Lawson, John - Locky

  • LAWSON, John parchment-maker Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1658
    Married Magdalen Buchan 7 October 1658.
  • LAWSON, John bookseller Glasgow
    98 Glassford Street 1828-1837
    'and stationer' Glas Dir 1835
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1837
  • LAWSON, Richard bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1603-22
    Had business relations with Finlason, Andro Hart and James Cathkin, and was apparently related by marriage to Cathkin. In 1620 he was banished to Aberdeen by the King, but the sentence was not executed. His wife Agnes Mayne died in August 1651; will registered 10 October 1651. His children were called James, Ewphame, Jonet, Agnes, Marioune and Margaret. He died in September 1622. Inventory printed in Bann.Misc. iii,199. Among the creditors are James Cathkin and John Bill, bookseller of London. Andro Hart printed an edition of The CL Psalmes of David in prose and meter for him and James Cathcart in 1607; The historie of Squyer William Meldrum was printed for him by Finlason in 1610, and he appears on the Edinburgh titlepage of Henri Estienne's A world of wonders. 1608, together with Hart. The last book being printed in London. [EBS i 12.4; Bann.Misc.ii,244,267 P.C.Reg.x,xii Calderwood vii,348,382,434,440-1,518.] Apprentice: Patrick Crichton 13 December 1603.
    Aldis 1904; EdinTest; EdinPren
  • LAWSON, Robert printer Edinburgh
    4 East Richmond Street 1808
    Edin Dir
  • LAWSON, Thomas bookseller Airdrie
    32 Bank Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • LAWSON, Thomas bookbinder and bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1628-45
    He died 11 May 1645. His will was registered 29 May 1645, his inventory states that 'His haill librarie and books withine his booth, being sold and roupeit, are estimat to the sowme of jm ixc and ffowrtie marks.'. The list of debtors includes James, son of Richard Lawson and John Threipland. His wife Agnes Gray died in July 1645; will registered 20 May 1646. Bann.Misc.ii,267. Apprentice: Patrick Nicoll, as bookbinder, 8 October 1628, Burgess 26 February 1639; James Wickedshaw 22 August 1632; Charles Brown 20 July 1636.
    EdinBurg; STC; Aldis 1904; EdinTest; EdinPren
  • LAYCOCK, Mrs. bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1756
    Adam Cock's A voyage to Lethe has the imprint 'Glasgow: printed for Mrs Laycock, at Mr Clevercocks, 1756'.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • LEADBETTER, Alexander bookseller, stationer and newspaper printer Kelso
    Kelso Weekly Journal, Wood-market 1820-25
    bookseller and printer same address 1837
    bookseller same address 1852
    No first name Pigot 1820 . 'Good; Pays well; Troublesome to procure an order' Oliver and Boyd Travellers Logbook NLS Acc.5000/78
    Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837; Slater 1852; Bell
  • LEARMOUTH [LEARMONTH], Alexander bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    38 Howe Street 1834-37
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • LEARMONT, James bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1730
    Burgess by right of father John Learmont, merchant 30 September 1730.
  • LEASK, Robert bookseller & bookbinder Banff
    2 Low Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • LECKIE, Miss bookseller Edinburgh
    7 Bristo Street 1824
    New Dir 1824.
    Edin Dir
  • LECKIE, David & Co bookbinders and stationers Edinburgh
    30 West Register-street 1820
    3 Forth Street 1828-33
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820; Gray 1833
  • LECKIE, James circulating library Kilpatrick
    Kilpatrick 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • LECKIE, James bookseller, stationer and circulating library Paisley
    10 St Mirren Street 1851-52
    Mrs James Leckie bookseller stationer and newsagent 104 High Street (Cross) 1868
    Paisley 1851; 1868; Slater 1852
  • LECKY [LOCKY], John bookseller Edinburgh
    38 High Street 1818-22
    Appears under both names in Edin Dir 1820.
    Edin Dir
  • LE CONTE, John engraver Edinburgh
    7 Nicolson Square 1845-46
    11 Causeyside 1847
    5 Canning Place 1848
    15 St James' Square 1849-59
    32 Frederick Street 1860
    5 Glanville Place 1861-87
    Mrs John Leconte same address 1889-95
    Son of Nicolas Le Conte, confectioner and Annie Cayd. Born in Edinburgh 1816. Pupil and assistant of Robert Scott. Married Catherine Morrison at Edinburgh 27 April 1849. Died 21 May 1887
    Edin Dir; Johnst3; Elizabeth S. Cumming. John le Conte 1816-87. Paintings & drawings. Edinburgh, 1979. An exhibition catalogue.
  • LEDINGHAM, John book deliverer and bookseller Aberdeen
    138 Skene Street 1835-43
    20 Skene Terrace 1844
  • LEE, Charles apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1739
    Son to Umphray Lee, officer in Excise, apprenticed to Samuell Graham bookbinder 14 March 1739.
  • LEE, James engraver Edinburgh
    of [Robert] Begbie & [James] Lee 57 North Bridge 1842-45
    1 South St David's Street 1846-47
    75 Princes Street 1848-55
    28 Buccleugh Place 1856
    James Lee heraldic and ornamental engraver 27 Hanover Street 1858-60
    25 Hanover Street 1861-62
    Edin Dir
  • LEECHMAN [LEISHMAN], G. bookseller Irvine
    Irvine 1748-52
    Took in proposals for books in 1748, 1749 and 1752.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • LEECHMAN [LEISHMAN], James bookbinder Edinburgh
    Gosford's Close 1774-86
    St Andrews Street 1788
    Byers's Close 1790
    Head of the West Bow 1792-94
    Luckenbooths 1795-97
    Fountain Close, Netherbow 1799-1802
    Foot Old Assembly Close 1803
    Leechman & Son no trade Below the foot of the Horse Wynd 1804
    Cowgate 1804-10
    Married Marion daughter of James Anderson farmer in Gilmerton in Liberton 16 November 1766. Married Katherine daughter of James Gray labourer in Canongate Kirk 6 August 1794.In 1804 Denovan gives the trade and Cowgate; Campbell gives a fuller address and omits the trade.
