born child buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 11 April 1697. Burgess of the Canongate 28 September 1700. Daughter Anna of John Cunningham stationer married Robert son to deceased Robert Hunter, late Bailie of Lanrick 12 August 1718. Apprentices: Mathew Tweedie 15 April 1691; Thomas Pillans 23 December 1696, Burgess 4 June 1701.
    EdinBurg; EdinMarr; GreyBuri; CanonBurg; CanonMarr; EdinPren
  • CUNNINGHAM, John bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    15 Bank Street 1824-28
    and circulating library same address 1829-32
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825
  • CUNNINGHAM, John bookseller Glasgow
    [Walter] Wardlaw & [John] Cunninghame [sic] 173 Trongate 1820
    John Cunninghame same address 1823
    65 Argyll Street 1828
    Agent for the Caledonian Insurance Co. 1828
    Glas Dir
  • CUNNINGHAM, Peter compositor Edinburgh
    54 Bristow Street 1846
    Edin Dir
  • CUNNINGHAM, Walter stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1667-88
    Son to Mr Alexander Cunningham Minister at Ettrick apprenticed to Gideon Schaw stationer 27 November 1667; Walter Cunynghame Burgess & Guild Brother as prentice to Geideon Schaw stationer 19 March 1679; Buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 27 April 1688.
    EdinPren; EdinBurg; GreyBuri
  • CUNNINGHAM, William bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1671-77
    Son to Alexander Cunningham of Westertounhead of Kincadyew apprentice to George Suinton stationer 9 Aug 1671; Married Isobel Anderson daughter of Andrew Anderson and Agnes Campbell 29 June 1676; Burgess be right of wife Issobell daughter to umquhile Andrew Anderson his maiesties printer 31 October 1677. A debtor to Archibald
    Hislop in the inventory to Hislop's will 1678.
    EdinPren; EdinMarr; EdinBurg
  • CURDIE & ELLIOT paper manufacturers Kilmarnock
    90 King Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • CURLE, Mrs bookseller Edinburgh
    James Curle tobacconist 125 Nicolson Street 1834-35
    brush manufacturer same address 1836-37
    bookseller same address and 61 Low Calton 1838
    Mrs Curle bookseller 125 Nicolson Street 1839-42
    Edin Dir
  • CURLE, James bookseller Edinburgh
    James Curle tobacconist 125 Nicolson Street 1834-35
    brush manufacturer same address 1836-37
    bookseller same address and 61 Low Calton 1838
    Mrs Curle bookseller 125 Nicolson Street 1839-42
    Edin Dir
  • CURLL, James printer Glasgow
    26 Bell Street 1823-25
    55 Bell Street 1826-28
    James Curll merchant printer 26 Bell Street Burgess and Guild Brother as eldest son to James Curll merchant 4 December 1823. Printed The Ant Glasgow, 1826-27.
    GlasBurg; Pigot 1825; Glas Dir
  • CURRIE [David] & LAMB [James] paper rulers and bookbinders Edinburgh
    10 Hunter Square 1832-49
    bookbinders and stationers same address 1850-73
    Christian names 1844.
    Edin Dir
  • CURRIE [Duncan T.], MCKAY [MACKIE, M'KAY] [Lauchlan] & KIRKWOOD [Charles] lithographers Glasgow
    9 South Hanover Street 1846-51
    94 Miller Street 1847
    Duncan T. Currie engraver and lithographer 107 Buchanan Street 1852-55
    Partnership split when McKay and Kirkwood left to start a separate business.
    Schenck; Glas Dir
  • CURRIE, Ja. bookseller Edinburgh
    At his shop in Scot's Closs 1738
    John Currie. An essay on separation. Edinburgh, 1738 sold by him.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • CURRIE, John bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1719-24
    Married Elizabeth More, daughter of the late Matthew More litster 29 October 1719. Apprentices: James Malcolm 22 June 1720; William Johnston 8 April 1724.
  • CURRIE, Malcolm bookseller Port Glasgow
    Fore-street 1820-25
    Pigot 1820; 1825
  • CURRIE, Robert stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1682-87
    Wife Beatrix Campbell buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 29 April 1687; Apprentices: Alexander Urquhart 19 August 1682; John Nicol 9 February 1687.
    GreyBuri; EdinPren
  • CURRIE, Robert printer Edinburgh
    Canongate 1799
    Married Marjory daughter of Peter Alexander coach-driver in Edinburgh 24 July 1799.
