Hodgetts, Thomas - Inglis

  • HODGETTS, Thomas engraver Edinburgh
    Comely Bank 1827
    Esq Trinity Mains 1829-32
    engraver same address 1833
    Father of Robert Moore Hodgetts. They came from London, where Thomas engraved some prints with George Dawe. His early work often bears the address 'Westbourne Green, Paddington'. Both father and son exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy in 1827, when the address of both is given as 'Comely Bank'.
    Edin Dir; Bush.2
  • HODGSON, William printer Edinburgh
    54 Bristo Street 1817-21
    lodgings same address 1825-28
    printer 18 Duncan Street, Drummond Place 1829-30
    Edin Dir
  • HOE, D. journeyman compositor Edinburgh
    Constable's Printing Office 1 Thistle Street 1835
    Preses of the Edinburgh Compositors Society 1835
    Edin Dir
  • HOFFARD [HOFFORD], William printer Edinburgh
    9 Thistle Street 1839-53
    1 Oxford Terrace 1854-63
    Edin Dir
  • HOFFMAN, J.A. musicseller Edinburgh
    84 High Street 1834
    grocer 17 [Netherbow] High Street 1835
    A.J. Hoffman & Son musicians same address 1836
    'musicseller' in trade index 1835. In main sequence entries at the Netherbow address both as grocer and musician.
    Edin Dir
  • HOGG, Adam bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    48 George Street 1813-15
    and circulating library same address 1816-22
    Pigot 1820 14 George Street (home address?)
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820
  • HOGG, Alexander stationer Aberdeen
    40 Young Street 1837
    21 Berry Lane 1838
    Aberdeen 1839
  • HOG, Andrew apprentice stationer and bookseller Dumfries
    Dumfries 1718
    Andrew Hog apprenticed to John Duncan stationer and bookseller Dumfries 1718.
  • HOGG, James paper maker Aberdeen
    Bucksburn Mill 1810?-25
    Warehouse, Queen-street 1820-25
    Mill No 6. 'Possibly in 1810, James Hogg started Bucksburn No.2' Thomson p.129. Not in Mill List 1832.
    Pigot 1820; Thomson
  • HOGG, James book and patent medicine seller Edinburgh
    New Stage Coach Office opposite to the Exchange 1758-59
    Sold almanacks and patent medicines.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HOGG, James printer Edinburgh
    Wight's Place, 97 Causewayside 1836
    bookseller and printer 116 Nicolson Street 1837-40
    printer and stationer same address 1841-42
    stationer and printer 122 Nicolson Street 1843-44
    printer and publisher 122 and 56 Nicolson Street 1845-47
    122 and 56 Nicolson Street and 45 Crosscauseway 1848
    4 Nicolson Street and 45 Crosscauseway 1849-51
    4 Nicolson Street and Brown Street Lane 1852-55
    18 St Andrew Square and Brown Street Lane 1856-57
    James Hogg & Sons publishers 18 St Andrew Square 1858-62
    Son of James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd, was born near Edinburgh 26 March 1806, and apprenticed to James Muirhead, printer, 24 August 1818. After his apprenticeship he entered the 'book house' attached to The Caledonian Mercury. He went into business as printer and publisher in 1837. He published Hogg's Weekly Instructor from March 1845-December 1859. The name was changed to The Instructor and was later known as The Titan. In 1858, his sons James and John, became partners, and the firm gave up printing. The sons opened a branch office in London, whither the firm was transferred. The firm was dissolved in July 1867. James Hogg died in London 14 March 1880.
    DNB; Edin Dir; Gray 1836
  • HOGG, James bookseller Middleton
    'Middletoun' 1740
    Sold copies of Ralph Erskine's Gospel-compulsion. Edinburgh. 1740.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HOGG, John papermaker Colinton
    West Mills 1835-44
    and house - 7 Scotland Street, Edinburgh 1835-39
    John Jenkins papermaker had West Mills in 1845.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • HOGG, R. publisher? Edinburgh
    of Oliver & Boyd 24 Fountainbridge 1833
    Gray 1833
  • HOG, Robert printer Edinburgh
    Foot of West Bow 1794
    Williamson 1794
  • HOGG, William bookseller Edinburgh
    Parliament Square 1783
    Advertisement in Edinburgh Evening Courant 10 September 1783. Burgess 3 June 1784.
    NLS Impr Ind; EdinBurg
  • HOGG, William stationer and Depute Session Clerk Edinburgh
    Depute Session Clerk Canal Street 1782
    and stationer Parliament House 1784
    Edin Dir
  • HOGG, William bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1794
  • HOME, Archibald paper maker Dalry
    Dalry Mills 1675
    Employed 'sevinten Scotsmen and boyes bred up and instructed in these airts be the French'.
    Waterston 1
  • HOME, Archibald printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1708-22
    Third son to John Home, late baillie of North Berwick, apprenticed to John Moncur printer 1 December 1708. Burgess as apprentice to John Moncur, printer 1 July 1722.
    EdinPren; EdinBurg
  • HOME, David bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1764
    Admitted to Sanctuary for debt at Holyroodhouse 26 July 1764.
  • HOME, Ninian apprentice stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1696
    Son to Mr George Home, Minister at Selkirke, apprenticed to George Moseman stationer 19 August 1696.
