Harrower - Hodgetts, Robert

  • HARROWER [HARWAR], James bookseller and bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1638-1647
    Burgess as eldest son to umquhile Alexander Hamilton merchant 11 April 1638; Johne Scogie merchant sovertie for extents; Guild Brother 26 May 1647; he married Janet Patersone 9 October 1639. Erroneously stated to have died in February 1600 when his Testament was registered 10 May 1654. His wife 'Jeonet Patersone his relict spous' died December 1651, and her Testament was registered 4 August 1654. (Bann.Misc.ii,274). Apprentices: John Lyllie 11 July 1638; Thomas Tweeddale 7 June 1643; William Patterson 24 November 1647; Burgess 26 January 1657.
    Aldis 1904; Mitchell; EdinBurg; EdinMarr; EdinTest; EdinPren
  • HART, Andro bookseller, bookbinder and printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1587-1609
    On the North-side of the gate, a little beneathe the Crosse 1610-21
    Heirs of Andro Hart 1621-1639
    In 1589 he obtained, with John Norton, the privilege of importing books free of custom. With Edward Cathkin he bought the stock of John Norton about 1596. He was imprisoned for his part in the tumult in Edinburgh on 17 December 1596. On 24 October 1599, Andro Hart was in dispute with John Gibson about the importing under licence of a Psalm Book that Gibson had printed in Middleburg. He married Jonet Mytchelhill 22 February 1597, she died 5 November 1604; will registered 17 March 1606 (inventory Bann.Misc.ii,237); he married Elizabeth McNacht 9 January 1605; and Jonet Keene 26 December 1605. She survived him, will registered 3 June 1642. He had books printed for him in 1601 and 1608, including a set of engravings of the Scottish Kings, A Trewe description of the nobill race of the Stevvards, printed for him at Amsterdam in 1602.. In 1610 he commenced printing in succession to Robert Charteris, and printed a Bible 1610. He was in partnership with James Cathkin about 1613. In 1614 he purchased from the King a gift and privilege of printing, but the Privy Council refused to ratify it. He made an agreement with the Kings Printers in London about the Bible trade (Arber iv,35). Died November 1621. His will was registered 12 September 1622, inventory printed in Bann.Misc.ii,241. His press was carried on by his widow and her children, principally Samuel and John, until 1639 when it was taken over by James Bryson. An invoice of books sold to his eldest son, Samuel Hart, is printed in facsimile in William Cowan's article. Apprentices: William Marshall 26 October 1602; John Lisouris 11 May 1608; Robert Bartilmo 1 February 1609; John Wrettoune 1 February 1609, Burgess 6 August 1623; Daniell Wreittoun 12 May 1613; James Lindsay 21 April 1619.
    DNB; Aldis 1904; STC; Mitchell; William Cowan. 'Andro Hart and his press. With a handlist of his books.' The Edinburgh Bibliographical Society i Session 1892-93. No.1 EdinBurg; EdinMarr; EdinTest; EdinPren
  • HART, John bookseller and printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1629-30
    Son of Andro Hart. With his stepmother, Jonet Hart and his brother Samuel he printed as Heirs of Andro Hart. Married Catharine Fleeming 14 October 1629; Apprentice: James Nicoll 24 March 1630
    EdinMarr; STC; EdinPren
  • HART, Robert paper maker Glasgow
    South Woodside Mill 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • HART, Robert bookseller Paisley
    1 Smith Hills 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • HART, Robert stationer Paisley
    Christie's Buildings 273 High Street 1831
    Christie's Buildings 109 High Street 1834-38
    Fowler 1831, 1834; Pigot 1837;Paisley 1838
  • HART [HEART], Samuel bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1621-43
    Son of Andro Hart. With his stepmother, Jonet Hart and his brother John he printed as Heirs of Andro Hart. Baptised 7 January 1599. Married Isobel Dowglas 31 August 1626. Had daughters, Katherine and Sibilla. Died about 1643. His widow Isabella Douglas buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 8 August 1660. He is called printer in the register.
    Aldis 1904; STC; EdinMarr; GreyBuri; EBS i 12; Scottish Antiquary v 90
  • HART, Widow printer and bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1621-42
    Jonet Kene, second wife of Andro Hart. Opposed the passing of Young's gift as King's Printer in 1632. Died 3 May 1642. Inventory Bann. Misc. ii, 257.
    Aldis 1904
  • HARTHILL & SALMOND newspaper and advertising agents Glasgow
    1 Prince's Square, 48 Buchanan Street 1847
    76 Wilson Street 1849
    Glas Dir
  • HARTHILL, John & Son newspaper and general agents Edinburgh
    John Harthill of Weekly Journal Office, Spittal-field House, 59 St Leonard Street 1835
    newspaper agent and newsroom 22 Waterloo Place 1840
    John Harthill & Son 23 Waterloo Place 1843-50
    Edin Dir
  • HARTHILL, John newspaper office Edinburgh
    Edinburgh Journal (Manager) 251 High Street 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • HARVIE, John apprentice printer and bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1707
    Son to John Harvie, sergeant in Lord Dalrymple's regt of dragoons, apprenticed to Mr Andrew Simpsone to his art of printing and bookselling 3 January 1707.
  • HARVEY, William apprentice bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1726
    William Harvey, son of William Harvey merchant of Glasgow, apprenticed to William Duncan bookbinder Glasgow 1726
    Old Post Office Close 1806-11
    4 Infirmary Street 1812
    Robertson's Court 1813
    D. Hetherell 79 High Street 1814-17
    Royal Bank Close 1818-24
    D. Heatherhill 59 High Street 1825-32
    Thomas Heatherhill same address 1833-35
    135 High Street 1836
    Christian name from New Dir 1824.