    EdinMarr; CanonMarr; Edin Dir

    LEES, Andrew bookseller Cupar in Fife
    Cupar 1837-52
    Bonny Gate 1852
    Information from Mr. W. T. Johnston; Slater 1852
  • LEES, William servant in the paper warehouse Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1793
    Married Kathrine Imrie residenters in Paterow 8 February 1793.
  • LEGG [LEGGE], John bookseller and publisher Aberdeen
    40 George Street 1840-45
  • LEGAT, Alexander merchant and bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1773- before 1800
    Burgess and Guild Brother as younger son to deceased Alexander Legat barber 16 September 1773. Margarate Morris relict married John Hunter gunpowder manufacturer in Canongate Church, Edinburgh, 21 January 1800.
    GlasBurg; CanonMarr
  • LEGGAT [LEGGET], Francis bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1759-68
    Married Janet daughter of the deceast John Simpson writer 1 July 1759. Burgess in right of father William Leggat surgeon 21 December 1768.
    EdinMarr; EdinBurg
  • LEGGET, Robert printer Edinburgh
    Buccleugh Street 1797
    Edin Dir
  • LEIGHTON, A.journeyman printer Edinburgh
    C. Stewart's printing-house 1808
    To the public. The Journeymen in Mr Stewart's Printing Office feel themself under the necessity of replying to the following paragraph, page 17, of Mr Roberton's last defence.
  • LEIGHTON, Alexander printer and bookseller Aberdeen
    Mrs Nelson's Close, east end of the New Inn, Castle Street 1786
    Aberdeen 1787
    Andrew Shirrefs and Alexander Leighton Aberdeen 1788
    In partnership with Andrew Shirrefs to publish The Caledonian Magazine 23 February 1787. Absconded eight months later after collecting the subscriptions.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • LEIGHTON, Archibald bookbinder Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1778
  • LEIGHTON, Charles printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1795
    Married Elizabeth daughter of the deceased James Morison mason 12 August 1795.
  • LIGHTON, John bookbinder Edinburgh
    Head of Horse Wynd 1794-97
    Married Janet daughter of Robert Steil weaver in Canongate Kirk 7 May 1793.
    CanonMarr; Edin Dir
  • LEIPER, James newspaper distributor Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1748
    Distributor of the Aberdeen Journal.
  • LEITCH & NEIL publisher Glasgow
    Wellington Court, 43 Argyll Street 1847
    So in street directory Glas Dir. N. Leitch in main sequence and in trade directory Glas Dir 1847.
    Glas Dir
  • LEITCH, Matthew printer and publisher Glasgow
    130 Gallowgate 1849-28 May 1851
    manager Glasgow Poet's Box 6 St Andrew's Lane Whitsun 1851-1858
    William Munsie Leitch same address 1859-65
    Minerva Printing Works 80 London Street 1866-88
    76 and 80 London Street 1889-90
    74-80 London Street 1891-1905
    76 and 80 London Street 1906-07
    80 London Street 1908-10
    76 London Street 1911
    Owner of the Glasgow Poet's Box, a very prolific publisher of verse broadsides. There is a description of the firm and its premises in Stratten's Glasgow and its environs. London, 1891 p.118, and an obituary of W.M. Leitch in The Glasgow Evening News 13 May 1910. After 1911 it ceases to be W.M. Leitch, though the firm continues trading as Minerva Printing Works.
    Adam McNaughtan. 'A century of Saltmarket literature, 1790-1890' in Six centuries of the provincial book trade, edited by Peter Isaac. Winchester, 1990. Chapbook Printers
    24 Kirkgate 1848-49
    13 Tolbooth Wynd 1850-66
    58 Tolbooth Wynd 1867-77
    Edin Dir
    51 Tolbooth Wynd 1850-55
    Edin Dir
    123 Constitution Street 1824-40
    129 Constitution Street 1841
    116 Constitution Street 1842-65
    63 Constitution Street 1866-70
    Edin Dir
    124 Constitution Street 1822-40
    130 Constitution Street 1841-65
    Thomas Menzies of the Leith Reading Rooms 1824-44; Mrs Menzies 1849
    Edin Dir
    46 Charlotte Street 1822-24
    Leith Select Subscription Library same address 1825-27
    Edin Dir
  • LEITH [Samuel] & SMITH [John] lithographic printers and draftsmen Edinburgh
    30 Hanover Street 1835-39
    Edin Dir; Schenck
  • LEITH, George & Co printers Aberdeen
    5 Long Acre 1838
  • LEITH, Samuel lithographic printer Banff and Edinburgh
    [believed to be Low Street] Banff 1830-34
    Samuel Leith & John Smith 30 Hanover Street, Edinburgh 1835-39
    Samuel Leith 9 South St Andrew Street 1840-55
    printseller 65 Princes Street 1846-47
    Received award from Highland Society of London for quality of lithographed work in 1835. The partnership with John Smith, formerly of J. & W. Smith broke up in 1840, the business being continued by Smith. Leith brought Friedrich Schenck, artist and lithographer and W. Wahler from Germany and set up a new business. A year before his death in 1857, he retired and started up a print-selling business in Princes Street. The National Library of Scotland has Catalogue of the interesting collection of pictures and engravings of the late Mr Samuel Leith which will be sold by auction by Mr T. Nisbet 13 February 1858.