  • HOME, Robert engraver Edinburgh
    James Court 1830
    493 Lawnmarket 1831-33
    300 Lawnmarket 1833-34
    engraver and printer of music same address 1835
    10 Terrace, Leith Street 1836-42
    engraver and lithographer 9 Terrace, Leith Street 1843-54
    63 New Buildings, North Bridge 1855-59
    Robert Home & Co 13 George Street 1860-65
    27 Elder Street 1866-67
    Home & Co 11 Greenside Lane 1868-71
    Home & Macdonald same address 1872-83
    Robert Home & Son same address 1884-91
    Robert Home married Margaret Hamilton. He died in Edinburgh 5 May 1853. The business was perhaps continued by a son of the same name.
    Edin Dir; Gray 1833; Pigot 1837; Schenck ; Johnst3
  • HOME, William paper maker Ayton
    Ayton 1694-1703
  • HONEYMAN, Mark bookbinder Glasgow
    53 Kirk Street Calton 1825
    Forename from Glasgow Index.
    Pigot 1825
  • HOOD, Andrew printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1760
    Married Ann Thom relict of John Scott smith 21 December 1760.
  • HOOD, Arthur printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1731
    Married Margaret Inglis daughter of the late David Inglis merchant in Hamilton 22 April 1731.
  • HOOD, Thomas bookseller Dundee and London
    Dundee before 1799
    of Vernor & Hood, London by 1799
    Apprenticed to Robert Nicoll, bookseller in Dundee. Went to London where he became a partner in the bookselling and publishing of Vernor and Hood. Married the sister of Sands the engraver. Father of Thomas Hood the humourist.
  • HOOD, Thomas printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1766
    Married Katherine daughter to deceast George Gordon 16 November 1766.
  • HOPE, Alexander apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1718
    Alexander Hope, son of Alexander Hope tailor of Edinburgh, apprenticed to William Paterson bookbinder Edinburgh 1718.
    35 East Clyde Street 1840
    'Robert Hopkins' in trade index 1840.
    Glas Dir
  • HOPKIRK, Thomas botanist and lithographer Glasgow
    Glasgow 1825-35
    Born at Dalbeth near Glasgow, in 1785. Son of James Hopkirk and Christian Glassford, he was educated in Glasgow, and matriculated at Glasgow University in 1800. In 1813 he published Flora Glottiana: a catalogue of the indigenous plants on the banks of the River Clyde, and in the neighbourhood of the City of Glasgow. Glasgow, 1813. In the same year he published a list of plants that grew in the gardens at Dalbeth, and in 1816 succeeded in forming a society to establish a Botanic Garden, and made a gift of the whole of the Dalbeth collection to it. About 1818 Hopkirk began to turn his attention to lithography. In June 1825 he became editor of The Glasgow Looking Glass and shared the task of preparing the plates with a Mr Heath who came from London and who did most of the humourous drawings. In 1835, the University of Glasgow conferred on him the degree of LL.D. He went to Ireland, and died at Malone in Belfast on 24 August 1841. Peter Mackenzie wrote 'Mr Thos Hopkirk, of Dalbeth, who had then [21 March 1828] become one of the first lithographic writers in the city of Glasgow'.
    DNB and Additions and Corrections; Turner, Robert. 'Thomas Hopkirk of Dalbeth: a sketch of his life and botanical work.' Transactions of the Natural History Society of Glasgow. 27 January 1885; Peter Mackenzie. Old Reminiscences of Glasgow. Glasgow, 1890 ii, 33
  • HORN, William bookseller Edinburgh
    16 Bank Street 1809
    Edin Dir
  • HORSBURGH, Archibald papermaker Greenock
    Overton 1845
    Greenock 1845
  • HORSBURGH, John engraver Edinburgh
    13 Arthur Street 1819-20
    10 Salisbury Street 1821-29
    5 Archibald Place 1830-42
    18 Buccleugh Place 1844-56
    historical engraver same address 1857-69
    Born Prestonpans 16 November 1791. Apprenticed to Robert Scott Attended the Trustees' Academy and learnt engraving under Robert Scott. Died 23 September 1869. The National Library of Scotland has Henry G. Selous. Seven events in the life of Robert Bruce etched by John Horsburgh and a prospectus for An original Portrait of Robert Burns painted by Peter Taylor, and finished in line engraving by John Horsburgh.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825; 1837; Bush.2; Johnst3
  • HORSBURGH, John papermaker Greenock
    Overton 1845
    Greenock 1845
  • HORSBURGH, S. engraver Edinburgh
    18 Buccleugh Street 1845-50
    Edin Dir
  • HORSEWYND, At the foot of the, Edinburgh See Andrew SYMSON (1697-1712); Margaret REID (1712-20); Alexander ROBERTSON (1785-95)
  • HOSSACK, John newspaper office Edinburgh
    manager of the National Advertiser 11 Henry Street 1848
    agent same address 1849
    12 Hill Square 1850-51
    Edin Dir
  • HOULDON [HAULDON; HOULDEN], J. bookseller Edinburgh
    9 Nicolson Street 1833-40
    Not in main sequence or street directory 1835. The address is that of Thomas Houlden stationer.
