Logan, Alexander - Macclure

  • LOGAN, Alexander papermaker Balerno
    Balerno 1840-45
    Edin Dir
  • LOGAN, David circulating library Ayr
    149 High Street 1837-52
    Pigot 1837; Slater 1852
  • LOGAN, J. journeyman compositor Edinburgh
    Old Bank Close 1832
    Preses of the Edinburgh Compositors Society 1832
    Edin Dir
  • LOGAN, James bookseller Paisley
    Paisley 1808
    69 High-street 1820
    24 Moss Street 1825
    Cathcart Paper Mill Warehouse 24 Moss Street 1831
    Crawford; Pigot 1820; 1825; Fowler 1831
  • LOGAN, John printer Edinburgh
    86 Pleasance 1830-64
    'Overseer Walker's Office' Gray's Dir 1832.
    Edin Dir
  • LOGAN, John stationer Glasgow
    stationery warehouse 16 Bell Street 1835-37
    10 and 12 Bell Street 1840-47
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1837
  • LOGAN, Robert bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1765-72
    Foot of the West Bow 1773-78
    Married Jean daughter to George Simpson labouring man at Greenend in Liberton 20 January 1765.
    EdinMarr; Edin Dir
  • LOLLIMER, Andrew bookseller Glasgow
    See LOTTIMER, Andrew
    121 Nethergate 1846
    Dundee 1846
  • LONG, James apprentice bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1713
    James Long, son of Robert Long merchant of Glasgow, apprenticed to James Brown bookbinder Glasgow 1713
  • LONGMOOR, James printer Edinburgh
    Weekly Chronicle Office 210 High Street - House 16 Parliament Square 1820-23
    house 29 North Richmond Street 1824-26
    40 North Richmond Street 1827-30
    Edin Dir
  • LONGMOOR, John printer Edinburgh
    Gosford's Close New Dir 1824
    University Printing Office 24 Old Fishmarket Close 1827-32
    Edin Dir
  • LORRIMER, George bookseller Perth
    187 South Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • LORIMER, John engraver and copperplate printer Annan
    High Street 1837
    Lady Street 1852
    Pigot 1837; Slater 1852
  • LORRIMER, Robert print shop Johnstone
    62 High Street 1851
    Paisley 1851
  • LORIMER, William bookseller? Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1843
  • LOTHIAN [Maurice] seal engraver Edinburgh
    Head of Borthwick's Close 1796-97
    Edin Dir
  • LOTHIAN, James printer Alloa
    Alloa 1813
    Candle Street 1825-52
    Alloa Advertiser Office same address 1853-87
    Taught a school at Charleston near Dunfermline, and also printed. At first the press at Alloa was not sufficiently profitable, so he combined it with teaching a school, but in 1818 he was able to give up the school. In 1841 he established The Alloa Advertiser, as a monthly periodical, in 1850 it became a fortnightly and in 1855 a weekly newspaper. Author and publisher of Stirling and its environs. 2nd ed. 1847; Alloa and its environs. Alloa, 1861; 3rd ed. 1871; and Lothian's Annual Register for the County of Clackmanan. The 1877 edition of the last is 'Nineteenth Year of Pblication'. He died on 18 July 1862 in his 82nd year. The business was continued by his son, also John Lothian.
    Pigot 1825; 1837; Slater 1852; Newsplan Scotland; John Lothian. Alloa and its environs. 3rd ed. 1871
  • LOTHIAN, John bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    41 St Andrew Square 1824-31
    map publisher 37 George Street 1834-35
    21 Athole Crescent 1836-38
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825
  • LOTHIAN, Maurice seal engraver Edinburgh
    Head of Borthwick's Close 1796-97
    Coffee House Stair, opposite the Cross, South Side 1799-1809
    Niddry Street 1810-14
    6 Niddry Street 1815
    Milne's Square 1816-24
    Married Margaret daughter of John Gow wright 16 September 1793. Burgess in right of wife Margaret, daughter of John Gow wright 27 April 1797; Guild Brother as apprentice to David Deuchar seal engraver 5 January 1814.
    EdinMarr; Edin Dir; EdinBurg
  • LOTHIAN, Robert type founder Edinburgh
    Anderson's Stairs, Middle of the West Bow Denovan's 1804
    West Bow 1805-06
    There is an 1806 Specimen of printing types by R. Lothian letter-founder in Harvard. He is supposed to have emigrated to New York, but there is evidence that he was in Boston for a time in 1807.
    Edin Dir; James Mosley British type specimens before 1831: a handlist. Oxford Bibliographical Society 1984 150
  • LOTHIAN, Robert bookseller Edinburgh
    4 North St David Street 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • LOTTIMER, Andrew bookseller Glasgow
    4 College Street 1820
    76 High Street Pigot 1825
    155 High Street 1828-30
    and stationer 48 Trongate 1835-40
    Burgess and Guild Brother by purchase 1 July 1828. Initial only Glas Dir 1820; Lollimer Pigot 1825. The National Library of Scotland has A General Catalogue of New and Second-hand Books on sale by Andrew Lottimer, 155 High Street, Glasgow. Glasgow: printed at the Scots Times Office, Brunswick Street, 1830.
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1825; GlasBurg
  • LOTTIMER, John S. second-hand bookseller Glasgow
    11 Canon Street 1835-37
    Lattimer in text of Pigot 1837; Lottimer in index.
