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A selection of items we recently added to the mounaineering and polar collections at the National Library of Scotland. Last updated: 9 May 2011.

  • 'Le Alpi: il grande dizionario'. 10 vols. (Ivrea, 2007) [GB/B.2051]
  • 'Alpinismo: 250 anni di storia I di cronache', by Armando Scandellari. (Milan, 2009) [GB/A.4539]
  • 'Arctic: The complete story', by Richard Sale. (London, 2008) [GB/B.2038]
  • 'Berg-Sucht: Eine Kulturgeschichte des fruhen Alpinismus, 1750-1850', by Martin Scharfe. (Wien, 2007) [GB/A.4542]
  • 'Blue Mountains climbing', by Simon Carter et al. (Blackheath, NSW, 2010) [GB/A.4458(7)]
  • Klatzel book cover
    'Cheddar Gorge climbs', by Martin Crocker. (Bristol, 2009) [GB/A.4557(4)]
  • 'Cien clásicas de España: Escalades imprescindibles', by Alfredo Merino y Jose Luis Rubayo. (Madrid, 2010) [GB/B.2045(4)
  • 'Gaiety of spirit: The sherpas of Everest', by Frances Klatzel. (Kathmandu, 2009) [GB/B.2045(2)]
  • 'Great endeavour: Ireland's Antarctic explorers', by Michael Smith. (Cork, 2010) [GB/B.2046]
  • Ehrlich book cover
    'In the empire of ice: Encounters in a changing landscape', by Gretel Ehrlich. (Washington, DC,) [GB/A.4535]
  • 'Lacs et sommets des Corse', by Alain Gautier. (Ajaccio, 2010) [GB/B.2040]
  • 'Lieutenant Nobu Shirase and the Japanese Antarctic expedition of 1910-1912: a bibliography', by Chet Ross. (Santa Monica, 2010) [GB/A.4562]
  • 'Marmolada: South face', by Maurizio Giordani. (Milan, 2008) [GB/A.4553(3)]
  • 'Minya Konka: Schneeberge im Osten Tibets: die Entdeckung des Alpin-Paradieses', by Michael Brandtner. (Hamburg, 2006) [GB/B.2057]
  • 'Montes de Navarra', by Juan Mari Feliu. (Bilbao, 2007) [GB/A.4552(4)]
  • 'Mountains of Africa', by Duncan Souchon. (Cape Town, 2007) [GB/B.2036]
  • 'Murder in the high Himalaya: Loyalty, tragedy and escape from Tibet', by Jonathan Green. (New York, 2010) [GB/A.4534]
  • Herve book cover
    'Presumptuous Pinnacle ladies: A selection from the early journals of Britain's first women's rock climbing club'. (Disley, 2009) [GB/A.4536]
  • 'Rossiiskie kolumby: Mezenskie poliarnye morekhody I zemleprokhodtsy: XVI-nachalo XX veka', by N A Okladnikov. (Arkhangel'sk, 2008) [GB/A.4537]
  • 'Scott's last  biscuit: The literature of polar travel', by Sarah Moss. (Oxford, 2006) [GB/A.4568(4)]
  • 'The Scramble for the Arctic: Ownership, exploitation and conflict in the far north', by Richard Sale. (London, 2010) [HB2.211.1.1122]
  • 'Sehnsucht nach den Bergen: Schriftstellerinnen im Gebirge', edited by Florence Herve. (Berlin, 2008) [GB/A.4533]
  • 'Switchbacks: True stories from the Canadian Rockie', by Sid Marty. (Toronto, 2001) [GB/A.4556(1)]
  • Abalakov book cover
    'Triumf i tragediia velikogo alpinista', by A E Abalakov. (Moscow, 2007) [GB/A.4554(3)]
  • 'Vise od Everest : Hrvatska zenska ekspedicija na vrh svijeta', by Darko Berljak. (Zagreb, 2009) [GB/A.4523]
  • 'Voyages autour du monde et vers les deux poles par terre et par mer, pendant des années 1767. 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1773, 1774 & 1776', by M de Pagès. 2 vols. (Paris, 1782) [GB/A.4559-4560]

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