    Edin Dir
  • HOULDEN, Thomas stationer and agent for Martin's printing ink manuf. London Edinburgh
    9 Nicolson Street 1833-37
    stationer and account book manufacturer same address 1838-60
    9 and 11 Nicolson Street and 63 George Street 1861-64
    9 and 11 Nicolson Street 1865-69
    Houlden Brothers 9, 11, 37 and 39 Nicolson Street 1870-71
    Houlden & Co stationers and general warehousemen 9 and 11 Nicolson Street 1872-77
    general warehousemen 5, 9 and 11 Nicolson Street 1878-87
    9 and 11 Nicolson Street 1888-20th Century
    Agent for Goodall's card and Bristol board 1838-39.
    Edin Dir
  • HOUSTON & CO paper and rag merchants Glasgow
    12 and 14 Stockwell Place 1844
    Glas Dir
  • HOUSTON, Miss bookseller and stationer Lochwinnoch
    librarian to the town library High Street 1831
    bookseller and stationer same address 1834
    Fowler 1831; 1834
  • HOUSTON, George apprentice bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1724
    George Houston, son of James Houston of Kirklistoune, apprenticed to William Browne bookseller Edinburgh 24 April 1724.
    EdinPren; Maxted
  • HOUSTON, George & Co booksellers Edinburgh
    21 Prince's Street Edinburgh 1799
    Campaign of General Buonaparte printed for them 1799.
    Edin Dir; NLS Impr Ind
  • HOUSTON, James paper maker Dalbeattie
    Dalbeattie 1825
    Mill No 46. The mill was in the possession of William Lewis in 1832.
  • HOUSTON, John paper maker Giffordhall
    Giffordhall before 1768
    Margaret daughter of deceast John Houston married Robert Innes wright 1 May 1768.
  • HOUSTON, Peter bookseller Glasgow
    4 Thistle Street 1828
    Glas Dir
  • HOUSTON, Peter periodical agent Glasgow
    13 New-wynd 1820
    Agent to Liverpool Co..
    Pigot 1820
  • HOUY [HOWIE], George newspaper office Edinburgh
    of the Courant Office - 5 Elder Street 1825
    22 Elder Street 1826
    Edin Dir
  • HOWE, David printer Edinburgh
    9 South Richmond Street 1836-37
    9 Thistle Street 1839-56
    11 Brown Street 1857-58
    9 South Richmond Street 1859-64
    Gray 1836; 1837; Edin Dir
  • HOWE, Henry bookseller Edinburgh
    27 Elder Street 1837
    Gray 1837
  • HOWELL, Mr auctioneer Paisley
    Auction Room. End of Old Bridge 1799
    Advertisement in The Glasgow Courier 19 January 1799.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HOWELL, John bookbinder Edinburgh
    30 Thistle-street 1819-25
    William Howell same address 1826-30
    John Howell dealer in antiquities 1 Howe Street 1827-28
    polyartist 67 Thistle Street 1829-32
    43 Hanover Street 1833
    polyartist and dealer in antiquities 22 Rose Street 1834
    polyartist 18 Frederick Street 1835-36
    110 Rose Street 1837-43
    22 South Frederick Street 1844-46
    22 South Frederick Street - house 110 Rose Street 1847
    110 Rose Street 1848-58
    Born in 1788. D.N.B. says that he was shop assistant to Robert Kinnear in South Frederick Street, Edinburgh. This is likely to have been around 1810-15, and that he spent five years with Duncan Stevenson, the University Printers, where he 'effected improvements in the art of stereotyping'. Burgess as apprentice to James M'Cleish bookseller 3 September 1816. He had wide interests, he published An Essay on the War-Galleys of the Ancients. Edinburgh, 1826; The life and adventures of Alexander Selkirk. Edinburgh, 1829; The life of Alexander Alexander. Edinburgh, 1830; A concise and accurate account of the accident that occurred at the sale of Lord Eldin's pictures by a sufferer. Edinburgh, 1833. He is said to have edited The journal of a soldier of the 71st Regiment, 1806-15; The life of John Nichol, the Mariner; and to have written several of Wilson's Tales of the Borders. He was probably a relative of William Howell who shared a house with him at one time. Leslie Fleming described him as 'a person who seemed to know a little of everything, yet failed in most of his inventions... He at one time tried the experiment of flying, and took his start from somewhere about the foot of Ramsay Lane, finishing in the Nor' Loch. He next tried by mechanical means to walk on the water, but this was seen to be equally dangerous. He was occasionally employed in taking the features of deceased persons. He made an ingenious model of Edinburgh, now kept in Stevenson's foundry, for which he got a few shillings after he left Stevenson's employment, being in very straitened circumstances. He was employed in the foundry for a lengthened period, and while there originated a process of moulding by means of dry stucco which was a great success.' He died in 1863.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; EdinBurg; DNB; Leslie Fleming. An Octogenarian Printer's Recollections. Edinburgh, 1893;
    HOWELL, William bookbinder and wood engraver Edinburgh
    John Howell bookbinder 30 Thistle Street 1820-25
    William Howell bookbinder same address 1827-30
    wood engraver 18 Frederick Street 1834-36
    From the circumstances of William Howell bookbinder succeeding to John Howell's business, and of William Howell wood engraver sharing the same house with John Howell, it seems probable that the two William Howell's are the same person, and a relative of John Howell's.