  • CURRIE, William bookbinder Edinburgh
    Opposite Meal Market 1793-97
    Meal Market Stairs 1799-1804
    Edin Dir
  • CURTIS, Richard musical instrument maker and music seller Edinburgh
    Kesson's Land, head Leith Walk 1801-02
    military musical instrument maker High Street 1806
    Riddel's entry, New [Young's] Street, Canongate 1807-13
    Edin Dir
  • CUSHNIE, William bookseller Aberdeen
    Narrow Wynd 1769
    John Willison. The whole works. Aberdeen. 1769, was printed for him.
    NLS Impr Ind; Beavan
  • CUTHBERT, John & Co edge tool and printing press maker Glasgow
    298 Buchanan Street 1844
    Glas Dir
  • CUTHBERTSON, Gavin bookseller Paisley
    Paisley 1811-18
    9 Moss Street 1820-31
    4 Moss Street 1834
    Sold tracts of The Glasgow Religious Tract Society 1815.
    Crawford; Pigot 1820; 1825; Fowler 1831; 1834
  • CUTHBERTSON, James stationer and general agent Edinburgh
    5 Milne Court 1838
    Edin Dir
  • CUTHBERTSON, William bookseller & printer Annan
    High Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • CUTHBERTSON, William F. stationer and newsagent Edinburgh
    15 North West Circus Place 1849-52
    36 Howe Street 1853
    17 South Bridge 1854-56
    Edin Dir

    DAES, Alexander & Co paper maker Dalry
    Dalry 1674-84
    Mill burnt down in 1679 and Daes became temporarily the showman of an elephant. It was rebuilt by 1680. Alexander Daes died in 1684.
    Thomson; Waterston 2
  • DAILY MAIl newspaper office Edinburgh
    22 Waterloo Place 1849-51
    6 South St Andrew Street 1852
    21 St Andrew Street 1853
    14 South St Andrew Street 1854-56
    166 High Street 1857-58
    Probably the Edinburgh office of The Daily Mail published in Glasgow.
    Edin Dir
  • DAILY MAIl newspaper office Glasgow
    Glasgow 1848-12 July 1851
    Edited, printed and published by George Troup. Absorbed by The North British Mail in 1851.
    Newsplan Scotland
  • DALE, Joseph musicseller Edinburgh
    40 Prince's Street 1815-21
    Edin Dir
  • DALE, Pool Randall engraver Edinburgh
    5 South College Street 1848-49
    5 Buccleugh Place 1850-53
    R.P. Dale artist 24 Clerk Street 1854-60
    Sometimes just Randall Dale.
    Edin Dir
  • DALGETY, Joseph bookseller Arbroath
    High-street 1820-25
    Pigot 1820; 1825
  • DALGETY, Joseph bookseller and artists colourman Edinburgh
    54 Nicolson Street 1834-37
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • DALGLEISH, James bookseller Hawick
    High Street 1852
    Perhaps also printer
    Slater 1852
  • DALGLEISH, James bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1674-98
    Married Christian Buchanan 4 June 1674. There is an undated petition of James Dalgleish, bookbinder, Edinburgh in the Advocates' Library, Edinburgh. A child buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 1 November 1684; wife Christian Buchan buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 16 October 1698.
    EdinMarr; GreyBuri
  • DALGLEISH, James bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1697-1700
    Son to Robert Dalgleish, flesher, Baillie of Culross, apprenticed to William Patersone bookbinder 17 November 1697. He was made a Burgess of Edinburgh, and married Bessie Sinclair daughter of the deceased James Sinclair feltmaker last [day of] February 1700.
    EdinPren; EdinMarr
  • DALGLEISH, James bookseller Tranent
    Tranent 1852
    Slater 1852
  • DALGLISH W. lithographer Glasgow
    56 Trongate 1833-34
    W. Dalglish & Co same address 1835
    Schenck; Glas Dir
  • DAGLIESH [sic], William engraver Edinburgh
    31 South Bridge 1833
    Edin Dir
  • DALL, James librarian, insurance agent, ironmonger and linen draper North Berwick
    East Lothian Itinerating Library High Street 1837
    James Dall & Son Westgate 1852
    East Lothian Itinerating Library
    Pigot 1837; Slater 1852
  • DALLACHY, John bookbinder, bookseller and stationer Aberdeen
    [William] Mortimer & [John] Dallachy Aberdeen 1788-93
    John Dallachy Opposite the Broadgate Well 1793-95
    Moved to Peterhead 1795.
