Cultural organisations and theatre archives

Poster for 'Sailmaker' play
 A poster from the
Traverse Theatre

The great modern renaissance of Scottish cultural activities is reflected in large deposits of their organisational archives from:

  • The Saltire Society
  • The Scottish Arts Council
  • The Edinburgh International Festival Society
  • The Edinburgh International Film Festival.

In addition to personal papers of playwrights and actors, for example those of Robert Kemp, Robert MacLellan, Sydney Goodsir Smith, O H Mavor ('James Bridie'), Alistair Sim and Douglas Young, very significant accessions of theatre archives have been received.

In particular we hold large (and continuing) deposits from the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh — for long a nursery of new drama — but also from the Gateway and Lyceum theatres, Edinburgh.

The Scottish Theatre Archive at Glasgow University also holds large accessions of Scottish theatre material.


Manuscript collections


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