    Edin Dir; ; Pigot 1820; Gray 1835; 1836
  • HATMAKER, John Merchant Inverness
    Inverness 1706
    To sell T. Jaffray's An essay upon the Roman poets. Edinburgh Evening Courant 15 February 1706
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HATTON, David carver and gilder Edinburgh
    Hatton 55 Princes Street 1804
    56 Princes Street 1805-10
    97 Princes Street 1811-23
    and distributor of Stamps same address 1824
    98 Princes Street 1825-27
    Printseller to His Majesty same address 1828-30
    97 Princes Street 1831-36
    D. Hatton & Co carvers, gilders and printsellers to His Majesty 98 Princes Street 1837
    David Hatton carver and gilder Somerset House, Mary Place [house address] 1837-38
    Published a 'print of Admiral Vashon' Edinburgh Evening Courant 25 February 1809
    Edin Dir; NLS Impr Ind
  • HAXTON, James printer Edinburgh
    Under the Meal Market Stairs 1793
    Edin Dir
  • HAY, Mr printseller Aberdeen
    73 Union Street 1838
    Aberdeen Herald 21 April 1838.
  • HAY [John] and GALL [James] printers Edinburgh
    John Hay & Co 22 Niddry Street 1816
    James Hay & Co 20 Niddry Street 1820
    Niddry Street 1824
    '1824. A large printing-house in Niddry Street, belonging to Messrs Hay & Gall, was the first property of value that suffered from the flames. Being constructed of very combustible materials, it was easily consumed; and the whole was over at about eight o'clock on Sunday morning. A vast quantity of printing materials was destroyed; and it unfortunately happened that but a small proportion was insured.'
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820; Chambers. Fires p.52
  • HAY, Alexander apprentice stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1675-76
    Son to the deceased Gilbert Hay, sometime chamberlain to the Earl of Cassells, apprenticed to Mr George Lesly stationer 17 February 1675 (cancelled but reentered) 5 January 1676).
  • HAY, Alexander portrait engraver Edinburgh
    9 Henry Street 1842-62
    10 West Preston Street 1863-64
    no trade same address 1865-67
    Edin Dir; Schenck
  • HAY, Alexander engraver and lithographer Edinburgh
    150 High Street 1849-50
    1 Gabriel's Road 1851-53
    Edin Dir
  • HAY, Andrew merchant and bookseller Aberdeen
    Queen Street 1797-98
    Sold copies of An affectionate address. 3rd ed. 1797. for the Society for Publishing Religious Tracts.
    NLS Impr Ind; Beavan
  • HAY, David lithographer Edinburgh
    Duncan & Hay 150 High Street 1840
    David Hay same address 1841-42
    Edin Dir; Schenck
  • HAY, David stationer Edinburgh
    30 Leith Street 1849-51
    bookseller and stationer same address 1852-58
    Published Hay's Clans of Scotland, a handcoloured lithographic panorama, from 30 Leith Street and Hay's Select Views of Edinburgh an uncoloured lithographic panorama from the same address.
    Edin Dir
  • HAY, Ebenezer printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1764
    Married Mary daughter of deceast David Goodwillie shoemaker in Dalkeith 7 January 1764 [1 Jan under Goodwillie].
  • HAY, Francis engraver Edinburgh
    28 Greenside Street 1817
    Edin Dir
  • HAY, George printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1750
    Married Isobel Guthrie 25 February 1750.
  • HAY, Hugh apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1710
    Son to George Hay of Mortoun, apprenticed to Rodger Robertson bookbinder 8 March 1710.
  • HAY, Isabella bookseller Forfar
    High-street 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • HAY, J. bookseller Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1817
    Aberdeen Journal 26 November 1817.
  • HAY, J. & J. printers Edinburgh
    7 North Bank Street 1835
    In trade index only. A mistake for J.& J. Gray.
    Edin Dir
  • HAY, James & Co printers Edinburgh
    28 Niddry-street 1820
    Error for John Hay & Co.
    Pigot 1820
  • HAY, James printer Edinburgh
    64 Buccleuch Street 1837
    Gray 1837
  • HAY, James bookbinder Edinburgh
    Register House 1844-48
    Edin Dir
  • HAY, John engraver Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1787
    Married Margaret daughter of deceased James Scott merchant in Portsburgh 31 May 1787.
  • HAY, John & Co printers Edinburgh
    28 Niddry Street 1811
    22 Niddry Street 1812-20
    [John] Hay, [James] Gall & Co 28 Niddry Street 1821-23
    Hay & Gall Niddry Street 1824
    '1824. A large printing-house in Niddry Street, belonging to Messrs Hay & Gall, was the first property of value that suffered from the flames. Being constructed of very combustible materials, it was easily consumed; and the whole was over at about eight o'clock on Sunday morning. A vast quantity of printing materials was destroyed; and it unfortunately happened that but a small proportion was insured.'