  • DALLAS & CAMPBELL tobacconists and stationers Edinburgh
    17 Bristo Street 1825
    Edin Dir
  • DALLAS, Charles printer and newspaper printer Edinburgh
    In Swan-Closs below Anchor Closs North side of the Street a little above the Guard 1722-23
    Edinburgh 1724-5
    Printed the Edinburgh Evening Courant 16 Sept to 30 December 1723
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DALLAS, Marmaduke printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1736-before 1769
    Married Elizabeth Veitch 12 December 1736. Elizabeth, daughter of deceased Marmaduke Dallas, married Robert Kinloch glover 26 November 1769.
  • DALLAS, Robert bookseller Edinburgh
    13 West Nicolson Street 1824
    Edin Dir
  • DALLAS, Robert & Co booksellers Glasgow
    120 Nelson Street 1809
    Glas Dir
    32 Bell Street 1809-20
    48 Virginia Street 1828-40
    58 Brunswick Street 1844-47
    Dalmuir & Kelvindale Paper Warehouse same address 1849
    Dalmuir Mill, Dumbartonshire, in possession of Edward Collins 1825, 1832; Edward Collins & Son 1852-60. 52 Brunswick Street in Trade index 1844, but 58 in main sequence and street directory. Kelvindale Mill was opened in 1845 by Edward Collins & Son.
    Glas Dir; Thomson
  • DALRYMPLE, G.W. stationer Edinburgh
    95 Princes Street 1847
    Edin Dir
  • DALRYMPLE, Quentin bookseller stationer, newspaper agent and circulating library Edinburgh
    29 South Frederick Street 1839-46
    Printed advt Edin Dir1839.
    Edin Dir
    75 Bell Street 1809-20
    22 Bell Street 1828
    82 Glassford Street 1835-49
    Dalsholm Mill, by Glasgow, in possession of Russell & M'Arthur 1825; James M'Arthur 1832; James M'Arthur & Co 1852-76. In trade index only 1835
    Glas Dir; Thomson
  • DALZIEL, Gavin bookseller Paisley
    Paisley 1826-27
    Samuel How's The sufficiency of the Spirit's teaching was printed for him by John Fraser of Paisley in 1826, and A Biographical Sketch of the Rev. James Hall was printed by George Caldwell for him in 1827.
  • DALZIEL, John stationer and general agent Glasgow
    62 Hutcheson Street 1844
    31 Glassford Street 1847-49
    Glas Dir
  • DALZIEL, William engraver Edinburgh
    19 South Richmond Street 1835-37
    Gray 1835; 1836; 1837
  • DALZIEL, William engraver and printer Edinburgh
    4 East St James' Street 1847-64
    Edin Dir
  • DANIEL, James printer, shipbroker and shipping agent Aberdeen
    of the customs 47 Castle Street 1833
    printer and custom agent Columbian Press 48 Castle Street 1837-53
    printer and bookseller 46 and 48 Castle Street 1867
    Aberdeen 1868-1962
    Published The charges on vessels 1843; The shipowner's and shipmasters directory to the port charges 1843; 1844; 2nd ed. 1848; 5th ed. 1848; a chapbook Melancholy loss of the whale-fishing ship Oscar, of Aberdeen, on Thursday, April 1, 1813, in 1853, and an undated edition of John Burness Thrummy Cap and the Ghaist with the address 46 and 48 Castle Street. Also copperplate printers.
    Chapbook Printers; Beavan
  • DANSKAINE, James apprentice bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1720
    James, son of William Danskaine of Dumblaine, apprenticed to John Brown bookbinder Glasgow 1720
  • DARBIE, John printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1659
    Married Margaret Mitchell 4 March 1659. Entered as Dobie under Mitchell.
  • DARLEY, G. M. newspaper printer Glasgow
    Glasgow Chronicle & Glasgow Journal 8 Miller Street, 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • DARLING, John printer Edinburgh
    William Darling & Son same address 1790-94
    William Darling printer Edinburgh 1794-96
    William and John Darling were witnesses at the trial for sedition of William Stewart & John Elder in 1792.
    Indictment NLS L.C.1133(5)
  • DARLING, P.M. Writer to the Signet and bookseller Edinburgh
    Writer to the Signet 4 Shakespeare Square 1810
    bookseller Broughton Street 1811
    Was this Peter Middleton who wrote a novel called The Romance of the Highlands. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1810?
    Edin Dir
  • DARLING, Robert apprentice papermaker Broomhouse
    Broomhouse 1784.
    Apprenticed to Henry Taylor 16 January 1784.
