Drysdale, Thomas - Edinburgh Select

  • DRYSDALE, Thomas bookseller Portobello
    High Street 1843
    bookseller, stationer and librarian same address 1844-45
    bookseller and stationer same address 1847-49
    bookseller stationer and librarian same address 1850
    Margaret Drysdale same address 1852
    Edin Dir; Slater 1852
  • DRYSDALE, William printers' wright Edinburgh
    Cowgate Head 1805-9
    Edin Dir
  • DUFF [Alexander] & DALE typefounders Edinburgh
    243 High Street 1847-48
    Alexander Duff same address 1849
    Edin Dir
  • DUFF, Alexander typefounder Edinburgh
    Duff and Dale 243 High Street 1847-48
    Alexander Duff same address 1849
    Edin Dir
  • DUFF, Charles music seller Dundee
    30 High Street 1818
    Nethergate 1822
    Dundee 1818; Dundee Delin
  • DUFF, James apprentice paper maker Tongland
    Tongland 1775
    Apprenticed to Allan McLachlan paper maker Tongland 12 April 1775.
  • DUFF, James printer Dundee
    Seagate North side 1829
    39 High Street 1846-52
    Dundee 1829; 1846; Slater 1852
  • DUFF, John apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1748
    Son to Alexander Duff, indweller, apprenticed to Archibald Richardson bookbinder 6 April 1748.
  • DUFF, John running stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1777-89
    Married Elspeth daughter of John Keir chairbearer 21 November 1777. Married Janet M'Donald relict of John Fraser running stationer 20 July 1789.
  • DUFF, Peter printers' wright Edinburgh
    West End Cross Causey 1782-88
    Forest Wynd 1790
    wright Turk's Close 1794
    'Curious in all wright work, especially in making printing presses' 1782; 'best printers press maker in Europe' 1784-88; 'best printers press maker' 1790
    Edin Dir
  • DUFF, Robert typefounder Edinburgh
    18 Drummond Street 1823-33
    lodgings same address 1833-38
    Mrs Duff lodgings 1839-42
    Edin Dir
  • DUFFUS, Charles bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1780
    Nether Bow 1784
    Bankrupt 28 January 1780; admitted to Sanctuary for debt at Holyroodhouse 29 January 1780; Edinburgh Evening Courant 14 Feb 1780.
    NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir; Cadell
  • DUFFUS, John printer Aberdeen
    Exchange Court, Union Street 1866
    Printed an edition of Michael Bruce's Sir James the Rose in 1866.
    Chapbook Printers
  • DUMBAR [DUNBAR], Andrew bookseller Edinburgh
    Tron Kirk 1684
    Sold copies of Certamen mathematicum, or a mathematicall-dispute, betwixt George Liddell and James Paterson. Aberdeen, 1684. Buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 20 December 1690.
    Aldis 1904; GreyBuri
  • DU MOULLINGS, John bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1566
    '19 March 1566-7 Ordanis William Stewart scribe to deliver to Benoist Garrous, Frencheman, executour dative to umquhile Jhonn du Moullings, Frencheman buikbinder, the haill guidis warklumis compts writtingis bukis quatsumevir perteyning to the said umquhill Jhonn or being in his chalmer the tyme of his deceis. And Sebastiane du Villour becumis souertie that the gudis salbe futhcumand to the creditouris and quatsumevir of the said umquhill Jhone as law will'. Extract from Edinburgh town records.
    Book of the Old Edinburgh Club xv (1927)
  • DUN, J. merchant Sanquhar
    Sanquhar 1761
    Took in subscriptions for Samuel Clarke's A general martyrology. Edinburgh Evening Courant 17 June 1761.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DUN, James merchant Edinburgh
    West Port 1760-1
    Portsburgh 1761
    Sold religious works printed by J. Bryce. Glasgow. He may have been a chapman, they often appear as merchants in the records, and Bryce's publications were sold and distributed by chapmen among others.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DUN, Walter printer Edinburgh
    9 East Richmond Street 1808-10
    Edin Dir
  • DUN, William apprentice bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1764
    William Dun apprenticed to Peter Tail bookbinder Glasgow 1764
  • DUNBAR, A. & Co booksellers Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1818
  • DUNBAR, Alexander running stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1763
    Married Elizabeth daughter to the deceast John Gibson wright 30 October 1763.
  • DUMBAR [DUNBAR], Andrew bookseller Edinburgh
    Tron Kirk 1684
    Sold copies of Certamen mathematicum, or a mathematicall-dispute, betwixt George Liddell and James Paterson. Aberdeen, 1684. Buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 20 December 1690.
    Aldis 1904; GreyBuri
  • DUNBAR, John bookbinder Dumfries
    76 English-street 1820
    77 English Street 1825
    Pigot 1820; 1825
  • DUNBAR, John bookbinder Elgin
    Back Street 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • DUNBAR, Robert G. bookseller Aberdeen
    88 Gallowgate 1824
  • DUNCAN & Co engravers and copperplate and lithographic printers Edinburgh
    1 Gabriel's Road 1843-51
    Edin Dir
  • DUNCAN & DRUMMOND newsagents Edinburgh
    21 Catherine Street 1844
    Mrs Duncan milliner same address 1845
    Edin Dir
  • DUNCAN & HAY [David] lithographic printers Edinburgh
    150 High Street 1840
    David Hay same address 1841
    Edin Dir; Schenck
  • DUNCAN, Alexander bookseller Dalkeith
    High-street 1820
    Dalkeith 1825
    In section Booksellers Stationers & Bookbinders.