    Edin Dir
  • HOWIE [HOUY], George newspaper office Edinburgh
    of the Courant Office - 5 Elder Street 1825
    22 Elder Street 1826
    Edin Dir
  • HOWIE, Henry bookseller Edinburgh
    27 Elder Street 1837
    Edin Dir
  • HOWISON [George senior] & M'KAY map mounters Edinburgh
    turners and map mounters Advocates Close 1825
    map mounters Roxburgh Close 1826-27
    Edin Dir
  • HOWISON [HOUISON], George senior carver, gilder and map mounter Edinburgh
    Archibald Howison Cowgate head 1786-90
    Magdalenes's Chapel, head of Cowgate 1793
    Foot of Roxburgh Close, Luckenbooths 1794-97
    John Howison & Company Roxburgh Close 1799-1800
    John Howison same address 1802-3
    John and George Howison Foot of Roxburgh Close 1804
    J. & G. Howison Roxburgh Close, Luckenbooths 1805-17
    97 High Street 1818-19
    Roxburgh Close 1820-22
    George Howison Foot of Don's Close, 327 High Street 1823-26
    George Howison and Son [James] picture-frame makers, turners, and map-mounters 20 Canal Street 1827-28
    Edin Dir
  • HOWIESON, John librarian Inverkeithing
    Inverkeithing 1852
    Inverkeithing Subscription Library
    Slater 1852
  • HOWISON, William engraver Edinburgh
    Roxburgh Close 1824
    Pirrie's Close 1825-27
    227 High Street 1828-36
    59 Castle Street 1837
    8 Frederick Street 1838-51
    1798-1850. Born in Edinburgh; educated at Heriot's Hospital; apprenticed to Andrew Wilson, and worked for Lizars. He was made an Associate of the Royal Academy; he died in Edinburgh 20 December 1850..
    DNB; Edin Dir; New Dir 1824; Pigot 1825; 1837; Johnst3
  • HOWISON, William Merchant and bookseller Skelfhill
    'Scelfhill' Roxburghshire 1757
    Sold copies of James Burgh's Britain's remembrancer. Edinburgh, 1757.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HUGHES, John printer Edinburgh
    35 Arthur Street 1824-25
    8 Roxburgh Terrace 1826-28
    16 Hart Street 1829-31
    of Ballantyne & Co and printing ink maker, agent for Griffiths & Co, London [6] Mansfield Place 1832-33
    agent for William Shackell (late Griffiths & Co) same address 1834
    agent for Shackell & How (late Griffiths & Co) same address 1835-36
    8 Annandale Street 1837-38
    of Ballantyne & Hughes same address 1839
    37 East Claremont Street 1840-47
    John Hughes 3 Thistle Street 1848-66
    Died 10 October 1866.
    Edin Dir; Gray 1833; James Grant. In Memoriam: extract from a sermon preached in St Mary's Church on Sabbath 14 October 1866 on occasion of the death of Mr John Hughes printer in Edinburgh. Edinburgh, 1866
  • HUGHES, Robert engraver, copperplate and lithographic printer Aberdeen
    76 Broad Street 1849-ca 1853
    15 Netherkirkgate ca 1853-64
    30 Broad Street 1865-67
    Mrs Robert Hughes same address 1868-73
    60 Broad Street 1874-80
    Died in 1868? Succeeded by widow.
  • HUIE, A. & J. stationers and ink manufacturers Glasgow
    48 Queen Street; manufactory 16 Commerce Street 1835
    'J. & A.' in trade index 1835.
    Glas Dir
  • HUIE, Alexander and Co stationers and account book manufacturers Edinburgh
    Alexander Huie and Co stationers and account book manufacturers 297 High Street 1828
    Edin Dir
  • HUIE, James typefounder Edinburgh
    22 Society 1846-47
    Mrs James Huie 27 St Patrick Square 1848-57
    Edin Dir
  • HUIE, James Leith bookseller Edinburgh
    14 Infirmary Street 1821-24
    The National Library of Scotland has A catalogue of Greek and Latin Classics for 1822. On sale at the prices affixed. Part first. Edinburgh, 1822. Published Quentin Durward: a drama, founded on the celebrated novel of the same name, by the author of "Waverley;" first performed at The Caledonian Theatre, Edinburgh, with the greatest applause, on Monday, 23d of June, 1823. Edinburgh, 1823.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825
  • HUME [HOME], David bookseller and circulating library Edinburgh
    Pope's Head below the New Exchange 1759-61
    Advertisement of Circulating Library. The Caledonian Mercury 3 January 1761.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HUME, James circulating library and bookseller Dundee
    West Port 1846
    Dundee 1846
  • HUME, Robert W. bookseller, stationer and lithographer etc. Leith
    57 Shore 1828-40
    52 Shore 1841
    and pickle and sauce establishment 52 and 57 Shore 1842
    [engraver] lithographer 21 Broad Wynd 1842-43
    chart seller, stationer, pickle and sauce vendor 52 Shore 1843-44
    W. Hume chart seller, stationer and lithographer 52 Shore 1845
    7 Commercial Place 1846-48
    'bookbinder and stamp distributer' 1829; Published The Halfpenny Lyre by lithography in 1841, a numbered series of illustrated sheets with songs and music.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837; Schenck
  • HUME, R.W. engraver and lithographer Leith
    [engraver] lithographer 21 Broad Wynd 1842-44
    House address of Robert W. Hume.
