Manuscript Donations

  • A collection of letters, papers and formal documents, 1679-1815 relating mostly to the Scottish universities and to the Church of Scotland; with two letters on antiquarian matters, 1787-8, to the 11th Earl of Buchan.
    Acc 12133
  • Miscellaneous letters, 1757-72, of and to Walter, William & Robert Brisbane, merchants, Glasgow & Ayr; with some other unrelated letters and papers.
    Acc 12062
  • Incomplete journal, ca.1780, of a tour in Scotland.
    Acc 12061
  • Five letters, 1789-97, of Sylvester Douglas, later Lord Glenbervie, to his sister and brother-in-law, Katherine and James Mercer, Aberdeen.
    Acc 12129
  • Calligraphic copy, 1816, by one J.F.G. of Dunbar, of the poems of Hector MacNeill.
    Acc 12145
  • Etching, 1819, by Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, parodying a painting by Van Dyck of the children of Charles I.
    Acc 12140
  • Diaries and letter books, 1820-1884, of Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Malcolm and other members of the Malcolm of Burnfoot family including his sons, George and Pulteney Malcolm.
    Acc 12150
  • Letter and two geological drawings, 1825, by James Hall of Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh.
    Acc 12165
  • Photocopies of sale catalogues, 1834, 1835 and 1845, of paintings and drawings by the late Thomas Stothard, RA.
    Acc 12161
  • Album, 1835, of Eliza Boothby containing verses and drawings by various hands, being the former property of the family of Robert Boothby, Baron Boothby.
    Acc 12164
  •  Photocopy of a journal, 1836, of a tour in northern France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland by a member of the Fletcher family.
    Acc 12117
  • A collection of holograph George Borrow manuscripts, manuscripts of others in the Borrow circle, photographs of similar material, and extensive notes on Borrow by Sir Angus Fraser. Also a heavily annotated copy of Collie & Fraser, George Borrow: a bibliographical guide (1984). [Accompanying a large bequest of George Borrow printed material.]
    Acc 12091
  • Photocopy of a journal, 1863, largely of a visit to Rome but mentioning also places in Campania, etc.
    Acc 12118
  • Photocopy of a transcript of a journal, 1883, of a voyage from Glasgow to Queensland by Margaret Hinshelwood.
    Acc 12149
  • 'The Forres Affair: the Rector and the School Board', being a study of an educational dispute in Forres, 1888 and the career of David M J James (1855-1929).
    Acc 12151
  • Minute books and other records of Buteshire, 1892-1918, Kilmarnock, 1901-23, and Ardrossan, 1908-29, Liberal Associations.
    Acc 12089
  • Collection of Socialist and left wing pamphlets, 1902-89, and newspaper cuttings on the industrial relations in the 1970s and 1980s, collected and rranged by Ian S Wood and used in his research.
    Acc 12155
  • Transcript of the diaries of Eric H M Robertson (1887-1941) from 1907 to 1924 describing his art work and other activities, and artistic life in Edinburgh; with indexes to the diaries and biographical notes on persons mentioned in the texts.
    Acc 12121
  • Minutes and other papers, 1909-97, of the Graphical, Paper and Media Union, Edinburgh Branch, and predecessor bodies.
    Acc 12160
  •  Concert programmes, photographs, correspondence, newspaper-cuttings and other papers, ca.1913-1970s, of and relating to Joseph Hislop, (1883-1977).
    Acc 12088
  • A letter, 1914, of Sir Ernest Shackleton to J F Paton, Alloa, seeking financial support for his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.
    Acc 12115
  • Photograph album compiled by Margaret Marx of the Scottish Women's Ambulance Corps/Scottish Women's Hospitals work in Romania and Russia, 1916-17. With copies of documents relating to Miss Patricia Walker (later Mrs Orr) of the Corps.
    Acc 12090
  • Letters, 1918-36 and n.d., of David Barnett, Lady Stair's House Museum, Edinburgh, to Mary Merkley, Williamsburg, Ontario, Canada, on matters relating to Robert Burns, together with a lock of the hair of Burns's widow Jean Armour and a copy of the deed relating to the Glenriddell Manuscripts.
    Acc 12119
  • Records, 1925-75, of the Scottish Sunday School Union for Christian Education; with some additional related papers, ca.1900-16.