    Pigot 1820; 1825
  • DUNCAN, Alexander & Sons paper makers Denny and Glasgow
    190 Trongate and Herbertshire Paper Mill, Denny 1840
    paper makers and quill merchants same address and 18 St Andrews Street, Edinburgh 1844
    paper makers 81 Clyde Street, Anderston and Herbertshire Mill, Denny 1847
    Herbertshire Mill 1852
    Alexander Duncan & Sons owned the Herbertshire Paper Mill, Denny, Stirlingshire in the lists of paper-mills from 1852-1876.
    Glas Dir; Thomson; Slater 1852
  • DUNCAN, Alexander and Son quill merchant and papermakers Edinburgh
    20 South St Andrew Street 1834
    18 South St Andrew Street 1842-46
    Alexander Duncan & Sons same address 1847-48
    papermakers 20 South St Andrew Street 1849-54
    46 Hanover Street 1855-57
    Quill merchants only 1841. One son was John 1846-50.
    Gray 1834; Edin Dir
  • DUNCAN, Alexander printer and newspaper printer Glasgow
    Alexander Duncan & Co 1767-74
    Robert Chapman & Alexander Duncan 1775-7
    McNair's Land Trongate 1778-81
    Alexander Duncan & Robert Chapman 1790-3
    Robert Chapman alone 1797-8
    Chapman & Lang 1799-1800
    Alexander Duncan Burgess and Guild Brother as serving apprentice with deceased Robert Foulis barber 12 April 1777. Robert Chapman died 28 June 1788; Robert Chapman's place in the business was taken by his nephew Robert, who retired in 1822 an died on 18 July 1838; Alexander Duncan died 7 August 1799 Glasgow Courier 8 August 1799.
    NLS Impr Ind; GlasBurg
  • DUNCAN, Alexander & Sons paper makers Glasgow and Denny
    190 Trongate and Herbertshire Paper Mill, Denny 1840
    paper makers and quill merchants same address and 18 St Andrews Street, Edinburgh 1844
    paper makers 81 Clyde Street, Anderston and Herbertshire Mill, Denny 1847
    Herbertshire Mill 1852
    Alexander Duncan & Sons owned the Herbertshire Paper Mill, Denny, Stirlingshire in the lists of paper-mills from 1852-1876.
    Glas Dir; Thomson; Slater 1852
  • DUNCAN, Andrew, paper maker Denny
    James Liddell Herbertshire Paper Mill 1789
    Daniel Macdonald same address November 1790
    Edward and Richard Collins same address 1791-95
    Francis Strachan and Gilbert Laing same address 1795-97
    Adam Grieve same address 1797-1800
    Charles Laing same address 1801-24
    Robert Weir same address 1824-33
    Andrew Duncan same address 1834-20th Century
    William Morehead owner of the Herbertshire estate built a papermill in 1789, Excise 39, and leased it to a succession of tenants. Edward Collins of the Herbertshire Mill was sequestrated in 1795. In 1824 the mill was bought by Robert Weir a Glasgow stationer. He leased it to Andrew Duncan in 1834, who eventually bought it in 1860. He died in 1863 aged 53. The mill continued in his name until it was bought in 1906 by Carrongrove, who closed it down in 1908.
    Pigot 1837; Thomson; Ewen Jardine. 'The history of paper mills in Central Scotland'. IPH Yearbook vol.7 1988 81-93
  • DUNCAN, Andrew bookseller and printer Glasgow
    James Duncan & Son, Trongate opposite the Main Guard 1790-93
    James & Andrew Duncan same address 1794-1800
    Merchant, Burgess and Guild Brother 2 July 1795 as eldest living son to James Duncan bookbinder
    NLS Impr Ind; GlasBurg
  • DUNCAN, Andrew and John M. printers and booksellers Glasgow
    Printers to the University 594 Argyll Street 1815
    595 Argyll Street 1818
    Villa Field, foot [North end] of Taylor Street 1819-25
    booksellers 173 Trongate 1815-20
    Sold tracts of The Glasgow Religious Tract Society 1815 at their Trongate address. Specimen of types and Inventory of printing materials belonging to the University Printing Office of Glasgow comprehending all the apparatus necessary to conducting the business of ... printing and stereotyping. The whole establishment with or without the buildings and vacant ground, now offered for sale by private bargain. Glasgow, 1826.Andrew Duncan died in 1840. Obituary in the Glasgow Argus 15 October 1840.
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; The Glasgow University Printing Office in MDCCCXXVI. Cambridge, 1959.
  • DUNCAN, Charles bookbinder Stonehaven
    Ewen [Evan] Street 1825-52
    Pigot 1825; 1837; Slater 1852
  • DUNCAN, Daniel Ferguson engraver, lithographer and steel pen dealer Glasgow
    William and Daniel Ferguson Duncan 43 Queen Street 1837
    lithographers 53 Arcade 1840-42
    Daniel Ferguson Duncan same address 1843
    3 Turners Court, 87 Argyle Street 1844
    62 Argyle Street, Sydney Court 1845-79
    Pigot 1837; Schenck
  • DUNCAN, David bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1728-30
    Foot of West bow 1731-41
    Grassmarket opposite Cornmarket South side of the Street 2nd door up from timber-ravel'd fore stair 1742-4
    First Closs above Mills Court, 1st turnpike & 2nd door opposite the Weigh House North side of the Street 1744-7
    Published a number of works to do with the Secession Church.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DUNCAN, David bookagent Edinburgh
    agent for D. & J. Forsyth of 7 Broughton Street 1850
    Edin Dir
  • DUNCAN, James paper maker Balgray
    Balgray on the River Kelvin 1790-99
    Paper mill to let ... lately occupied by James Duncan. Papermaker Glasgow Courier 12 December 1799.