    Edin Dir
  • HUME, W. chart seller, stationer and lithographer Leith
    52 Shore 1845
    7 Commercial Place 1846-48
    Edin Dir
  • HUNT, Edward printing ink maker Edinburgh
    Jock's lodge 1824
    Edward Hunt & Co same address 1825-31
    57 Abbey Hill 1832
    57 Abbey Hill and Jock's Lodge 1833
    Edward Hunt 57 Abbey Hill 1835-41
    Not in Edin Dir 1834.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • HUNTER, Mrs bookseller and printer Edinburgh
    Printing Office Kintore's Close Luckenbooths 1799-1800
    Possibly the widow of James Hunter.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HUNTER, Mrs [John?] bookbinder Edinburgh
    John Hunter Cowgate Head 1805-06
    Mrs Hunter Opposite Magdalen's Chapel, head of the Cowgate 1807-11
    52 Cowgate 1812-15
    David Hunter same address 1820-33
    Mrs D. Hunter bookbinder and stationer same address 1834-37
    129 High Street 1838-45
    Edin Dir
  • HUNTER, Alexander Gibson Writer to the Signet and bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1804
    Burgess in right of father David Hunter Esq 4 December 1804.
  • HUNTER, Charles bookbinder and bookseller Edinburgh
    bookbinder Cowgate 1773
    bookseller Parliament House 1774-76
    Hammerman's Close, Cowgate 1777
    Morroco's Close 1778
    bookbinder Parliament House 1780-83
    Opposite the Cornmarket 1784
    Married Katharine Theodor daughter of deceast Robert Morison writer 22 May 1757. Burgess in right of wife, Katherine Theodor, daughter of Robert Morison merchant 8 September 1762. Apprentice: Lauchlan Heron, Burgess 26 February 1809.
    NLS Impr Ind; EdinMarr; EdinBurg; Edin Dir
  • HUNTER, Mrs David bookbinder and stationer Edinburgh
    David Hunter Brodie's Close 52 Cowgate 1820-33
    Mrs D. Hunter same address 1834-37
    129 High Street 1838-45
    Edin Dir
  • HUNTER, David bookbinder Edinburgh
    John Hunter Cowgate Head 1805-06
    Mrs Hunter Opposite Magdalen's Chapel, head of the Cowgate 1807-11
    52 Cowgate 1812-15
    David Hunter same address 1820-33
    Mrs D. Hunter bookbinder and stationer same address 1834-37
    129 High Street 1838-45
    Burgess and Guild Brother in right of father John Hunter bookbinder and stationer 1 June 1825.
    EdinBurg; Pigot 1825; Edin Dir
  • HUNTER, G. bookseller Forfar
    Forfar 1793
    Sold copies of A description of the County of Angus. Dundee. 1793.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HUNTER, George engraver and copperplate printer Edinburgh
    24 Nicolson Street 1833-34
    Edin Dir
  • HUNTER, Gilbert bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    John Fletcher 3 Dundas Street 1833-42
    Fletcher & Hunter same address 1843
    Gilbert Hunter same address 1844
    Alexander Padon bookseller same address 1845.
    Edin Dir
  • HUNTER, Gilbert bookseller and printer? Paisley
    Paisley 1770-71
    Subscribed to Ridgley. Thomas. Body of divinity. Glasgow. 1770. A cry from the dead. Or, the ghost of the famous Mr. James Guthrie appearing is said to have been printed in Paisley perhaps by Gilbert Hunter.
    NLS Impr Ind; Crawford
  • HUNTER, J. wholesale stationer Edinburgh
    7 Salisbury Street 1835
    Gray 1835
  • HUNTER, James apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1648
    Son to James Hunter, of Quodquen, apprenticed with John Hill bookbinder 12 January 1648.
  • HUNTER, James bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1787
    Burgess and Guild Brother 20 September 1787.
  • HUNTER, James journeyman bookseller Edinburgh
    At the printing house of Messrs McFarquhar and Elliot 1787
    Advertisement Edinburgh Evening Courant 7 July 1787. Probably the next.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HUNTER, James bookseller and printer Edinburgh
    bookseller Ossian's Head Parliament Square 1790
    Kintore's Close Luckenbooths 1792-97
    printer same address 1797
    Mrs Hunter same address 1799-1802
    Member of the Edinburgh Bookseller's Society 19 August 1790. Will registered 25 April 1799. Roup of Foulis copperplates belonging to ... Edinburgh Advertiser 7 January 1800.
    NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir; EdinTest; Sher. Edinburgh Booksellers
  • HUNTER, James papermaker Edinburgh
    Canongate? 1799
    Married Jean Wilson daughter of the late ----- Wilson farmer in the Shire of Edinburgh 8 November 1799.
  • HUNTER, Jane subscription library North Berwick
    Westgate 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HUNTER, Janet bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1736
    Mentioned in Copy decreet arbitral Blair & Nairn v Freebairn 20 January 1736.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HUNTER, John bookbinder and stationer Edinburgh
    Hastie's Close, Cowgate 1780-84
    Opposite Magdalen's Chapel, Cowgate 1790-1803
    John Hunter & Co merchants same address 1804
    John Hunter bookbinder Cowgate Head 1805-06
    Mrs Hunter, opposite Magdalen Chapel, Cowgate 1807-11
    52 Cowgate 1812-15
    John Hunter apprenticed to Archibald Richardson bookbinder Edinburgh 1767. Burgess in right of father John Hunter farmer [at Soutra Mains] 31 January 1782; Married Margaret daughter of William Dudgeon tailor in Haddington 6 May 1785. Guild Brother [bookbinder and stationer] 27 April 1797. 'and stationer' Edin Dir 1790-93. Father of David Hunter, bookbinder and stationer.