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1837
  • LOUDON [LOWDEN] J. F. stationer and printseller Edinburgh
    22 Leith Street 1835
    Gray 1835; Edin Dir
  • LOUGHRIN, J. & D. engravers and printers Glasgow
    144 Saltmarket Street 1840
    Glas Dir
  • LOURIE, William bookbinder Edinburgh
    12 Catharine Street 1846-47
    bookseller and stationer 4 Albany Street and 12 Catharine Street 1848
    paper ruler and bookbinder 13 Blair Street 1849-52
    'Louden' in main sequence Edin Dir 1846. He is 'bookbinder' in the trade index 1848.
    Edin Dir
  • LOVE, George bookbinder Glasgow
    1 Wallace Court 1825
    and printer 3 Wallace Court 1828
    115 High Street 1835
    Pigot 1825; Glas Dir
  • LOVE, George bookseller Glasgow
    21 Nelson Street 1837
    and stationer 19 Nelson Street 1840
    Glasgow 1841
    138 Trongate 1844-47
    Published a songbook The feast of fun: a choice selection of the most popular comic songs in Glasgow in 1841.
    Pigot 1837; Glas Dir; Chapbook Printers
  • LOVE, John music-seller Greenock
    25 Hamilton Street 1837
    34 Cathcart Street 1852
    Pigot 1837; Slater 1852
  • LOVE, Tobias bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1729
    The properties of a good horse was printed for him in 1729.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • LOVE, William bookseller, stationer and newsagent Glasgow
    5 Nelson Street 1847
    Glas Dir
  • LOVEL, Thomas paper maker Edinburgh
    Canongate 1798
    Married Helen Mitchell daughter of Mr Mitchell papermaker in Canongate Kirk 22 September 1798.
  • LOWE [William] & KNOX bookbinders Paisley
    2 New Street (up two stairs) 1831
    William Lowe same address 1834-38
    Fowler 1831, 1834; Paisley 1838
  • LOW, Alexander bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1752
    Robert Nicholls apprenticed to Alexander Low bookbinder Glasgow 1752.
  • LOWE, Alexander bookseller Ayr
    Ayr 1771-73
    Sold copies of John Warren's A letter to the West Country Farmers. Paisley, 1773.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • LOW, Carnegie bookbinder Edinburgh
    West Rose Street 1794-97
    Head Baxter's Close, Lawnmarket 1799-1803
    Middle of Meal Market Stairs Denovan's 1804
    Mealmarket Stairs 1807-24
    388 Castle Hill 1824-29
    Married Jane daughter of the deceased William Jackson flaxdresser at Knaresborough Yorkshire 11 December 1792.
    EdinMarr; NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir
  • LOW, David printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1747
    Married Janet Brown daughter of the late Robert Brown maltman in South Leith 23 August 1747.
  • LOW, Ernest bookbinder and bookseller Aberdeen
    6 Blackfriars Street 1824
    7 Blackfriars Street 1824-25
    22 Woolmanhill 1827
    Aberdeen 1828-35
    Beavan; Pigot 1825
  • LOW, Jessie bookseller Broughty Ferry
    King Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • LOW, John printer Edinburgh
    Low's Printing Office, Fishmarket Close 1794-95
    North Richmond Street 1796-97
    Gavinlock's Land, Forrester's Wynd 1799-1805
    Burn's Land, Libberton Wynd 1806
    8 East Richmond Street 1807
    'journeyman printer' married Margaret daughter of the deceased Rev. Mr Alexander Stewart 22 August 1786.
    EdinMarr; Edin Dir
  • LOWE, John D. publisher, bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    John Lowe bookbinder and stationer 69 George Street 1845
    John D. Lowe publisher, bookseller and stationer same address 1846-50
    123 Princes Street 1851-53
    John D. Lowe & Co same address 1854
    Published Lowe's Edinburgh Magazine January 1846-1848.
    Edin Dir
  • LOW, Joseph writer and transcriber of ancient MSS Edinburgh
    13 Montgomery Street 1849
    Edin Dir
  • LOW, Peter bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1792
    Married Margaret daughter of the deceased Gilbert Downes day labourer 25 October 1792.
  • LOWE, W. & Co printers and stereotype founders Glasgow
    51 Buchanan Street 1840
    Address given as 42 Argyll Street (twice) in trade index Glas Dir 1840.
    Glas Dir
  • LOW, William bookbinder Paisley
    26 High-street 1820
    10 Gauze Street 1825
    William Lowe and Knox 2 New Street (up two stairs) 1831
    William Lowe same address 1834-38
    Pigot 1820; 1825; Fowler 1831, 1834; Paisley 1838
  • LOUDON [LOWDEN] J. F. stationer and printseller Edinburgh
    22 Leith Street 1835
    Gray 1835; Edin Dir
  • LOWES, Patrick bookbinder Edinburgh?
    Edinburgh 1480-90
    The binder of the Haye Manuscript. Among the thirty-three blind stamps on the brown leather binding are three which read 'patricius' 'lowes me' 'ligavit'. A Patrick de lowis, burgess of Edinburgh was possessor of a tenement in the High Street between 1447 and 1466. The same or another Patrick Lowis took a B.A. degree at St Andrew in 1454. Another binding with some of the same tools, but not the signed ones is in Aberdeen University Library on a copy of Gulielmus Peraldus. Summa de vitiis. Cologne, 1479.
    Aldis 1904; Mitchell; J.H. Stevenson. 'The fifteenth century Scots binding of the Haye Manuscript.' Publications of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society vi,77-82 (1906); G.D. Hobson 'Further notes on the binding of the Haye Manuscript' Publications of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society xiv,89-97 (1930); J.M. Anderson. Early records of the University of St Andrews. Edinburgh: Scottish History Society, 1926 p.32.
  • LOWRIE, Samuel printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1697-1700
    Children buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 21 June 1697; 11 May 1699; 2 February 1700.
