Stewart, John - Tainsh

  • STEWART, John printer Edinburgh
    312 Lawnmarket 1836-38
    Edin Dir
  • STEWART, John printer Edinburgh
    Brodie's Close 1843-49
    'Names too late for insertion in their proper places Edin Dir 1849. Not in Edin Dir 1847-48.
    Edin Dir
  • STEWART, John newspaper office Edinburgh
    of Edinburgh News Office 41 North Bridge 1849-53
    John Stewart & Co of the Edinburgh News Writers Court 1854-56
    John Stewart 321 High Street 1857-58
    Edin Dir
  • STEWART, John bookseller Glasgow
    168 Saltmarket 1828
    180 Saltmarket 1835
    Glas Dir
  • STEWART, John bookseller Kilmarnock
    King-street 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • STEWART, John bookseller and printer Wick
    High Street 1836-39
    'Under the Town Hall Wick'. 'He is said to have had a well-selected stock, but costly and not suited to popular demands'. In 1836 he started The Northern Star, a Tory rival of John O'Groat's Journal. The proprietor and editor was the bookseller John Stewart, in association with the solicitor Donald Stewart. It was printed by Donald Cormie.
    Pigot 1837; Cowan; John Mowat 'Books and Printing in Caithness' Records of the Glasgow Bibliographical Society vi 84-94 (1920)
  • STEWART, Malcolm music seller Edinburgh
    South Bridge 1790-92
    N. and M. Stewart 37 South Bridge, East Side 1793-1802
    N. Stewart and Coy 39 South Bridge 1803
    71 South Bridge Denovan's 1804
    Adam's Square 1805
    Apprenticed to his brother Neil Stewart music-seller for 7 years 10 September 1793. Malcom [sic] Stewart Burgess and Guild Brother as apprentice to his brother Neil Stewart music seller 10 September 1793. Member of the Edinburgh Bookseller's Society April 1797.
    Edin Dir; EdinPren; EdinBurg; Sher. Edinburgh Booksellers
  • STEWART, Nathaniel merchant Aberdeen
    Broad Street 1776-1807
    Seller and distributor of Aberdeen Almanack.
  • STEWART, Neill music seller Edinburgh
    At the sign of the violin and German flute, in the Exchange 1760
    Opposite to the Head of Blackfriars Wynd 1761-64
    Parliament Square 1773-90
    N. and M. Stewart South Bridge 1792
    37 South Bridge, East Side 1793-1802
    N. Stewart and Coy 39 South Bridge 1803
    71 South Bridge Denovan's 1804
    Malcolm Stewart, Adam's Square 1805
    Charlotte daughter of deceased Neil Stewart married John Dewar musician 27 April 1799. Apprentice: Malcolm Stewart (brother) 10 September 1793.
    Edin Dir; EdinMarr; Caledonian Mercury 23 January 1760; 17 January 1761; 28 April 1762; 7 March 1764
  • STEWART, Neil and Malcolm & Company music sellers Edinburgh
    Neil Stewart Parliament Close 1784-90
    N. and M. Stewart South Bridge 1792
    37 South Bridge Street 1793-1802
    N. Stewart and Coy 39 South Bridge 1803
    71 South Bridge Denovan's 1804
    Malcolm Stewart, Adam's Square 1805
    Malcom [sic] Stewart Burgess and Guild Brother as apprentice to his brother Neil Stewart music seller 10 September 1793. To sell The vocal magazine. Herald and Chronicle 30 September 1797.
    NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir
  • STEWART (STUART), Ninian bookseller Irvine
    Irvine 1767-73
    NLS Impr Ind
  • STEWART, R. and Co. type founders Edinburgh
    40 Leith Street 1849
    12 Thistle Street 1850-52
    Edin Dir
  • STEWART, Robert bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1809
    The National Library of Scotland has The Last Speech, Confession and Dying Words, of Robert Stewart, late Bookbinder in Edinburgh, who was Executed there on Wednesday Febru. 22d, 1809, for the Crime of House-breaking and Robbery. He was 20.
  • STEWART, Robert ink manufacturer Edinburgh
    lodgings 116 Rose Street 1818-32
    ink-maker same address 1833-49
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • STEWART, Robert bookseller Elgin
    113 High Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • STEWART, Robert bookseller Glasgow
    Glasgow 1662-76
    Robert Stewart merchant Burgess and Guild Brother as serving apprentice with David Neill bookbinder 2 December 1669. Debtor in Lithgow's inventory 1662 and in that of A. Anderson in 1676. The two entries probably refer to the same man. Bann.Misc.ii,280;283.
    Aldis 1904; GlasBurg
  • STEWART, Robert bookseller & printer Greenock
    Hamilton Street 1852
    Slater 1852
  • STEWART, Robert bookbinder Paisley
    1 Lillias Wynd 1837
    3 Lillias Wynd 1838
    bookseller, stationer and bookbinder 4 High Street and 14 St Mirren's Street 1851
    bookseller stationer bookbinder and paper ruler 4 High Street 1852
    4 Cross High Street, binding and printing premises 14 St Mirren's Street 1857
    Advertisement in John Parkhill. The history of Paisley. Paisley: Robert Stuart, 1857. 'Letter-press printing, engraving and lithographing'
    Pigot 1837; Paisley 1838; 1851; Slater 1852
  • STEWART, Thomas bookseller Glasgow and Dublin
    Dublin 1784
    Was in charge of eleven parcels of books printed in Dublin which he was trying to smuggle in through Greenock in July 1784 when they were seized. 'formerly a bookseller in Glasgow, and came passenger in said ship, being now settled in Dublin.' If this is the Thomas Stewart who features in Miss Pollard's book on the Dublin book-trade, the statement that he was formerly a bookseller in Glasgow is a mistake.