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820; Chambers. Fires p.52
  • HAY, Robert auctioneer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh Vendue 2nd Forestair below the Cross Well S side of the Street 1783-7
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HAY, Robert bookseller Edinburgh
    3 Davie Street 1824-25
    48 West Richmond Street 1826
    54 West Richmond Street 1827-28
    New Dir 1824.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825
  • HAY, Robert newspaper office and lithographer Paisley
    Paisley Advertiser 15 St Mirren Street 1830-41
    Neilson and Hay printers and engravers same address 1830-35
    Robert Hay lithographer same address 1836-40
    Robert Hay & Son lithographers, copper engravers and printers same address 1841-44
    10 High Street 1845
    12 High Street 1852
    Paisley 1853-67
    stationers, account book makers, lithographers, engravers, printers, and manufacturers of design or point paper 10 High Street 1868
    Paisley 1869-20th Century
    Originally a journalist. Editor of The Paisley Advertiser 1830-44; in printing and engraving partnership with John Neilson 1830-36. In 1836 he established his own lithographic business but continued to share the premises with John Neilson. Took elder son Robert, into partnership in 1841 and took over copperplate business on death of Andrew Blaikie. The father died in 1847. In 1853 Robert Hay junior took over the management of The Paisley Journal. When he died in 1881, he was succeeded by his younger brother James F. Hay, who previously managed the firm's branch office in Glasgow, opened in 1856 at 42 St Andrew's Square. Printed advertisement Paisley 1868
    Fowler 1831, 1834; Pigot 1837; Paisley 1838; 1851; 1868; Slater 1852; Schenck
  • HEAN, John book agent Dundee
    Periodical Publication Warehouse Barrack Street 1824-25
    Barrack Street West side 1829
    Dundee 1824; Pigot 1825; Dundee 1829
    Old Post Office Close 1806-11
    4 Infirmary Street 1812
    Robertson's Court 1813
    D. Hetherell 79 High Street 1814-17
    Royal Bank Close 1818-24
    D. Heatherhill 59 High Street 1825-32
    Thomas Heatherhill same address 1833-35
    135 High Street 1836
    Christian name from New Dir 1824.
    Edin Dir; Gray 1835; 1836
  • HEATHERHILL [HETHERHILL], Thomas engraver Edinburgh
    D. Heatherhill 59 High Street 1825-32
    Thomas Heatherhill same address 1833-35
    135 High Street 1836
    Edin Dir; Gray 1835; 1836
  • HEDDERWICK, James & Co printers Glasgow
    26 Bell Street 1809
    James Hedderwick same address 1815-20
    James Hedderwick & Son 124 Trongate 1828
    43 Argyll Street 1835
    Wellington Court 1837
    Printers to the Queen, 22 St Enoch Square 1840-49
    James Hedderwick merchant Burgess and Guild Brother as serving apprentice with James and Andrew Duncan booksellers 14 May 1808. James junior. editor of The Glasgow Citizen is given as at 22 St Enoch Square in 1844, but Robert is described as 'of James Hedderwick & Son' so he must be the son. In 1847, James is no longer 'junior' and John is given as 'Citizen Office'.
    GlasBurg; Glas Dir; Pigot 1837; James Hedderwick. Backward glances. Edinburgh, 1891.
  • HEGGIE [HIGGIE], D. bookseller Kirkcaldy
    Kirkcaldy 1759
    Sold The British Magazine Edinburgh Chronicle 10 December 1759; Glasgow Journal 17 December 1759.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HEGGIE, James bookseller Glasgow
    17 Saltmarket 1819-25
    13 Saltmarket 1828
    and stationer same address 1835-37
    bookseller same address 1840-49
    No christian name 1819-20.
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1825; 1837
  • HELENSBURGH LIBRARY town library Helensburgh
    Town Hall, Prince's Street 1834
    Instituted 1816. John Oatt librarian 1834; Edward Thomson 1836.
    Fowler 1834; 1836
  • HELLRIGEL, Frederick engraver and lithographer Glasgow
    132 Sauchiehall Street 1844-45
    15 Renfrew Street 1846
    15 Bains Place 1847
    'Hellridge' in trade index under engravers in 1844, but Hellrigel under Lithographers, and in the Street Directory.
    Glas Dir; Schenck
  • HENDERSON [James] & BISSET [William] & Co bookbinders Edinburgh
    James Henderson bookbinder 25 James Square 1824
    4 West Register Street and Craig's Close 1825
    Henderson, Bisset & Co 12 West Market Street 1826
    Mound Place 1827-29
    Henderson & Bisset East Mound Place 1830
    21 George Street 1831-36
    19 Hill Street 1837
    Bookbinders to Her Majesty same address 1838-92
    51 North Hanover Street 1893-20th Century
    James Henderson and William Bisset in 1830 at their home addresses; James Henderson alone in 1831. The National Library of Scotland has a specimen book of their binding tools 1860.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • HENDERSON & HUTCHESON bookbinders Glasgow
    62 Trongate 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • HENDERSON, Alexander bookseller, bookbinder and stationer Aberdeen
    64 Broad Steet 1842
    2 Broad Street 1843
    Aberdeen 1844-70
  • HENDERSON, Alexander bookseller and auctioneer Edinburgh
    His shop in the upper end of the Lockenbooths 1692-1710
    Burgess and Guild Brother by act of Council of 5 September 1690 18 March 1691; A child buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 8 May 1693. Appears in the imprints of Sir Thomas Craig's Scotland's soveraignty asserted. London, 1695, and religious works in 1692, 1693 and 1699. Burgess of the Canongate 20 September 1710 for generous deeds conferred by him on the Burgh. Apprentices: Benjamin Manderson 12 December 1694; Alexander Chrystie 24 June 1713.
    EdinBurg; GreyBuri; Aldis 1904; NLS Impr Ind; CanonBurg; EdinPren
  • HENDERSON, Alexander printer Edinburgh
    of the King's Printing Office - house 3 Beaumont Place, Crosscauseway 1815-22
    house - Blair Street 1823-24
    house 21 Broughton Place 1825-26
    house 13 Annandale Street 1827-28
    Blair Street 1829
    Manager of the Kings Printers 33 Blair Street 1830-37
    Manager for Her Majesties Printers same address 1838-39
    Manager for Her Majesty's Late Printers same address 1840
    William Black Manager for Her Majesty's Late Printers same address 1843-45
    Edin Dir
  • HENDERSON, Alexander stationer Edinburgh
    17 St Patrick Square 1830-31
    Edin Dir
  • HENDERSON, Alexander printer Perth
    Guildhall-close 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • HENDERSON, Andrew printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1837
    Burgess in right of father Andrew Henderson weaver 13 May 1837.