  • LOWRIE [LAWRIE, LAURIE], William tool-cutter Edinburgh
    Potterrow 1774-84
    curious toolmaker same address 1786-90
    toolmaker same address 1793-1803
    plane maker Middle of Potterrow
    Simpson's Court, Potterrow 1807-13
    Not in Edin Dir 1782
    Edin Dir
  • LUKE, George printer Glasgow
    Glasgow 1754
    Son of the deceased George Luke, alias Bristol John, merchant in Glasgow. Will registered 4 July 1754.
  • LUKE, Henry bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1704-14
    In the Middle of the Saltmarket 1715
    Glasgow 1716-29
    Henry Luke, stationer, late servitor to John Anderson of Douhill, Provost. Burgess and Guild Brother as fifth son to James Luke merchant gratis 8 November 1704. Sold copies of Sir Richard Steele's A letter from the Earl of Mar to the King. Glasgow, 1715. Will registered 29 April 1729. Apprentices: Andrew Fergushill, son of Robert Fergushill of Burnockstown, apprenticed to Hendrie Luke bookbinder Glasgow 4 May 1710; Alexander Stewart, son of James Stewart of Glasgow bookbinder apprenticed to Hendrie Luke bookbinder Glasgow 1713.
    GlasBurg; NLS Impr Ind; GlasTest: Maxted
  • LUKE, John paper maker Fossway near Dunfermline
    Crook of Devon paper mill 1827
    John Luke & Son same address 1832-67
    Born in Bridge of Allan in 1797, he would have started his apprenticeship at Airthrey in 1809. He bought his card of freedom from the Original Society of Papermakers in 1826, after he had been thrown out of work. In 1827 he took over the tenancy of the lint mill at Crook of Devon and installed a papermaking vat. He was joined in this venture by his father, another John Luke, who was papermaker at Waukmill of Tulliebole in 1849, a year before his father's death. In 1832 it is described as having one vat and making 'tea' and 'grey' both wrapping papers. John Luke died in 1881. His third son James took over the Crook of Devon Mill until it was taken over by Robert Livingston in 1904. The mill was closed about 1911.
    Henk Voorn 'John Mathew, papermaker' IPH Yearbook Vol.7 1988 173-82. Ewen Jardine. 'The history of paper mills in Central Scotland'. IPH Yearbook vol.7 1988 81-93
  • LUKE, John paper maker Denny
    John Luke Denny Paper Works Headswood Mill 1869-1894
    Alexander, James and Robert Luke Vale Paper Company, Denny 1894-20th Century
    This John Luke is the son of John Luke of the Crook of Devon Mill, and Alexander, James and Robert are his sons. William who emigrated to America was his brother. This John Luke was manager to Robert Weir at Carrongrove Paper Mill from 1858. He leased the old bleach mill at Headswood near Denny in 1869 and converted it into a papermill, Denny Paper Works. His sons founded Anchor Paper Works and Vale Paper Works, all in Denny, the three mills eventually coming together to make the Vale Paper Company.
    Henk Voorn 'John Mathew, papermaker' IPH Yearbook Vol.7 1988 173-82. Ewen Jardine. 'The history of paper mills in Central Scotland'. IPH Yearbook vol.7 1988 81-93
  • LUKE, William paper warehouse Glasgow
    Crook-of-Devon paper warehouse, 5 Adelphi Street 1835-40
    Thomson says the mill was founded at Fossaway, Crook of Devon, by John Luke possibly as early as 1800. John Luke & Sons, Crook-of-Devon papermill, Dunfermline in list 1832. In 1852 William Luke emigrated to America and founded the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company. From 1852 to 1867 it is just John Luke, and is described as 'by Kinross'. Thomson says that it remained in the same family until 1885. It is not in a list in NLS of 1876.
    Glas Dir; Thomson; Henk Voorn 'John Mathew, papermaker' IPH Yearbook Vol.7 1988 173-82. Ewen Jardine. 'The history of paper mills in Central Scotland'. IPH Yearbook vol.7 1988 81-93
  • LUMISDEN, Charles bookseller Edinburgh
    In the Lockenbooths against Warriston's Land 1678-1690?
    'Bought the 15 of Aprill 1678 from Mr. Charles Lumisden thir six books...' (Scot Hist Society xxxvi,296). A Mr Charles Lumsdean was cautioner for Solingen and Colmar in 1687 (Fountainhall,ii,804.).
    Aldis 1904
  • LUMSDEN, George bookseller, stationer and State Lottery-office Glasgow
    637 Argyll Street 1809
    Glas Dir
  • LUMSDEN, Henry newspaper office Edinburgh
    of the Scotsman Office 5 Carnegie Street 1837
    3 Carnegie Street 1838
    Edin Dir
  • LUMSDEN, Henry papermaker Edinburgh
    of R. Tullis & Co 6 Leopold Place 1845-46
    no trade same address 1847-48
    Edin Dir
  • LUMSDEN, James engraver and wholesale stationer Glasgow
    engraver Trongate Tait 1783
    engraver 2d flat Craig's Land, head of the Old Wynd Jones 1787 and 1789
    3rd Flat above No. 51 Trongate 1790
    Glasgow 1791-1800
    Argyll Street 1801
    22 Argyll Street 1803-4
    Dunlop Street 1806
    36 Dunlop Street 1807-15
    60 Queen Street 1816-17
    J. Lumsden and Son wholesale stationers same address 1818
    61 Queen Street 1819-25
    20 Queen Street 1826-92
    James Lumsden started his career in Edinburgh, apprenticed to Andrew Bell, engraver to the Prince of Wales. As an engraver in Glasgow, he published some childrens books illustrated with engravings. After a few years he used the cheaper woodcut method. Though best-known for his childrens books, the firm published a number of ordinary chapbooksand a general range of wholesale stationery, guidebooks &c.. James Lumsden married Janet Craig13 February 1778 and secondly Janet McLean 6 June 1790. He retired in 1810 and died 23 June 1821 aged 68. James Lumsden Junior (i.e. the second) was born 13 November 1778, was apprenticed to his father, entered the firm in 1799, was Lord Provost of Glasgow in 1843-45, and died in 1856. Glasgow Herald 19 May 1856. James Lumsden jun. (The third James Lumsden) is given as of this firm in 1844 and 1847. He was born in 1808, was Lord Provost of Glasgow, and was knighted. He died in March 1879. Joseph White is given as at James Lumsden & Son (Glas Dir 1847).
