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Details of sporting archives in the National Library of Scotland collections. Quoting the reference in square brackets will help us find these items for you more quickly if you visit NLS to consult them.

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  • Thomas Kincaid
    Diary, 1687-1688 [Adv.MS.32.7.7]
  • Royal Company of Archers
    Numerous Diplomas and Acts of Admission, 1716-1888
    Printed notice of the Royal Company of Archers, 1877-1878 [MS.8102, ff.117-18]


  • Trinity Bowling Club, Edinburgh
    Minutes and accounts, 1855-1967 [Acc.9456]
  • Wardie Bowling Club, Edinburgh
    Minutes and accounts, 1929-1970 [Dep.330]
    Minutes and accounts, 1978-1998 [Acc.12000]
  • Waterstonian Bowling Club, Edinburgh
    Minute book and scrapbook, 1933-1967 [Acc.12235/358-9]


  • Records of the Lothians Coursing Club, 1926-1966 [Acc.11601]


  • Baroness Lynedoch
    Diary, detailing cricket matches in Perthshire involving her husband, Thomas Graham, Baron Lynedoch , 1785 [MS.3630]
  • J F Campbell of Islay
    Sketch depicting 'new method' bowling, 1876 [Adv.MS.50.4.11, ff.79-80]
  • Letters and photographs of Scottish cricketers, 1889 [Acc.9105]
  • Leith Franklin Cricket Club
    Records, 1912-1988 [Acc.10361, Acc.12670]
  • Brunswick Cricket Club
    Records, 1915-1973 [Acc.9106]
  • Carnoustie Cricket Club
    Account book, 1911 [Acc.8802, no.124]


  • Sir John Foulis of Ravelston
    Account books mention curling in Edinburgh 1686-1688 [MS.6154-5]
  • Duddingston Curling Society
    Song for the Duddingston Curling Society, 1817 [MS.1878, f.26]
  • Mortonhall Curling Club
    Records, 1868-1917 [MSS.24652-5]
  • Pinkerton of Littlepark
    Letters and programmes relating to the Caledonian Curling Club's tour of Canada, 1950s [Acc.8802, nos.88-90]
  • William Douglas
    Journal, 1889, includes an account of a visit to Ailsa Craig [MS.10975, f.72]


  • James Loch
    Letter including a drawing of a man on a hobbyhorse, 1819 [MS.19415, f.41]

Field sports

  • Robert Edward
    Commonplace Book, circa 1650 [MS.5450]
  • Sir John Foulis of Ravelston
    Account books, 1686-1688 [MSS.6154-5]
  • Ayrshire Hunt
    Minutes, 1791-1795 [Acc.5457]
  • 7th Marquess of Lothian
    Sporting diary, 1815-1824 [MS.5790]
  • Campbell of Islay
    Game Books, 1840-1856 [Acc.3276-7]
  • William F Moore
    Game Books, 1869-1930 [Acc.4538]
  • Game Book, Perthshire, 1881-1905 [Acc.5357]
  • Henry Kirby's sketchbooks of sporting holidays in Sutherland, circa 1880-1912 [Acc.12786]
  • Shooting diary, Blair Atholl, 1883-1884 [Acc.7051]
  • Journal, field sports, 1911-1925 [AC.10562]

See also the following family and estate archives:

  • Chalmers of Auldbar
  • Ellice of Invergarry
  • Fletcher of Saltoun
  • Lynedoch
  • Maxwell of Monreith
  • Minto
  • Sutherland


  • Letters and papers, 1919-1967, of Heart of Midlothian FC [Acc.10226]
  • Letters and papers of P D Thomson, concerning Hibernian FC [Accs.10691, 12436]
  • Scrapbooks compiled by John Weir, 1980s [Acc.10122]


Golf clubs and societies

  • Fraserburgh Golf Club
    Minutes and accounts, 1777-1779 [Acc.4796, Box 124]
  • Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers
    Minutes, bet books, financial records, 1744-1992 [Acc.11208, Acc.12739]
  • Kilearn Golf Club
    Minutes and accounts 1896-1914 [MSS.24650-1]
  • Kilspindie Golf Club (formerly Luffness Golf Club)
    Minutes and accounts, 1867-1965) [Accs.9191, 10787]
  • Luffness New Golf Club
    Minutes and accounts, 1894-1911 [Accs.11692, 12628]
  • North Berwick Golf Club
    Records, 1832-1991 [Acc.11578]
  • Royal Burgess Golfing Society
    Records, 1774-1970s [Dep.375, Acc.11095]
  • Waterstonian Golf Club
    Competition book, 1907 [Acc.12235/360]