  • HENDERSON, Andrew printer Leith
    Leith 1853-54
    Andrew Henderson. A Digest of evidence of Andrew Henderson, printer, one of the principal witnesses on the Trial of the Rev. Henry Duff. Leith, [1854].
  • HENDERSON, George apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1731
    Son to Thomas Henderson, Merchant, apprenticed to William Gray bookbinder 14 July 1731.
    EdinPren; Maxted
  • HENDERSON, George general merchant and bookseller Yetholm
    Yetholm 1825
    'Good; a General Merchant' Oliver and Boyd Travellers Logbook NLS Acc.5000/78. Yetholm is not in Pigot 1820 or 1821. George Henderson is listed as hardwareman, grocer, spirit dealer and publican in 1825 and is not in Pigot 1837.
    Bell; Pigot 1825;
  • HENDERSON, J. bookseller Cupar
    'Coupar of Fife' 1794
    Sold copies of James Wemyss A scriptural view of kings and magistrates. Edinburgh. 1794.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HENDERSON, J. bookseller and stationer Leith
    73 Tolbooth Wynd 1833-34
    81 Shore 1835-40
    Edin Dir
  • HENDERSON, James subscription library Dirleton
    Librarian Subscription Library, Dirleton 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • HENDERSON, James stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1730
    Servant to Richard Watkins stationer married Beatrix Coventrie, daughter of James Coventrie cordiner in Potterrow 5 June 1730. Elizabeth [!] Coventrie widow of James Henderson servant to Mr Watkins married James Kinnaird servant to Mr Watkins in the parish of Yester 25 June 1733.
  • HENDERSON, James printer Edinburgh
    7 Terrace 1797
    Married Margaret daughter of late Rev. Mr John M'Aulay at Cardross 23 September 1796.
    EdinMarr; Edin Dir
  • HENDERSON, James bookbinder Edinburgh
    25 St James Square 1824
    [James] Henderson & [William] Bisset & Co 4 West Register Street and Craig's Close 1825
    12 West Market Street 1826
    Henderson, Bisset & Co Mound Place 1827-29
    Henderson & Bisset East Mound Place 1830
    21 George Street 1831-36
    Bookbinders to Her Majesty 19 Hill Street 1837-92
    51 North Hanover Street 1893-20th Century
    James Henderson and William Bisset in 1830 at their home addresses
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825
  • HENDERSON, James engraver Edinburgh
    18 Dundas Street 1836-37
    27 Howe Street 1839-51
    10 India Street 1852-56
    Gray 1836; 1837; Edin Dir
  • HENDERSON, James stationer Edinburgh
    of P.& W.Macniven 13 Salisbury Street 1845-48
    24 Nicolson Street 1849-53
    9 Gilmore Place 1854-56
    8A Gilmore Place 1857
    4A Gilmore Place 1858
    1 Gilmore Place 1859
    wholesale stationer 19 Blair Street 1860-98
    of P. & W. Macniven 1845-59.
    Edin Dir
  • HENDERSON, James agent for the Renfrewshire Reformer Paisley
    19 High Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HENDERSON, John Merchant and bookseller Abernethy
    Abernethy 1747-55
    Sold copies of Alexander Moncrieff's Duty of Covenanting. Edinburgh, 1747 & Confession. 1755.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HENDERSON, John lithographic printer Banff and Aberdeen
    Low Street Banff 1835-38
    44 Queen Street, Aberdeen 1839-40
    47 Queen Street 1841
    11 Union Buildings 1842-49
    Thought to have succeeded to the business of Samuel Leith in Banff, after his departure for Edinburgh. Died 1848/9 after an accidental fall and was succeeded by Keith & Gibb.
    Pigot 1837; Schenck; Beavan
  • HENDERSON, John bookseller Dunfermline
    High Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HENDERSON, John engraver Edinburgh
    18 Dundas Street 1834-36
    Edin Dir
  • HENDERSON, John stationer Glasgow
    62 Nelson Street Trongate 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • HENDERSON, John stationer and circulating library Glasgow
    460 Argyle Street 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • HENDERSON, John bookseller Leith
    88 Shore 1817-22
    8 Shore 1823
    stationer, book and chart seller 81 Shore 1824-29
    bookseller and stationer 37 Charlotte Street 1830-31
    73 Tolbooth Wynd 1832-34
    81 Shore 1835-40
    '8 Shore' New Dir 1824. Initial only 1830-40.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837
  • HENDERSON, Joseph bookseller Dunfermline
    91 High Street 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • HENDERSON, Patrick running stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1764
    Married Helen daughter of John Murray workman 20 May 1764.
  • HENDERSON, Robert bookbinder Ceres
    Ceres in Fife 1720
    Married Alison Workman daughter of the late Alexander Workman flesher in South Queensferry 9 June 1720.
