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Green MSP opens environment committee

Press release issued by the Scottish Green Party, 30 June 1999


The UK's first Green Parliamentarian, Robin Harper will today chair the first meeting of the Scottish Parliament's Transport and Environment committee. Robin Harper will take the opportunity to outline the Greens' priorities on the environment in the Parliament's first year.

Robin Harper MSP said:
'I am delighted to be kicking off the Transport and Environment committee's first sitting. My membership of this committee is a significant opportunity for greens in Scotland because the protection of our environment can now be championed in the heart of government.'

Last Thursday in a session to agree the membership of all committees, the Parliament debated and agreed an amendment appointing Robin Harper to the Transport and Environment. The honour of opening the committee proceedings then fell to Harper as the most senior committee member.

'The power of committees to propose legislation to the Parliament will mean an opportunity to put forward new ideas and thinking on the environment,' said Harper. 'As priorities Greens want see minimisation of pollution and waste, enhancement of Scotland's wildlife and countryside and a properly integrated transport policy.'

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