Staff responsibilities listed by subject

This is an alphabetical list of subject responsibilities within Manuscript Collections at the National Library of Scotland. Beside each subject is the name of the curator you can contact about it. See the practical information page for contact details.

Agrarian and rural history Olive Geddes
Business history — post-1800 Amy Todman
Conservation liaison Ralph McLean
Crafts Olive Geddes
Data Protection Act 1998 Olive Geddes
Darien Ralph McLean
Emigration Amy Todman
Enlightment Ralph McLean
Environmental information regulations Olive Geddes
Exhibition loan management Olive Geddes
Freedom of Information Act (Scotland) 2002 Olive Geddes
Gaelic (pre-1850) Ulrike Hogg
Jacobitism Ralph McLean
John Murray Archive David McClay
Labour and trade union history Amy Todman
Leisure activities and sport Olive Geddes
Medieval manuscripts Ulrike Hogg
Modern (post-1850) Scottish literature Sally Harrower
Music Ulrike Hogg
Political history, post-1800 Amy Todman
Reading Room liaison Olive Geddes
Reprographic enquiries Yvonne Carroll
Scottish church missions Alison Metcalfe
Scottish Gaelic culture, literature and society Ulrike Hogg
Scottish history up to 1700 Ulrike Hogg
Scottish history — early modern Ulrike Hogg
Scottish literature before 1700 Ulrike Hogg
Scottish literature, 1700-1832 Ralph McLean
Scottish philosophy, 1700-1832 Ralph McLean
Scottish social history Olive Geddes
Ralph McLean
Theatre studies Sally Harrower
Travel in Scotland Olive Geddes
Union of 1707 Ralph McLean
Walter Scott Ralph McLean
Women Olive Geddes


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