  • HENDERSON, Robert bookseller Cupar
    'Coupar of Fife' 1735
    Sold copies of Hymn on the sufferings of Jesus Christ. Edinburgh, 1735.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HENDERSON, Robert clerk to papermakers Edinburgh and Yester
    Scots White Writing Paper Company Yester Mill, East Lothian 1694-1703
    Braid Mill near Edinburgh 1695-1703
    Nicolas Dupin and Denis Manes floated a joint stock company in 1694 with a capital of £5,000, The Society of the White-Writing and Printing Paper Manufactory of Scotland. The Committee members included George Mossman stationer. They had a warehouse at Heriot's Bridge in the Grassmarket. They asked for a monopoly of paper-making in Scotland in 1694, but this was refused on the grounds that there were already other paper mills. They ran into financial trouble perhaps exacerbated by the conduct of their Clerk, Robert Henderson who was imprisoned in the Tolbooth at Edinburgh 'for alledged imbazelling the effects belonging to the said manufactory'. He was released in May 1703 because the tacksmen brought no charge against him. The Company made a tack of the two paper-mills 17 September 1703 to George Kerr, merchant and George Livingstoune wright both of Edinburgh on condition that they retained the existing apprentices and workmen. Both mills were still working as papermills in 1714, and Yester was offered for let in working order in 1774. Waterston mentions a papermark COMPANY surmounted by a crowned thistle in two bonds of 1697, and illustrates photographs of a mark BRED / DUPIN in a deed of 1700, and BRAID in an ornamental cartouche in a deed of 17 March 1703 and YESTER in a similar cartouche in a deed of 20 June 1705.
    Waterston 1; Thomson
  • HENDERSON, Mr Robert librarian Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1697
    Married Catharine Law, daughter of John Law writer. Proclaimed 22 August 1697.
  • HENDERSON, Robert printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1708
    Burgess by right of wife Margaret, daughter to John Galloway, wright 'and payed to the dean of gild six pound Scotts in satisfaction of the dewes in respect of his diligence & activitie in extinguishing the late fire in Borthwick's Close' 15 September 1708
  • HENDERSON, Robert printer Leith
    25 Tolbooth Wynd 1819-21
    Edin Dir
  • HENDERSON, Thomas bookseller Dundee
    1 High Street 1791-1827
    Mrs Henderson 1827-31
    Thomas Henderson died 1827. Apprentice: Frederick Shaw 1813. In 1831 Frederick Shaw returned from London and bought the business from Mrs Shaw.
  • HENDERSON, Thomas bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1729-33
    Thomas Henderson, son of Thomas Henderson mercer of Edinburgh, apprenticed to James M'Euen bookseller of Edinburgh 1729. Burgess and Guild Brother as apprentice to Mr James M'Euen bookseller (16 July 1729 merchant) 20 June 1733. Will registered 10 December 1734.
    Maxted; EdinBurg; EdinTest
  • HENDERSON, Thomas bookseller Edinburgh
    3 Dalrymple Place, Carnegie Street 1824
    13 Blair Street 1825-28
    63 South Bridge 1829-30
    3 Davie Street New Dir 1824.
    Edin Dir
  • HENDERSON, Thomas engraver Edinburgh
    170 High Street 1835-37
    Gray 1835; Edin Dir
  • HENDERSON, Mr William bibliothecar Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1675
    Married Sarah Gairdine 13 July 1675.
  • HENDERSON, William papermaker West Calder
    Grange Mill 1832
    Mill No 48. In 1852 the mill was in the possession of Christian Robertson.
  • HENRY, Andrew bookseller & druggist Macduff
    Macduff 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HENRY, James bookbinder Dumfries
    28 Buccleugh Street 1825
    35 Irish Street 1837
    Mid Steeple 1852
    Pigot 1825; 1837; Slater 1852
  • HENSHAW [HENSHAM, HYNSHAW, HYNDSHAW; HINDSHAW], John bookbinder and bookseller Stirling
    Stirling 1713-17
    Apprentices: William Anderson, son of John Anderson late Deacon Convenor, apprenticed to John Hindshaw bookbinder Glasgow [sic] 17 February 1715; Henry Christy, son of James Christy deceased, apprenticed to John Hyndshaw stationer Stirling 1721
    NLS Impr Ind; Maxted
  • HEPBURN, Andrew printer Glasgow
    Glasgow 1689
    Appears in imprint of Late proceedings and votes of the Parliament ... 1689. Probably a fictitious imprint.
    Aldis 1904
  • HEPBURNE, James journeyman printer Edinburgh
    of The Heirs of Andrew Anderson 1678
    Petitioned the Privy Council to claim exemption from watching and warding as an employee of the King's Printer.
    Register of the Privy Council of Scotland Ser. 3 v. 441.
  • HEPBURNE, James printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1683-94
    Newborn child buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 8 July 1673; a child 5 June 1676; Married Isobel Yuill 29 July 1683; his wife Isobel Yule buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 28 November 1687; married Helen Couper 22 July 1688; a child buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 16 May 1689. Burgess and Guild Brother as apprentice to deceased Andrew Andersone printer despite his master's omission to book him in the gild book 18 September 1689. James Hepburn printer buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 10 June 1694; and a child 5 February 1697.
    EdinMarr; EdinBurg; GreyBuri
  • HEPBURN Robert druggist & bookseller Dufftown
    Tower 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HERBERTSON, Robert stationer Glasgow
    Glasgow 1675
    Burgess and Guild Brother as son to deceased Mr John Herbertson writer 2 September 1675.