    Edin Dir; EdinMarr; EdinBurg; Maxted
  • HUNTER, John & Co music sellers Edinburgh
    5 North St Andrew Street 1821-22
    stationers and English and foreign circulating library 3 North St Andrew Street 1823-28
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825
  • HUNTER, John bookseller, stationer and stationer Glasgow
    76 West Nile Street 1844
    Glas Dir
  • HUNTER, John bookseller Helensburgh
    East Clyde Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HUNTER, Lachlan bookbinder and bookseller Edinburgh
    Parliament Closs 1740-68
    Son to Robert Hunter, apprenticed to Samuel Graham bookbinder 31 December 1729. 'bookbinder' Burgess as apprentice to Samuel Graham, bookbinder 27 June 1733; 'bookseller' Guild Brother 6 August 1740. Caledonian Mercury 9 January 1760; 14 September 1761; 14 March 1764. Daughter Miss Hamilton married William Bogle 8 April 1764. Buried Greyfriars 3 January 1770. Apprentice: John Wood bookbinder, Guild Brother 24 April 1754.
    NLS Impr Ind; EdinPren; EdinBurg; EdinMarr
  • HUNTER, Robert printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1772
    Married Margaret daughter to deceast Robert Richardson maltman in Perth 15 November 1772.
  • HUNTER, Samuel & Co printer and newspaper office Glasgow
    44 Bell Street 1809-20
    Herald Office 44 Bell Street 1820-25
    90 Bell Street 1828-1837
    Son of John Hunter, Minister of Stoneykirk, and Margaret McHarg, he was born 19 March 1769. Qualified as a surgeon at Glasgow University, and practiced in Ireland. Became a Captain in The North Lowland Fencibles, and settled in Glasgow. On 10 January 1803 he founded The Glasgow Herald; in 1819-20 raised the Sharpshooters of Glasgow of which he was the Colonel. He retired in 1837, and died at Rothesay 9 June 1839. The foreman of the printing office was Lindsay Anderson
    DNB; Glas Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837; Peter Mackenzie. Reminiscences of Glasgow. vol.1 p.217-260
  • HUNTER, William corrector Edinburgh
    In Provost Alexander Kincaid's printing house before 1792
    Isabel daughter of deceased William Hunter married Charles Graham clock and watchmaker 10 April 1792.
  • HUNTER, William bookseller, stationer and circulating library Edinburgh
    Parliament Square 1806-08
    Burgess in right of father John Hunter bookbinder and stationer 8 October 1806.
    Edin Dir; EdinBurg
  • HUNTER, William bookseller Edinburgh
    70 Nicolson Street 1819-21
    23 Hanover Street 1822-23
    bookseller, stationer, publisher and circulating library same address 1824-37
    late bookseller 14 Henderson Row 1838
    22 Dundas Street 1840-43
    The National Library of Scotland has A Catalogue of William Hunter's Circulating Library. Edinburgh, 1824.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825
  • HUNTER, William, junior stationer, bookseller and librarian Edinburgh
    75 Northumberland Street 1826-28
    3 Howe Street 1829
    1 Howe Street 1830-31
    4 Howe Street 1832
    Edin Dir
  • HUNTER, William bookseller Edinburgh
    29 Clarence Street 1839-42
    22 Dundas Street 1843-45
    Edin Dir
  • HURST, William bookseller Dundee
    76 Overgate 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HUSBAND, Robert printer Glasgow
    15 Prince's Street 1825
    49 Trongate 1828
    Pigot 1825; Glas Dir
  • HUTCHISON BROWN & CO. printer and stereotyper Glasgow
    32 Saltmarket Street 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • HUTCHISON and GUNN stereotype founders Edinburgh
    31 South Bridge and 49 Niddry Street 1831
    Edin Dir
  • HUTCHESON, Alexander bookbinder and bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1731-32
    Burgess and Guild Brother as second son to deceased James Hutchison cordiner 22 June 1731. Nathaniel Vincent's True touchstone. Glasgow, 1732 printed for him. Will registered 14 November 1780. Apprentice: James Luson apprenticed to Alexander Hutcheson joiner and bookbinder Glasgow 1764.
    GlasBurg; NLS Impr Ind; GlasTest; Maxted
  • HUTCHESON, Alexander printer Glasgow
    Robert Smith and Alexander Hutcheson in Company Saltmarket 1743-5
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HUTCHESON, Alexander bookbinder Glasgow
    Salt Market 1783
    Glas Dir
  • HUTCHISON, Alexander bookseller and printer Peterhead
    Merchant Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HUTCHINSON [HUTCHISON], Charles bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1772-1782
    Saltmarket 1783
    NLS Impr Ind; Glas Dir
  • HUTCHISON, Charles apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1736
    Apprentice to John Sandilands bookbinder Edinburgh. Absconded after the Porteous riots. 7 September 1736.