    NLS Impr Ind; Thomson
  • DUNCAN, James bookseller & printer Falkirk
    High Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • DUNCAN, James printer Glasgow
    James & William Duncan foot of Saltmarket 1717-19
    James Duncan same address 1721-23
    Near Gibson's Wynd in the Saltmarket 1726-46
    Toun's printer of Glasgow 29 July 1718; Said to have founded type; printed and sold The farther adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Vol.II fourth edition in 1735, Ussher's prophecies in 1737, and those of Thomas the Rhymer in 1746. He was printer to the City in 1721, and perhaps died in 1762, as James Duncan junior ceases to call himself 'junior' in that year.
    NLS Impr Ind; Chapbook Printers
  • DUNCAN, James bookseller and printer Glasgow
    Mr Duncan junior Glasgow 1749
    James Duncan junior Trongate opposite Main Guard 1761-4
    Archibald M'Lean and James Duncan juniors printers opposite the Main Guard 1763
    James Duncan same address 1766-83
    James Duncan senior 35 South side Trongate facing the guard 1783-90
    James Duncan & Son same address 1790-99
    James and Andrew Duncan same address 1794-1800
    137 Trongate 1809
    Perhaps James Duncan bookbinder Burgess and Guild Brother 23 September 1757 as eldest living son to Andrew Duncan barber; Andrew Duncan merchant Burgess 2 July 1795 as eldest living son to James Duncan bookbinder. Apprentices: James Williamson bookbinder Burgess and Guild brother as serving apprentice with James Duncan, younger, bookbinder 8 March 1770. James Hedderwick merchant Burgess and Guild Brother as serving apprentice with James and Andrew Duncan booksellers 14 May 1808.
    NLS Impr Ind; GlasBurg; Glas Dir
  • DUNCAN, James apprentice bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1753
    James Duncan apprenticed to Daniel Baxter bookbinder Glasgow 1753
  • DUNCAN, James bookseller Glasgow
    Saltmarket 1769-82
    9 Saltmarket 1787-89
    James Duncan junior Saltmarket 1790-7
    J. Duncan same address 1798-1802
    Burgess and Guild brother as serving apprentice with Robert and Thomas Duncan bookbinders 13 June 1782. The Glasgow Directory gives John Duncan in 1787. Sold childrens books printed by the Robertsons. Walter Duncan merchant Burgess and Guild Brother as eldest son to James Duncan bookseller 31 March 1808. Richard Duncan merchant Burgess and Guild Brother as younger son to James Duncan bookbinder 1 October 1804.
    NLS Impr Ind; GlasBurg; Chapbook Printers; Glas Dir
  • DUNCAN, James junior bookseller Glasgow
    13 Salt-market 1809-20
    81 Hutcheson Street 1823-25
    Dr Strang in Glasgow and its clubs says that James Duncan published a periodical The Temple of Apollo about 1816. There are two issues known. He also published The Scottish Itinerary, containing the roads through Scotland on a new plan. Glasgow, 1805; second edition 1808; third edition 1816 and 1817. Later editions were published by J. Lumsden & Son.
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825
  • DUNCAN, James stationer and printer Glasgow
    9 Hutcheson Street 1828
    Glas Dir
  • DUNCAN, James, junior bookseller, stationer and librarian Glasgow
    5 Maxwell Street 1835
    Glas Dir
  • DUNCAN, James & Andrew booksellers and stationers Glasgow
    137 Trongate 1809
    Glas Dir
  • DUNCAN, James and John printers and booksellers Glasgow
    Middle of the Saltmarket 1754
    Printed and sold Alexander Wedderburn's Heaven upon earth. Glasgow. 1754
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DUNCAN, James junior bookseller, stationer and fancy stationer Golspie
    Golspie 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • DUNCAN, James copperplate printer Perth
    186 High Street 1825
    James Duncan & Co same address 1837
    Pigot 1825; 1837
  • DUNCAN, John bookseller and bookbinder Dumfries and Glasgow
    Drumfries [sic] 1715-30
    Glasgow 1736-56
    Son of Mathew Duncan bookbinder in Kilmarnock; Burgess of Dumfries 15 August 1715; Married Ayr 12 October 1717; 'William Duncan son to John Duncan bookseller late in Drumfries now in Glasgow ...' 30 April 1756. Apprentices: Andrew Hog apprenticed to John Duncan stationer and bookseller Dumfries 1718; George Maxwell, son of Alexander Maxwell, apprenticed to John Duncan bookbinder Dumfries 1730
    NLS Impr Ind; Maxted
  • DUNCAN, John bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1750-63
    H. Davidson's Dark providences printed for him in 1763. Bill from him Feb 1750 NLS MS.16875 fol.128,
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DUNCAN, John bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1773
    Married Barabara daughter to deceast William Herriot bookbinder 14 February 1773.
  • DUNCAN, John bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1777
    Married Helen daughter of the late James Stodhart farmer in Lesmahagoe 18 May 1777.
  • DUNCAN, John apprentice bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1744
    John Duncan, son of John Duncan, apprenticed to William Mitchell bookbinder Glasgow 1744
  • DUNCAN, John junior bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1760
    William Smellie apprenticed to John Duncan junior bookseller Glasgow 1760
  • DUNCAN, John bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1770
    Saltmarket 1783
    Burgess and Guild Brother as serving apprentice with Robert and Andrew Foulis printers 10 September 1770.
    GlasBurg; Glas Dir
  • DUNCAN, John & James music sellers Perth
    Kinnoul Street 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • DUNCAN, Lewis bookseller Aberdeen
    52 Gallowgate 1833-34
  • DUNCAN, Matthew bookbinder Kilmarnock
    Kilmarnock 1695-1718
    Baillie of Kilmarnock, John Duncan bookseller in Dumfries was his son. Apprentice:
    Alexander Roxburgh, son of Michael Roxburgh of Galstoun, apprenticed to Mathew Duncan stationer Kilmarnock 1713.