  • DARLING, Robert bookbinder Edinburgh
    Old Stamp Office Close 1825-27
    221 High Street 1828-30
    10 Hunter Square 1831
    1 Milne Square [173 High Street] 1832-36
    7 Old Fishmarket Close [196 High Street] 1836-39
    Edin Dir; Gray 1836; Pigot 1837
  • DARLING, William bookseller and printer Edinburgh
    bookseller Edinburgh 1765
    Warehouse Turk's Close 1766-7
    Head Skinner's Close 1768-9
    East side Bridge Street 1770-75
    bookseller and printer same address 1776
    printer Advocate's Close Luckenbooths 1776-89
    William Darling & Son same address 1790-94
    William Darling printer Edinburgh 1794-96
    Willison and Darling printers 1770-1; married Elizabeth daughter to deceast John Goodman turner 19 June 1767; married Ann daughter of deceast John Ross of Bellnagown in Inverness-shire 31 January 1773; He was sued in 1773 by William Johnston of London for selling pirated editions of Henry Brooke's Fool of Quality and Smollett's Humphry Clinker. James Dodsley sued him for selling a pirated edition of Chesterfield's Letters in 1774. Becket, Cadell and Strahan booksellers in London sued him in 1775 for selling a pirated edition of Sterne's Works. Married Patricia daughter of deceased William Rolland ship master in Leith 7 December 1782. William and John Darling were witnesses at the trial for sedition of William Stewart & John Elder in 1792. 'Who has a good assortment of big letters for posting bills' Williamson's Directory 1794
    NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir; EdinMarr; McDougall. Smugglers
  • DARLING, William publisher Edinburgh
    89 South Bridge 1837
    Gray 1837
  • DASSAUVILLE, J. engraver Edinburgh
    Opposite Fountain Well, High Street Denovan 1804
    7 Carnegie Street 1808-10
    Edin Dir
  • DASSAUVILLE, William engraver Edinburgh
    Fountainwell 1810
    59 High Street 1811-12
    265 High Street 1813-14
    Gosford's Close [276 Lawnmarket] 1815-24
    House number 1824.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825
  • DAVELIN [DEVLAN], Arthur bookseller Edinburgh
    10 Infirmary Street 1824-29
    10 Drummond Street 1830-47
    Edin Dir; New Dir 1824; Pigot 1837
  • DAVIDSON [R.D.] & ELGIN [William] stationers and English and Foreign Circulating Library Edinburgh
    3 North St Andrew Street 1829-32
    R. D. Davidson stationer and British & Foreign Library same address 1833-44
    bookseller, stationer and circulating library same address 1845-51
    D. Davidson of Davidson & Elgin 1830-31; R. D. Davidson of Davidson & Elgin 1831; W. Elgin of Davidson & Elgin 1831
    Edin Dir
  • DAVIDSON & FRASER bookbinders Inverness
    East-street 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • DAVIDSON, Mr bookseller Thurso
    Thurso 1810
    John Mowat 'Books and Printing in Caithness' Records of the Glasgow Bibliographical Society vi 84-94 (1920)
  • DAVIDSON, Alexander printer and bookseller Edinburgh
    Virgil's Head South side of the Street little below Cross 1721-33
    & Parliament House 1721-35
    Son to deceased John Davidson, writer, apprenticed to George Stewart bookseller 12 January 1715. Admitted Burgess 7 September 1720 as apprentice to George Stewart bookseller. James Ross & Alexander Davidson printed one item together in 1722. Printed and sold a humorous periodical, The Blyth Man's Vade Mecum: or, An infallible way to be merry. to be continued weekly, in 1722. The first two numbers are in the National Library of Scotland. The second includes news from the Weekly Journal and Wye's Letter. Married Elizabeth Forbes daughter of the late Robert Forbes of Waterfoull 7 June 1730. Admitted to Sanctuary for debt at Holyroodhouse 27 May 1736.
    EdinPren; NLS Impr Ind; EdinMarr; Cadell
    DAVIDSON, Alexander printer and bookseller Inverness
    Inverness 1774-94
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DAVIDSON, Anthony newspaper proprietor and printer Castle Douglas
    Queen Street 1820-25
    Cotton Street 1837-52
    Printer of the Castle Douglas Miscellany 1825.
    Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837; Slater 1852
  • DAVIDSON, Charles paper maker Mugiemoss
    Mugiemoss Mill, by Aberdeen 1821-32
    Charles Davidson & Son same address 1852
    William Davidson Waterton & Mugiemoss Mills 1852-53
    C. Davidson & Co Waterton & Mugiemoss Mills 1860-76
    Mugiemoss was Mill No 66 and Waterton Mill No 63.
    Thomson; Slater 1852
  • DAVIDSON, Duncan newspaper printer Inverness
    Inverness Herald 1836-46
    The Inverness Herald first appeared on 15 December 1836. It was edited by the Rev. Alexander Clark, though he soon passed the editorship over to the Rev. Simon Fraser, who was in turn succeeded by the Rev. Donald Munro and Charles Bond. The paper was Conservative in tone.