    Schenck; Edin Dir
  • LEKPREVIK, Robert printer and bookbinder Edinburgh, Stirling and St Andrews
    Edinburgh 1561-62
    At the Netherbow 1563-71
    Stirling 1571
    St Andrews 1572-73
    Edinburgh, at the Netherbow 1573-82
    In December 1562, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland lent Robert Lekprevik printer, £200 Scots to help to buy irons, ink and paper, and to fee craftsmen for printing of the Psalmes. In 1565, he obtained a licence under the Privy Seal to print The Acts of the Parliaments of Queen Mary and her predecessors and The Psalmes of David in Scottis meter. Appointed King's Printer 14 January 1568. Three months later he received a special licence to print the 'Inglis Bibill' in the Geneva version for twenty years. However he did not produce a Bible. On 2 June 1570 Nicol Fylder became cautioner under the sum of 100 marks for Lekprevik that he 'sall nocht fra this furth prent bukis balettis without the licence of the provest baillies and counsale.' He printed for Henry Charteris 1570-71. In 1570, the Church granted him 'fiftie punds to be payit yearlie' In 1571, Maitland of Lethington, who had just changed sides from the Reformers to the Queen's Party, was afraid that George Buchanan's satire on him Chamaeleon was being printed by Lekprevik, sent Captain Melvin down from the Castle to the printer's house at 11 o'clock on 14 April, to sieze him and the manuscript. The printer, being warned, evaded capture. On the 6th of August he was printing in Stirling. In 1572-73 he was at St Andrews, but was back in Edinburgh before the end of the year. At the beginning of 1574, he printed a poetical tract without licence and was imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle. He probably remained there until June 1581. He printed two books in 1581 and one in 1582, from his old address, but with a depleted and worn stock of types. He was also a bookbinder (DE.205). Used Davidson's large block of the Scottish Royal Arms, and a woodcut which belonged to Scot.
    Dickson & Edmond 198-272; Aldis 1904: STC
  • LENDRAM [LENDRUM], Robert bookseller Edinburgh
    29 Frederick Street 1847
    Robert Lendram & Co booksellers & stationers 25 Hanover Street 1848-50
    20 Hanover Street 1851-61
    50 George Street 1862-63
    Edin Dir
  • LENDRAM [LENDRUM], Robert bookseller Edinburgh
    29 Frederick Street 1847
    Robert Lendram & Co booksellers & stationers 25 Hanover Street 1848-50
    20 Hanover Street 1851-61
    50 George Street 1862-63
    Edin Dir
  • LENNOX, John printer &c. Dumbarton and Greenock
    newsagent Dumbarton ca 1822
    John Lennox & Co booksellers and printers High Street 1825-37
    Greenock 1837
    29 Hamilton Street 1845
    Hamilton Street 1852
    Miss Lennox, bookseller and stationer Wellington Court, Cathcart Square Greenock 1853
    Said to be the son of Donald Lennox, grocer of Dumbarton. Married Anne Sinclair before 1825. In 1832, he started The Dumbarton Argus, it appeared at irregular intervals until November 1834. In 1837 he pblished two periodicals, The Truth Teller which lasted 3 issues; and The Story Teller, that lasted 8. In 1845 he started publishing a group of four montly magazines, starting with Young Greenock on 3 March 1845, the different titles were an attempt to exploit the wording of the stamp act so as to evade the duty. The other papers seem to have included The Second Precursor, Sam Slick, Quilp's Album and The Ventilator. In August the excise took notice of the paper and in December he was summoned before the Court of Exchequer, fined £100, and had to pay the expences of the case. In 1846 he published a periodical called Nothing. Editor of The Greenock Newsclout 1849-50, which was printed on calico. Died at Greenock 13 November 1853, aged 59.
    Pigot 1825; 1837; Greenock 1845; Slater 1852; Greenock 1853; William Stewart. John Lennox and the 'Greenock Newsclout' a fight against the taxes on knowledge. Glasgow, 1918. [reprinted with additions from The Scottish Historical Review]
  • LENNOX, Robert apprentice bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1661
    Son to John Lennox, sometime of Pluntoun, apprenticed with Thomas Broun bookseller 6 February 1661.
  • LESAGE, Adolphus printseller, and importer of French prints, framemaker, carver and gilder Edinburgh
    21 South Hanover Street 1833-42
    Christian name from Pigot 1837. Edin Dir gives 'Ado'. Printed Advertisement Edin Dir 1836, 1838 'From Paris'.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837

    LESLIE & Co lithographic printers Edinburgh
    13 North Bridge 1831
    Leslie's Lithographic Office 1 Stafford Street 1832
    Edin Dir
    1 Stafford Street 1832
    Edin Dir
  • LESLIE, Alexander bookseller, stationer and printseller Aberdeen
    Head of Union Street 1806-07
    Aberdeen 1808-14
    Shop lately occupied by Mr Steell Aberdeen Journal 10 September 1806
  • LESLIE, Alexander bookseller Edinburgh
    49 Nicolson Street 1796
    48 Nicolson's Street 1797-98
    Married Janet Young daughter of Patrick Gow weaver 29 December 1797. Self proclaimed 'Bookseller to the Rabble'. Portrait by John Kay not in published volume. Edinburgh May 28. accused of sedition, fugitate for not appearing. Glasgow Courier 29 May 1798. The papers relating to his trial are in the SRO (Justiciary Court Papers JC26/293).
    NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir; EdinMarr
  • LESLIE, Alexander bookseller Glasgow
    95 High-street 1818
    A. Leslie & Co same address 1819
    3 Blackfriars Street 1820
    'Alexander Leslie, 95 High-Street'
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1820
  • LESLIE, Andrew bookseller Edinburgh
    Printing House of Gray and Alston, Jackson's Close 1761
    John Foxe's History of the ten persecutions of the primitive church was printed for him in 1761.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • LESLIE, Andrew printer Edinburgh
    24 Heriot Place 1837
    14 Heriot Place 1838-39
    Edin Dir
  • LESLIE, E & Co booksellers Glasgow
    154 High Street 1840
    Glas Dir
  • LESSLIE, Edward bookseller and printers ink maker Dundee
    Dundee 1792-1814
    83 Murray-gate 1818-20
    'A leader of the advanced radicals...he narrowly escaped prosecution for sedition'; 'He ultimately went to the United States and died there about 1830'.
