Co-operative collecting

The National Library Of Scotland has always sought to use the legal deposit privilege responsibly, and within the wider framework of the collecting policies of the British Library, the National Library of Wales, and the university legal deposit libraries of Oxford, Cambridge and Trinity College Dublin.

Co-operative acquisition programmes, which share responsibilities for the acquisition and retention of certain types of material, particularly serials, have been established through the work of the Standing Committee on Legal Deposit and the Legal Deposit Libraries Committee. Work on implementing the extension of legal deposit to include non-print materials is undertaken jointly between the legal deposit libraries and publishers in the Joint Committee on Legal Deposit.


Scottish libraries

NLS policies are developed in close conjunction with the requirements of Scotland's other research libraries, with which NLS has close and active co-operative links through the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL).

Closer links with Scotland's public libraries and other libraries with local collections have been developed with the agreement of the Scottish Copy: Collaborative Print Retention Policy (PDF: 2 pages, 11 KB).


Collection policy

Copies of the Library's legal deposit collection policy document are available on request.


British collections

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