    NLS Impr Ind; Maxted
  • DUNCAN, Robert printer Glasgow
    Gibson's Land Saltmarket 1766-7
    Pope's Head Gibson's Close Saltmarket 1768-70
    Robert & Thomas Duncan same address 1770-85
    Robert Duncan same address 1784-92
    Robert Duncan Burgess and Guild Brother 31 July 1769 as younger living son of deceased William Duncan bookbinder; both Tait's 1783 Glasgow Directory and Jones's 1789 Glasgow Directory give Robert alone. The imprints however give Robert alone in 1768 and 1769 and Robert and Thomas from 1770-1785. Between 1770 and 1785 their output was principally chapbooks. Apprentice: James Duncan bookseller Burgess and Guild brother as serving apprentice with Robert and Thomas Duncan bookbinders 13 June 1782.
    NLS Impr Ind; Chapbook Printers; GlasBurg
  • DUNCAN, Sampson & Son music seller and musical instrument maker Perth
    Athol Street 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • DUNCAN, Thomas bookseller Edinburgh
    Front of the Exchange Feb 1790
    15 South Bridge Street East side Nov. 1790-1795
    Member of the Edinburgh Bookseller's Society 23 June 1790.
    NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir; Sher. Edinburgh Booksellers
  • DUNCAN, Thomas printer Glasgow
    Robert & Thomas Duncan Pope's Head Saltmarket 1770
    Gibson's Close Saltmarket 1780-5
    NLS Impr Ind
  • DUNCAN, Thomas printer Glasgow
    Gibson's Land Saltmarket 1801
    Gibson's Land 159 Saltmarket 1803
    159 Saltmarket 1815-22
    107 Nelson Street 1823
    61 Prince's Street 1825
    159 Saltmarket 1826
    46 Saltmarket 1826
    3 High Street 1827?
    In addition to chapbooks in English under his own name, Thomas printed a number of Gaelic chapbooks with an Inverary imprint, which were sold all over the Highlands by Peter Turner. They are all in verse, many of them reprinted from Ronald Macdonald's collection.
    Adam McNaughtan. 'A century of Saltmarket literature, 1790-1890' in Six centuries of the provincial book trade, edited by Peter Isaac. Winchester, 1990; Chapbook Printers; Glas Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825
  • DUNCAN, W. bookseller Glasgow
    163 Trongate 1809
    and stationer 16 Saltmarket 1815
    Glas Dir
  • DUNCAN, William second-hand bookseller Aberdeen
    Young Street 1834
    Possibly to be identified with William A. Duncan.
  • DUNCAN, William printer Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1836-42
    Of the Aberdeen Observer Office 1836; of the Aberdeen Constitutional Office 1838.
  • DUNCAN, William bookseller and bookbinder Edinburgh
    Opposite the Fountain Well within the head of Gray's Close 1765
    Edinburgh 1766
    Will of William Duncan bookbinder at Crosscauseway was registered 14 June 1770
    NLS Impr Ind; EdinTest
  • DUNCAN, William bookbinder, printer and newspaper printer Glasgow
    James & William Duncan foot of Saltmarket 1717-19
    William Duncan Saltmarket 1720-4
    Middle of the Saltmercat a little below the well 1725-31
    Gibson's Land Saltmarket 1736-53
    William Duncan, senior, Glasgow 1754-64
    Burgess of Glasgow as bookbinder by purchase 29 July 1718; Guild Brother by purchase 5 October 1747. In 1761 he was trading with America via Belfast. He claimed for some books returned via Greenock. Printer of The Weekly History. a religious journal 1741-3; appears in the imprints of ABCs, Catechisms and chapbooks including A contest between the Gardners and the Taylors concerning their antiquity 1737 and The testament of the twelve patriarchs 1745 and 1752. Most of the works he printed are religious. From 1750 he is William Duncan senior. In 1764 the other William Duncan dropped the 'junior'. Will registered 20 September 1765. William Duncan merchant Burgess and Guild Brother as eldest son to deceased William Duncan bookseller 25 September 1766. Robert Duncan Burgess and Guild Brother as younger son to deceased William Duncan bookbinder. 31 July 1769. Apprentices: John Gilmour, son of William Gilmour of Kilmarnock, apprenticed to William Duncan bookseller Glasgow 1719; Walter Fairelan, son of Robert M'Fairelan of Auchbin, apprenticed to William Duncan stationer Glasgow 1724; William Harvey, son of William Harvey merchant of Glasgow, apprenticed to William Duncan bookbinder Glasgow 1726; Alexander Carlile, son of James Carlile, apprenticed to William Duncan stationer Glasgow 1730
    GlasBurg; NLS Impr Ind; Chapbook Printers; McDougall. Smugglers; Maxted
  • DUNCAN, William, junior, printer Glasgow
    Glasgow 1750-62
    Printing house in South corner and upper story of Gibson's Land Saltmarket 1763
    Will registered 20 September 1765.
    NLS Impr Ind; GlasTest
  • DUNCAN, William bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1794
    George Glen merchant Burgess and Guild Brother as married to Ann daughter to William Duncan bookbinder 21 March 1794.
  • DUNCAN, William & Daniel Ferguson engravers and copperplate printers Glasgow
    44 Portland Street 1837 Pigot 1837
    43 Queen Street 1837
    lithographers 53 Arcade 1840-42
    Daniel Ferguson Duncan same address 1843
    3 Turners Court, 87 Argyle Street 1844
    62 Argyle Street, Sydney Court 1845-79
    Pigot 1837; Schenck
  • DUNCAN, William bookseller Montrose
    102 High Street 1846
    House 57 High Street.