    NLS Impr Ind; Doughty; Millar; Dundee 1818; Pigot 1820
  • LESLY [LESLIE], George bookseller Edinburgh
    In the Parliament Yard 1678
    Edinburgh 1679-85
    James Kirkwood's Rhetoricae compendium. Edinburgh, 1678 was to be sold by G. Lesly and A. Hislop. Burgess and Guild Brother who was formerly Burgess and Guild Brother (Mr George Leslie servitor to John Earl of Rothes 26 March 1673) being the lait chancellor's servant at the tyme 'of new again' by act of Council of 23 inst. 28 June 1682. Married Alison Law 20 October 1685. Widow, Alison Law married Adam Blackadder merchant 27 August 1704. Apprentices: Alexander Hay 17 February 1675 cancelled, reentered 5 January 1676; Alexander Melville 22 January 1679; Andrew Wilson 5 July 1682.
    EdinBurg; Aldis 1904; EdinMarr; EdinPren
  • LESLIE, George stationer Edinburgh
    30 Frederick Street 1830
    of Cowan & Co papermakers 17 Princes Street [house] 20 James Square 1831-32
    house 21 West Register Street 1833-41
    22 West Register Street 1842-43
    15 Dublin Street 1844-46
    15 Norton Place 1847-48
    3 Duncan Street 1849-50
    13 St James Square 1851-54
    Edin Dir
  • LESLIE, Henry bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1674-76
    At the sign of the Blew Bible over against Blackfriars Wynde 1677
    James Kirkwood's Grammatica delineata editio tertia was printed in London by G. Gobid for him in 1677. Apprentice: John Hamilton 16 December 1674.
    Aldis 1904; EdinPren
  • LESLIE, James working stationer Edinburgh
    Advocates Close 1805-06
    Warriston's Close 1807-14
    Edin Dir
  • LESLIE, James bookseller New Pitsligo
    New Pitsligo 1852
    Slater 1852
  • LESLIE, John printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1770
    Married Anne daughter to deceast Alexander Robin weaver in Torreburn 10 June 1770.
  • LESLIE, John stationer Edinburgh
    6 Earl Grey Street 1840-41
    18 Earl Grey Street 1842-44
    bookseller same address 1845
    and stationer 37 Earl Grey Street 1846-51
    Edin Dir
  • LETHEM, Archibald printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1792
    Married Mary daughter of James Ainslie printer 11 May 1792.

    LEVENSON, James stationer Glasgow
    90 Trongate 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • LEWIS, George bookseller Selkirk
    East Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • LEWIS, William paper maker Dalbeattie
    Mount Pleasant 1825
    Dalbeattie 1832-60
    Mill No 45 Dalbeattie, Mount Pleasant in 1825 Mill No 46 1832-37; Mill No 45 1852-60.
    Pigot 1837; Slater 1852; Thomson
  • LIARDI, Signor bookseller and professor of Italian and French literature Edinburgh
    44 Victoria Terrace 1849
    Edin Dir
  • LIDDELL Brothers engravers and lithographers Edinburgh and Leith
    Peter M. Liddell 2 West Nicolson Street 1845
    1 West Nicholson Street 1845
    Liddell Brothers [Peter and Robert?] 13 North Bridge 1846
    18 North Bridge and 62 Charlotte Street, Leith 1847-49
    62 Charlotte Street, Leith 1850-59
    46 Nicolson Street and 69 Shore Leith 1860
    Liddell & Co 69 Shore Leith 1861-62
    Foot of Drummond Street 1865-67
    Robert Liddell was listed as an optician and manufacturer of spirit levels at 46 Nicholson Street 1850-59.
    Edin Dir; Schenck
  • LIDDLE, Hugh, McLAURIN, John and BALLOCH, George paper makers Airdrie
    Moffat Mill 1822
  • LIDDELL, James apprentice stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1676
    Second son of William Liddell, portioner of West Barnes, apprenticed to Robert Browne stationer 6 December 1676.
  • LIDDLE, James paper maker Dunipace
    James Liddell Herbertshire Paper Mill 1788-90
    Daniel Macdonald same address 1790
    Edward and Richard Collins same address 1791-94
    Francis Strachan and Gilbert Laing same address 1795-96
    Adam Grieve same address 1797-1800
    Charles Laing same address 1801-24
    Robert Weir same address 1824-33
    Andrew Duncan same address 1834-20th Century
    William Morehead owner of the Herbertshire estate built a papermill in 1789, Excise 39, and leased it to a succession of tenants. In 1824 the mill was bought by Robert Weir a Glasgow stationer. He leased it to Andrew Duncan in 1834, who eventually bought it in 1860. He died in 1863 aged 53. The mill continued in his name until it was bought in 1906 by Carrongrove, who closed it down in 1908.
    Ewen Jardine. 'The history of paper mills in Central Scotland'. IPH Yearbook vol.7 1988 81-93
  • LIDDELL, James and Robert paper makers St Ninians
    Sauchie Mill 1787
    Robert Liddell same address 1792
    James and Robert Liddell converted a lint mill at Milnholm of Sauchie near St Ninians. They insured it for £300 in 1787. In Glas Dir1792 Robert Liddell is entitled merchant and papermaker with a house and shop in Glasgow.
    Thomson; Glas Dir; Ewen Jardine. 'The history of paper mills in Central Scotland'. IPH Yearbook vol.7 1988 81-93
  • LIDDEL, John bookseller Falkirk
    Falkirk 1728-36
    Mentioned in the Copy decreet-arbital between Blair and Nairn and Robert Freebairn 20 January 1736.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • LIDDELL [LIDDLE], John bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1779-82
    John Liddle apprenticed to James Brown bookbinder Glasgow 1770. Burgess and Guild Brother as serving apprentice with James Brown bookseller 22 July 1779. Strahan and Cadell charged him with pirating three books in 1782. 19 bundles of books were seized in March 1782 by the Excise and four titles printed in Ireland were detained. He 'bears a very fair character in this City, keeps a Circulating Library, and at certain periods goes through the country auctioneering'.