    Cowan; John Noble. Bibliography of Inverness Newspapers and Periodicals. Stirling, 1903.
  • DAVIDSON, George bookseller and stationer Aberdeen
    1 Castle Street 1837
    1 King Street 1841
    185 Union Street 1863
    Aberdeen 1864-69
    Wrote and published many verses, some on religious or political subjects. Some od his essays were published after his death in Caithness Early in the 19th Century written for The Northern Ensign. [Wick] 1907.
  • DAVIDSON, James printer and bookseller Banff
    Bridge Street 1820-37
    There are two undated chapbook songsters printed by him in the National Library of Scotland:- Three excellent new songs, entitled, Come under my plaidie. With the answer, to which is added, a touch on the times and The dusky night.
    Chapbook Printers; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837
  • DAVIDSON, James bookseller, printer and auctioneer Edinburgh
    North side of the Street opposite to the Cross 1719-20
    Brown's Land fronting to the Cross 1723
    James Davidson & Co. Parliament Close 1727-30
    Auction House opposite to the Cross 1731-6
    James Davidson & John Trail Edinburgh 1735-7
    Parliament Closs 1736-7
    Mr James Davidson and Robert Fleming Printers to the Church of Scotland 1724-40
    James Davidson married Janet daughter of John Lithgow Minister at Swinton 12 September 1718. He was made a Burgess of Edinburgh 22 July 1719. He married Elizabeth daughter of the late John Brown Merchant 22 November 1721. Davidson & Fleming seem to have been partners but to have used both names only in official imprints. Davidson and Trail auctioned Bibles and other books printed by James Watson in Parliament Close CM 4 March 1737. Apprentices: Mr Alexander Dunning 8 August 1722 EdinPren; Alexander Dunning, son of Alexander Dunning of Abernethy 1722 Maxted ; William Hamilton, son of Wlliam Hamilton deceased, 1722;
    Archibald M'Aulay, son of Robert M'Aulay deceased, 1724; Barbara Miller 1766
    NLS Impr Ind; EdinMarr; EdinBurg; EdinPren; Maxted
  • DAVIDSON, James and Co. bookseller Ferguslie
    Ferguslie 1769
    Ascanius was printed for him by Weir and M'Lean of Paisley in 1769. Thomas Blackwell's Schema sacrum was printed for him in Paisley about 1769.
    Crawford; NLS Impr Ind
  • DAVIDSON, John & Co newspaper printer and printer Aberdeen
    68 Broad Street 1828-38
    Thought to have been Peter Buchan's assistant (Peterhead 1824) 'gathered together sufficient plant and started business on his own account' but soon ceased to print. This is supposed by Walker to be the Aberdeen printer. Publishers of The Aberdeen Constitutional and Aberdeen Observer.
    Beavan; Pigot 1837; William Walker. Peter Buchan and other papers on Scottish and English Ballads and Songs. Aberdeen, 1915.
  • DAVIDSON, John bookseller Dunfermline
    High Street 1820-25
    12 High Street 1837
    Dunfermline 1838-39
    Failed at the beginning of 1839.
    Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837; Circular issued by William Clark, bookseller Dunfermline, dated 5th October 1842 in National Library of Scotland Chambers Papers Dep341/635
  • DAVIDSON, John bookseller Kirkcaldy
    High Street 1852
    John Davidson & Son published Davidson's Illustrated Guide and Handbook to Kirkcaldy in 1903
    Slater 1852
  • DAVIDSON, John newspaper printer and printer Peterhead and Aberdeen
    Peterhead 1824
    John Davidson & Co 68 Broad Street 1828-38
    Thought to have been Peter Buchan's assistant 'gathered together sufficient plant and started business on his own account' but soon ceased to print. This is supposed by Walker to be the Aberdeen printer. Publishers of The Aberdeen Constitutional and Aberdeen Observer.
    Beavan; Pigot 1837; William Walker. Peter Buchan and other papers on Scottish and English Ballads and Songs. Aberdeen, 1915.
  • DAVIDSON, Kennedy printer Glasgow
    43 Trongate 1844
    K. and R. Davidson, same address 1847-49
    Glas Dir
  • DAVIDSON, [Richard] D. stationer and British and Foreign Library Edinburgh
    Davidson & Elgin 3 North St Andrew Street 1829-32
    R. D. Davidson stationer and British & Foreign Library same address 1833-44
    bookseller, stationer and circulating library same address 1845-51
    D. Davidson of Davidson & Elgin 1830.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • DAVIDSON, Robert book agent and hosier Aberdeen
    Ferguson's Close, Gallowgate 1803
    Agent for Messrs Angus & Son, Newcastle upon Tyne. Aberdeen Journal 30 November 1803.