    McDougall. Smugglers
  • STEWART, Thomas bookseller and stationer Glasgow
    53 London Street 1840
    53 London Street and 135 High Street 1844
    and coal agent 53 and 133 London Street 1847
    Glas Dir
  • STEWART, Thomas bookseller Greenock
    1 Hamilton-street 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • STEWART, William & Co paper makers Culter
    Culter Mill, near Aberdeen 1825
    Mill No 9. In possession of Alexander Irvine 1832.
  • STEWART, William bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1696
    His daughter Janet buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 3 November 1696.
  • STEWART, William bookseller Edinburgh
    High Street 1812
    Admitted to Sanctuary for debt at Holyroodhouse 7 July 1812.
  • STEWART, William and Co. booksellers and stationers Edinburgh
    2 and 3 College Street 1817-18
    and University Reading Room 61 South Bridge Street 1819-22
    William Stewart same address 1823-24
    William Stewart 4 Hanover Street 1825
    61 South Bridge Street Pigot 1825. William Stewart bookseller admitted to Sanctuary for debt at Holyroodhouse 20 May 1826. The National Library of Scotland has catalogues of this booksellerof books 'now on sale' 1822-25.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; Cadell
  • STEWART, William engraver Edinburgh
    6 Niddry Street 1827-29
    Edin Dir
  • STEWART, William bookseller Glasgow
    Calton 1799
    Sold copies of Humphrey Prideaux's The life of Mahomet. Glasgow, 1799.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • STILLIES, Brothers [George, James] booksellers and circulating library Edinburgh
    James Stillie 132 High Street 1826-28
    Stillies Brothers 140 High Street 1829-32
    James Stillie same address 1833-36
    bookseller 3 North Bank Street 1837-39
    6 North Bank Street 1840-42
    78 Princes Street 1843-61
    79 Princes Street 1862-77
    second-hand books 22 Hanover Street 1878-80
    19A George Street 1881-93
    Stillies Stationery Warehouse 130 High Street 1837
    One of the brothers was George Stillie 1830-32.
    Edin Dir
  • STILLIE, James bookseller, stationer and circulating library Edinburgh
    132 High Street 1826-28
    Stillies Brothers 140 High Street 1829-32
    James Stillie same address 1833-36
    3 North Bank Street 1837-39
    6 North Bank Street 1840-42
    bookseller 78 Princes Street 1843-61
    79 Princes Street 1862-77
    second-hand books 22 Hanover Street 1878-80
    19A George Street 1881-93
    Stillies Stationery Warehouse 130 High Street 1837
    'was for many years in the employment of John Ballantyne'. Burgess 2 August 1827..
    Edin Dir; EdinBurg; Pigot 1837; Constable iii 145
  • STILTON, John printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1736
    Married Jean Gibb 15 February 1736.
  • STIRLING ADVERTISER newpaper office and general printers Stirling
    Spittal Street 1828-33
    Stirling Journal and Advertiser Stirling August 1833-20th Century
    Started in rivalship with The Stirling Journal by Colin Munro, who had been ousted from the editorship of The Stirling Journal. The first issue came out on 28 December 1827 and was given gratis. On the 2 August 1833, James Weir sold the copyright of The Stirling Journal to the proprietors of The Stirling Advertiser.
  • STIRLING JOURNAL newspaper office and general printers Stirling
    Baxter's Wynd? 1820
    Spittal Street 1822-33
    Stirling Journal and Advertiser same address August 1833-52
    The first issue appeared on 13 July 1820. The editor was Dr Colin Munro in 1820. One of the pressmen Leslie Neilson was still with the paper in 1891. He served his apprenticeship in the Journal office. In 1827 the Journal got into financial difficulties, and the trustee and commissionars on the sequestrated estate of Colin Munro & Co sold the copyright and the plant to James Weir of Kelso, who settled in Stirling and assumed the general management. The Stirling public felt that Colin Munro had not been fairly treated. In the circumstances friends came to the rescue, and Munro was enabled to rent premises in Spittal Street, and on 28 December 1827 issued the first number of The Stirling Advertiser. On the 2 August 1833, James Weir sold the copyright of The Stirling Journal to the proprietors of The Stirling Advertiser. Munro continued to edit the paper until his death in 1852. It was then taken over by James Watson Lyall, with James Hogg as editor, and in 1858, Mr Hogg became a partner. In 1867, Mr Lyall withdrew. On the death of Mr Hogg in 1876, the business was continued by the widow as James Hogg & Co, and remained in their ownership until 9 December 1910.
  • STIRLING OBSERVER newspaper office Stirling
    Vennel Close, 38 Baker Street 15 September 1836-1843
    20-22 Murray Place Slater 1843-80
    26-32 Upper Craigs 1880-20th Century
    Printed and published by Ebenezer Johnstone from 1836-1860. From 1836-39 he was also the editor. The paper was Liberal, Free Church and Free Trade.
    Harvey; Stirling Observer Press: Ninety years progress 1836-1926. Stirling, 1926.
  • STIRLING [Andrew] & KENNEY [KENNY, KENNIE] [J.B.?] wholesale booksellers and publishers Edinburgh
    Parliament Stairs 1824
    Parliament Stairs and 46 George Street 1825-26
    Parliament Stairs 1827
    46 George Street 1828-39
    Stirling, Kennie & Co same address 1840-43
    121 Princes Street 1844-45
    1 Buccleuch Street 1846-47
    Alexander Noble of Stirling and Kenney 1832-36. Sequestration in SRO 1842
    Edin Dir; Gray 1833; SRO CS96/486
  • STIRLING & SLADE booksellers Edinburgh
    Parliament Stairs 1818-23
    Back-stairs Parliament-square, 1820
    Stirling & Kenney same address 1825
    46 George Street 1833-35
    Stirling Kenney & Co wholesale booksellers and publishers same address 1837-40
    Andrew Stirling 121 Princes Street 1840-45
    Andrew Stirling Burgess 1 March 1821.
