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The reference works, further reading suggestions and selected articles we have listed here provide a wide range of information about Scottish newspapers past and present. You can consult them in our General Reading Room, and find details in our main catalogue using the title, author or shelfmark.

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Reference works

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Further reading

  • 'The Aberdeen journal and its history: The men who made it'. (Aberdeen: Aberdeen Journal, 1894) [BCL.B5819]
  • Aird, Andrew. 'Reminiscences of editors, reporters, and printers, during the last sixty years'. (Glasgow: Aird & Coghill [1890]) [ABS.2.90.54]
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Selected articles

  • Fraser, W Hamish. 'The Chartist press in Scotland', in 'Papers for the people: A study of the Chartist press', (London: Merlin Press, 2005), 82-105 [PB8.209.746/4]
  • Harris, Bob. 'Scotland's newspapers, the French Revolution and domestic radicalism (circa 1789-1794)', in 'Scottish historical review', 84:1 (Apr. 2005), 38-62 [Hist.S.2.SHS]
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  • 'The newspaper press of Scotland', in 'Fraser's magazine for town and country', 17 (1838), 559-571 (P.51)


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