Current polar serials

This is a list of those titles of polar serials (with their shelfmarks) which are currently taken by the National Library of Scotland. You can find details of the holdings of particular titles by doing a 'journal title' search in the main catalogue. You can also search there for details of the holdings of titles which are no longer current.

  • 'Annals of Glaciology ' [SJ8.844]
  • 'Antarctic Science' [SSL PER]
  • 'Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research' [SJ8.2614]
  • 'Arktika i Antarktika' [GB/A.3764]
  • 'Frozen Ground ' [SJ8.1836]
  • 'Ice' [HJ8.1155]
  • 'Inuit Studies' [GB/A.2239]
  • 'Meddelelser om Grønland: Bioscience' [GB/A.1819]
  • 'Meddelelser om Grønland: Geoscience' [GB/A.1818]
  • 'Meddelelser om Grønland: Man and Society' [GB/A.1820]
  • 'Membership News' (Dr Frederick A Cook Society) [GB/B.1724]
  • 'Nimrod: the journal of the Ernest Shackleton Autumn School' [HJ3.3195]
  • 'Polar and Glaciological Abstracts' [SJ8.1000]
  • 'Polar Geography' [GB/B.636]
  • 'Polar Log' [SJ8.3384]
  • 'Polar Priorities': occasional publication of the Dr Frederick A Cook Society [GB/B.1723]
  • 'Polar Record' [SJ9.485]
  • 'Polar Research' [GB/A.2561]
  • 'Polar Whispers' [SJ8.2099]

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