    Angus 1846
  • DUNCAN, William A. catholic bookseller Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1830-31
  • DUNCAN, William Rae stationer Lerwick
    Lerwick 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • DUNCAN CAMPBELL & CO paper warehouse Glasgow
    Wilsons Court 29 Argyle Street 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • DUNDAS, Ralph apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1742
    Ralph Dundas apprenticed to Archibald Richardson bookbinder Edinburgh 1742
  • DUNDAS, William bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1748-before 1797
    Married Ann Hay, daughter of the late John Hay merchant 20 November 1748. Elizabeth daughter of deceased William Dundass bookbinder married William Davidson gardener 29 June 1797.
  • DUNDEE ADVERTISER newspaper printer and publisher Dundee
    Dundee 1825-45
    Printing and Publishing Office 3 Overgate 1846
    Dundee 1847-4 May 1926
    Dundee 1846; The Waterloo Directory of Scottish Newspapers 1800-1900; Newsplan Scotland
  • DUNDEE COURIER printer and publisher Dundee
    Dundee 1817-45
    Printing Office and Publishing Office Key's Close 18 Nethergate 1846
    Dundee 1847-61
    On the 22 April 1861 the Courier amalgamated with the Argus to become the Dundee Courier and Argus. With that title it continued until 4 May 1926
    Dundee 1846; The Waterloo Directory of Scottish Newspapers 1800-1900; Newsplan Scotland
  • DUNLOP & WILSON bookseller and stationer Glasgow
    Glasgow 1772-82
    Trongate 1783
    Glasgow 1785-6
    98 Trongate 1787-89
    Glasgow 1790-1800
    '1st shop east of the Candleriggs North side' A bale of Dublin editions of London books addressed to Dunlop & Wilson was seized by the Excise on 16 October 1781, with another addressed to William Anderson of Stirling.
    NLS Impr Ind; Glas Dir; McDougall. Smugglers
  • DUNLOP, Mrs printer Glasgow
    49 Trongate 1844-47
    Glas Dir
  • DUNLOP, C. & J. booksellers and bookbinders Edinburgh
    44 Nicolson Street 1849-50
    22 St Leonards Street 1851
    200 The Pleasance 1852
    13 Greenside Place 1853
    14 Greenside Place 1854
    34 Cumberland Street 1855
    C. & S. in the General Directory 1849, C. & J. in Street Index and in both 1850; not in the Trade index 1849-50.
    Edin Dir
  • DUNLOP, Charles bookbinder Edinburgh
    6 Milne Square 1830
    1 Milne Square 1831-37
    Edin Dir; Gray 1835; 1836; 1837; Pigot 1837
  • DUNLOP, Charles bookbinder Maxwelltown
    Maxwelltown 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • DUNLOP, George apprentice bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1753
    George Dunlop apprenticed to Hugh Sands bookbinder Glasgow 1753
  • DUNLOP, George apprentice bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1754
    George Dunlop apprenticed to Robert Bogle bookbinder Glasgow 12 October 1754
  • DUNLOP, James bookbinder and bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1649-1683
    Burgess as serving apprentice with John Neill bookbinder 30 August 1649 Guild Brother as merchant by same right 29 March 1655. Named among the debtors in the inventory of Andrew Anderson in 1676; and was one of Lithgow's debtor's in 1662 Bann.Misc.ii.283;280. His will was registered 22 September 1683. Apprentice: James Galt bookbinder Burgess as serving apprentice with James Dunlop bookbinder 1 July 1658 Guild Brother same right 20 January 1670.
    GlasBurg; Aldis 1904; GlasTest
  • DUNLOP, James Burnet bookseller, stationer and circulating library Edinburgh
    4 India Place 1832-36
    28 Howe Street 1837
    and stamp distributor same address 1838-39
    bookseller, stationer and circulating library same address 1840
    24 Howe Street 1841-47
    Christian name 1846.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • DUNLOP, John bookbinder Edinburgh
    22 Carnegie Street 1837
    Gray 1837
  • DUNLOP, John bookbinder Peebles?
    Peebles? 1630
    On 2 February 1630 the Town Council of Peebles authorised the payment of twenty shillings to John Dunlop for binding the town's "prothogallis".
    Mitchell; Charters and Documents relating to the Burgh of Peebles 1165-1710.
  • DUNN, Reverend John teacher and librarian Greenock
    Greenock Library Mason's Hall 28 Charles Street 1831
    Mason's Hall 36 Charles Street 1834-36
    According to the register of Fowler 1836 he taught Greek, Latin, French and Spanish.
    Fowler 1831; 1834; 1836
  • DUNN, S[amuel] & T[homas] printers Glasgow
    181 Trongate 1840
    Prince's Square, 48 Buchanan Street 1844
    17 Prince's Square, Buchanan Street 1847
    14 Prince's Square 40 Buchanan Street 1849
    Glas Dir
  • DUNN, Thomas stationer Glasgow
    at Robert Weir's, stationer, 44 Queen's Street 1847-49
    Glas Dir
  • DUNN, Walter printer Edinburgh
    61 Potterrow 1825
    7 Roxburgh Place 1826
    6 Roxburgh Place 1827-43
    Foreman of Smellie's Printing Office.
    Edin Dir
  • DUNN, William bookseller and stationer Aberdeen
    40 Castle Street 1835
  • DUNNETT, James bookseller and bookbinder Glasgow
    148 Stockwell Street 1849
    Glas Dir
  • DUNNETT, William printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1789
    Married Elizabeth daughter of deceased Donald Moat farmer in Caithness 18 November 1789.
