Advance appointments

It is not necessary to make an appointment for most enquiries. However, to avoid delay or disappointment, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance for certain types of request:

  • Enquiries for early (pre-1850) material
  • Enquiries for specialist information
  • Enquiries involving particular members of staff
  • Lengthy enquiries, e.g. involving more than two places, or large numbers of maps. (Business and professional users must make an appointment in advance for more than two sites. Up to six sites or 50 maps will be retrieved for any one firm on any one day.)
  • Items required on Saturdays, when some material may not be available.
  • Visitors with limited time in Edinburgh
  • School pupils must try their local resource centres, geography department and library services first. It is advisable for parents or teachers to make an appointment in advance. Primary school pupils are not normally admitted unless accompanied by an adult.

For further information about advance appointments, contact

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