    Caledonian Mercury 25 January 1737
  • HUTCHESON, Charles bookseller and seller of patent medicines Greenock
    Greenock 1748-62
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HUTCHISON, David bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1791-92
    NLS Impr Ind
  • HUTCHISON, J. printer Edinburgh
    16 Clyde Street 1843
    Edin Dir
  • HUTCHISON, J. & J. printers and stereotype founders Glasgow
    46 Saltmarket and 12 Prince's Street 1835
    Glas Dir
  • HUTCHISON [HUTCHINSON], James bookbinder and printer Glasgow
    bookbinder 159 Saltmarket 1815
    43 Trongate 1818-20
    Gibson's Court Saltmarket Pigot 1820
    wholesale bookbinder 150 Trongate 1825
    27 King Street 1828
    and printer 12 Princes Street Court 1835-37
    46 Saltmarket Street 1840-44
    12 Prince's Street 1847-49
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837
  • HUTCHISON, James printer Glasgow
    Moodie's Court, 31 Argyll Street 1840
    Glas Dir
  • HUTCHISON, John plain and fancy stationer, printseller, dealer in jewellry and cutlery Aberdeen
    49 St Nicholas Street 1827
    65 Union Street 1828
    Aberdeen 1829
  • HUTCHISON, John printer Edinburgh
    Craig's Close 1821-23
    Craig's Close, High Street and Swinton Row, back of Elder Street 1824
    [4] Swinton Row, back of Elder Street 1825-50
    'printing-office late D. Willison's' 1821. Not in 1843-44! House number 1846
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825
  • HUTCHISON, John printer Edinburgh
    16 Clyde Street 1843-44
    House address of John Hutchison printer Swinton Row?
    Edin Dir
  • HUTCHISON, John copper plate printer Glasgow
    32 Turner's Court 1840
    Burgess and Guild Brother by purchase 26 February 1840.
  • HUTCHISON, R. engraver Edinburgh
    21 Bruntsfield Links 1849-50
    Edin Dir
  • HUTCHISON, Robert bookseller Edinburgh
    At his shop in the Head of the College Wynd 1696
    Mungo Craig's A satyr against atheistical deism was printed for him in Edinburgh in 1696.
    Aldis 1904
  • HUTCHESON [HUTCHISON, HUTCHINSON], Robert bookseller and printer Glasgow
    Saltmarket 1796-1800
    8 Saltmarket 1803
    Robert Hutcheson & Co 10 Saltmarket 1804-19
    McKenzie & Hutcheson 16 Saltmarket 1818-19
    Robert Hutchison same address 1820
    19 Saltmarket 1821-25
    R. Hutchinson & Co 17 Saltmarket 1828
    Hutchison & Brookman printers 49 Trongate 1828
    Robert Hutchison 11 Saltmarket 1837
    Partnership with George Brookman & others Villafield 1827-46
    Published a wide range of chapbooks on Scottish subjects, both in verse and in prose and also childrens chapbooks. In 1827 he went into partnership with George Brookman and others as printers at Villafield in Glasgow, and ceased to print chapbooks. The firm came to grief and the Villafield property was sold in 1846.
    Adam McNaughtan. 'A century of Saltmarket literature, 1790-1890' in Six centuries of the provincial book trade, edited by Peter Isaac. Winchester, 1990. Chapbook Printers; NLS Impr Ind; Glas Dir; Pigot 1825; 1837
  • HUTCHISON, Robert bookbinder Glasgow
    159 Salt-market 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • HUTCHESON, Robert surveyor and collector of town assessment Greenock
    47 Hamilton Street 1845
    Publisher of Hutcheson's Greenock Directory 1845.
    Greenock 1845
  • HUTCHISON, William printer and lithographer Edinburgh
    of Fullarton & Co Stead's Place 1848-49
    Edin Dir
  • HUTCHISON, William stationer Markinch
    Markinch 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HUTTON & BALBERNIE copper engravers Edinburgh
    105 High-street 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • HUTTON and BALMAIN music printers Edinburgh
    103 High Street 1819-20
    Hutton and Co 105 High Street 1821-22
    The Hutton is probably William Hutton engraver of 105 High Street 1819-20.
    Edin Dir
  • HUTTON, James bookbinder Aberdeen
    42 Huntly Street 1841
    4 Thistle Street 1842
    Aberdeen 1843-44
  • HUTTON, John printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1702
    Married Margaret Grier daughter of the late James Grier merchant, Burgess in St Andrews 10 August 1702.
  • HUTTON, John paper maker, paper warehouse and stationer Lasswade and Edinburgh
    Fleming & Hutton, Mavis Bank, Warehouse Post Office Stairs 1758-63
    John Hutton Mill on the Water of Esk 1763
    Shop Parliament Close 1773-91
    Polton Paper Mill 1779
    warehouse Parliament Square 1784-90
    Melvill Paper Mill, Lasswade 1764-94
    'His co-partnery with Robert Fleming junior, in the trade of paper making at a mill on the Water of Esk, expired on Whitsunday 1763. Details of the buildings, &c to be sold by public roup Feb.2 are given in the Caledonian Mercury 3 January 1763'. Member of the Edinburgh Bookseller's Society 20 August 1784. Edin Dir Supplement 1784; stationer and papermaker 1786; paper mill, Lasswade 1786; stationer alone 1790. Warehouse on Post Office Stair destroyed by fire 18 April 1790
    NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir; Thomson; Sher. Edinburgh Booksellers
  • HUTTON, John & Co printers Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1770
    Apprentice: Thomas Ruddiman Stuart apprenticed to John Hutton & Co printers Edinburgh 1770.
