Manuscript and Archive Collections staff

Manuscript and Archive Collections Manager: Kenneth Dunn
Curators: Olive Geddes, Sally Harrower, Ulrike Hogg, David McClay, Ralph McLean, Alison Metcalfe, Amy Todman
Digital Archivist: Steve Rigden
Assistant Curators: Rachel Beattie, Yvonne Carroll.

Most of the Manuscript and Archive Collections staff at the National Library of Scotland have particular areas of expertise when it comes to subject work. There are also other particular responsibilities individuals have relating to aspects of the public service.

Enquiries and responsibilities

The quickest way to get your enquiry or preorder of material for consultation answered is to use the Manuscript Collections general email address,

You can also email curators individually. Some of our curators have specific subject responsibilities. To help you find out who deals with what, we've provided the information in two versions:

There are some overlaps in subjects, and some subjects are not specifically assigned. If you are in any doubt, please email

Responsibilities — list by curator

Olive Geddes Scottish social history; agrarian and rural history; travel in Scotland; leisure activities and sport; crafts; women; Reading Room liaison; liaison over the implementation of the Data Protection Act, 1998, the Freedom of Information Act (Scotland), 2002, and Environmental Information Regulations.
Ulrike Hogg Medieval manuscripts; early modern Scottish history; pre-1850 Gaelic culture, literature and society; music.
David McClay John Murray Archive.
Sally Harrower Modern (post-1850) Scottish literature; theatre studies.
Steve Rigden Digital Archivist.
Alison Metcalfe Scottish church missions; 20th century military and naval history.
Ralph McLean The Enlightenment; Jacobitism; Union of 1707; Walter Scott; slavery; Scottish literature, 1700-1832; Scottish philosophy, 1700-1832; conservation liaison
Amy Todman Post-1800 political history; emigration; labour and trade union history; post-1800 business history.

Responsibilities — list by subject



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