  • DAVIDSON, Robert apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1727
    Son to Robert Davidson in Kelso, apprenticed to Hugh Mosman bookbinder 14 June 1727. EdinPren
  • DAVIDSON, Robert bookseller Edinburgh
    83 Nicolson Street 1838-39
    37 Nicolson Street 1840-41
    Edin Dir
  • DAVIDSON, Robert paper and cotton waste merchant Glasgow
    43 Argyll Street 1828
    Glas Dir
  • DAVIDSON, Robert A. printer Aberdeen
    2½ Broad Street 1843-49
  • DAVIDSON, Thomas printer Edinburgh
    King's Printer Edinburgh 1532
    In the High Street, above the Nether Bow on the North Side of the Gait
    Fornens the Frere Wynd 1540-41
    Edinburgh 1542
    In his Rolment of Courtis (STS ed. v.1,71) Habakuk Bisset writes: 'In the zeir of god, ane thowsand, fywe hundreth, threttie twa zeirs: That ane callit, Thomas davidsone, ane northland man borne, on the wattirsyde of die, in scotland wes admittit his hienes prenttare.'. In the Exchequer Rolls for 1535, 1536 and 1538 there are entries for the payment of his salary; and he is called 'Prenter to the kingis nobyll grace' in the colophon of the Croniklis. The last record we possess of Davidson is a royal grant of the 6 March 1542, which gives the name of his wife, Margaret Harlaw. She lived until 1586, and a copy of her will survives, dated 17 June 1586. From this it appears that she had a son by Thomas Davidson, James Davidson, apothecary and Burgess of Edinburgh, and that after Thomas's death she had married James Sym, apothecary and Burgess of Edinburgh, whom she survived. Thomas Davidson used some of Peter Treveris's ornaments, and some of his own material passed to the printer John Scot by the year 1552.
    Aldis 1904; STC; EdinTest; Dickson & Edmond 104-135; Bann. Misc. ii(1836)
  • DAVIDSON, William engraver Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1790
    Married Margaret daughter of Andrew Gibson weaver 30 December 1790.
  • DAVIDSON, William bookseller Edinburgh
    Reid's Nursery, Leith Walk 1811-21
    Edin Dir
  • DAVIDSON, William newspaper office Edinburgh
    clerk Witness Office [297 High Street] 1844
    Edin Dir
  • DAVIDSON, William paper maker Mugiemoss
    Charles Davidson Mugiemoss Mill, by Aberdeen 1821-32
    William Davidson Waterton & Mugiemoss Mills 1852-53
    C. Davidson & Co Waterton & Mugiemoss Mills 1860-76
    Mugiemoss was Mill No 66 and Waterton Mill 63.
  • DAVIE, Elizabeth bookseller Kilmarnock
    Bank Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • DAVIE, J. bookseller Kilmarnock
    Kilmarnock 1768
    George Muir's The synod of Jerusalem. Glasgow 1768 was printed for him.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DAVIE, James music seller Aberdeen
    James Davie and Michael Morris Aberdeen 1814-15
    James Davie Aberdeen 1815-19
    Broad-street 1820
    7 Union Street 1822
    55 Castle Street 1825
    55 Union Street 1829
    100 Union Street 1834
    Concert Court, 10 Broad Street 1837
    Aberdeen 1838-57
    Aberdeen Journal 27 April 1814. Partnership between James Davie and Michael Morris dissolved 1815. James Davie was also a music master and pianoforte tuner.
    Beavan; Pigot 1820; 1825
  • DAVIE, John bookseller Kilmarnock
    33 Bank Street 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • DAVIE, Patrick bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1741
    Burgess and Guild Brother as serving apprentice with John Brown bookbinder 20 May 1741. May jJust possibly be Rutherglen rather than Glasgow..
  • DAVIE, R. J. F. librarian Haddington
    Librarian of Haddington Subscription Library Hardgate 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • DAVIE, Thomas printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1798
    Married Janet daughter of William Douglas farmer in Galloway 3 July 1798.
  • DAVIES, John bookbinder Johnstone
    High-street 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • DAVIS, James bookseller Paisley
    Paisley 1752
    Mrs Davie [sic] 1755
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DAVISE, Thomas printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1679
    Married Margaret Reid 21 August 1679.