Personal papers

  • Sir John Foulis of Ravelston
    Account books, 1686-1688 [MSS.6154-6155]
  • Thomas Kincaid
    Diary, 1687-1688 [Adv.MS.32.7.7]
  • Mackenzie of Delvine papers
    Letters and accounts relating to golf at St Andrews, 1691-1717 [MSS.1391, 1400]
  • William Robertson, Lord Robertson, Senator of the College of Justice
    Admission certificate, Honourable Company of Golfers of Edinburgh, 1787 [MS.3988, no.7]
    [Note: Described as 'Advocate' on the certificate — so not the historian]
  • D W and W Auchterlonie, golf club makers, St Andrews
    Letters and photographs, 1875-1964 [Acc.10575]
  • Arthur Elliot
    Watercolour of golf on Musselburgh links, circa 1886 [MS.9373, f.8]
  • Frederick Guthrie Tait
    Golf match record books and diaries, 1892-1900 [Acc.13048]
  • Chalmers of Auldbar
    Letter of Norman Chalmers, former Captain in the Cameron Highlanders to his sister, Blanche, Auldbar Castle, concerning life on sheep station at Mount Linton, New Zealand, 1891. Includes comments on suitability of soil for golf courses
  • Haig papers
    Photograph of Earl Haig playing golf
  • Arthur Birnie
    Diary entries for golfing expeditions to Portobello, 1907, etc. [Acc.11018]
  • Jean McCulloch
    Printed ephemera, 1930 [Acc.10177]

Highland Games

  • Kelso Games
    Letters concerning, 1881-1882 [MSS.8070-1]
  • Seton Gordon
    Photograph album, 1908-1909 [Acc.7451]
  • Campbell of Islay

Horse racing

  • Skaithmoor
    Agreement for a horse race, 1677 [MS.3135, f.10]
  • Isle of Man
    Rules for a horse race, 1697 [MS.19733, f.1]
  • Caverton Edge
    Plans for a stand at Caverton Edge racecourse, Kelso, 1778 [MS.13233]
  • Sir John Foulis of Ravelston
    Account books include visits to Leith Races, 1686-1688 [MS.6154-5]
  • Printed notices of horse races:
    • Leith, 1756, 1765 [MS.2896, p.141]
    • Kelso, 1809, 1822 [MS.2896, p.145]
    • Musselburgh, 1821 [MS.10958, f.269]
    • Eglinton Park, 1836 [MS.14913B, f.29]
  • Malton, Yorkshire
    Accounts of expenses in breeding racing horses, 1769-1790 [MS.10223]
  • Kelso Races
    Minutes, accounts, printed notices of races, photographs and printed items, 1812-1952, of and relating to racing at Kelso
  • Lynedoch papers
    Correspondence and papers on Lynedoch's horse racing and breeding interests including Epsom and Ascot race cards, 1839-43 [MS.16018]
  • Maxwell of Monreith papers
    Correspondence mentioning the races at Ayr, 19th century [Acc.7043]
  • Rosebery papers
    Includes material on horse racing, 20th century [MSS.10221-2]


  • Fletcher of Saltoun papers
    [MS.16898, fff.178-181]
  • Motoring log book, Killearn, 1905-1909 [MS.8919]
  • Sylvia Primrose, daughter of the Earl of Rosebery
    Journal of a caravan tour in Hampshire [MS.10227]
  • Elsie Jollyman
    Journal of a horse-drawn caravan tour of Scotland, 1909 [MS.29499]
  • Motoring tours 1919-1925 [MSS.17954-5]
  • Seton Gordon
    Motor car registers, 1936-1937 [Acc.7451, box 27]
  • Journal, 'Motoring byways around Edinburgh', circa 1950 [Acc.8329]


Papers of organisations

  • Scottish Mountaineering Club
    Minutes, rules, membership records, Club Room records, log books, publications and papers of members, 1889-1984 [Acc.11538]
  • Braehead Mountaineering Club
    Records, 1951-1970 [Acc.9925]
  • Fell and Rock Climbing Club
    Records, 1927-1928 [Acc.9865]