    Pigot 1837
  • STIRLING, Andrew bookseller Edinburgh
    house - 18 West Nicolson Street 1818-28
    house - 14 Buccleuch Place 1829-31
    2 St John's Hill 1832
    Esq same address 1833-37
    121 Princes Street 1838-45
    of Stirling & Kenny 1 Buccleuch Street 1846-47
    121 Princes Street 1840-45
    Of Stirling and Kenny, and earlier of Stirling and Slade? Andrew Stirling Burgess 1 March 1821. Andrew Stirling bookseller 46 George Street admitted to Sanctuary for debt at Holyroodhouse 24 March 1835.
    Edin Dir; EdinBurg; Cadell
  • STIRLING, John printer and bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1771-1807
    Married Margaret daughter to Henry Stirling in Kinbuck in the parish of Dunblain in Canongate Kirk 2 March 1771.'Died 19 January 1807'.
    CanonMarr; Timperley 826
  • STIRLING, Robert and FLEMING, R. printer and bookseller Edinburgh
    Printing-house on the New Stairs 1760-62
    Printed A new version of the Psalms of David in 1761. "This day is published, Proposals for printing by subscription, Book-keeping by double entry;,,, The subscription money will be taken in... by R. Stirling and Company, at their printing house on the New Stairs." Edinburgh Evening Courant 6 December 1760; "The whole types and other printing materials in the printing-house on the New-Stairs, Edinburgh, which belonged to Robert Stirling, printer there, are to be exposed to roup, in wholesale... with a great variety of books, ballads, and pamphlets..." Caledonian Mercury 25 July 1761; 18 August, 20 December 1762.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • STOBBING [STEBBING], Isaac bookbinder Edinburgh
    1 Hill Square 1849-51
    5 Nicolson Street 1852-65
    2 Kerr Street 1866-71
    Edin Dir
  • STOBIE, John bookseller Perth
    High-street 1820
    bookbinder 102 High Street 1825
    Pigot 1820
    5 Kerr Street 1827-32
    D. Lawson Secretary 1827-30; George Pyper Secretary 1831; Robert Hamilton Secretary 1832.
    Edin Dir
  • STORIE, James apprentice printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1605
    Son to Richard Storie in the Canongate, apprenticed to Robert Charteris printer 27 March 1605.
  • STORY, John printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1520?
    Compassio Beate Marie. [1520?] Aldis 18 has the colophon 'Impressum Edinburgi per Johannem Story nomine & mandato Karoli Stule'.
    Aldis 1904
  • STORIE, Joseph printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1667
    Andrew, Son to William Ker, printer in Aberdeen, apprenticed to Joseph Storie printer 28 August 1667.
  • STOTT [STOTE], Charles printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1785-94
    Married Janet daughter of the deceased John Elder in Canongate Kirk 14 March 1785. Married Jean daughter of deceased John Chapman clothier in England in Edinburgh 18 August 1794 [other entry for the latter under Scott].
    CanonMarr; EdinMarr
  • STOTT, Henry [paper?]ruler and bookbinder Edinburgh
    16 South Richmond Street 1819
    Edin Dir
  • STRACHAN & CAMERON paper warehouse Edinburgh
    Fishmarket Close 1794
    Williamson 1794
  • STRACHAN & GELLEN bookbinders Aberdeen
    8 & 10 Long Acre 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • STRACHAN and Coy paper and rag warehouse Edinburgh
    8 Blair Street 1801-03
    Edin Dir
  • STRAUGHAN, David printer Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1659
    Message sent from the King of Scots, and the Duke of York's Court in Flanders (signed C. Culpepper) 1659 has this name in the imprint. It is probably James Brown printing under a feigned name.
    Aldis 1904; AbP.94
  • STRACHAN, Francis paper maker Polton and Denny
    Springfield Mill 1787-95
    Stoney Wood Paper Miln, Denny 1795
    Francis Strachan and Gilbert Laing Herbertshire Mill, Denny 1795-97
    Married Miss Jean daughter of James Bruce Deputy Governor of Dominica 4 November 1795.
    Thomson; EdinMarr; Ewen Jardine. 'The history of paper mills in Central Scotland'. IPH Yearbook vol.7 1988 81-93
  • STRACHAN, J. bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1781
    Charles Thomson's The history of Mahomet was printed for him in Edinburgh in 1781, Edin Dir 1780 gives one J. Strachan, John Strachan shoemaker Canongate-Head. He does not appear in Edin Dir 1782.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • STRACHAN, James bookseller and bookbinder Aberdeen
    School-hill 1804-23
    32 School Hill 1824-30
    Retired 1830, succeded in his business by Robert Wilson.
  • STRACHAN, James bookseller, stationer, bookbinder and circulating library Aberdeen
    63 Castle Street 1837
    60 Castle Street 1840-45
    Aberdeen 1846-48
    Published a number of songsters. There is a catalogue at the end of The flowers of anecdote 1840. Publisher of The Monthly Circular.
    Beavan; Chapbook Printers; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837
  • STRACHAN, John printer and bookseller Aberdeen
    Aberdeen 1779-80
    Printed and sold Herrnschmid's Life of Dr Martin Luther. Aberdeen, 1780.
    Beavan; NLS Impr Ind
  • STRACHAN, John papermaker Lasswade
    Kevock Mills 1847
    Edin Dir
  • STRACHAN, John papermaker Lasswade
    Kevock Mills 1847
    Edin Dir
  • STRACHAN, Peter bookbinder Aberdeen
    Broad Street 1822-24
    Peter Strachan and John Gellan 8 & 10 Long Acre 1824-25
    Started as an employee of George Clark.
