Information about Scotland

  • Gateway to Scotland
    A source of information about Scotland, with many links, compiled by the Department of Geography, University of Edinburgh.
  • Gazetteer for Scotland
    A developing site with information about, and photographs of, places in Scotland. Supported by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and the Department of Geography, University of Edinburgh.
  • Historic Scotland
    Lists buildings of special architectural or historic interest and monuments of national importance.
  • Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
    RCAHMS provides access to information and material on the sites, monuments and buildings of Scotland's past through the National Monuments Record of Scotland.
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Scottish Place-Name Society
  • Statistical Accounts of Scotland
    Scanned images of the pages of these outstanding sources of information on Scottish parishes in the 1790s and 1845, searchable by keyword. Contemporary county maps, showing parishes, are also provided.
  • Vision of Britain website
    Includes a detailed gazetteer of administrative units from 1801 to 2001, descriptive gazetteers from the 1870s-1880s, the accounts of travellers, and zooomable historical Ordnance Survey and Land Utilisation Survey maps for Great Britain.


Images of maps of Scotland

Modern maps
More detailed modern maps
  • Google maps
    Detailed street mapping, satellite imagery, terrain maps, with gazetteer search options.
  • Get-a-map
    Ordnance Survey 1:250 000 scale modern colour raster maps of the UK (road maps). Searchable by placename, national grid and postcode.
    Maps for travel at various scales (down to street maps) of UK and World.
    Street and road maps for the whole of mainland Britain, with address searching by place and postcode. A most useful facility links latitude and longitude with Ordnance Survey national grid numbers.
Old maps
  • Gough Map, ca. 1360
    The oldest surviving route map for Great Britain, held in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
  • British Library Online Gallery
    Thousands of zoomable images (including maps and views) from the British Library's collections, including:
  • NLS Maps of Scotland, 1560-1928
    In the National Library of Scotland's 'Maps of Scotland' resource you can access and view thousands of maps as high-resolution, colour, zoomable images, dating between 1560 and 1935.
  • Charting the Nation
    Charting the Nation is a collaborative digital imaging and cataloguing project with the aim of preserving and widening access to maps of Scotland and their associated archives dating from 1590 to 1740.
  • Images of Early Maps on the Web
    A comprehensive list of images of maps around the world, with links to the websites.
    Some maps are available on the Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network, a multimedia resource on history and culture in Scotland.
  • Kilmarnock
    Map images and commentaries on the development of the town, based on the publication Old maps of Kilmarnock.
  • David Rumsey Collection
    The collection concentrates particularly on maps of America, but as it also includes world atlases (primarily 18th and 19th century) there are some maps of Scotland. Plates from world atlases published by Scots (eg. Fullarton 1872, Bartholomew 1922) are also displayed.
  • Landmark Old Maps
    Jointly owned by Landmark Information Group and Ordnance Survey. Early Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain (County series) at a scale of 1:10560 (6 inches to 1 mile) dated between 1846 and 1899. Searchable by placename, national grid and postcode.


Information about maps and cartography

  • Map History / History of Cartography
    Descriptions, useful information, and links to web sites on the history of maps.
  • Historical Map Web Sites
    The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin lists, and links to, some map images on the web.
  • Oddens' Bookmarks
    Not actively updated from 2004, but still a useful site for all types of map information, with over 22,000 links.
  • Renfrewshire maps
    The Early Cartography of Renfrewshire to 1864, by John N Moore, Glasgow University Library. A carto-bibliography of maps of Renfrewshire.


Map libraries

  • Oddens' Bookmarks
    This site, as well as containing all types of useful map information, also links to map libraries around the world.
  • Directory of UK map collections
    A list of UK libraries, archives and other collections holding maps.
  • National Archives of Scotland - catalogue
    Search "By Place" using parish names, for accessing records for thousands of manuscript and unpublished maps of Scotland.
  • The National Archives - Kew
    The National Archives holds over six million maps, both manuscript and printed, relating particularly to British official or government activities, and dating mainly from the 16th to the later 20th centuries.
  • Legal deposit libraries
    The National Library of Scotland is one of six legal deposit libraries in the UK and Ireland. All have large map collections of antiquarian and modern maps, of international importance. Some also specialise in their own areas, e.g. for information about maps of Ireland contact Trinity College, Dublin.
  • National Archives of Scotland
    The Register House Plans series (RHP) contains over 100,000 hand-drawn and printed maps and plans.
  • Royal Geographical Society
    One of the largest private map collections in the world, with 1 million map sheets, 3000 atlases, globes and gazetteers. The collection has focused on scientifically surveyed maps and charts from official agencies at home and abroad.
  • Royal Scottish Geographical Society
    Founded in 1884, the RSGS supports research, talks, publications, and information dissemination on geography and the wider world, with important collections including maps.


Map societies

  • British Cartographic Society
    An 'association of individuals and organisations dedicated to exploring and developing the world of maps'.
  • Map Curators' Group
    'Founded in 1966 as an integral part of the British Cartographic Society, to promote the professional development of map curatorship.'
  • International Cartographic Association
    Aims 'to promote the discipline and profession of cartography in an international context. ICA is the world authoritative body for cartography, the discipline dealing with the conception, production, dissemination and study of maps.'
  • IMCoS International Map Collectors' Society
    'A forum for those who are interested in maps ... collectors, dealers, librarians and academics.'
  • LIBER Groupe des Cartothécaires de LIBER (Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche)
    Group of Map Curators of LIBER (League of European Research Libraries).
  • The Royal Scottish Geographical Society
    Aims 'to be the foremost independent body in Scotland promoting the understanding of the inter-relationships between people, places and the environment through geographical research, education, debate, travel and exploration.'
  • Society of Cartographers
    Founded in 1964, originally named the Society of University Cartographers. Now aims to support practising cartographer in all fields.
  • The Charles Close Society
    Aims 'to bring together all those with any interest in the maps, plans, and related materials of the UK Ordnance Survey ... and to promote the exchange of information, and encourage and co-ordinate research.'


Email discussion groups about maps

  • lis-maps is 'a UK-based forum for issues related to map & spatial data librarianship'.
  • MapHist, 'the Map History Discussion List, is an e-mail discussion group whose primary focus is historical maps, atlases, globes and other cartographic documents'.
  • MAPS-L is 'an international discussion forum for Map Librarians, other librarians dealing with (or interested in) cartographic information, anyone dealing with cartographic information, cartographers, remote sensors, geographers, and cartomaniacs of all types'.
  • MapTrade 'is an online discussion e-mail list for antique map collectors, dealers and enthusiasts worldwide'.


Map producers and dealers

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