  • HERCULES, John printer Edinburgh
    20 Carnegie Street 1818-21
    Edin Dir
  • HERDMAN, Robert bookseller Glasgow
    Gorbals 1765
    Subscribed for 300 copies of John Willison's Fair and impartial testimony. Glasgow, 1765
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HERDMAN, Robert bookseller Dundee
    Overgate 1818
    Dundee 1818
  • HERKES, Alexander subscription library North Berwick
    Librarian Subscription Library Westgate 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • HERON, David nautical, optical and stationery warehouse Greenock
    1 William Street 1831-34
    Heron & Son chronometers, watchmakers and jewellers same address 1836
    James Heron watchmaker and jeweller 16 William Street 1845
    Fowler 1831; 1834; 1836; 1845
  • HERON, Lauchlan bookbinder Edinburgh
    Forrester's Wynd 1793-1808
    Borthwick's Close 1809-10
    469 High Street 1811-12
    160 High Street 1813
    460 High Street 1814
    Covenant Close 1815-16
    Burgess as apprentice to Charles Hunter bookbinder 26 February 1809.
    Edin Dir; EdinBurg
  • HERRIOTT, Mrs bookbinder Edinburgh
    Old Fish Market Close 1773-75
    Edin Dir
  • HERRIOT [HERIOT; HERRIOTT], Charles bookseller and bookbinder Edinburgh
    In the Parliament House 1768-74
    Under the G.P.O. East corner of Parliament Close 1774
    Married Ann daughter to John Wilson bookseller 25 September 1768.
    EdinMarr; Edin Dir; NLS Impr Ind
  • HERRIOT, John A. newspaper office Greenock
    Intelligencer office, 3 Broad Close 1836
    agent for Atlas Insurance 1836
    Fowler 1836
  • HERIOT, Thomas bookseller Edinburgh
    South side of High St over against Main Guard 1723
    Parliament Close 1726-31
    Married Jean Smith, widow of James Watson printer 6 July 1725. Will of Jean Watson wife of Thomas Heriot and widow of James Watson His Majesties Printer for Scotland was registered 1740. Roup of deceast Thomas Herriot Edinburgh Evening Courant 17 October 1749.
    EdinMarr; NLS Impr Ind
  • HERIOT [HERRIOT], William bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1750- before 1773
    Married Elizabeth Watt, daughter of the late John Watt, miller in Peffermill 3 June 1750. Barbara daughter of deceased William Heriot married John Duncan bookbinder 14 February 1773.
  • HERRIOT, William bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1765
    Advertisement in Caledonian Mercury 5 January 1765.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HERIOT, William printer Leith
    13 Quality Street 1822-40
    17 Quality Street 1841-44
    27 Quality Street 1845-46
    17 Quality Street 1847-61
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825; 1837
  • HETHERELL [HATHEREL, HEATHERHILL], D. engraver Edinburgh
    Old Post Office Close 1806-11
    4 Infirmary Street 1812
    Robertson's Court 1813
    79 High Street 1814-17
    Royal Bank Close 1818-24
    D. Heatherhill 59 High Street 1825-32
    Thomas Heatherhill same address 1833-35
    135 High Street 1836
    Edin Dir; Gray 1835; 1836
  • HETHERTON, John general merchant and bookseller Lochmaben
    Lochmaben 1825-37
    'Poor but industrious; a General Merchant' Oliver and Boyd Travellers Logbook NLS Acc.5000/78. Lochmaben is not in Pigot 1820 or 1821, in 1825 John Hetherton is a grocer, draper, spirit dealer and agent for the Insurance Co of Scotland; in Pigot 1837 he is a Grocer, Spirit Dealer and Flesher.
    Bell; Pigot 1825; 1837
  • HEUGH, Walter bookbinder Glasgow
    Salt Market 1783
    Glas Dir
  • HEWIT [HEWAT], John bookseller Stirling
    3 Bow Street 1825
    Stirling 1829-30
    Bow 1837
    42 King Street 1852
    John Hewit and David Miller Baker Street 1855
    Published Picture of Stirling: a series of eight views, engraved by John Gellatly, from drawings by Andrew S. Masson; with notes by Robert Chambers. Stirling, 1830.
    Pigot 1825; 1837; Slater 1852; Local Notes and Queries reprinted from The Stirling Observer. Stirling, 1886.
  • HEWITSON, John subscription library Dalmellington
    Dalmellington 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HICKS, John bookseller Glasgow
    42 Hospital Street 1828
    Glas Dir
  • HICKS, John bookseller, stationer, librarian and account book maker Glasgow
    122 Queen Street 1840-44
    and publisher and news agent 122 and 124 Queen Street 1847
    Librarian in trade index 1840
    Glas Dir
  • HICKS, Robert stationer Lerwick
    169 and 171 Commercial Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HEGGIE [HIGGIE], D. bookseller Kirkcaldy
    Kirkcaldy 1759
    Sold The British Magazine Edinburgh Chronicle 10 December 1759; Glasgow Journal 17 December 1759.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HIGGINS, Christopher printer Leith and Edinburgh
    Leith 1652-54?
    In Hart's Close over against the Trone church 1655-60
    Succeeded Evan Tyler and printed for the government. 'Tyler made over part of his forfeited gift to some Stationers in London, who sent down upon us Christopher Higgins and some English servants with him.' Watson. This was about 1652, and the Leith tracts of 1652-54 were probably printed by Higgins, though his name does not appear until 1655, by which time he was in Edinburgh. Though he printed under his own name, Watson's statement is probably correct, and he was succeeded by a 'Society of Stationers' in 1660. His wife Jean Banks buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 8 February 1662; his child 20 February 1662; and 'Christopher Higgins Printer to His Majesty' 18 October 1668.
    Aldis 1904; GreyBuri
  • HIGHET, John bookseller,stationer, printer, librarian and lithographer Troon
    Ayr Street 1849-86
    Gained medals for penmanship at Ayr Academy. Was apprentice to Joseph Hall lithographer Edinburgh. Died December 1886 aged 76 Ayr Advertiser 9 Dec 1886.