  • STRACHAN, William stationer, bookseller and librarian Glasgow
    19 Oxford Street 1844-47
    stationer and newsagent 8 Warwick Street 1849
    Christian name from street directory Glas Dir 1844.
    Glas Dir
  • STRAITTOUN, John apprentice bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1676
    Son to Arthur Straittoun, Wryter, apprenticed to Archibald Hislop bookseller 21 June 1676.
  • STRAITON, John apprentice bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1750
    Son of William Straiton, tenant in Straiton, apprenticed to Samuel Graham bookbinder 14 March 1750.
  • STRANACK & STUART lithographic printers Aberdeen
    Chronicle Court, 10 Queen Street 1829
    The premises were afterwards occupied by the Lithographic Printing Office. It is not known what relationship, if any, this bore to Stranack & Stuart.
    Beavan; Schenck
  • STRANGE, Benjamin printseller and publisher Edinburgh
    31 George Street 1830-31
    Edin Dir
  • STRATON, William circulating library and grocer Dundee
    Hawkhill 1824
    Dundee 1824
  • STREET, Francis [F.] engraver Edinburgh
    97 High Street 1811-17
    209 High Street 1818-19
    81 High Street 1820-26
    97 High Street 1827
    84 High Street 1828-30
    and printer 105 High Street 1831-33
    118 High Street 1834-40
    'Chalmers Close' New Dir 1824. Dickson's Close Pigot 1837
    Edin Dir; Gray 1833; Pigot 1825; 1837; Bush.2
  • STUART, Andrew letter cutter Edinburgh
    10 Rankeillor Street 1845-46
    letter founders' punch cutter 7 Brown Street 1848-49
    8 Salisbury Street 1850-53
    Primrose Villa, Grange Road 1854-59
    Not in Edin Dir 1847
    Edin Dir
  • STUART [STEWART] George bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1712
    A little above the Cross 1713
    At the sign of the Book and Angel a little above the Cross (in the Parliament Close) 1713-22
    In the Parliament Close 1723-30
    Edinburgh 1734
    "Name occurs first as a bookbinder in the list of subscribers to Abercromby's Martial atchievements of the Scots nation. Edinburgh, 1711. Married Anna, daughter of James Edmondstoun, Writer, December 7th 1712." Bushnell; "Against the first of June next will be published, The history of affairs of Church and state in Scotland... by Alexander Bruce. the book is to be given out by... Mris Stewart, relict of George Stewart bookseller, at her house in Anderson's Land, in the West Bow." The Thistle 8 May 1734; George Stewart's will was registered 13 August 1745. Agent for Advocate's Library November 1717. Apprentices as bookbinders: George Halliday 19 November 1712; Thomas Mitchell 11 March 1713; Alexander Davidson 12 January 1715, Burgess 7 September 1720; Arthur Ross 7 May 1718, Burgess 14 April 1762; as booksellers John Murray 12 June 1717; James Bridie 21 August 1723; William Drummond 24 August 1726, Burgess 21 May 1735.
    NLS Impr Ind; EdinMarr; EdinPren; EdinBurg; EdinTest
  • STUART [STEWART] James historical and landscape engraver Edinburgh
    12 Hermitage-row 1820
    8 Hermitage Place, Stockbridge 1822
    19 Gilmore Place 1823-25
    historical engraver 18 Gilmore Place 1825-26
    20 Gilmore Place 1827-29
    engraver 8 South Bridge 1828-31
    63 North Bridge 1831-33
    Born in Edinburgh 1791. In 1833 he emigrated and went to Algoa Bay, where he died in 1863.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; Bush.2; DNB
  • STUART, James music seller Edinburh
    7 West Lauriston Place 1844-54
    1 Archibald Place 1855-61
    Edin Dir
  • STUART [STEWART] James bookseller Glasgow
    In the middle of the Salt-Mercat 1703-7
    James Stewart stationer Burgess and Guild brother by right of father 19 May 1698.
    GlasBurg; NLS Impr Ind
  • STUART, Matthew librarian Paisley
    Librarian of the Paisley library 51 Moss Street 1831
    Fowler 1831
  • STUART [STEWART] Ninian bookseller Irvine
    Irvine 1767-73
    NLS Impr Ind
  • STUART, Robert, & Co. foreign and English booksellers, stationers &c. Glasgow
    William Stewart 159 Ingram Street 1828
    Robert Stuart & Co same address 1835-47
    Eldest son of William Stuart, merchant in Glasgow. Born there 21 January 1812. Author of Caledonia Roman; Roman antiquities in Scotland. Glasgow 1845 and Views and notices of Glasgow in former times. Glasgow, 1848. Died of cholera 23 December 1848. 139 Ingram Street in trade index under Stationers Glas Dir 1847. Pigot 1837 says 150 Ingram Street.
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1837; DNB; biographical sketch of the author prefixed to the 1852 edition of Caledonia Romana
  • STUART, Thomas Ruddiman apprentice printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1770
    Thomas Ruddiman Stuart apprenticed to John Hutton & Co printers Edinburgh 1770
  • STUART, William foreign bookseller and stationer Glasgow
    159 Ingram Street 1828
    Robert Stuart & Co same address 1835
    William Stuart was educated for the ministry at the Universities of Glasgow and St Andrews, but family circumstances forced him into trade
    Glas Dir; DNB under his son Robert Stuart
  • STULE, Charles publisher Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1520?
    Compassio Beate Marie. [1520?] Aldis 18 has the colophon 'Impressum Edinburgi per Johannem Story nomine & mandato Karoli Stule'. Possibly the monk in the Abbey of Kilwinning who was incorporated in the University of Glasgow in 1519.