Personal papers

  • Dr J H Bell
    Notes for lectures on climbing, 1927-1963 [Acc.9960]
  • Thomas Graham Brown
    Diaries, correspondence and working papers, 1877-1962 [Acc.4338]
    A few photographs largely relating to the 'Alpine Journal'
  • C K Howard Bury, Lieutenant Colonel
    Two notebooks recording the Everest expedition led by Bury, 1921 [Acc.11359]
  • Una Cameron
    Climbing diaries, 1926-1938, [Acc.10384, Acc.10480]
  • Ronald Clark
    Personal papers, including much relating to climbing [Acc.9589]
  • George I Finch
    Photograph albums of Alpine and Himalayan scenes, including the Everest expedition,1922, two Everest diaries [Dep.345, Acc.8338]
  • Joseph Alan Garrick
    Climbing notebooks, photographs and related papers, 1915-1996 [Acc.11401]
  • Tom Weir, Mountaineer, broadcaster, author, naturalist and photographer
    Diaries, photographs, notebooks, articles, of climbing largely in Scotland and the Himalayas,1930s-2006 [Acc.13059]
  • Rawdon Goodier, Mountaineer
    Correspondence and papers, 1950-1983, relating to climbing [Acc.10380, Acc.11178]
  • A M Kellas
  • Ian H Ogilvie, Civil Engineer
    Copies of climbing journals, 1920-1990 [Acc.11851]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Peter Oliver
    Papers concerning Alpine and Himalayan expeditions, 1921-1945 [MSS.24656-24658]
  • Arthur Walker Russell
    Climbing and other journals, 1891-1930 [Acc.12690]
  • Major Markham Sherwill
    Description of his ascent of Mont Blanc, 1825 [Acc.5994]
  • Alexander Cunninghame Douglas Small
    Climbing diaries and articles, 1932-1940 [Acc.13368]
  • George Buchanan Smith
  • George P Smith
    1910-1915 [Acc.9464, no.182]
  • Lloyd (Robert Wylie), Alpinist
    Journals of Alpine tours and other papers mostly concerning mountaineering, 1789-1947, collected by Robert Lloyd [MSS.6337-6346]
  • Fanny Bullock Workman
    Diaries, correspondence, accounts, photographs and maps of Fanny Bullock Workman and William Hunter Workman, 1885-1917.
    A substantial number of photographs of expeditions in Europe and the Himalayas. The Workman archive is split between the rare books and manuscripts collections. Photographs are to be found in both parts [Acc.9893]
  • Sir James Wordie
    Papers, 1922-1969, including material on climbing in Greenland [MSS.9501-9568, Acc.12559]
  • Anon
    Journal of a climbing expedition to Switzerland, 1859 [Acc.3329]


  • Francis, Lord Jeffrey
    Diary of a walking tour in Scotland, 1800 [MS.23223]
  • James Erskine of Aberdona
    Journal of a walking tour in central Scotland, 1802 [MS.5121]
  • William Laing, minister of Crieff
    Journal of a walking tour in central Scotland, 1810 [Acc.8554]
    Journals of a walking tours in the Highlands, 1819 [MS.6336]
  • C S Inglis
    'A Pedestrian Excursion in the Highlands', 1856 [Acc.5186]
  • Helen B Cruickshank
    Photographs taken on walking tours in Scotland, 1912-1931 [MSS.26709-11]


  • Ticket for France-Scotland Rugby match at Myreside, Edinburgh 1898 [Acc.10638/B7]
  • Team photograph, 1912-1913, of a Heriot's XV [Acc.11123]
  • Scrapbook, 1924-1946, of William Simpson [Acc.10114]


  • Records of the Edinburgh Skating Club, 1784-1966 [MSS.24641-9]


  • Designs for an internal tennis court, early 19th century [MsS.14820-1]


  • Archibald, 3rd Duke of Argyll
    Accounts for the Duke of Argyll's yacht the 'Princess Augusta', 1751-1755 [in MSS.17621-5]
  • Daniell and Ayton
    Annotated copy of Daniell and Ayton’s 'A Voyage Round Great Britain', London, 1814-1825. with notes by Sir Walter Scott [MS.6140]
  • Sir Warington Wilkinson Smyth, geologist
    Accounts of two journeys: 'A cruise among the Hebrides or Western Islands of Scotland', 1836, and a 'Log of the Barbara of Bedford during her voyage from Bedford to York', 1835, [Adv.MS.20.5.15]
  • H Tennant
    Journal of a cruise through the Western Isles, 1838 [Acc.12071]
  • Katharine Jane Ellice
    Sketches, 1850-1859, many relating to yachting holidays off the west coast of Scotland, [MSS.15172]
  • Richard Doyle
    'Log of the Ladye', 1850, 1850, humorous illustrated logs of voyages off the west coast of Scotland presented by Doyle to his hostess, Katharine Jane Ellice [MS.15150]
  • Edward Ellice
    Logs, 1855-1873, of voyages off the west coast of Scotland [MS.15147]
  • Francis G Richards
    Log of the ‘Midas’, 1859, on a voyage off the coast of Main, USA, when the crew included Charles J Paine [MS.20373]
  • Sir Thomas Newenham Deane, Irish Architect, and Joseph Manley Todd Sailing logs of the yachts 'Norma' and 'Coquette', and log of the 'Siesta', 1872 [Acc.8359]
  • Royal Highland Yacht Club
    Records, 1881-1941 [Dep.354]
  • Lady Margaret Douglas Home
    Diary, 1904, of a voyage in the 'Christine' [Acc.8767]
  • The Ailsa
    Log of the 'Ailsa' on a voyage in the Western Isles, 1892 [MS.9231]

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