    Maxted; GlasBurg; McDougall. Smugglers
  • LIDDELL, Peter M'Phun. engraver and lithographer Edinburgh and Leith
    1 West Nicholson Street 1844-45
    Liddell Brothers [Peter and Robert?] 13 North Bridge 1846
    18 North Bridge and 62 Charlotte Street, Leith 1847-49
    62 Charlotte Street, Leith 1850-59
    69 Shore Leith and 46 Nicholson Street 1860-62
    Foot of Drummond Street 1865-66
    Edin Dir; Schenck
  • LIDDELL, Robert engraver and lithographer Edinburgh
    46 Nicolson Street 1850-58
    P. & R. Liddell same address 1859-60
    Edin Dir
  • LIDDELL, William bookseller and printer Cupar in Angus
    The Cross 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • LIDDELL, W. printer Dunfermline
    26 High Street 1835
    Dunfermline 1835
  • LIDDELL, W. printer Kincardine
    26 High Street 1835
    Printed a chapbook Seven love songs; Och hey Johnnie lad, Thou bonnie wood o' Craigie Lea, Ane & Twenty Tam, Logan Water, The Land o' the leal. &c., undated perhaps about 1820. He does not appear in Pigot 1820, 1825, or 1837, nor in Slater's 1852, 1860 or 1867. Alaistair R. Thompson in his list of Scottish chapbook printers in The Bibliotheck vi 76-83 (1972) mentions a W. Liddell under Dunfermline without date, and The Directory for the Town of Dunfermline. Dunfermline: John Miller, 1835, has a W. Liddell, bookseller & printer at 26 High Street.
    Chapbook Printers
  • LIGHTBODIE, Alexander printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1671
    Married Jean Willson 14 December 1671.
  • LIGHTBODY, Alexander journeyman printer Edinburgh
    of The Heirs of Andrew Anderson 1678
    Petitioned the Privy Council to claim exemption from watching and warding as an employee of the King's Printer.
    Register of the Privy Council of Scotland Ser. 3 v. 441.
  • LIGHTBODIE, Alexander bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh before 1698
    George Ormiston lockman married Marion Lightbodie daughter of the deceased Alexander Lightbodie bookbinder indweller 18 September 1698 m. 28 October 1698.
  • LIGHTBODY, James journeyman printer Edinburgh
    of The Heirs of Andrew Anderson 1678
    Petitioned the Privy Council to claim exemption from watching and warding as an employee of the King's Printer.
    Register of the Privy Council of Scotland Ser. 3 v. 441.
  • LIGHTBODY, James printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1668-95
    Children buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 25 May 1668 and 20 October 1674. James Lightbody and James Lightbody elder Printers appears in a humorous list in The Burgess Ticket of Buckhaven by Mother Greg. Edinburgh, 1689, so there were probably two men of the name. James Lightbody elder also appears in the 1695 edition.
  • LIGHTBODIE, Thomas printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1692
    Married Marie Leslie 19 February 1692.
  • LIGHTON, John bookbinder Edinburgh
    Head of Horse Wynd 1794-97
    Married Janet daughter of Robert Steil weaver in Canongate Kirk 7 May 1793.
    CanonMarr; Edin Dir
  • LILLIE [LYLLIE], John bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1638-56
    Son to Andrew Lyllie, fruit seller indweller in Edinburgh, apprenticed to James Harrower bookbinder 11 July 1638. Married Grissell Dasoun 7 September 1655. Burgess and Guild Brother 'ane of the laite electit preicentors' by right of wife Grissell daughter to umquhile John Dawsone tailyeor 4 June 1656. Apprentice: William Gib stationer 11 June 1656, Burgess 18 January 1665.
    EdinPren; EdinMarr; EdinBurg
  • LILLIE, Joseph engraver Edinburgh
    3 Norton Place 1833
    Gray 1833
  • LILIENGREEN, Charles printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1700
    Married Isobel Ambrose daughter of the deceased John Ambrose late schoolmaster in Dunkeld 20 September 1700.
  • LIND, John engraver and copperplate printer Aberdeen
    5 Netherkirkgate 1826
    18 Netherkirkgate 1829
  • LINDSAY, Adam printer Edinburgh
    Miln's Court West Side 1804
    Married Margaret daughter of deceased Thomas Adie shoemaker 13 May 1784. Burgess in right of father William Lindsay porter 14 March 1793.
    EdinMarr; EdinBurg; Edin Dir
  • LINDSAY, Alexander pamphlet seller Aberdeen
    Auchmill 1845
  • LINDSAY, Alexander apprentice bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1743
    Eldest son to Mr George Lindsay, Minister at North Leith, apprenticed to Alexander Kincaid bookseller 12 October 1743.
  • LINDSAY, Alexander bookseller Edinburgh
    6 Victoria Street 1848-51
    Edin Dir

    LINDSAY, David printer Edinburgh
    In the Grassmarket at the foot of Heriot's Bridge 1681-83
    Lindsay, Kniblo, Solingen and Colmar same address 1683
    David Lindsay and his partners same address 1684
    Appointed one of the King's Printers 23 November 1682. Watson (p.14) relates the history of this press, 'Sir Thomas Murray of Glendoick, having carefully digested the Acts of Parliament... imploy'd John Cairns Bookseller in Edinburgh... and he brought Dutch workmen and materials from Holland for that purpose. The Dutch-men's names were Joshua van Solingen and Ian Colmar. Mr Cairns dying in a short time after they came here, the Dutch-men kept the house a-going, and printed the folio Acts of Parliament... This printing-house, becoming at last the Dutch-men's in property; and Mrs Anderson endeavouring to stop their working by her gift; David Lindsay, merchant in Edinburgh, obtain'd a gift from King Charles II... and for his protecting them by his gift, they give him a share of their printing house: he and they printed several books very neatly, under all their Names... And at last the Dutch-men purchas'd Mr Lindsay's gift, and bought back his share of the printing-house. These Dutch-men falling into very considerable debts by the purchasing of this printing-house, and the ill payment of most of their employers; James Watson... paid money for them... and they made over the printing-house to him' and seem to have entered his employ (EBS vi,85). The printing privilege prefixed to the Acts renews to David Lindsay as undertaker and John Cairns as printer, the privilege granted to Sir Thomas Murray in 1679; it was confirmed by the Privy Council, 31 March 1681.