    Acc 12132
  • School Science exercise book, 1932, of Muriel Camberg, later Spark.
    Acc 12148
  • Papers and correspondence, 1937-1999, of John Dunlop regarding his membership of the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War.
    Acc 12087
  • Two volumes of a war diary, 1943-46, of Lt David Black Barclay, RA, in North Africa and Italy, together with a sketchbook, 1943-44. An earlier volume of poetry written by D B Barclay and a nature record kept by his wife Annie, 1947-48, accompany the wartime papers.
    Acc 12181
  • Letter, 1980, and manuscript of a poem, 1944, of George Bruce.
    Acc 12141
  • Notebook, entitled 'Library List', with entries of books required, of Mary Robson, Aberdeen, 1946.
    Acc 12106
  • Letter, 1947, of Susan, Lady Tweedsmuir, referring to the autobiographies of her late husband, John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, and his sister, O Douglas.
    Acc 12156
  • Literary and personal papers, ca.1950-2000 of Dorothy Dunnett, including research notes, typescripts and proofs of her novels, correspondence, and papers relating to her involvement in various cultural and business organizations.
    Acc 12135
  • Additional correspondence and papers of Ruari Maclean, 1951-98, mostly with designers and typographers.
    Acc 12125
  • Further papers, ca.1960-1980 of Sir Alastair M Dunnett.
    Acc 12136
  • Copy of Edwin Muir, The Estate of Poetry (1962), with a letter, 1962, of T S Eliot, and a letter, 1963, of Helen Sutherland, both to Willa Muir, and two other Muir volumes.
    Acc 12172
  • Records, 1968-80, of Club Leabhar Ltd, Inverness and Stornoway, Gaelic and Highland publisher.
    Acc 12124
  • Correspondence and papers, 1969-76, of the Gaelic language campaigning group Comunn na Canain Albannaich (Scottish Language Society).
    Acc 12130
  • Papers, ca.1975-1999, of the late Clive Wainwright, PhD, FSA, relating to Sir Walter Scott and to the furnishing and decoration of Abbotsford.
    Acc 12077
  • Letter, 1978, of Frank Thompson to Sorley MacLean.
    Acc 12163
  • Correspondence, 1985-99, and a small number of manuscripts and typescripts, c.1996-2001, of Alasdair Gray.
    Acc 12108
  • Eight photographs, 1989, of David Morrison and Bet Low.
    Acc 12131
  • Typescript, c.1991, of 'Confessions of a Justified Librarian' by David Morrison.
    Acc 12126
  • Minutes, correspondence and papers, 1993-2002, of Engender.
    Acc 12147
  • Letters and poems, 1993-2000, of George Bruce, and papers of Ian McNab concerning George Bruce and Fraserburgh.
    Acc 12186
  • Papers and letters, 1994-8, of George Bruce, with some letters of Elizabeth Cumming concerning a proposed work on her husband, James Cumming.
    Acc 12185
  • Manuscript version, with art-work, of Andrew Winton, Twenty most favourite songs of Burns: with music, words and notes on the lasses to whom they were written (London, 1998).
    Acc 12138
  • Declaration, 2000, of the Million Children of Scotland (in one volume).
    Acc 12069
  • Copy of article, 2001, by R. Ian Elder entitled 'The Young Scots Society: a lost liberal legion'.
    Acc 12097
  • Research papers of the author for Michael McManus, Jo Grimond: Towards the Sounds of Gunfire (Edinburgh 2001).
    Acc 12123
  • Entries, 2001, to 'Wanted Poets', a writing competition for Midlothian Primary Schools.
    Acc 12137
  • Typescript and revised typescript of, and readers' reports on The Kingship of the Scots 842-1292 by A A M Duncan, 2002, together with notes on the genesis of the book and the text of a speech given by the author at the launch.
    Acc 12179
  • 'Alexander Barclay, (1785-1864): spokesman for the Jamaican plantocracy', a study by Ruth Jennings, 2002.
    Acc 12084
  • Corrected typescript, 2002, of Joan Lingard's 'The Kiss'.
    Acc 12094
  • Manuscripts and typescripts, 2002, of poems and short stories of Trevor Morrison.
    Acc 12067
  • Fourteen volumes of press cuttings, various dates.
    Acc 12187

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