  • DUNNETT, William bookseller Glasgow
    38 Nelson Street 1844
    book, print and music seller same address 1849
    Glas Dir
  • DUNNING [DINNING], Mr Alexander bookseller Edinburgh
    Alexander Dinning Back of the Cross 1728
    Edinburgh 1730-48
    Son to Alexander Dunning, Minister at Abernethy apprenticed to Mr James Davidson bookseller 8 August 1722. Burgess 16 November 1726
    NLS Impr Ind; EdinPren; Maxted
  • DUNSMURE, Peter bookseller Forfar
    Spout-St 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • DUPIN, Nicolas and MANES, Denis paper makers Braidburn and Yester
    Scots White Writing Paper Company Yester Mill, East Lothian 1694-1703
    Braid Mill near Edinburgh 1695-1703
    Nicolas Dupin and Denis Manes floated a joint stock company in 1694 with a capital of £5,000, The Society of the White-Writing and Printing Paper Manufactory of Scotland. The Committee members included George Mossman stationer. Their warehouse was at Heriot's Bridge in the Grassmarket. They asked for a monopoly of paper-making in Scotland in 1694, but this was refused on the grounds that there were already other paper mills. They ran into financial trouble perhaps exacerbated by the conduct of their Clerk, Robert Henderson who was imprisoned in the Tolbooth at Edinburgh 'for alledged imbazelling the effects belonging to the said manufactory'. He was released in May 1703 because the tacksmen brought no charge against him. The Company made a tack of the two paper-mills 17 September 1703 to George Kerr, merchant and George Livingstoune wright both of Edinburgh on condition that they retained the existing apprentices and workmen. Both mills were still working as papermills in 1714, and Yester was offered for let in working order in 1774. Waterston mentions a papermark COMPANY surmounted by a crowned thistle in two bonds of 1697, and illustrates photographs of a mark BRED / DUPIN in a deed of 1700, and BRAID in an ornamental cartouche in a deed of 17 March 1703 and YESTER in a similar cartouche in a deed of 20 June 1705.
    Waterston 1; Thomson
  • DURHAM, James & Co stationers, papermakers and agents Edinburgh and Currie
    90 South Bridge 1823
    Balerno Mill, Currie 1825-60
    wholesale and retail stationers 89 South Bridge 1824-26
    9 Hunter Square 1827-32
    booksellers 9 Blair Street 1833-34
    stationers same address 1835-36
    M'Murray and Durham wholesale stationers 9 and 11 Blair Street 1837-45
    James Durham same address 1846-47
    papermaker 7 George Street 1848-56
    James Durham & Sons same address 1861-62
    J. & W. Durham same address 1863-77
    It was Mill No 52 and was in hands of George Laing in 1832, but James Durham appears in the Mill Lists for 1852 and 1853.
    Pigot 1825; Slater 1852 Thomson
  • DURHAM, John bookseller Dundee
    Dundee 1835
    27 Reform Street 1837
    bookbinder, paper ruler and rag warehouse 49 High Street. Rag warehouse Commercial Street. House 26 Union Street, 1846
    bookseller and printer 49 High Street 1852
    bookseller Argyll's Close of the Overgate -1868
    11-19 Overgait 1868-20th Century
    Born in Portobello in 1803. Died in 1877 leaving the business to his son James Durham (1841-1905) who had been assumed as a partner several years before, along with John Kinnoch (1838-1911), who was manager for many years, and was taken into partnership on the death of John Durham in 1877. He was joined in partnership by his son George Kinnoch.
    Millar; Pigot 1837; Dundee 1846; Slater 1852
  • DURHAM, John bookseller, stationer and circulating library Edinburgh
    29 Frederick Street 1834-36
    of M'Murray & Durham 12 Broughton Street 1837-45
    James Durham of James Durham & Co gives this as his house address 1835. In 1836 both that James and this John are sharing 12 Broughton Street.
    Edin Dir
  • DURIE, Alexander printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1797
    Married Janet daughter of deceased John Neilson porter 11 August 1797.
  • DURNO, Alexander printer Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1845-89
    Starting date approximate. Printer of broadsides sold by Duncan Mackinlay.
  • DUTHIE, Alexander merchant Aberdeen
    Quay 1822
    John Leslie's Interesting anecdotes, memoirs, allegories, essays, and poetical fragments, sold at Mr Alexander Duthie's Office, Quay for the Shipwrecked Seaman's Fund 1822.
  • DYMOCK, James bookseller Glasgow
    Corner shop fronting the High St and Bell St 1796-99
    Nelson St 1800
    NLS Impr Ind

    EADIE, William & Co letterpress printers Glasgow
    48 Buchanan Street 1844
    9 Prince's Square, Buchanan Street 1847
    8 Prince's Square, Buchanan Street 1849-58
    and lithographers same address 1859-61
    14 Prince's Square 1862-71
    About 1862 William Anderson Eadie took over the letterpress part of the business in the same premises.
    Glas Dir; Schenck
  • EAGLESHAM, Robert librarian Maybole
    Manager Subscription Library Reading Room High Street 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • EASTON, Alexander stationer Leslie
    Leslie 1852
    Slater 1852
  • EASTON, Andrew subscription library Jedburgh
    Abbey Place 1852
    Slater 1852
  • EASTON, Walter printer Jedburgh
    Abbey-place 1820
    bookseller and printer same address 1825
    and librarian Jedburgh 1837
    Abbey Place 1852
    'Good; Rather Touchy & very industrious as a printer' Oliver and Boyd Travellers Logbook NLS Acc.5000/78
    Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837; Slater 1852; Bell
  • EBSWORTH, Joseph printer, publisher, bookseller and teacher of music Edinburgh
    23 Elm Row 1828-30
    46 London Road 1831
    23 Elm Row 1832-35
    4 Montgomery Street 1836-68
    Joseph Ebsworth, dramatist and musician, son of Joseph and Isabella Ebsworth was born in 1788 in Islington, London. Apprenticed to a watch-jeweller called Cornwall. At the close of his apprenticeship he joined the operatic company at Covent Garden, aand at the same time became a successful dramatist. He married Mary Emma, daughter of Robert Fairbrother. About 1826 they removed to Edinburgh, where he was for a time an actor and prompter at the Theatre Royal, a post that he relinquished on becoming leader of the choir at St Stephen's (episcopal) Church. In 1828 he opened an English and Foreign Dramatic Repository and Caricature Repository at 23 Elm Row. He was teacher of music at the Merchnt Maidens' Hospital and at watson's and the Normal School as well as taking private pupils, and gave concerts of both choral and instrumental music at the Hopetoun Rooms in Queen Street from 1830 till his death. The programme of the first of these concerts, 6 April 1830, is in the National Library of Scotland. Made a Burgess and Guild Brother of Edinburgh 5 April 1841. He published a General Index to the first hundred volumes in the Library of the Edinburgh Harmonist's Society, arranged by Joseph Ebsworth. Edinburgh, 1844. He died in 1868.