    Aldis 1904
  • LINDSAY, David printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1790
    Daughter Jean married John Waddell glover 20 October 1790.
  • LINDSAY, David paper maker Rothes, Markinch
    Rothies 1817-29
    Mill No 13; Two vat Mill. Thomas Whyte the owner became bankrupt in 1816 or 1817, and his colleague David Lindsay took over. He installed a Fourdrinier machine in 1826, but went bankrupt in 1829.
    Pigot 1825; Thomson
  • LINDSAY, Henry papermaker Almondbank near Perth
    Woodend about 1809
    Established a paper mill with his brother in law James Morison of Robert Morison, publisher of Perth. James Morison died 1809.
    John Minto. 'A Notable publishing house: the Morisons of Perth' The Library. New Series i 254-263 (1900); George Waterston '
  • LINDSAY, James newspaper printer and printer Dundee
    Dundee Chronicle New Inn Entry 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • LINDESAY [LYNDESAY], James printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1619-42
    at his dwelling house on the South side of the Cow-gate
    a little above the Colledge Winde 1643-45
    Son to Mr James Lindsay, sometime Commissary of Lanark, apprenticed to Andrew Hairt printer 21 April 1619. Married Margaret Goodlade 8 December 1626. Printer to Edinburgh University. Will registered 13 December 1649. Probably died about 1646, as in that year the Heirs of R. Bryson printed the University Theses. Lithgow succeeded him as Printer to the University on 5 July 1648. (Bann.Misc.ii,274; Chalmers 100).
    EdinPren; EdinMarr; Aldis 1904; EdinTest
  • LINDSAY, James bookseller Edinburgh
    64 Candlemaker Row 1837-49
    32 Candlemaker Row 1850-63
    Gray 1837; Edin Dir
  • LINDSAY, James printer and wholesale stationer Glasgow
    junior 5 Washington Street and 50 Carrick Street, Anderston 1847
    Main Street Anderston and 9 King Street 1851
    9 King Street 1852-59
    printing-office 28 Nelson Street and 56 Trongate 1856-57
    printing office 28 Nelson Street 1858-59
    11 King Street 1860-90
    9 and 11 King Street 1891-94
    1 Parnie Street 1895
    2 Osborne Street 1896-97
    13 King Street 1898-1905
    85 High Street 1906-07
    James Lindsay & Co same address 1908-09
    Paper and Rag Merchant, Rope and Twine Manufacturer Glas Dir 1847. Printed The history of Will & Jean, a late verse chapbook, from 11 King Street, and a great number of slip ballads from 9 King Street, with advertisements offering 'Upwards of 5,000 sorts always on and also a great variety of picture-books, song books, histories &c.' A 'Wholesale catalogue of slip songs, histories & song-books, large sheet songs, hymns, dialogues, and miscellaneous articles printed and sold by James Lindsay, 9 King Street, (off Trongate) Glasgow' survives. It can be dated to 1856, and, in addition to slip songs and large sheet songs, shows them to have been the publishers of two of the series of chapbooks with the imprints 'Glasgow: printed for the booksellers' series at that time. These consisted of two series of stereotyped chapbooks, one of 152 'Histories', 24 page prose chapbooks, mostly of traditional chapbook stories, the second a 'New Series' of 62 titles, more modern in scope, with some children's titles and popular instruction books. They do not appear to have been publishing the third series of eight-page songbooks, at any rate at that date.
    Adam McNaughtan. 'A century of Saltmarket literature, 1790-1890' in Six centuries of the provincial book trade, edited by Peter Isaac. Winchester, 1990. Chapbook Printers; Glas Dir 1847
  • LINDSAY, John apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1644
    Son to Rodger Lindsay, indweller in Edinburgh, apprenticed to John Forrester bookbinder 4 December 1644.
  • LINDSAY, John & Co booksellers, stationers and music-sellers Edinburgh
    6 South St Andrews Street 1824-27
    10 St Andrew Street 1828-34
    7 South St Andrew Street 1834-45
    5 North St James Street 1846-52
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825; 1837; Gray 1834
  • LINDSAY, John & Co paper makers Methven
    Woodend Mill 1825-32
    Mill No 12.
    Pigot 1825; Thomson
  • LINDSAY, John & Co paper makers Perth
    Mill Wynd 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • LINDSAY, R. journeyman compositor Edinburgh
    Mercury Printing Office 1839
    North British Advertiser 1840-45
    Preses of the Edinburgh Compositors Society 1839-45
    Edin Dir
  • LINDSAY, Robert bookseller and bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1655-62
    Son to Mr Thomas Lindsay, Minister at Walstoune, apprenticed with Robert Browne bookseller 12 September 1655. Married, as bookbinder, to Agnes Graham 27 February 1662.
    EdinPren; EdinMarr
  • LINDSAY, Robert printer Edinburgh
    9 Buccleuch Street 1849
    1 Buccleugh Street 1850-54
    138 Nicolson Street 1855
    Edin Dir
  • LINDSAY, Solomon paste board manufacturers Cathcart
    Cathcart Mills 1852
    Slater 1852
  • LINDSAY, W. & Co. booksellers and stationers Edinburgh
    3 Dundas Street 1826-28
    Edin Dir
  • LINDSAY, William newspaper office Edinburgh
    of the Mercury Office 2 Salisbury Place 1829
    265 High Street 1830-31
    [home] West Norton Place 1831-35
    2 Salisbury Square 1836-53
    3 West Preston Street 1854-61
    9 Gardner's Crescent 1862-66
    Edin Dir
  • LISOURIS, John apprentice printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1608
    Son of James Lisouris, in the Water of Leith, apprenticed to Andrew Hairt printer 11 May 1608.