    Aldis 1904; STC
    39 South Bridge 1823-38
    4 St Andrew Square 1839
    24 George Street 1840
    2 St Andrew Square 1841-43
    24 George Street 1844-82
    25 George Street 1883-20th Century
    William Syme librarian 1794-1819; William Baxter librarian 1820-44; William T. M'Culloch 1847-48. The National Library of Scotland has a number of Catalogues of the Edinburgh Subscription Library, notably those for 1833 and 1846 and continuation volumes of 1866 and 1887. From these it seems that the library was formed on 11 November 1794. The collection was kept in the session house of Rose Street Chapel from 1794-1807, when it moved to South Bridge Street.
    Edin Dir
  • SUTCLIFFE, John lithographic artist Edinburgh
    and amateur painter 13 Brown Street 1845
    104 High Street 1846
    105 High Street 1847-48
    Names too late to be inserted in their proper places Edin Dir 1845.
    Edin Dir; Schenck
  • SUTHERLAND [W.A.] & KNOX [James] booksellers Edinburgh
    58 Princes Street 1845-47
    23 George Street 1848
    publishers same address 1849-54
    60 South Bridge 1860-61
    Edin Dir
  • SUTHERLAND, Alexander bookbinder Edinburgh
    Advocates Close, Luckenbooths 1807-12
    Old Post-Office Close 1815-19
    Royal Bank Close 1820-21
    214 High Street 1824
    Craig's Close High Street 1825
    Alexander Sutherland bookbinder and stationer Burgess in right of father William Sutherland shoemaker 24 June 1808; Guild Brother 22 March 1815.
    Edin Dir; EdinBurg; Pigot 1820; 1825
  • SUTHERLAND, Alexander newspaper office Edinburgh
    of the Observer house - 2 Ladyfield Place 1824
    Lieutenant Alexander Sutherland 6 Dewar Place 1825
    1 Grove Place 1826-28
    2 Grove Street 1829-30
    Editor of the Observer house - 2 Grove Street 1831
    New Dir 1824
    Edin Dir
  • SUTHERLAND, Alexander bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    12 Leith Street 1839-51
    Edin Dir
  • SUTHERLAND, Alexander bookseller Fraserburgh
    Frithside Street 1837
    Pigot 1837
  • SUTHERLAND, Daniel stationer Edinburgh
    13 Lothian Street 1822
    10 Lothian Street 1823-28
    22 Lothian Street 1829-33
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1825
  • SUTHERLAND, Daniel R. stationer Edinburgh
    130 High Street 1830-32
    95 South Bridge 1833-45
    95 South Bridge and 21 South Hanover Street 1846-47
    95 South Bridge 1848-54
    95 South Bridge and 21 South Hanover Street 1855-58
    21 South Hanover Street 1859-69
    106 George Street 1870
    & Co Gray 1834. Christian name Edin Dir 1844.
    Edin Dir; Pigot 1837
  • SUTHERLAND, Donald foreman printer Thurso and Wick
    W. Todd Thurso 1825-29
    Wick 1830-31
    John Mowat 'Books and Printing in Caithness' Records of the Glasgow Bibliographical Society vi 84-94 (1920)
  • SUTHERLAND, George bookseller &c. Arbroath
    219 High Street 1846
    Angus 1846
  • SUTHERLAND, George printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1794
    Married Janet daughter of James Finleyson labourer in Canongate Kirk 19 January 1794.
  • SUTHERLAND, James music sellers and stationers Edinburgh
    Music Seller to her Majesty North Bridge Street 1778
    at C. Elliot's Parliament Square 1780-82
    Sutherland and Co Br[idge] Str[eet] 1784
    James Sutherland Bridge Street 1786
    Music Seller to Her Majesty, North Bridge Street 1788
    'Late partner of Corri and Sutherland' will registered 3 June 1790.
    Edin Dir; EdinTest
  • SUTHERLAND, James stationer and artists colourman Edinburgh
    21 Hanover Street 1843
    and bookseller same address 1844
    stationer and artists colourman same address 1845
    Edin Dir
  • SUTHERLAND, James bookseller Golspie
    Golspie 1852
    Slater 1852
  • SUTHERLAND, John bookseller and grocer Aberdeen
    153 Gallowgate 1824-37
    51 Broad Street 1837
    3 Gallowgate 1840
    47 North Gallery New Market 1844
    Beavan; Pigot 1825; 1837
  • SUTHERLAND, John engraver and copperplate printer Aberdeen
    Crown Court Union Street 1824-25
    12 St Nicholas Street 1825
    Died 1826. Stock acquired by John Kiloh.
    Beavan; Pigot 1825; Bush.2
  • SUTHERLAND, John bookseller and bookbinder Aberdeen
    3 Gallowgate 1840
    Aberdeen 1841-53
    Almost certainly related to John Sutherland 1824-46, who was at the same Gallowgate address.
  • SUTHERLAND, John bookseller & library Coatbridge
    Coatbridge 1852
    Slater 1852
  • SUTHERLAND, John bookseller and circulating library Edinburgh
    Leith Street 1808
    27 Leith Street 1809-10
    9 Calton Street 1811-31
    12 Calton Street 1832-34
    and newsagent same address 1835
    newsagent same address 1836-44
    John Sutherland & Co same address 1845-59
    Burgess and Guild Brother in right of wife Christian daughter of Alexander Tweedie merchant 13 November 1817. and music seller Gray 1834; Edin Dir 1840. Printed Advertisement Edin Dir 1836-50.
    Edin Dir; EdinBurg; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837; William Chambers. Memoir of William and Robert Chambers. 12th ed. Edinburgh and London, 1883, pp.85-87
  • SUTHERLAND, John printer Edinburgh
    23 East Drummond Street 1836
    Gray 1836
  • SUTHERLAND, John bookseller Glasgow? or Dumbarton?
    Glasgow 1777
    Burgess and Guild Brother of Glasgow as married to Elizabeth daughter to Robert Colquhoun, Rector of the Grammar School of Dumbarton 20 February 1777.