    Schenck; Slater 1852
  • HILL & ALEXANDER printers & newspaper publishers Dundee
    Kay's Close Nethergate 1852
    Publishers of The Dundee Courier
    Slater 1852
  • HILL [John?], CRAIG & Co papermakers Balerno
    John Craig & Co Balerno 1840
    John Craig & Sons Balerno 1841
    John Hill Balerno Bank Mills 1842
    Hill, Craig & Co same address 1843-20th Century
    Edin Dir; Slater 1852
  • HILL, Alexander paper maker Cramond
    Peggy's Mill, Cramond 1835-37
    Gray 1835; 1836; 1837
  • HILL, Alexander bookseller Edinburgh
    [home address] 17 Montague Street 1825-26
    [home address] 33 Montague street 1827
    and stationer and artists colourman 50 Princes Street 1828-40
    publisher, colourman and printer to the Royal Scottish Academy 67 Princes Street 1841-46
    printseller and publisher to the Queen and R.S. Academy same address 1847-60
    Of Hill & Son 1826, i.e. Thomas Hill & Sons. 'and colour man to the Scottish Academy' 1835-38. and publisher 1839.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • HILL, Alexander bookbinder Edinburgh
    15 St James Square 1826-27
    10 St James Square 1828-29
    Mrs Alexander Hill same address 1830-31
    Edin Dir
  • HILL, Clark bookbinder and stationer Pennycuick
    Pennycuick 1835-37
    'stoneware merchant and stationer' Gray 1836-37 street index
    Gray 1835; 1836; 1837
  • HILL, David printer and newspaper office Montrose and Dundee
    Montrose Chronicle -1823
    Dundee Courier Office Key's Close Nethergate November 1823-25
    David Hill & Son same address 1837
    David Hill same address 1846
    D[avid] Hill and C[harles] Alexander same address 28 June 1848-June 1860
    Printer of The Montrose Chronicle. On 28 June 1848 he took Charles Alexander into partnership. In 1861 the paper was amalgamated with The Dundee Argus.
    Dundee 1824; Pigot 1825 Dundee 1829; Pigot 1837; Dundee 1846; Millar
  • HILL, Francis bookseller Edinburgh
    Peter & Francis Hill 39 Hanover Street 1825-26
    Edin Dir
  • HILL, George papermaker Cramond
    Peggy's Mill 1844-45
    manager Peggy's Mill Cramond 1850
    W. Phipps managed Peggy's Mill for W. Cadell, Sons & Co in 1843.
    Edin Dir
  • HILL, James and Son booksellers, stationers and musicsellers Edinburgh
    53 South Bridge 1824
    In 'Names too late for insertion' 1824.
    Edin Dir
  • HILL, James papermaker Lasswade
    Polton Mill 1790
    Daughter Agnes married Alexander Galloway 3 January 1798.
  • HILL, John papermaker Balerno
    Balerno Bank 1842
    Hill, Craig & Co same address 1843-20th Century
    Edin Dir
  • HILL, John bookbinder and bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1645-52
    Married Alison Wilkie 12 June 1645; married Bessie Miller 16 April 1646; Burgess by right of wife Bessie daughter to umquhile William Miller meilmaker 23 December 1646; he died in 1652, and his daughter Marion in 1654. His will was registered 23 May 1654, the inventory is in Bann.Misc.ii,275. Apprentices: James Hunter 12 January 1648; Andrew Ogstoun 17 December 1651.
    Aldis 1904; EdinMarr; EdinBurg; EdinTest; EdinPren
  • HILL, Peter bookseller Edinburgh
    Opposite Canongate Church 1784
    160 Nicholson's Street 1786
    Thomson's Head Parliament Sq 1788-89
    Cross South side 1789-1815
    and collector of cess 204 High Street 1816
    Peter Hill & Co booksellers 200 High Street collector of cess 204 High Street 1817-20
    booksellers and stationers 32 Princes Street collector of cess same address 1821-22
    collector of cess 11 Bank Street 1823-33
    1 Lynedoch Place 1834
    collector of cess 11 Bank Street 1825-27
    Member and secretary of the Edinburgh Bookseller's Society 23 June 1790. Had been many years principal clerk to Mr Creech. Burgess and Guild Brother 18 September 1794. Edinburgh City Library have Peter Hill's Sale Catalogue for 1793. Pigot 1820 has Peter Hill & Co still at 200 High Street. Apprentices: Archibald Constable was apprenticed to him 2 February 1788; James Aikman, Burgess 25 July 1804; Alexander Macredie, Burgess 22 June 1816; John Cunningham, Apprenticed 25 April 1814; Burgess 13 July 1825.
    NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir; Constable; Sher. Edinburgh Booksellers
  • HILL, Peter junior booksellers Edinburgh
    60 Princes Street 1823
    Peter Hill & Co same address 1824
    P[eter junior]. & F[rancis] Hill 39 Hanover Street 1825-26
    Pigot 1825 gives Peter Hill junior & Co 60 Princes Street. Admitted to Sanctuary for debt at Holyroodhouse 30 October 1826.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825; Cadell
  • HILL, Thomas & Sons booksellers, stationers and musicsellers Edinburgh
    53 South Bridge 1824-26
    booksellers, stationers, artists and colourmen same address 1827
    Thomas Hill same address 1828
    Thomas and Alexander 1826.
    New Dir 1824.