  • LISTON, Edward music seller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1801
    Burgess as apprentice to James Tate wright 21 October 1801.
  • LITHGOW [LITHQUOW], Gideon printer and bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1628-62
    Son to James Lithgow merchant Burgess of Lanark apprenticed to John Wreitton apothecary 24 December 1628. Married Isobel Hering 22 October 1646. Burgess as apprentice to umquhile Johne Wreattone printer 30 September 1646. In 1645, he was named cautioner in the confirmation of the will of R. Bryson. He was appointed printer to Edinburgh University in 5 July 1648 in succession to J. Lindesay. His wife Isobel Harring was probably the widow of R. Bryson. He was buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 28 December 1662, will registered 24 December 1663. The list of debtors in his inventory (Bann.Misc.ii, 279) includes several booksellers. Some of his ornaments were formerly in the possession of Hart and R. Bryson, and were afterwards used by A. Anderson. His widow Elizabeth Herin was buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 25 January 1674. Apprentices: Adam Bell 23 December 1646; James Bell 23 January 1650; William Bisbie or Brisbie 5 July 1654; James Lithgow, as bookbinder, 2 December 1657, Burgess 30 August 1665; John Tannoch, as bookbinder, 19 December 1660.
    EdinPren; EdinMarr; EdinBurg; Aldis 1904; GreyBuri; EdinTest
  • LITHGOW, James bookbinder and printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1657-68
    Son to the late James Lithgow, Mason, Burgess of Musselburgh, Apprenticed to Gideon Lithgow bookbinder 2 December 1657. Married, as printer, Alison Stanfield 18 December 1663. Burgess as apprentice to umquhile Gideon Lithgow printer 30 August 1665. A child buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 3 May 1668.
    EdinPren; EdinMarr; EdinBurg; GreyBuri
  • LITHGOW, James paper maker Colinton
    Upper Spylaw Colinton 1682
    In 1682 Alexander Daes complained that James Lithgow had clandestinely obtained a licence for a playing card factory and enticed away a workman and abstracted hair cloths (couching felts)
    Waterston 2
  • LITHGOW, James paper maker Colinton and Edinburgh
    Boog's Mill and Downmost turn of the West Bow 1754
    Advertisement. 'Mr Lithgow deceast... Boog's Mill, two miles from Edinburgh and shop for sale' Edinburgh Evening Courant 9 May 1754. Bogsmill, Colinton, was started in 1717 by Nicol Lithgow who leased an existing corn mill, Vernour's or Bogsmiln and converted it to papermaking.
    NLS Impr Ind; Thomson
  • LITHGOW, Nicol paper maker Colinton
    Vernour's or Bogsmiln 1717
    Bogsmill, Colinton, was started in 1717 by Nicol Lithgow who leased an existing corn mill, Vernour's or Bogsmiln and converted it to papermaking. He made the paper for Bank of Scotland notes there in 1735. Gavin Hamilton acquired the lease in 1756
    Waterston 1; 2; Thomson
  • LITHGOW, Robert merchant and printseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1733
    Will registered 19 March 1733.
  • LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING OFFICE lithographers Aberdeen
    10 Queen Street 1829-34
    44 Upperkirkgate 1835-36
    James Watson of Aberdeen was connected with this firm and may well have been the proprietor from 1829.
    Beavan; Schenck
  • LITTLE, Ninian printer Edinburgh
    Esq 5 Meadow Place 1822-23
    printer same address 1824
    Esq same address 1825-30
    Esq 29 Scotland Street 1831-32
    Mrs Ninian Little 3 Scotland Street 1833-35
    21 Nelson Street 1836-37
    27 Nelson Street 1838-39
    New Dir 1824.
    Edin Dir
  • LIVINGSTONE, George paper maker Edinburgh and Yester
    Yester Mill, East Lothian 1703-
    Braid Mill near Edinburgh 1703-
    The Scots White Writing Paper Company made a tack of the two paper-mills 17 September 1703 to George Kerr, merchant and George Livingstoune wright both of Edinburgh on condition that they retained the existing apprentices and workmen. Both mills were still working as papermills in 1714, and Yester was offered for let in working order in 1774. Waterston illustrates photographs of a mark YESTER in an ornamental cartouche in a deed of 20 June 1705.
    Waterston 1; Thomson
  • LIVINGSTON, James printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1778
    Married Euphan daughter of Richard Mitchell carter 18 March 1778.
  • LIVINGSTON, John printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1764-67
    Married Anne daughter of deceast James Gordon 18 November 1764. Burgess and Guild Brother in right of father Alexander Livingston baxter 2 December 1767.
    EdinMarr; EdinBurg
  • LIVINGSTON, William bookseller Dundee
    75 High Street 1837
    63 Murraygate, House 61 Murraygate 1846
    Pigot 1837; Dundee 1846
  • LIZARS, C.S. printer Edinburgh
    11 Society 1822
    Edin Dir
  • LIZARS, Daniel engraver Edinburgh
    Bishop's Land Close 1776-77
    Head of Bell's Wynd 1778
    Back of the Guard 1780
    Opposite the Cross 1782-84
    Back Stairs, Parliament Close 1786-1810
    Parliament Stairs 1811-12
    W. & D. Lizars same address 1813-16
    3 James Square 1817-19
    W. H. Lizars same address 1820-59
    Son of John Lizars, shoemaker in Portsburgh, born 6 November 1754, apprenticed to Andrew Bell engraver for 9 years 12 September 1782. Married Margaret daughter of deceased Robert Home tailor 22 July 1785. Died 6 December 1812 Scots Magazine. 'David' 1776; Apprentices: William Train, engraver, Burdiehouse, apprenticed 1 December 1784; George Bartholomew apprenticed 1797; Burgess and Guild Brother 17 August 1826; Thomas Clark, engraver, Burgess 3 October 1808; Robert Mackie, engraver, apprenticed 1 September 1812, Burgess 2 September 1839.
