Manuscript Purchases

  • Six miscellaneous Scottish documents, 16th and 17th century: 1) copy of document setting up the Christian League, 1585 (with 19th century transcript); 2) losses of Aberdeen in the Civil War period, presented at the Convention of Royal Burghs, 1695; 3) Reply to the Western Remonstrance, 1650, Perth; 4) Protest of the Supplicants against the Privy Council, 1637; 5) Account of the Scots Corporation, ca.1695; 6) Account of celebrations in Edinburgh on the anniversaries of the King's birthday and restoration, 1681.
    Acc 11955
  • 'The humble complaint of Geo. Eglisham Doctor of Physicke' addressed to Charles I, 1626. With typescript transcription.
    Acc 11944
  • 'Practiques of the Law of Scotland', containing 'Actes of parliament ordine alphabetico anent Crymes'; 'Practickes re land', 1666; and 'The ordinarie forme of proces befor the Lordes of Sessione', 1669.
    Acc 11941
  • Letter, 1676, of Ralph Hebburne to Henry, Earl of Ogle, at Newcastle House, London, on the suppression of conventicles on the Border, and on the Covenanters' tactics for evading the authorities and the need for firm action by Lauderdale.
    Acc 11953
  • Letter, 1682, of John Calderwood to Abel Swayle ordering books for stock and mentioning particularly a work by William Lorimer.
    Acc 11947
  • Collection of miscellaneous letters, 1743-1833. Writers include Henry Mackenzie, Thomas Chalmers and W M Hetherington; and correspondence of David Stewart Erskine, 11th Earl of Buchan.
    Acc 11963
  • Warrant, 1746, summoning James Douglas, 14th Earl of Morton, to attend the trials for High Treason of Lords Kilmarnock, Cromartie and Balmerino.
    Acc 11958
  • Papers relating to the Tibbets family of Edinburgh, ca.1768-1857, including documents connected with the visit of King George IV, 1822.
    Acc 11964
  • Letter, 1783, of John Spottiswoode, younger of Spottiswoode, to his father on legal cases in Edinburgh and political affairs in London and mentioning the manuscript of a dictionary.
    Acc 12036
  • Letters, 1787, to Charles Macintosh, chemist, when he was in France on a business trip to promote the sale of cudbear dye, to observe contemporary manufacturing techniques of French dyers, and to gain wider experience of European markets and to learn the language; with one letter relating to Macintosh's horticultural interests.
    Acc 11949
  • Volume, compiled at various dates up to 1789, containing obituaries, funeral orations and biographical notes of and concerning James III, the Old Pretender, his wife and sons, and of the Duchess of Albany, daughter of Prince Charles Edward Stuart. Modern historical notes are enclosed.
    Acc 11952
  • Correspondence and papers, 1790-1838, of Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville and Robert Saunders Dundas, 2nd Viscount Melville, on Indian affairs.
    Acc 12001
  • Letter, 1792, of R C Chilton to R Corbould on his continental travels, mentioning especially the scenery of Switzerland.
    Acc 11996
  • Letter, 1795, of James Taylor, bookbinder in Edinburgh to William Walker, writer in Dundee, concerning a debt due to him.
    Acc 12009
  • Bill, 1798, of James Stott to Alexander Gordon for various optical goods and scientific instruments.
    Acc 11948
  • Journal, 1800-09, of Private William Newman, 3rd Foot Guards, recording his experiences in Egypt, Germany and Denmark, the manuscript breaking off with his voyage to Spain.
    Acc 12054
  • Collection of letters, ca.1801-38, from various artists, musicians and men of letters to Alexander Ballantyne, together with various Ballantyne family documents and a letter of James Ballantyne, 1822, offering his brother Alexander employment with the Ballantyne Press in Edinburgh.
    Acc 11961
  • Correspondence and papers, 1801-55, of or relating to Mungo Park (1771-1806), the West African explorer, and to his family.
    Acc 12055
  • Account [1803] of a quarrel and the resulting duel between two officers of the 78th Highlanders near Ahmadnagar, India, including a statement by the surviving party.
    Acc 11967
  • Volume of case papers, ca.1806, for the presentation case in the impeachment of Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville.
    Acc 11974
  • Journal in three volumes, 1808-9, 1812-13, of Captain James Stirling, 42nd Royal Highlanders, describing his service in Spain, the Low Countries and once again in the Peninsula and in South-West France.
    Acc 12037
  • Letter, 1809, of Sylvester Douglas, 1st Baron Glenbervie, on genealogical work concerning his family.
    Acc 11980
  • Letter, 1810, of Lieutenant-General Sir John Stuart, KB, Count of Maida, to Garter King of Arms on his wish for an appropriate augmentation of honour on his shield.
    Acc 11959
  • Letter, 1817, of Captain Basil Hall to Sir Hudson Lowe, Governor of St Helena, sending a copy of a work of his father (Sir James Hall, Bt) for the use of 'the man of the Mountains', i.e. Napoleon.
    Acc 11985
  • Letter, 1821, of Thomas Graham, 1st Baron Lynedoch, to his factor at Lynedoch giving his observations on river and canal defences in Spain and their possible application on his estate.
    Acc 11981
  • A heavily annotated copy of Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, Peerage of Scotland, 2nd edn., ed. John Philp Wood (Edinburgh 1813); the annotation, ca.1821-60, being the work of the genealogist and author of family histories, Alexander Sinclair.
