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 Project Pont Activities

October 1996   Seminar 1 - 'Extreem Wilderness?'
Held at the National Library of Scotland (The title comes from a quotation on one of the maps.)
November 1997   Seminar 2 - 'More Questions than Answers?'
Held at the Department of Geography, University of Edinburgh
May 1998   Field excursion to Loch Tay
January 1999   Seminar 3 - 'Propagating Pont'
Held at the University of Dundee
April 2000   Seminar 4 - 'A Pont Miscellany'
Held at New Lanark
September 2001   Seminar 5 - 'Pont's worlds: Pont's maps and mapping in a wider context'
Held at the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Project Pont newsletter
10 issues were produced from March 1997 to December 2001. Copies of most issues are still available, free of charge: contact Maps Collections.

 Pont website

The website includes digital images of all the Pont manuscript maps, which can be seen in detail, as well as commentaries and explanations on various aspects of the maps. Pont website


'The Nation Survey'd
Essays on late sixteenth-century Scotland as depicted by Timothy Pont'
Edited by Ian C Cunningham
Tuckwell Press, in association with the National Library of Scotland, 2001
xviii,172p.154 illus (b/w & col.)
ISBN 1-86232-198-1

The Pont Family - the evidence
1.   Timothy Pont: three centuries of research, speculation and plagiarism. Jeffrey Stone
2.   The age of Timothy Pont. Michael Lynch
3.   Writing and signs. Pont's writing: form and content.
    An assessment of Pont's settlement signs.
Christopher Fleet
Jeffrey Stone
4.   Pont and place-names. Simon Taylor and Roy Wentworth
5.   Woodland in the maps of Timothy Pont. Christopher Smout
6.   Timothy Pont and Scotland's mountains. Ian Mitchell
7.   Timothy Pont's building drawings. Charles McKean
8.   Timothy Pont's portrayal of towns. Patricia Dennison
9.   Pont in context: chorography, mapmaking and national identity in the late sixteenth century. Charles Withers

 Travelling exhibition

'Mapping the Realm: Timothy Pont's portrait of Renaissance Scotland'
A small travelling exhibition on 10 panels has been on tour since October 2001. Speakers may be available to give a talk on Pont to your organisation. Contact if you are interested.

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