  • HUTTON, John printer Edinburgh
    6 Ingliston Street 1835-37
    Gray 1835; 1836; 1837
  • HUTTON, John merchant and papermaker Water of Esk
    Mill on the Water of Esk 1763
    'His co-partnery with Robert Fleming junior, in the trade of paper making at a mill on the Water of Esk, expired on Whitsunday 1763. Details of the buildings, &c to be sold by public roup Feb.2 are given in the Caledonian Mercury 3 January 1763
  • HUTTON, William engraver and stoneware house Edinburgh
    Opposite St John Street 1807-8
    [George] Walker and [William] Hutton engravers Foulis Close 1810
    William Hutton engraver 29 Thistle Street 1812
    105 High Street 1813-20
    In 1819 Bushnell says he was in partnership and trading as Hutton and Balmain.
    Edin Dir; Bush.2
  • HYDE & M'INNES bookseller printer & bookbinder Barrhead
    Barrhead 1852
    Slater 1852
  • HYNDSHAW [HENSHAW, HENSHAM, HYNSHAW,. HINDSHAW], John bookbinder and bookseller Stirling
    Stirling 1713-17
    Apprentices: William Anderson, son of John Anderson late Deacon Convenor, apprenticed to John Hindshaw bookbinder Glasgow [sic] 17 February 1715; Henry Christy, son of James Christy deceased, apprenticed to John Hyndshaw stationer Stirling 1721
    NLS Impr Ind; Maxted
  • HYNE, David printer Leith
    John Hyne printer and bookbinder 6 Old Bridge End 1832-47
    David Hyne same address 1848-49
    Edin Dir
  • HYNE, John printer and bookbinder Leith
    6 Old Bridge End 1832-47
    David Hyne same address 1848-49
    5 Old Bridge End 1841-44.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • HYNNEM, Robert bookbinder Dumfries
    Dumfries 1667
    He was allowed 'to exercise his trade of book binding 1 July 1667, 'and for his encouragements the counsill excuse him of all publick burdings'. Town Council Minutes.
    G.W.Shirley 'Mr Peter Rae V.D.M., printer' Records of the Glasgow Bibliographical Society i 225 n.4 (1914)

    IMLACH, James bookseller, bookbinder, stationer and circulating library Banff
    Banff 1770-1820
    James Imlach merchant married Isabella Reid. He died 22 March 1820, age 79
    NLS Impr Ind; James Imlach. History of Banff. Banff, 1868
  • IMLACH, James & George booksellers Banff
    Low-street 1820-25
    James Imlach same address 1837
    Sons of James Imlach and Isabella Reid. George Imlach died in Edinburgh in 1864; James Imlach was the author of the History of Banff.
    Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837; James Imlach. History of Banff. Banff, 1868
  • IMLAY, Alexander printer Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1800
    A Imlay No 3 George Street 1801
    [Alexander] Imlay and [Alexander] Keith Long Acre 1803-8
    Alexander Imlay 2 Union Street 1811
    Imlay for Keith 1813?-21
    A Imlay Long-acre 1820
    22 Long-acre 1824-37
    late printer 28 Longacre 1841
    late printer 9 Constitution Street 1862
    The National Library of Scotland has a chapbook Excellent new song, called The blae berries printed by Imlay at No 3 George Street. Aberdeen Directory gives 20 Long Acre in 1827. Gave up business in January 1838. 'Employed in the jobbing way for the last 37 years'.
    Beavan; Chapbook Printers; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837
  • IMRAY bookseller and bookbinder Inverness
    Young and Imray Inverness 1797-1800
    NLS Impr Ind
  • IMRAY, A and J. bookseller Glasgow
    A. & J.Imray High Street 1795-7
    James Imray same address 1797-1800
    NLS Impr Ind
  • IMRIE, David printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1758-64
    Married May daughter to deceast Adam Waddle in Humbie 4 June 1758. Married Margaret daughter to deceast Alexander Finlayson tenant in Salton 6 May 1764.
  • IMRIE, George bookseller and stationer Glasgow
    379 Gallowgate 1849
    Names too late for insertion in their proper places Glas Dir 1849.
    Glas Dir
  • IMRAY [IMRY], James bookseller Glasgow
    A. & J. Imray High Street 1795-7
    James Imray same address 1797-1800
    NLS Impr Ind
  • IMRAY, James wholesale stationer Glasgow
    12 Wilson Street 1825
    Forename from Glasgow Index of Pigot 1825.
    Pigot 1825
  • IMRAY, James stationer Glasgow
    Antigua Place South Side 1828
    Glas Dir
  • INCHES, R. printer Edinburgh
    Old Assembly Close 1850
    Edin Dir
  • INCHES, Robert printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1821-34
    Old Assembly Close 1835-42
    of Stark & Co Old Assembly Close 1843-48
    Robert Inches same address 1849-51
    Burgess and Guild Brother as apprentice to George Ramsay & Coy printers and John Stark printer 6 October 1841, apprenticed the same day to George Ramsay & Coy as from 5 June 1821. John Stark's office was in Old Assembly Close from 1833 to 1848. It seems likely that Robert Inches was an employee there, foreman perhaps and latterly the unnamed partner of Stark & Co?
    'of Stark & Co' house - 128 Nicolson Street 1843-48; late Stark & Co 1849-50
    EdinBurg; Edin Dir
  • INDEPENDENT newspaper office Edinburgh
    11 St David's Street 1824
    160 High Street 1825
    Edin Dir
    7 Brunswick Street 1844
    Glas Dir

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