    NLS Impr Ind; Glas Dir; Chapbook Printers; S. Roscoe and R.A. Brimmell. James Lumsden & Son of Glasgow. Pinner: Private Library Association, 1981.
  • LUMSDEN, John apprentice printer Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1763
    John Lumsden apprenticed to James Chalmers printer Aberdeen 1763
  • LUMSDEN, John stationer and pocket book maker Glasgow
    pocket-book maker 3 Argyle Street 1815-25
    102 Queen Street 1828
    Burgess and Guild Brother as hammerman as younger son to James Lumsden hammerman 17 September 1810.
    GlasBurg; Glas Dir; Pigot 1825
  • LUMISDEN, Thomas and ROBERTSON, John printers and booksellers Edinburgh
    Thomas Lumisden and Company Edinburgh 1722
    Thomas Lumisden and John Robertson in the Fishmarket 1723-47
    Thomas Lumisden and Company same address 1747-56
    Thomas Lumisden and E[benezer?]. Robertson same address 1757
    Thomas Lumisden was made Burgess by right of father Mr Charles Lumsden, late Minister of Duddingston 6 April 1722. Married Katherine Brown daughter of the late John Brown, merchant, Burgess 27 July 1729. Published editions of Thomas the Rhymer's Prophecies in 1742, James Usher's Prophecies in 1743 and John Willison's The Mother's Catechism in 1747. Most of their other printing was done for the Secession Church. Apprentices: James Bell 16 June 1731; Samuel Willison [Wilson] 15 November 1738, Burgess 17 April 1754; Walter Peters 11 January 1743, Burgess 14 November 1750; Ebenezer Robertson 11 July 1750, Burgess 19 February 1755; John Robertson 5 November 1752, Burgess 7 January 1761; John Wotherspoon 5 June 1754, Burgess 26 August 1761. Maxted says that John Wotherspoon was bound 30 April 1754.
    EdinBurg; EdinMarr; Chapbook Printers; EdinPren; Maxted
  • LUMSDEN, William bookbinder Edinburgh
    60 North Bridge 1826-28
    10 South St David's Street 1829
    12 South St David's Street 1830-32
    [house] 13 South Charlotte Street 1831-33
    'Died on the 26th ult' Johnston Political Register 30 March 1833. The Charlotte Street address is his house address.
    Edin Dir
  • LUNDIE, James bookseller &c Arbroath
    99 High Street 1846-52
    Angus 1846; Slater 1852
  • LUNDIE, James bookseller Dundee
    Dundee 1769
    Will registered 16 February 1769.
  • LUNDIE, James apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1676
    Son to deceased William Lundie in Lundymylne, apprentice to John Wacker bookbinder 16 August 1676.
  • LUNN, Robert engraver Edinburgh
    3 Davy Street 1824
    9 Davie Street 1831-32
    48 Potterrow 1833-34
    138 Nicolson Street 1836-37
    New Dir 1824
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825 ; 1837; Gray 1834; 1836; 1837
  • LUSK & M'INTYRE rag and paper merchants Greenock
    5 New Dock Lane 1834
    Fowler 1834
  • LUSK, Daniel H. paper maker Kilsyth
    Kilsyth 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • LUSK, John pasteboard manufacturer Greenock
    7 East Breast 1834
    Fowler 1834
  • LUSK, Robert B[aillie?] paper maker Denny
    Gavin Glenny Carron Grove Mill 1825-33
    Robert Lusk same address 1833-41
    Robert MacRobbie same address 1847-50
    John MacRobbie same address 1850-55
    Robert Weir [John Luke manager] 1855-66
    John Miller same address 1867-75
    Plummer and James Henderson same address 1875-77
    Carrongrove Paper Company same address 1877-20th Century
    Mill No 41. Not in 1825 Mill List; The Mill was bought by Robert Lusk in 1833 and burnt down in 1841. In 1847 R. MacRobbie bought the mill. On his death in 1850 John Macrobie took over. He died in 1855 and Robert Weir of Herbertshire bought the mill and put in John Luke as manager
    Pigot 1825; Pigot 1837; Thomson; Ewen Jardine. 'The history of paper mills in Central Scotland'. IPH Yearbook vol.7 1988 81-93
  • LUSK, Robert Baillie & Co wholesale stationers and inkmakers Glasgow
    18 Buchanan Street 1837-40
    J. Lusk & Co same address 1844
    Pigot 1837; Glas Dir
  • LUSK, Robert Baillie & Co booksellers and printers Inverness and Greenock
    East Street 1819-26
    Greenock 1826
    bookseller and stationer 1 Hamilton Street 1831
    wholesale stationer 7 East Breast 1834
    R. B. Lusk & Co same address 1836
    Pigot 1825; William Simpson. Old Inverness Booksellers. Inverness, 1931; Fowler 1831; 1834; 1836
  • LUSON, James apprentice joiner and bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1764
    James Luson apprenticed to Alexander Hutcheson joiner and bookbinder Glasgow 1764.
