About the directory of US and Canadian newspaper holdings

The directory of US and Canadian newspaper holdings in Scottish libraries was created to promote and facilitate access to the rich holdings of North American interest in many Scottish libraries.

It brings together information on holdings of all US and Canadian newspaper holdings, including single issues and microforms.

This resource is the work of the North American Studies Group, a group of librarians and academic staff set up under the auspices of the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL).

It was decided to err on the side of inclusion, and the list therefore contains news magazines and some other titles that possibly do not meet the strictest definition of a newspaper. It also includes items of North American interest published outside North America.

Of particular interest to researchers will be those items held by Scottish Libraries which are additional to the British Library's collections. An Asterisk (*) denotes items which are not listed in 'United States and Canadian Holdings in the British Library Newspaper Library' by Jean Kemble and Pam Das (The British Library, Eccles Centre for American Studies, 1996).

The directory is updated regularly.


US and Canadian newspaper holdings directory

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