Scottish Political Press Releases — Student Tuition Fees

Fall in student applications
'Abolition of tuition fees essential'

Press release issued by the Scottish National Party, 21 July 1999


Commenting on the drop of 5.4 per cent in the number of prospective students who applied to Scottish universities and higher education colleges this year, the Shadow Minister for Enterprise & Lifelong Learning Mr John Swinney MSP said:

'These figures prove that the imposition of tuition fees is damaging the Scottish higher education system, and acting as a barrier to entry.

'A majority of MSPs were elected on clear manifesto commitments to scrap tuition fees - including SNP, Lib Dem, and Tory — and it is essential that this majority is given expression to and acted upon.

'These final application figures show that tuition fees are a threat to the Scottish four-year honours degree, and are putting people off from applying to Scottish universities and colleges. Tuition fees must go — and these figures step up the pressure on the Lib Dems to honour their manifesto promise and vote to scrap fees.'

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