  • LYALL, James bookseller Montrose
    Montrose 1760-67
    NLS Imp Ind
  • LYLLE, Alexander apprentice stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1672
    Son to umquhile John Lylle, indweller in Haddingtoun, apprenticed to John Cairnes stationer 7 February 1672.
  • LYLE [LYALL], David printer and bookseller Dalkeith
    High Street 1833-37
    South Street 1838-39
    Tait Street 1840-45
    High Street 1847-53
    Peter and David Lyle booksellers, binders stationers and printers High Street, Dalkeith 1854-65
    69 and 71 High Street 1866
    Dalkeith Advertiser Office 69 High Street 1867-78
    45 High Street 1879-20th Century
    David Lyle published a number of undated chapbooks about 1860, including a numbered series of song-books with the title A collection of popular songs.
    Chapbook Printers; Edin Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837
  • LYALL, Gordon printer Fraserburgh
    North Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • LYLE, J. bookseller Irvine
    Irvine 1779
    Catalogues of an auction to be had from him Edinburgh Evening Courant 22 November 1779.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • LYLE, J. & J. booksellers Glasgow
    67 High Street 1825
    135 High Street 1828
    James Lyle same address 1835
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1825
  • LYLE, James printer Edinburgh
    Foot of Brown's Close 1793-95
    'Lyle' Gilmor's Close, Grassmarket 1797-1803
    James Lyle same address Denovan's 1804
    Courant Office 1805-09
    Married Jean daughter of the deceast William Reay, merchant and late Provost of Haddington 7 November 1773. Married Margaret daughter of deceast Thomas Caverhill merchant in Jedburgh 21 March 1786.
    Edin Dir
  • LYLE, James publisher Glasgow
    81 Gallowgate 1818
    book publisher and spirit dealer 82 High Street 1819
    Glas Dir
  • LYLE, James & Co booksellers Glasgow
    4 College-street 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • LYLE, James bookseller Glasgow
    67 High Street 1825
    135 High Street 1828
    James Lyle same address 1835
    Burgess and Guild Brother as serving apprentice with George Moir weaver 31 July 1828.
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1825; GlasBurg
  • LYLE, James bookseller Greenock
    Laigh Street 1783
    Bankrupt Edinburgh Evening Courant 17 May 1783.
    Glas Dir
  • LYALL, James bookseller Montrose
    Montrose 1760-67
    NLS Imp Ind
  • LYLE, John grocer and librarian Largs
    Main Street 1834
    38 Main Street 1836
    Fowler 1834; 1836
  • LYLE, Peter bookseller and bookbinder Dalkeith
    Dalkeith 1798-1819
    High-street 1820
    bookseller and circulating library Dalkeith 1825
    High Street 1833-51
    Peter and David Lyle booksellers, binders stationers and printers High Street, Dalkeith 1852-65
    69 and 71 High Street 1866
    David Lyle Dalkeith Advertiser Office 69 High Street 1867-78
    P. & D. Lyle same address 1882
    45 High Street 1879-20th Century
    Sold Nicolson's edition of Craighead's Arithmetic. Edinburgh, 1789.
    NLS Impr Ind; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837; Edin Dir; Slater 1852
  • LYLLIE [LILLIE], John bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1638-56
    Son to Andrew Lyllie, fruit seller indweller in Edinburgh, apprenticed to James Harrower bookbinder 11 July 1638. Married Grissell Dasoun 7 September 1655. Burgess and Guild Brother 'ane of the laite electit preicentors' by right of wife Grissell daughter to umquhile John Dawsone tailyeor 4 June 1656. Apprentice: William Gib stationer 11 June 1656, Burgess 18 January 1665.
    EdinPren; EdinMarr; EdinBurg
  • LYMON, James printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1788
    Married Margaret daughter of deceased Alexander Gillespie baker 25 September 1788.
  • LYON, David bookbinder Edinburgh
    423 Lawnmarket 1843-46
    505 Lawnmarket 1847-89
    Edin Dir
  • LYON, George bookseller Dundee
    Dundee 1717-30
    Admitted a burgess of Dundee in 1717; Sold copies of John Glas's The Testimony of the King of Martyrs concerning his Kingdom. 1729; and Remarks upon the Memorial of the Synod of Angus. Edinburgh 1730.
    NLS Impr Ind; Millar
  • LYON, Hercules running stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1781-84
    Married Helen daughter of deceased - Sanderson fisherman at Dunbar 1 February 1781. Married Katherine Campbell relict of John Beal minner at Wanlockhead 20 August 1784.
  • LYON, James printer Edinburgh
    Old Fishmarket Close 1796
    Edinburgh 1799
    Married Jean daughter of Matthew Reid plumber 8 November 1799.
    Edin Dir; EdinMarr
  • LYON, John printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1799
    Married Ann daughter of deceast John Sturrock merchant 31 January 1799.