  • SUTHERLAND, R.W. stationer, bookseller, engraver and printer Glasgow
    56 Argyll Street 1844
    Glas Dir
  • SUTHERLAND, Robert bookbinder Edinburgh
    Anchor Close 1828-31
    Edin Dir
  • SUTHERLAND, Robinson L. second-hand bookseller Edinburgh
    25 Heriot's Buildings 1846
    Probably a mistake for Robinson P. Sutherland
    Edin Dir
  • SUTHERLAND, Robinson P. second-hand bookseller Edinburgh
    Robinson L. Sutherland 25 Heriot Buildings 1846
    Robinson P. Sutherland old book and print seller 22 and 25 Heriot Buildings 1847-48
    22 Heriot's Buildings 1849-51
    Sutherland & Co 38 Heriot Buildings 1852
    R. P. Sutherland same address 1853-56
    22 Heriot Buldings 1858
    34 Heriot Buildings 1859-69
    There is confusion over the exact address. The street index Edin Dir 1847 gives 22 and 25 Heriot Buildings. The 2 and 25 in the general directory Edin Dir 1847 is obviously a misprint as is the 20 and 25 in that of Edin Dir 1848. The street index gives 32 in 1848, which seems unlikely. Not in Edin Dir 1857.
    Edin Dir
  • SUTHERLAND, Thomas book agent Aberdeen
    60 Gallowgate 1834
    33 Causewayend 1838
  • SUTHERLAND, William printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1794
    Married Elizabeth daughter of deceased Hugh Liddle Fountainbridge 21 April 1794.
  • SUTHERLAND, William bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    34 Nicolson Street 1821-22
    75 Nicolson Street 1823
    Edin Dir
  • SUTHERLAND, William printer Edinburgh
    3 Dalrymple Place, Carnegie Street 1824-25
    Edin Dir
  • SUTHERLAND, William bookseller and stationer Leith
    30 Bernard Street 1840
    29 Bernard Street 1845
    Edin Dir
  • SUTHERLAND, William S. stationer Leith
    30 Bernard Street 1838-40
    29 Bernard Street 1841-46
    bookseller and stationer same address 1847-48
    Edin Dir
  • SUTOR, James newspaper editor Inverness
    Church Street 1824-28
    Cowan; John Noble. Bibliography of Inverness Newspapers and Periodicals. Stirling, 1903.
  • SWAN, Alexander printer Dundee
    Advertiser Office, House 40 Perth Road 1846
    Dundee 1846
  • SWAN, Alexander printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1696
    Buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 8 August 1696.'his widow See Mary Robertson' [5 Mary Robertsons no indication of which].
    GreyBuri; EdinMarr
  • SWAN, George wholesale stationer Edinburgh
    of Thomas Whyte & Co Big Jack's Close 1849-62
    37 Abbey Hill 1863-64
    1 East Adam Street 1865-66
    8 East Adam Street 1867-70
    Edin Dir
  • SWAN, Joseph printer Dumfries
    77 English-street 1820
    Pigot 1820
  • SWAN, Joseph engraver and copperplate printer Glasgow
    124 Trongate 1818-20
    80 Trongate 1823-25
    161 Trongate 1828-34
    lithographer and lithographic printer 21 Royal Exchange and 161 Trongate 1837-40
    54 St Vincent Street 1841-43
    65 St Vincent Street 1844-52
    34 Bothwell Street 1853
    201 Buchanan Street 1854-57
    77 St Vincent Street 1858-59
    100 West George Street 1860
    76 Hill Street, Garnet 1861
    152 Renfrew Street 1862
    32 Dalhousie Street 1863
    36 Dalhousie Street 1864-69
    21 Sandyford Place 1871-72
    Born in Glasgow 11 November 1796. Said to have trained under John Beugo. Took over the business of Charles Dearie at 124 Trongate in 1818. Married firstly Margaret Thomson who died in 1836 and secondly on 25 October 1836, Helen Cumming. Published Select views of Glasgow and itd environs. Glasgow, 1828; Views of the Lakes of Scotland Glasgow,1834 and Perthshire illustrated Glasgow, 1843. Died 22 September 1872
    Glas Dir; Pigot 1820; 1825; 1837; Schenck; Johnst3
  • SWAN, Robert printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1682-1718
    Married Marion Flockhart [Fluikar] 13 October 1682. Appears in a humorous list in The Burgess Ticket of Buckhaven by Mother Greg. Edinburgh, 1689, and also in the 1695 edition. Children buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 6 December 1691; 3 January 1697; 11 February 1697. Married Cicill Bennet 12 August 1711. Robert Swan 'elder' printer married Janet Arnot, widow of Hugh Lin merchant 17 October 1718.
    GreyBuri; EdinMarr
  • SWANN-CLOSE, Edinburgh
    Printed and sold in the Swann-Close see DRUMMOND, Robert 1740-50.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • SWANSTON, G. engraver Edinburgh
    58 Leith Street 1836-37
    Gray 1836; 1837
  • SWANSTON [SWANSON], George H. engraver and map mounter Edinburgh
    1 South St David's Street 1848-50
    engraver, printer and lithographer 1 South St David Street and 1 Thistle Street 1851-53
    1 Thistle Street 1854-56
    Edin Dir
  • SWANSTOUN, William bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1704
    James Curry's Death to believers a passage to glory, was printed for him in Edinburgh in 1704.