    Edin Dir; EdinBurg; DNB; John Collins Francis. Notes by the way with memoirs of Joseph Knight and Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth. London, 1909 289-325
  • EBSWORTH, Joseph W. engraver, lithographer and wood engraver Edinburgh
    4 Montgomery Street 1845-48
    artist same address 1849-64
    Son of Joseph Ebsworth and Mary Emma, daughter of Robert Fairbrother he was born in Islington, London, 2 September 1824. Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth entered the art school of the Trustees Academy at the age of 14, and studied under Charles Heath Wilson, Sir William Allan and David Scott. In 1848 went to Manchester where he joined the lithographic and letterpress printing firm of Falkner Brothers as chief draughtsman. A watercolourist, he was also an engraver on metal and wood . He exhibited four panoramas he took from the top of Scott's Monument at the Royal Scottish Academy. One of these he engraved, although it was never published. There is a copy in the National Library of Scotland. On leaving Falkners, he went to the Glasgow Government School of Design as a pupil, and afterwards as a master until 1853. He afterwards went up to St John's College, Cambridge, received his BA in 1864, took orders 31 July 1864, and became a curate. He married Margaret, eldest daughter of the Reverend William Blore on the 29 May 1865. In January 1877, he became Vicar of Molash in Kent. In his spare time he took up the study of old ballads, and edited The Roxburghe Ballads, as well as other early poetry including an edition of the Poems of Thomas Carew. He retired in 1894, which gave him more time for his editorial work. He died at Ashworth in Kent 7 June 1908.
    Edin Dir; Schenck; DNB; John Collins Francis. Notes by the way with memoirs of Joseph Knight and Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth. London, 1909, 289-325
  • EDINBURGH AESTHETIC JOURNAL newspaper office Edinburgh
    8 South St Andrews Street 1850
    Only the volume for 1850 was published.
    Edin Dir
  • EDINBURGH and LEITH ADVERTISER newspaper office Edinburgh
    74 Adam Square 1825-26
    Edinburgh, Leith, Glasgow, & North British Advertiser 9 Bank Street 1827
    Thereafter North British Advertiser - John and James Gray.
    Edin Dir
    Depository and Committee Room 50 South Bridge 1820-32
    13 Queen Street 1833-44
    6 York Place 1845-61
    Founded in 1809. Amalgamated with The National Bible Society of Scotland 1861.
    Edin Dir
    Sher. Edinburgh Booksellers
    154 High Street 1826-30
    Edin Dir
    Edinburgh Compositors' Society at Messrs. Ballantine & Co. Printers - David Stewart, Preses 1825
    Neill & Co Old Fishmarket Close - John Greig preses 1826
    Scotsman Office, 257 High Street - W. Miller preses 1827
    Clarke & Co Printers, Old Stamp Office Close - R. Marshall, preses 1828
    [Neill & Co] 10 Old Fishmarket Close - Charles M'Pherson preses 1829-30
    Compositors Society 10 Old Fishmarket Close - Charles M'Pherson preses 1831
    Old Bank Close - J.Logan, preses 1832
    [Ballantyne & Co] Paul's Work - D. Fergusson preses 1833-34
    Constable's Printing Office [1 Thistle Street] - D.Hoe, Praeses 1835
    Messrs Neill and Cos Printing Office - John M'Queen preses 1836-37
    Courant Printing Office - J. Baxter preses 1838
    Mercury Office - R. Lindsay preses 1839
    North British Advertiser Office - R. Lindsay preses 1840-45
    Caledonian Mercury Office - Thomas Wright clerk 1846-47
    Oliver & Boyd's - William G. Souter clerk 1848
    William G. Souter clerk 10 Middle Arthur Place 1849-50
    Edinburgh Compositors' Society instituted 3 June 1824. There was a Society of Journeymen Printers earlier (1750?-) There are Articles with a list of members for 1824 in the Edinburgh Room, Edinburgh City Library.
    Edin Dir; Ian MacDougall. A Catalogue of some Labour Records in Scotland. Edinburgh, 1978 10b; 14b
  • EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT newspaper office Edinburgh
    David Ramsay printer of The Edinburgh Evening Courant Old Fishmarket Close 1786-88
    house - James Square 1790
    Old Fishmarket Close 1793-1803
    Edinburgh Evening Courant Office, David Ramsay and Son Cross - Printing House Old Fishmarket Close 1804
    David Ramsay printers of the Edinburgh Evening Courant office opposite the Cross 1805-11
    194 High Street 1812-13
    Courant Office Cross 1814-22
    Courant Office 196 High Street 1823
    Courant Office 194 High Street 1824
    David Ramsay & Son publishers 208 High Street 1825-27
    190 High Street 1828
    190 High Street; counting room 208 High Street 1829-36
    190 High Street; counting room 178 High Street 1837-47
    190 High Street; [counting room] 188 High Street 1848-55
    Courant printing and publishing office 188 High Street 1856-72
    10 and 12 St Giles Street 1873-77
    8 and 12 St Giles Street 1878-85
    The Edinburgh Evening Courant was published continuously from 15 December1718 until 1859, when it became The Daily Courant. The 1752 volume in the National Library of Scotland seems to be the file copy.