  • LYON, John printer Edinburgh
    2 Davie Street 1825
    11 Davie Street 1827
    5 Salisbury Street 1835
    12 Beaumont Place 1836-41
    '8 Beaumont Place' Gray 1837
    Edin Dir
  • LYON, John bookseller Glasgow
    17 Saltmarket 1809-15
    Glas Dir
  • LYON, William bookseller, printer and circulating library Hamilton
    Cadzow Street 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • LYONS, Lewis bookseller Edinburgh
    22 South College Street 1834
    Names too late for insertion Edin Dir1834
    Edin Dir

    M., G. printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1703
    Brand. John's New description of Orkney has imprint Edinburgh, printed by G. M. = George Mosman.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • M., J. printer Edinburgh
    J M and Company Edinburgh 1722
    Thomas Sherman's Divine breathings. 9th ed. 1722 has imprint. J. M. = James Mosman.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • M'ALLISTER, William stationer Lybster
    Lybster 1852
    Slater 1852
  • M'ALPIN, George bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    11 West Nicolson Street 1826-27
    Edin Dir
  • M'ALPINE, Walter stationer Glasgow
    Glasgow 1709
    Burgess and Guild Brother in right of master 23 November 1709.
  • MCALPINE, William printer and bookseller Greenock
    Cathcart Street 1780
    New Street 1783
    'Letterpress printing was established here in 1765 by Mr MacAlpine, who was also the first bookseller. It was confined to handbills, jobbing, etc., till 1810 when the first book was printed by William Scott'. William M'Alpine is said to have printed The Shorter Catechism in Gaelic in 1779, but there is no copy in The Scottish Gaelic Union Catalogue.
    Glas Dir; Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland; NLS Impr Ind
  • MACARTER, David & Co printer and bookseller Ayr
    Ayr 1817-18
    David Macarter Ayr & Wigtonshire Courier, Main-street 1820
    printer and bookseller Main Street 1825
    A compositor with the firm of J.& P. Wilson of Ayr in 1802, he is said to have been in business in Airdrie in 1815. In 1817 and 1818 he published a number of chapbooks at Ayr, and in 1822 a periodical The Juvenile and Literary Miscellany.
    F.M. Thomson. 'John Wilson, an Ayrshire printer, publisher and bookseller' The Bibliotheck v (1968) 41-61; New York Public Library Catalogue of Chapbooks note to item 302; Carreen S. Gardner. Printing in Ayr and Kilmarnock. (Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society. Ayrshire Collections 12 no.1), 1976. Chapbook Printers; NLS Impr Ind; Pigot 1820; 1825
  • MCCARTER, Mary stationer Maybole
    Maybole 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • M'ARTHUR, Alexander bookseller Port Glasgow
    Port Glasgow 1780-91
    NLS Impr Ind; Glas Dir
  • M'ARTHUR, James & Co stationers, paper makers and snuffmakers Glasgow
    William M'Arthur Dawsholm Mill 1783
    Russell and McArthur Dalsholm Mill 1825
    James M'Arthur 72 Glassford Street and Dalsholm Mill 1832
    James M'Arthur & Co 82 Glassford Street and Dalsholme Mill 1835-49
    Dalsholm Mill 1852-76
    Dalsholm Mill, by Glasgow, was owned by Russell & McArthur in the 1825 list and by James M'Arthur in the 1832 list. In 1852-76 it was James M'Arthur & Co.
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1837; Thomson; Table of Paper Mills September 1876 in NLS
  • McARTHUR, John apprentice printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1794
    Son of Alexander McArthur, servant to the Countess of Hyndford, apprenticed to Mark and Charles Kerr, H.M. Printers and Stationers for Scotland for 5 years 17 April 1794.
  • M'ARTHUR, Peter printer and bookseller Kilmarnock
    Kilmarnock 1781
    Printed and sold G. Wilson's The trust. A sermon. Kilmarnock. 1781. Perhaps afterwards Peter M'Arthur of Paisley.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • M'ARTHUR, Peter bookseller Paisley
    Paisley 1782
    Cross 1783
    Paisley 1784-87
    printer Paisley 1788-98
    Perhaps Peter M'Arthur from Kilmarnock 1781
    NLS Impr Ind; Glas Dir; Crawford
  • M'ARTHUR, Robert bookseller Stirling
    Port Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • M'ARTHUR, Thomas carver, gilder and printseller Glasgow
    33 Gordon Street 1849
    Glas Dir
  • M'ARTHUR, William paper maker Dalsholm near Glasgow
    Dawsholm 1783
    Earliest mention of Dalsholm Mill, near Glasgow, afterwards, 1815, Russell & M'Arthur, and then James M'Arthur 1832-.
    Glas Dir; Thomson
  • M'ARTHUR, William bookseller Paisley
    Paisley 1772-78
    NLS Impr Ind
  • MACAULAY [MACAULEY], Andrew bookseller Glasgow
    Trongate a little West from the New Wynd 1791-8
    Opposite to the Tron Church 1799
    Andrew M'Aulay bookbinder Burgess and Guild Brother as married to Joanna daughter to George Reid merchant 27 October 1786.
    GlasBurg; NLS Impr Ind
  • M'AULAY, Archibald apprentice bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1724
    Archibald M'Aulay, son of Robert M'Aulay deceased, apprenticed to James Davidson bookseller Edinburgh 1724
  • MACAULAY, Bryce Johnston newspaper office Edinburgh
    of Advertiser Office house Brown Street 1818
    of Advertiser Office house Dickson's Close, High Street 1820
    of Advertiser Office house 13 Arthur Street 1821-36
    of Advertiser Office house 6 Park Street 1837-52
    no trade same address 1853-67
    clerk same address 1868-70
    Mrs B.J. Macaulay same address 1871-81
    Son of James Macaulay and Mary Johnston. Born in St Cuthbert's Parish in Edinburgh 13 October 1790. Not in Edin Dir 1819. Married Catherine Stewart at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh 23 November 1827.
    Edin Dir; information from Angus Macaulay
  • MACAULAY, David apprentice printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1632
    Son to late David Macaulay, in Tamachell, apprenticed to William Marshall printer 25 April 1632.