  • DAWLING, John apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1605
    Son to Thomas Dawling, in Queensferry, apprenticed with Robert Woodhouse bookbinder 9 October 1605.
  • DAWSON, Wiliam stationer Edinburgh
    clerk 33 Parkside Street 1845-46
    stationer same address 1847-48
    Edin Dir
  • DAWSON William papermaker Invergowrie
    clerk Bullionfield Paper Company Invergowrie 1852
    Slater 1852
  • DEAF AND DUMB INSTITUTION lithographic printers Aberdeen
    53 Schoolhill 1824-32
    Run by Robert Taylor who taught at the Institute 1824-32, and afterwards had a lithography firm in Aberdeen as Taylor & Co 1832-41.
    Beavan; Schenck
  • DEANS, Cunison librarian Hamilton
    Grammar School Square 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • DEANS, Hugh bookseller Edinburgh
    Parliament Closs 1726-28
    Edinburgh 1729-36
    Son to John Deans in the Abbey of North Berwick, apprenticed to William Brown bookseller 18 May 1720. Burgess as apprentice to William Brown 4 May 1726.
    EdinPren; EdinBurg; NLS Impr Ind; Maxted
  • DEANS, Isabella bookseller Dumbarton
    High Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • DEANY & BROWN stationers and publishers Edinburgh
    44 Nicolson Street 1838
    Edin Dir
  • DEARIE, Charles engraver Glasgow
    Craig's Closs, Trongate 1799-1808
    124 Trongate 1809-18
    Married at Glasgow Helen McCallum 17 May 1805. His will is dated 18 September 1819.
    Glas Dir; Johnst3
  • DEAS & Co booksellers and stationers Edinburgh
    23 North West Circus Place 1845-46
    1 Albert Place, Stockbridge 1847
    Edin Dir
  • DEAS, McGill ornamental and glass-paper maker Edinburgh
    5 Spence's Place, Port Hopetoun 1824
    Edin Dir
  • DEAS, William and James bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    Front of the Exchange, High Street 1804-07
    New Circulating Library, 13 Princes Street 1808-10
    In 1809 they published the New Juvenile Library, a collection of childrens books in chapbook format, illustrated with engravings. The books were available separately at sixpence, or bound into six volumes, and either coloured or plain. The bound volumes have catalogues of W. & J. Deas publications. 'The whole of the above may be had separately at Sixpence each, with three elegant engravings [by Lizars and Clark from original designs by Burnet]: or they may be had all bound together, in six volumes, price Fifteen shillings with plain, and Twenty-one shillings with coloured plates.'
    Chapbook Printers; Edin Dir
  • DE CHAMP, Nicolas paper maker Glasgow
    Cathcart 1686?-1693
    A Frenchman, brought over by Alexander Daes, merchant and burgess of Edinburgh in 1674 to help with the setting up of the Dalry Mill. He helped with the setting up of the Canonmills Mill with Peter Bruce, and with James Lithgow's mill at Spylaw, Colinton in 1681, before setting up his own mill at Cathcart, and becoming a Burgess of Glasgow, entered as Nicholas Deshan, by purchase 15 April 1693. The Mill was No 17 and in being until 1832.
    Thomson; GlasBurg
  • DECHMAN [DECHMONT], James bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1737-8
    James Dechmont merchant was made Burgess and Guild Brother of Glasgow by purchase 27 November 1735.
    NLS Impr Ind; GlasBurg
  • DE LANEY, Peter paper maker Dalry
    Dalry 1674
    Brought to Scotland for the Dalry Mill by Alexander Daes, afterwards one of the Company of White Papermakers of England.
  • DE MONTI, Chas J.A. music seller Glasgow
    White & De Monti 598 Argyll Street 1815
    Charles J.A. De Monti same address 1818-20
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1820
  • DE MONTI, J.H. music and music instrument seller Glasgow
    76 West Nile Street 1849
    Glas Dir
  • DEMPSTER, John bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1796
    Member of the Edinburgh Bookseller's Society 4 April 1796
    Sher. Edinburgh Booksellers
  • DENHAM, John apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1756
    Son of James Denham, of Birthwood, apprenticed to Thomas Paton bookbinder for 5 years 4 February 1756.
  • DENHAM, John and DICK, John bookseller Edinburgh
    John Denham East Richmond Street 1799-1800
    Denham and Dick 19 Drummond Street 1801-03
    19 South College Street 1804 Denovan only
    20 South College Street 1805
    19 College Street 1806
    John Denham bookseller and circulating library 20 South College Street 1807
    'Denholm' 1803
    Edin Dir
  • DENHAM, Thomas apprentice bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1754
    Son to James Denham of Birkwood, apprenticed to Gavin Hamilton & Company printers 9 January 1754.