    Edin Dir; EdinPren; EdinBurg; EdinMarr; Bush.2; Johnst3
  • LIZARS, Daniel engraver bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    W[illiam Home] & D[aniel] Lizars Back Stairs Parliament Close 1811-16
    3 James Square 1818-20
    Daniel Lizars bookseller and stationer 61 Princes Street 1823-24
    bookseller and publisher same address 1825
    bookseller, mapseller and stationer 5 South St David's Street 1826-30
    of North Briton 5 South St Davids Street 1831-32
    Son of Daniel Lizars (1754-1812) and Margaret Home. Born 24 May 1793. 'Invented a method of engraving upon copper to imitate a woodcut, the first specimen of which appeared in the frontispiece to Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk June 1819.' Timperley 871; engraved advertisement Edin Dir 1824. bankrupt Johnstone's Monthly Register August 1832. The papers of his sequestration in 1832 are in the SRO (Court of Session Productions CS96/4599). Emigrated to Canada in 1833.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825; Timperley 871; bankrupt Johnstone's Monthly Register August 1832; Bush.2
  • LIZARS, Robert bookseller Leith
    1 Water Lane 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • LIZARS, W[illiam Home] & D[aniel] engravers Edinburgh
    Daniel Lizars Back Stairs Parliament Close 1786-1812
    W. & D. Lizars same address 1812-16
    3 James Square 1817-20
    William Home Lizars same address 1820-59
    Sons of Daniel Lizars (1754-1812).
    Edin Dir; EdinBurg; Pigot 1820
  • LIZARS, William Home engraver and copperplate printer Edinburgh
    Daniel Lizars Back Stairs Parliament Close 1786-1810
    William Home Lizars 17 Duke Street [house address?] 1811
    W. & D. Lizars same address 1813-16
    3 James Square 1817-20
    William Home Lizars engraver, lithographic and copperplate printer 3 St James Square 1820-59
    Son of Daniel Lizars, engraver (1754-1812) and Margaret Home. Born 4 May 1788. Educated at the Royal High School, Edinburgh and the Trustees Academy. Married Henrietta Wilson in 1820. Burgess in right of father Daniel Lizars engraver 15 April 1828. Engraved advertisement Edin Dir 1824 (trade card only). Following the death of Daniel Lizars, the elder, in 1812, the business was carried on by his sons William Home and Daniel until 1820. Daniel went bankrupt in 1832 and emigrated to Canada in the following year. W. H. Lizars died 30 March 1859 and the business was acquired by W. & A.K. Johnston, the premises were taken over by Mould & Tod in 1860. The National Library of Scotland has Specimens of Engraving, Lithography & Typography - W, H. Lizars, 3 St. James Square. Edinburgh, 1849.'Account of a new style of engraving on copper in alto relievo.' Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, 1820, III. The National Library of Scotland has Specimens of Engraving, Lithography & Typography - W, H. Lizars, 3 St. James Square. Edinburgh, 1849.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837; EdinBurg; Schenck; DNB; Johnst3; David Dickson Deceased friends. ECL: YDA 1820 D55 (L 5557). 'A kindly man.' Elizabeth Strong. W H Lizars (1788-1859). [Edinburgh, 1989] An exhibition catalogue.
  • LLOYD, Bartholomew F. & Co booksellers Edinburgh
    Caldwell [T.P.], Lloyd & Co wholesale booksellers and stationers 44 Hanover Street 1841-43
    Bartholomew F. Lloyd & Co booksellers 21 Comely Bank 1844
    wholesale stationers 44 North Hanover Street 1845-48
    The Comely Bank address is Lloyd's home address.
    Edin Dir
  • LOCHEAD bookseller Glasgow
    180 Saltmarket 1815
    Glas Dir
  • LOCHEAD, M. bookseller Glasgow
    Nelson Street 1828
    Glas Dir
  • LOCHEAD, Robert stationer Glasgow
    19 Bridge Street, Tradeston 1828
    and librarian and Post-Office receiving house 154 Argyll Street 1835-40
    stationer and account-book manufacturer same address 1847
    Pigot 1837 adds circulating library.
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1837
  • LOCHHEAD, Thomas book publisher Glasgow
    188 Saltmarket 1816
    421 Gallowgate 1817
    Laigh Kirk Close 1818-19
    bookseller 2 Park Place, Stockwell 1820-25
    5 Park Place, Stockwell 1828-37
    and publisher same address 1840-47
    Burgess and Guild Brother by purchase 3 January 1816. Pigot 1820 says Agent to Berwick Co. in the section Periodical Publishers. He appears in the imprints of a number of part publications of William Lochhead of Berwick-upon-Tweed and would seem to have been his Glasgow agent from 1817-22. One of these, datable by other means between 1821 and 1825, has the address Trongate.
    GlasBurg; Glas Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837
  • LOCKHART, J. music seller Edinburgh
    Parliament Square 1805-06
    Edin Dir
  • LOCKHART, James bookseller and stationer Auchterarder
    Auchterarder 1837-52
    Pigot 1837; Slater 1852
  • LOCKHART, James M. bookseller and stationer Glasgow
    61 London Street 1844
    Glas Dir
  • LOCKHART, Robert apprentice bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1656
    Son to late Hew Lockhart, of Bankhead, apprenticed with George Swinton bookseller 5 March 1656.
  • LOCKHART, William stationer and bookseller Edinburgh
    Parliament Square Denovan's 1804
    Edin Dir
  • LOCKY [LECKY], John bookseller Edinburgh
    38 High Street 1818-22
    Appears under both names in Edin Dir 1820.
    Edin Dir

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