    Acc 12047
  • Letter, 1822, of Sir David Wilkie to Samuel Dobreé, on matters relating to the Royal Academy exhibition and mentioning his work on his 'Chelsea Pensioners reading the Gazette of the Battle of Waterloo'.
    Acc 11986
  • Letter, 1830, of Peter Buchan to William Motherwell describing a visit to Abbotsford and discussing sales of his collection of ballads.
    Acc 11954
  • Twelve drawings, 1831, of David Roberts made for his projected part-work, 'The Antiquities of Scotland', nine of the drawings being etched for this set in extremely limited numbers.
    Acc 11990
  • Letter, 1832, of Major Walter Scott, later 2nd Baronet of Abbotsford, to Captain Pigott, RN, describing his father's increasing illness and his hurried journey home from Italy.
    Acc 11975
  • Timetable and fares, 1832, for travel on the North Mail, Defiance, Star and Caledonian or Highland coaches in the north of Scotland.
    Acc 12025
  • Diary, 1837, of Alexander Ballantyne.
    Acc 11960
  • Sketch and description, n.d., by Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe of an alleged 'antiquity' from Trinity College Church, Edinburgh, the drawing of the monumental effigy being presented as a joke by Sharpe to David Laing.
    Acc 12048
  • Sketchbook of a Scottish tour, 1839, by Elizabeth Caroline Fussell.
    Acc 12041
  • Letter, 1841, of the artist John Alexander Gilfillan (1793-1863) to a potential purchaser of his pictures, to be sold by lottery, prior to his emigration to New Zealand.
    Acc 12011
  • Letter, 1842, of William Gregory, Professor of Chemistry at Aberdeen, about his work, circumstances and lack of resources.
    Acc 11976
  • Letter, 1862, of Sir David Brewster discussing the validity of René Prudent Dagron's patent relating to the development of microscopic photography.
    Acc 11965
  • Two journal-letters, 1865, of R(obert) M(ichael) Ballantyne from the Bell Rock Light, with two watercolour paintings of the lighthouse, one showing the building from the reef, the other being an interior view; with two other letters of Ballantyne, 1864-5, on lifeboats, and a quantity of later letters of R M Ballantyne, his family and friends.
    Acc 11962
  • Collection of letters, 1896-1903, of William Sharp to John Macleay, with one to W B Yeats, all concerning the writing and literary activities of 'Fiona Macleod', the letters being written either by Sharp in his own persona or in that of his alter ego Macleod.
    Acc 11972
  • Twelve letters, 1896-1908, of Neil Munro to John Macleay.
    Acc 11973
  • Four letters, 1900-02, of Jack Hunt, a private soldier of, or attached to, the 1st Battalion Scots Guards, in the Boer War.
    Acc 11983
  • Typescript, with corrections by the author, of The Passionate Elopement by Compton Mackenzie, published 1911.
    Acc 11966
  • A collection of 51 documents, 1915-17, in Russian relating to Sir Robert H Bruce Lockhart's activities as British Vice-Consul in Moscow, and to current Russian politics.
    Acc 11970
  • Autograph manuscript of a story or book chapter, n.d. (ca.1920) by John Buchan entitled 'Other Gods'.
    Acc 11946
  • Letter, 1922, of Douglas, 1st Earl Haig, to the Headmaster of Clifton College, on Old Cliftonian matters and referring with distaste to the War Office.
    Acc 11984
  • Two letters, 1929, 1937, of Sir Hugh Walpole, the latter concerning his reading of James Grant's novel Bothwell and on Walpole's juvenile rewriting of its ending.
    Acc 11995
  • Additional papers of Sorley MacLean, ca.1931-90, including university notes, correspondence and literary papers.
    Acc 12022
  • Typescript, 1952, of 'The Lass Wi' the Muckle Mou', a play by Alexander Reid.
    Acc 12002
  • Typescript, n.d., of five poems and an article, 1963, of Robin Fulton.
    Acc 12005
  • Letter, ca.1964-6, of Wendy Wood concerning a speaking engagement and her need to ask for a fee.
    Acc 11989
  • Corrected typescript, ca.1968, of 'At the Shrine o the Unkent Sodger' by Tom Scott.
    Acc 12034
  • Colour and black and white photographs, 1970-2001, of Scottish authors taken by Gordon Wright
    Acc 11988
  • Photocopies of nine letters, 1972-8, of C M Grieve ('Hugh MacDiarmid') to Henry Mair.
    Acc 11938
  • Letter, 1973, of C M Grieve ('Hugh MacDiarmid').
    Acc 12012
  • Letter, 1975, of C M Grieve ('Hugh MacDiarmid') concerning publication of his poem 'The White Rose of Scotland'.
    Acc 12030
  • Correspondence, with some drafts of works, 1975-2000, of Professor A D S Fowler, FBA.
    Acc 12015
  • Musicological correspondence and other material, ca.1980-2000, of Michael Bonaventure.
    Acc 11979
  • Literary correspondence, 1982-97, of Sam Gilliland.
    Acc 11992
  • Papers, 1989-91, of Chapman, including corrected typescripts, proofs, and editorial correspondence.
    Acc 11978
  • Literary correspondence, 1999-2001, of William Neill.
    Acc 11968
  • Correspondence, 2001-01, manuscript drafts and typescripts relating to MacDiarmid's Disciple by Henry Mair.
    Acc 12033

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