    NLS Impr Ind
  • SWANSTON, William bookbinder Glasgow
    26 Nelson Street 1825
    Pigot 1825
  • SWINTOUN [SWINTON; SUINTON], George printer, bookseller and bookbinder Edinburgh
    At the Kirk Style at the signe of the Angel 1649
    George Swintoun In the Parliament Yard 1667-78
    Son to late James Swinton, apprenticed with Robert Bryson bookseller 18 January 1643. Married Elizabeth Scotto [sic] 24 January 1650; Burgess by right of wife Elspeith daughter to John Scott Master Wright 10 December 1651; Guild Brother 12 January 1653. Named among the debtors in Lithgow's inventory 1662, Bann.Misc.ii, 280. Probably one of the booksellers who in 1671 acquired the business of the Society of Stationers. One of A. Anderson's partners in the privilege and appointment as King's Printer in 1671. In virtue of his partnership Swintoun styled himself 'one of His Majesties Printers' and his name as printer is found alone and in partnership in books from 1667 to 1678. His share in the gift of King's Printer was bought by Robert Sanders of Glasgow in 1683. Children buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 3 March 1663; 21 March 1663; 5 September 1664; 13 June 1665; 22 December 1665; his son George 15 June 1668; a child 20 August 1668; and another 14 August 1670. Will registered of Elizabeth Scott relict of George Swinton stationer 13 April 1705. Apprentices: Andrew Scott 19 January 1653; Robert Lockhart 5 March 1656; Christopher Knowes (bookbinder) 6 February 1661; William Cunningham 9 August 1671.
    Watson p.12-13; Lee Appendix xxiv; AbP.xlvii.Aldis 1904; EdinPren; EdinBurg; GreyBuri; EdinTest
  • SWINTOUN, George and BROWN, Robert booksellers Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1654
    A. Anderson printed three books for them in 1654. It seems likely that they were not actually in partnership, but came together to share the expense of these books. In one case they appear as R. Broun and G. Swintoun.
    Aldis 1904
  • SWINTOUN, George and BROWN, Thomas printers Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1671
    They printed at least four books with this imprint in 1671.
    Aldis 1904
  • SWINTOUN, George and GLEN, James booksellers & printers Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1656-1674
    A. Anderson printed Peter English's translation of Galen's Method of Physick for Swintoun and Glen in 1656. They appear together as printers in 1667 once; in 1668 twice; in 1669 they printed a New Testament and two other books; five books in 1670; five in 1671; one in 1672; and one in 1674.
    Aldis 1904
  • SWINTOUN, George, GLEN, James and BROWN, Thomas printers Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1671-76
    These are probably the booksellers who purchased the printing house of the Society of Stationers in 1671. They were jointly concerned in the publication of Sir George Mackenzie's The laws of Scotland in matters criminal in 1678, and in April 1677 were granted the exclusive right of printing it for nineteen years. Some eight books during this period have this imprint. More have Swintoun & Glen, with T. Brown appearing as selling copies.
    Aldis 1904
  • SWINTON, James stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1679-87
    Married Grizel Cockburn 28 January 1679. A child buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 23 December 1687.
    EdinMarr; GreyBuri
  • SWINTOUN [SWINTON], John printer and stationer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1678-84
    Married Margaret Swintoun 22 August 1678. Printed The Whole Duty of Man [by Richard Allestree] in 1678; two works in 1679, one in association with Thomas Brown, and a Terence which exists in two issues, one with Swintoun's imprint and the other with Brown's; one item in 1660; and four in 1681. He Styles himself 'One of His Majesties Printers'. His wife Margaret Swinton buried in Greyfriars Churchyard 31 July 1684. Perhaps the heir of George Swintoun.
    EdinMarr; Aldis 1904; GreyBuri
  • SWINTON, William bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    1 North Bridge 1821-22
    Edin Dir
  • SWINTON, William fancy stationer and artists colourman Edinburgh
    60 Princes Street 1823-32
    John Mundell 'successor to William Swinton' same address 1833-40
    Burgess as apprentice to Thomas Brown bookseller and stationer (formerly engraver) 12 June 1820; apprenticed the same day as from 20 December 1808. Engraved advertisement in Edin Dir 1824 (trade card)
    EdinBurg; Edin Dir; Pigot 1825
  • SWORD, Alexander apprentice bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1639
    Son to Patrick Sword, Burgess of Stirling, apprenticed with Andrew Wilson bookseller 20 February 1639.
  • SYM, Andrew printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1818
    Elizabeth Begbie spouse of Andrew Sym printer to the Bank of Scotland buried at Restalrig age 75 4 December 1818.
  • SYM, James mathematical and optical instrument maker Glasgow
    Glasgow 1792
    Burgess and Guild Brother as serving apprentice with John Gardner, maltman and mathematical instrument maker 26 July 1792.
  • SYM, James bookbinder Perth
    Perth 1596
    Will registered 21 January 1595/96. Burgess in Perth.
  • SYM, William bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1510
    One of the 'merchandis' mentioned in Chepman's complaint 14 Jaanuary 1510 as importing books 'of Sarum use'.
    Aldis 1904
  • SYME, Robert printer Edinburgh
    62 Bristo Street 1824
    Edin Dir
  • SYME [SIME], Robert printer Edinburgh
    59 Bristo Street 1835-36
    3 Chapel Street 1836-42
    [C.] M'Pherson and [Robert] Syme East Rose Lane 1841
    31 East Rose Street 1842-44
    31 Rose Street 1845
    McPherson and Syme same address 1846-47
    12 South St David Street 1848-49
    Robert Syme same address 1850
    McPherson [Charles] and Syme same address 1851-61
    Robert Syme & Son 30 South Hanover Street 1863-77
    66 Rose Street Lane 1878-81
    Burgess in right of father Alexander Sim residenter; Guild Brother as apprentice to Murray & Cochrane printers 12 March 1830; apprenticed same day as from 23 April 1810. Not in 1846; 1862.