  • DENHAM, Thomas bookseller Edinburgh
    North Side Castle-hill 1774-75
    Edin Dir
  • DENNISTOUN, Henry stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1652
    Married Anna Murray 9 December 1652.
  • DENOON, J. bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1794
    Magna Charta with its history and defence. Edinburgh 1794 was 'printed for J. Denoon & D. Clark'. Not in the Edinburgh Directories. Perhaps a false imprint.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DENOVAN, Alexander printer and publisher Edinburgh
    James and Alexander Denovan Brodie's Close 1800
    Alexander Denovan same address 1803
    Alexander Denovan & Co same address 1805-06
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DENOVAN, Campbell printer and publisher Edinburgh
    Turk's Close Lawnmarket 1777-83
    Brodie's Close Lawnmarket 1784-86
    Lawnmarket, South Side 1788
    Little's Close, Lawnmarket 1790
    Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket 1793-99
    James & Alexander Denovan same address 1800-02
    Alexander Denovan same address 1803
    Alexander Denovan & Co same address Denovan's 1804
    Denovan & Co same address 1805-06
    Successor to the late William Auld. Edinburgh Evening Courant 14 April 1777. Edinburgh Directories for 1790 & 1794 give address as Little's Close a synonym for Brodie's Close.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DENOVAN, James printer and publisher Edinburgh
    James and Alexander Denovan Brodie's Close Lawnmarket 1800
    Alexander Denovan same address 1803
    Campbell Denovan was at that address in 1799.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DEUCHAR, Alexander seal engraver Edinburgh
    Opposite Cross South side 1793-97
    Candlemaker Row Williamson 1794
    West Corner of Merchant Street 1799-1803
    Foot of Candlemaker Row 1804
    house West end Merchant Street 1805-23
    house 12 Windmill Street 1824-26
    senior late seal engraver 37 Candlemaker Row 1828-29
    Married Christian, daughter to Robert Mitchell, mariner in London, 31 July 1787. The West Corner of Merchant Street is at the foot of Candlemaker Row.
    Edin Dir
  • DEUCHAR, Alexander seal engraver Edinburgh
    house Hyndford's Close 1806-14
    Edin Dir
  • DEUCHAR, Alexander seal engraver Edinburgh
    junior, Geddes Close, High Street 1809-14
    and lapidary 10 Hunter Square 1815-18
    57 North Bridge 1819-23
    Seal Engraver and Lapidary to His Majesty same address 1824-27
    Seal Engraver to Her Majesty same address 1828-30
    Seal Engraver to His Majesty same address 1831
    Seal Engraver to His Majesty and General Agent 44 Princes Street 1832
    35 George Street 1833
    16 Hanover Street 1834
    73 George Street 1835-44
    Mrs Alexander Deuchar same address 1845
    'and genealogist' printed adverts Edin Dir1835-39,1842-44. Published British Crests. Edinburgh, 1817; A Genealogy of the family of Hay of Leys. [n.d.] and Concise view of the present state of the succession of the heirs of William First Earl of Stirling. Edinburgh, 1839. A Catalogue of the books and mauscripts of the late Alexander Deuchar. Edinburgh, 1845 was published after his death, and they were sold at auction in the following year, the auction catalogue is A Catalogue of the extensive heraldic library of Alexander Deuchar. All the above are in the National Library of Scotland.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825; 1837
  • DEUCHAR, David seal engraver Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1767-72
    Luckenbooths 1773-74
    Opposite Cross, South side [Luckenbooths] 1774-84
    David and Alexander Deuchar seal engravers to the Prince of Wales, Opposite the Exchange 1786-90
    Opposite the Cross, South Side 1793-97
    Old Coffee-House Stair, opposite the Cross 1799
    Head of Old Fishmarket Close 1800-04
    D[avid] and A[lexander] Deuchar Cross 1805-10
    D. and A. & Co same address 1811-14
    Married Marion daughter to John Skeil farmer at Musselburgh 30 August 1767. Married Christian daughter of deceased Rev. Mr Alexander Robertson Minister at Edilston 15 September 1776. Gave lessons in painting to Raeburn, and introduced him to David Martin. In 1788 he published The dances of death... Holbein etched by David Deuchar and in 1803 A Collection of Etchings, after the Dutch and Flemish Schools. 'To be sold ... that Dwelling-House which belonged to the deceased Mr David Deuchar of Morningside, seal engraver in Edinburgh' Edinburgh Evening Courant 5 January 1809.
    EdinMarr; Edin Dir; Bush.2; Johnst3

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