The National Library of Scotland's collections of both print and non-print materials, with those of the other legal deposit libraries, form part of the national published archive. In this framework, the Library has primary responsibility to obtain for preservation all works, however ephemeral, either published in Scotland or of Scottish association, and to provide access to them. The legal deposit collections of Scottish material play an important part in the Library's aim to act as the international focus for the record of Scotland, as well as providing a major resource within Scotland and the United Kingdom generally.


Comprehensive collecting policy

We make considerable efforts to ensure that material is collected as comprehensively as possible, within the resources available and taking account of the difficulties in identifying local publications.

As well as commercial publications, we collect the publications of charities, societies, academic bodies, and other major Scottish institutions. We also collect items which are often considered ephemeral — such as election leaflets, festival programmes, tourist leaflets, church newsletters, and poetry pamphlets. See, for example:

Co-operative collecting

NLS is currently involved with the Scottish Libraries Information Council and with other libraries throughout Scotland in looking at co-operative collecting, and in developing a National Strategy for Scottish Materials, which will in the long term improve coverage and access to the whole range of publications of Scottish interest.

Individuals and organisations publishing their own material and wishing to find out more about legal deposit are invited to contact the Acquisitions Team.


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