    Edin Dir
  • HILL, Thomas bookseller and auctioneer Edinburgh
    24 Queen Street 1830-32
    11 Nelson Street 1833
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825; Gray 1833
  • HILL, Thomas bookseller Perth
    George's Street 1790-1920
    NLS Impr Ind; Pigot 1820
  • HINDMARSH, Thomas stationer Kelso
    Bridge Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HINDSHAW, John bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1715
    William Anderson, son of John Anderson late Deacon Convenor, apprenticed to John Hindshaw bookbinder Glasgow 17 February 1715. This is surely John Hindshaw of Stirling who is listed as Henshaw, Hensham, Hynshaw and Hyndshaw. He is listed as Stirling from 1713-21.
  • HINDSHAW [HENSHAW, HENSHAM, HYNSHAW, HYNDSHAW], John bookbinder and bookseller Stirling
    Stirling 1713-17
    Apprentices: William Anderson, son of John Anderson late Deacon Convenor, apprenticed to John Hindshaw bookbinder Glasgow [sic] 17 February 1715; Henry Christy, son of James Christy deceased, apprenticed to John Hyndshaw stationer Stirling 1721
    NLS Impr Ind; Maxted
  • HINTON, R. architectural publisher Glasgow
    45 Robertson Street 1840
    In trade index only 1840
    Glas Dir
  • HISLOP [HESLOPE], Archibald bookseller and printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1668
    In the Parliament-Yard at the sign of the Bible 1670-1678
    Son to the late Archibald Hislop, tanner in the West Port, apprenticed with Duncan Mure [or rather Munn] bookseller 31 October 1655. Married Beatrix Campbell 7 August 1668. Burgess and Guild Brother by right of wife Beatrix daughter to umquhile James Campbell merchant 7 December 1670. Beatrice Campbell was the sister of Agnes Campbell, the widow of the King's Printer. Children buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 24 June 1672; 8 December 1672; 18 June 1676. There is an elaborate inlaid cottage design binding in the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle with a foredge design dated 1672 and the signature A Hislop fecit. 'Archibald Hislop, a bookseller, set up, taking in with him William Carron a very excellent workman, who advis'd Mr Hyslop to bring new materials from Holland. They printed Thomas a Kempis very neatly, and some other small books; to which is prefix'd sometimes the name of one, and sometimes the name of the other.' Watson. According to Watson the printing house passed to John Cairns. There are four account and inventory books in the SRO which were produced in a case of accompt and reckoning instituted by his son and daughter, Archibald and Isabel Hislop against their stepfather, Robert Currie W.S. and their aunt Agnes Campbell. The documents show that the bookseller and the first of the two bookbinders in Aldis are the same man. One account book contains copies of invoices for book and paper purchased mainly from London between 1668 and 1678 and copies of five letters to his agents, and of eight or nine from them. The second entitled Archibld Hislop His Book 1671 is an inventory of is stock. There are two other inventories dated 5 April 1677 and 21 October 1678. There are also two leaves comprising a list of his bookbinding tools (Court of Session Records CS96/3). He died in 1678. Will registered 10 July 1679 Bann.Misc.ii,296. His widow, Beatrice Campbell, married Robert Currie W.S. 22 September 1679. Apprentice: John Straittoun 21 June 1676.
    EdinPren; EdinMarr; EdinBurg; Aldis 1904; H. M. Nixon. Broxbourne Library: styles and designs of bookbindings. London, 1956. p.165; GreyBuri; EdinTest; John Grant 'Alexander Hislop Stationer, Edinburgh 1668-1678' Publications of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society xii (1924)
  • HISLOP, Archibald bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1697
    Apparently the son of Archibald Hislop, who died in 1678.Will registered 8 June 1697 Bann.Misc.ii,296.
    Aldis 1904
  • HISLOP, John printer bookseller and stationer Greenock
    77 Cathcart-street 1820
    Cathcart Street 1825-30
    47 Cathcart Street - printing office 1 Watt Place 1831-34
    54 Cathcart Street - printing office 7 Manse Lane 1836
    bookseller and stationer 46 Cathcart Street 1845
    and printer same address 1852
    29 Cathcart Street 1853-61
    Thomas Melvin bookseller and lithographer was at the same address in 1868.
    Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837; Fowler 1831; 1834; 1836 Greenock 1845; 1853; 1861; Slater 1852
    HODGE, David engraver Edinburgh
    Fountainwell 1794
    Williamson 1794
  • HODGE, David printer Montrose
    23 High Street 1846-52
    Angus 1846; Slater 1852
  • HODGES [HODGE] John engraver Edinburgh
    Back of Fountain Well 1786
    Fountain Well 1788
    Netherbow Well 1790
    Fountain Well 1793-95
    Opposite the Fountain Well, North Side 1796-1802
    Burgess 2 November 1786; 'The creditors of John Hodges lately residing in Edinburgh, now in London, or elsewhere in England are hereby informed that a valuable assortment of books which were poinded by a creditor are to be sold on 13 July 1809'
    EdinBurg; Edin Dir; Edinburgh Evening Courant 29 June 1809
  • HODGE, Robert tobacconist and stationer Edinburgh
    127 Canongate 1836
    Gray 1836
  • HODGE [HODGES], William musicseller Edinburgh
    of Townsend & Co harp and pianoforte maker Elder Street Hall 1830
    St Leonard's Cottage 1832
    1 Lothian Road 1833
    Elder Street Hall 1834-35
    5 Drummond Street 1837
    Not in Edin Dir 1831.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • HODGETTS, Robert Moore historical and portrait engraver Edinburgh
    Comely Bank 1827
    Canonmills Cottage 1837-38
    8 Great Stuart Sreet 1839
    Son of Thomas Hodgetts and Harriet Hodgetts born in London and christened at St James, Paddington 7 August 1808. Father and son came from London.
    Edin Dir; Gray 1837; Bush.2

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