    Edin Dir; EdinBurg; Gray 1835; 1836; 1837
  • SYME, William circulating library Edinburgh
    Keeper of the Edinburgh Subscription Library, 37 South Bridge 1810
    39 South Bridge 1811-20
    Edin Dir
  • SYME, William printer Edinburgh
    10 Bristo Street 1837
    Gray 1837
  • SYMINGTON, James bookseller Edinburgh
    Alexander Lawrie, James Symington & Co. Edinburgh Circulating Library
    Parliament Square 1790-94
    James Symington Front of the Exchange 1794-97
    Parliament Square 1798
    24 Parliament Square 1799-1802
    Member of the Edinburgh Bookseller's Society 19 August 1790. Married Agnes daughter of Andrew Ready late engraver in Glasgow in Canongate Kirk 18 May 1793. Witness Thomas Brown bookseller Edinburgh. Burgess and Guild Brother 20 January 1801.
    NLS Impr Ind; Edin Dir; CanonMarr; EdinBurg; Sher. Edinburgh Booksellers
  • SYMINGTON, John bookseller Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1798
    Married Miss Rhodia [Rehodia] daughter of deceased James Liston farmer in Old Melrose 23 July 1798.
  • SYMINGTON, John & Co booksellers, stationers and publishers, importers of foreign books Glasgow
    81 Queen Street 1837-40
    Pigot 1837; Glas Dir
  • SYMMER [SYMER; SYMMERS], Mr Alexander merchant, bookseller and stationer Edinburgh
    Parliament Close 1720-34
    Edinburgh 1735-43
    Alexander Symmer and William Gordon Edinburgh 1743-45
    Burgess and Guild Brother 3 August 1813. Alexander Symmer's will was registered 2 January 1750, that of daughter Jean, spouse to Alexander Leirmonth merchant 30 September 1773. Apprentices: James Wilson 16 June 1725; James Blair 7 July 1731.
    NLS Impr Ind; EdinBurg; EdinTest; EdinPren
  • SYMON [LYMON], James printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1762
    Married Ann daughter to deceased John King maltman in Craill 24 January 1762.
  • SYMSON, Andrew printer and bookseller Edinburgh
    Printing office at the foot of the Horse Wynd in the Cowgate 1697-1711
    Shop at the West End of the High Exchange 1711
    Son of Andrew Symson 'Minister of God's Word', born about 1638, possibly in England. Andrew was the youngest son, was educated at Edinburgh High School and Edinburgh University and graduated in arts 19 July 1661. He had already at that date taken up a place as usher at Stirling Grammar School 2 March 1661. He was licenced to preach in January 1663 and settled in Kirkinner. This was the unhappy time when James II was persecuting the Ministers of the Church of Scotland and Symson was one of the young ministers sent to fill the gaps in the local ministry, and found himself preaching to an empty church. From time to time he had to hide, and eventually the Earl of Galloway took him into his own house for his protection. During this time he served as Clerk to the Synod of Galloway. At some time after he became Minister of Kirkinner, he married Jane Inglis. In a certificate of 15 October 1684, they had two sons over the age of 12, Andrew and David. The youngest son Matthias was born about 1672, and so does not appear on the certificate. On 12 January 1686 he was presented to the parish of Douglas. In 1689 he was outed by hs parishoners because he had been 'obtruded on them without their consent and lawfull call' and on 23 March 1692 the parish was declared vacant. Mr Andrew. Burgess and Guild Brother 'late Minister at Kirkinner, therafter at Douglas by right of admission of Bailie Alexr Baird 24 March 1697. "In 1700 Mr. Matthias Symson, a student in Divinity, set up a small house; but he, designed to prosecute his studies, left the house to his father, Mr. Andrew, one of the suffering clergy, who kept up the house till about a year ago (1712) that he died." Watson. The laws of Scotland in matters criminal. In 1700 he started printing on his own account. He frequently uses a monogram of the letters M and S, presumably a device cut for his son Matthias. Andrew Symson died 20 January 1712. EBS.iii.v. "Catalogues of Mr Symson's books will be publish'd next week, both of those to be exposed by auction and those to be exposed by lottery." Scots Post-Man 1 July 1712. The National Library of Scotland has Bibliotheca Symsoniana; a catalogue of books in the library of the late ... Andrew Symson. Edinburgh, 1712. Andrew Symson was the author or editor of a number of works, the most important being A large description of Galloway, not published until 1823. He printed his long poem Tripatriarchicon; or, The lives of the three patriarchs... digested into English in 1705. Apprentices: John Harvie 3 January 1707; Robert Fleming 8 February 1710, Guild Brother 31 August 1748. There is some biographical information in the manuscript notes to a copy of his A Letter from Mr Andrew Symson to Mr William Forbes (NLS MS Acc 9596).
    DNB [under Simson]; Watson 18; EdinBurg; Aldis 1904; NLS Impr Ind; W.J. Couper 'Andrew Symson: printer and poet' Scottish History Review xiii 47-67 (1916)
  • SYMSON, John bookseller and bookbinder Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1592-1604
    One of the complainers to the Town Council against John Norton 2 February 1592 for selling books retail. He married Rebecca Ritchie 10 August 1602. Among the debtors in E. Cathkin's inventory 1601; and that of Jonet Mitchelhill, wife of A. Hart 1604. Bann.Misc. ii,231,239.
    Aldis 1904; EdinMarr
  • SYMSON, Matthias printer Edinburgh
    Edinburgh 1700
    See SYMSON, Andrew and DNB
  • TAIL, Peter bookbinder Glasgow
    Glasgow 1764-67
    Apprentices: William Dun apprenticed to Peter Tail bookbinder Glasgow 1764; James Mewer apprenticed to Peter Tail bookbinder Glasgow 7 August 1767. Could this possibly be Peter Tait or Trail?
  • TAIN printed for the booksellers See Kenneth DOUGLAS 1820-52
  • TAINSH [TEINSH], Alexander bookseller Perth
    St John Street 1820
    58 St John Street 1825
    Pigot 1820; 1825

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