  • MACAULY, James printer Edinburgh
    Donaldson's Close, Bowhead 1799-1803
    house - 346 Castlehill 1815-18
    Born 16 September 1754. Married Mary daughter of deceased Alexander Johnston merchant 22 September 1780. Bryce Johnston Macaulay of The Edinburgh Advertiser was their son. Poems on several subjects has the imprint Edinburgh: printed for the author; and sold by ... and by the author, Printing-office, Castle-hill, Edinburgh. 1788. In 1808 he was foreman of James Donaldson's printing office. He died 11 August 1817 in his house in the Castle Hill, in the 63rd year of his age. His son Bryce Johnston Macaulay served 8 years in the same office.
    EdinMarr; Edin Dir; Robert T. Skinner. A notable family of Scots printers. Edinburgh, 1927; information from Angus Macaulay
  • M'AUSLAND, William printer Greenock
    87 East Hamilton Street 1845
    Greenock 1845
  • MCAUSLANE [M'CASLAND], John merchant Greenock
    Greenock 1778-81
    Took in subscriptions for books. Died 27 February 1800.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • M'BAIN & ROBISON stoneware and stationery dealers Glasgow
    4 Abercromby Street 1840
    Glas Dir
  • M'BEATH, D. bookseller Huna
    Huna 1810
    John Mowat 'Books and Printing in Caithness' Records of the Glasgow Bibliographical Society vi 84-94 (1920)
  • McBETH, John apprentice bookbinder Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1805
    Apprenticed to John Burnet in Aberdeen, freed before 1805
    Information from Rosemary Philip (John Philip's Memorandum Book)
  • M'BRAIN, Colin paper maker Cathcart
    Cathcart before 1760
    John Downie founder in the Gorbals Burgess and Guild Brother as married to Helen daughter to deceased Colin M'Brain paper maker in Cathcart, who neglected to enter in his lifetime as eldest son to Archibald M'Brain or M'Brae merchant 26 September 1760.
  • M'BRAYNE [David, junior] & STIRLING [John] typefounders Glasgow
    Glasgow Letter Foundry, Parliamentary Road 1840
    301 Parliamentary Road 1844-49
    'In 1847 a specimen-book was issued, described as a new edition. A series of modern-face romans and italics from Double Small Pica to Pearl is displayed.'
    Glas Dir; Talbot Baines Reed. A history of the old English letter foundries. A new edition. London, 1952.
  • MACBRYDE [MCBRYDE], James bookbinder Wigton
    Main-street 1820
    bookseller Wigton 1825
    'Considered Good; likewise a Cloth Merchant' Oliver and Boyd Travellers Logbook NLS Acc.5000/78
    Pigot 1820; 1825; Bell
  • M'CALL, Thomas S. bookseller Edinburgh
    50 George Street 1825
    Edin Dir
  • MCCALLUM, A[rchibald] & Co circulating library and stationers Glasgow
    A. M'Callum Circulating Library 31 Wilson Street and stationers 36 Bell-Street 1815
    M'Callum & Co stationers and librarians 31 Wilson Street 1818-20
    Archibald McCallum bookseller and circulating library 31 & 32 Wilson Street 1825
    Archibald M'Callum & Co, 65 and 67 Wilson Street 1828
    M'Callums Public Library and Reading Rooms same address 1835-37
    9 and 11 Exchange Place 1840
    bookseller and public library 88 St Vincent Street 1844
    In the Index in Pigot 1837 the address is given as Hutcheson Street.
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837
  • M'CALLUM, Alexander foreman printer Greenock
    3 Mearns Street 1845
    Possibly printing cloth.
    Greenock 1845
  • M'CALLUM, Archibald city missionary and superintendant of tracts Glasgow
    127 New City Road 1849
    Glas Dir
  • M'CALLUM, John printer Glasgow
    Paul's Close above the Cross 1746-51
    Glasgow 1752-54
    Burgess and Guild Brother as married to Isobel daughter to deceased John Taylor cooper 18 September 1754. Apprentice: Henry, son of John Galbreath, apprenticed to John M'Callum printer Glasgow 1750
    NLS Impr Ind; GlasBurg; Maxted
  • M'ALLUM, John bookseller Glasgow
    Morison and John M'Allum Gibson's Land Saltmercat 1772-4
    Burgess & Guild Brother 11 April 1776 as younger son of John M'Callum merchant. William M'Callum merchant Burgess and Guild Brother as youngest son to John M'Callum bookseller 4 August 1796.
    NLS Impr Ind; GlasBurg
  • MCCALLUM, Malcolm bookseller and printer Airdrie
    Stirling Street 1837
    16 Graham Street 1852
    Pigot 1837; Slater 1852
  • MCCALLUM, Peter bookseller Greenock
    Cathcart-street 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • MCALLUM, Zachary bookseller Glasgow
    36 Bell Street 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • M'CANN, James stationer Edinburgh
    6 Deanhaugh Street 1845-76
    Edin Dir
  • M'CASLAN, Alexander bookseller, printer and circulating library Edinburgh
    Opposite to the Chapel of Ease Cross-Causeway 1763-74
    Mrs M'Caslan same address 1778-80
    John Bunyan's Solomon's Temple spiritualized printed by him in 1771 has the following advertisement on the back of the titlepage. 'N.B. Religious, instructive, and entertaining books lent out to read at 10s. per year, 5s.6d. per half-year, 3s. per quarter, 1s.6d. per month, or one penny per night. Printed Catalogues of the Books to be had at A. M'Caslan's shop ... At said Shop, may be had neat pocket Bibles, Testaments, Psalm Books; and a great variety of other Books, Paper, Pens and Ink, at the lowest prices. Commissions from the Country will be carefully answered.' He was sued in 1773 by William Johnston of London for selling pirated editions of Henry Brooke's Fool of Quality and Smollett's Humphry Clinker. In Appendix to Edin Dir 1773.
    NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir; McDougall. Smugglers
  • M'CASLAN, Mrs bookseller and printer Edinburgh
    Alexander M'Caslan opposite to the Chapel of Ease Cross-Causeway 1763-74
    Mrs M'Caslan same address 1778-80
    Edin Dir; NLS Impr Ind
  • M'CASLAND [MCAUSLANE], John merchant Greenock
    Greenock 1778-81
    Took in subscriptions for books. Died 27 February 1800.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • M'CLEISH [M'LEISH], James bookbinder, bookseller, circulating library and publisher Edinburgh
    Above the Excise Office Cowgate 1766-68
    Within Bristow Port 1771-77
    Circulating Library Candlemaker Row 1778
    Candle Maker Row - house South Frederick Street 1778-90
    12 South Frederick Street 1793-96
    James and John M'Cleish 12 South Frederick Street 1797-1806
    James M'Cleish & Son same address 1806
    James M'Cleish same address 1807
    late bookseller Gilmore Place 1808-20
    Binding bill dated 28 February 1767 in the George Wallace Papers in Edinburgh University Library. Married Margaret daughter of deceast Mr John M'Leish Minister at Gask 18 June 1769. He was sued in 1773 by William Johnston of London for selling a pirated edition of Henry Brooke's Fool of Quality. James Dodsley sued him for selling a pirated edition of Chesterfield's Letters in 1774. Becket, Cadell and Strahan booksellers in London sued him in 1775 for selling a pirated edition of Sterne's Works. One of the undertakers of The Encyclopaedia Britannica 1778. James M'Cleesh Burgess 4 February 1778. Member of the Edinburgh Bookseller's Society 22 October 1784 and 27 April 1793. Late bookseller [i.e. retired] Edin Dir 1808-20. Apprentice: John Howell bookbinder Burgess 3 September 1816.
    EdinMarr; EdinBurg; Edin Dir; NLS Impr Ind; McDougall. Smugglers; Sher. Edinburgh Booksellers
  • M'CLEISH, John stationer and bookseller Edinburgh
    stationer 6 West Side Rose Street and North East Corner of Hanover Street 1793-94
    James & John M'Cleish 12 South Frederick Street 1797-1806
    Edin Dir; NLS Impr Ind; Williamson 1794
  • M'CLEISH, Thomas printer Edinburgh
    Thomas M'Cleish & Co Edinburgh 1797-8
    Advocate's Close 1799-1805
    Old Assembly Close 1806-10
    and Company 1811-12.
    NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir
  • M'CLEISH, William printer Edinburgh
    South end of Nicolson's Street 1794-97
    Edin Dir
  • M'CLELLAN, Mrs bookbinder Edinburgh
    63 [New Buildings] North Bridge 1824-26
    J. M'Lellan same address 1827-31
    Catherine M'Clellan same address 1832-33
    62 North Bridge 1834-39
    60 North Bridge 1840
    'Miss' 1836.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825; 1837
  • M'CLELLAN, Catherine bookbinder Edinburgh
    Mrs M'Clellan 63 [New Buildings] North Bridge 1824-26
    J. M'Lellan same address 1827-31
    C. M'Clellan same address 1832-33
    60 North Bridge 1834-40
    60 North Bridge Gray 1834; 1835; 1836; 1837; Pigot 1837
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • M'CLELLAN, J. bookbinder Edinburgh
    Mrs M'Clellan 63 North Bridge 1824-26
    J. M'Clellan same address 1827-31
    C. M'Clellan same address 1832-33
    62 North Bridge 1834-39
    60 North Bridge 1840
    Edin Dir
  • MCCLELLAN, John circulating library Castle Douglas
    Librarian Subscription Library Queen Street 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • MACLELLAN [MACLENNAN], John printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1780-99
    Married Jacobina daughter of deceased James Millar ship master in Inverkeithing 26 December 1780. Married Margaret daughter of John Scott vintner 20 September 1799.
  • M'CLELAND, John bookbinder Edinburgh
    22 Thistle Street 1812-13
    29 Thistle Street 1814-18
    29 Register Street 1819-23
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820
  • MACLURE [Andrew] & MACDONALD [A. G.] lithographers and lithographic printers Glasgow
    Lithographic Printers and Draughtsmen to the King 190 Trongate 1837-38
    57 Buchanan Street 1838-52
    20 Vincent Street 1853-84
    2 Bothwell Circus 1885-20th Century
    Maclure, Macdonald & Co electric light photographic artists and ornamental printers to the Queen Glasgow and London 1890-1901
    Andrew Maclure (1812-1885) was a former apprentice of James Miller. In 11840 they were joined in partnership by A. McGregor who managed branches in Manchester and Liverpool. They printed a series of books Yacht racing on the Clyde, starting with Yacht racing on the Clyde from 1883 to 1890, and continuing annually until 1901. They were printed from the firms own photographs.
    Schenck; Pigot 1837
  • MACCLURE [M'CLURE; MACLURE], David & Co printers Glasgow
    43 Argyll Street 1828
    David M'Clure 28 Nelson Street 1835
    lithographer and engraver 99 Trongate 1836-48
    62 Argyle Street 1849-52
    David M'Clure and Son same address 1853-96
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1837; Schenck

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