    Edin Dir; Newsplan Scotland
  • EDINBURGH EVENING POST newspaper office Edinburgh
    J. Mennons and Co printing office, Brodie's Close, Lawn-market 1 May 1780-82
    Advertisement in the Edinburgh Directory for 1780.
    Edin Dir
  • EDINBURGH EVENING POST newspaper office Edinburgh
    Evening Post and Scottish Literary Gazette 19 West Register Street 1828
    Evening Post 1 West Register Street 1829
    Saturday Evening Post 10 Princes Street 1830
    13 Shakespeare Square 1831-33
    10 South Saint David's Street 1834-35
    16 South St David Street 1836-40
    Evening Post & Scottish Standard same address 1841-43
    27 Hanover Street 1844-45
    30 Hanover Street 1846-55
    Evening Post and Scottish Record 30 Hanover Street printing office 82 Rose Street 1856
    publishing office 78 Rose Street, printing office 82 Rose Street 1857-60
    21 George Street 1861-62
    Not in Edin Dir 1830.
    Edin Dir
  • EDINBURGH EXAMINER newspaper office Edinburgh
    18 North Bridge 1828
    Edin Dir
    16 Hanover Street 1836
    13 Hill Street 1837-40
    Edin Dir
  • EDINBURGH, LEITH & GLASGOW ADVERTISER newspaper office Edinburgh
    Edinburgh & Leith Advertiser 74 Adam Square 1825-26
    Edinburgh, Leith, Glasgow, & North British Advertiser 9 Bank Street 1827-30
    North British Advertiser same address 1831-32
    7 North Bank Street 1833-35
    North British Advertiser and Gray's Monthly Record same address 1836
    North British Advertiser Melbourne Place 1837
    5 Melbourne Place 1838-43
    and Ladies Journal 8 Melbourne Place 1844-80
    6 Melbourne Place 1881-99
    1 Victoria Terrace 1900
    Leith omitted in title Edin Dir 1828.
    Edin Dir
    Office 112 Queen Street 1830
    Glas Dir
    Strichen's Close 1826-31
    6 James Court 1832
    7 James Court 1833-54
    Victoria Terrace 1855-66
    5 Victoria Terrace 1867-90
    22 Giles Street 1891-92
    Established 3 March 1825.Called Edinburgh Subscription Mechanics Library Edin Dir 1827-30; in trade index Edin Dir only 1839-40. Later Mechanics Subscription Library. The Laws and Catalogue. 6th edition are in the National Library of Scotland, as is the Report of a public entertainment held in the Waterloo Rooms September 2 by the Edinburgh Mechanics Library. Edinburgh, 1839.
    Edin Dir
    38 Howe Street 1837
    New Town Subscription Library 4 North West Circus Pl., T. Paton librarian 1842-43
    16 Howe Street, T. Paton librarian 1844-48
    same address Paton and Ritchie librarians 1849
    Instituted 2d January 1837. Printed advt (officers & charges) Edin Dir 1837
    Edin Dir
  • EDINBURGH NEWS newspaper office Edinburgh
    2 Hunter Square 1848
    41 North Bridge 1849-53
    Writers Court 1854-56
    321 High Street printing office 399 High Street 1857-59
    403 Lawnmarket printing office 399 Lawnmarket 1860
    Edin Dir
  • EDINBURGH OBSERVER newspaper office Edinburgh
    Mound Place 1822-24
    5 North St Andrew Street 1825-32
    28 Hanover Street 1833-34
    377 High Street 1835-45
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • EDINBURGH PATRIOT newspaper office Edinburgh
    37 North Bridge 1836
    Gray 1836
    3 George Street 1835
    Edin Dir
    An imprint used by William Macnie of Stirling in the 1820s
  • EDINBURGH PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY printers and publishers Edinburgh
    Edinburgh Printing Company 13 Shakspeare Square 1834-37
    Edinburgh Printing and Publishing Company 12 South St David's Street 1838-47
    William Ritchie manager 1834-43; John McPhail manager 1844-47. 20 Shakespeare Square Gray 1835; 1836; 1837. The National Library of Scotland has an undated catalogue of the publications of John Anderson jun. From internal evidence it was printed in 1838. It is on a single leaf and has clearly been removed from a book (NLS 6.1519(6)). The verso contains a list of works published by the Edinburgh Printing and Publishing Company.
    Edin Dir Pigot 1837
    Religious Tract Society 16 East Register Street 1823
    6 East Register Street 1824-32
    Edinburgh Bible Society Repository 13 Queen Street 1833-44
    6 York Place 1845-60
    Edinburgh Religious Tract Society same address 1849-53
    13 South St Andrew Street 1854-90
    Religous Tract and Book Society of Scotland 99 George Street 1891-20th Century
    Founded in 1812 or earlier. The National Library of Scotland has the Report of the Society for 1813.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825
    10 West Register Street 1827-28
    Edin Dir
    377 High Street 1839
    33 St Andrew Square 1840
    Edin Dir
    19 Royal Exchange 1824-26
    86 South Bridge 1827-35
    23 Waterloo Place 1836
    24 Waterloo Place 1837-41
    26 Waterloo Place 1842-90
    Sketch of the origin and progress of the Edinburgh Select Subscription Library. Edinburgh, 1834. The National Library has a Catalogue compiled by Hugh Smith.1842, and a Supplement 1848 and a 5th Supplement 1878. Hunter Simpson librarian 1835-56.
    Edin Dir; Gray 1835; Pigot 1837

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