India Papers – guide to catalogue searching

Details of all material in the India Papers collection are in the main catalogue. You can also browse the catalogue using a shelfmark search, with this guide to help you.

The India Papers shelfmarking system was devised so that there is the root 'IP' ('India Papers'), then a two-letter code representing either a publishing department or a type of publication. In addition to the root IP, there is the state number (where appropriate) and the classification code.


Indian states

Each state is identified by a number which appears in the pressmark immediately after the initial IP which marks all India Papers: so all papers of the Bengal Presidency have pressmarks beginning with IP/6/. A You will find a complete list of the states and their numerical codes is given in Appendix 2. Their classification codes are in Appendix 3.

You can also discover what material exists on a particular subject or locality using codes in the shelfmark. For example, for material on famines throughout India, check the classification code FB under each state.


Central Indian Government

In the central government papers every code apart from AA and XA represents a publishing department. You will find these codes in Appendix 1.

But as well as searching under likely departments you can use the old subject arrangement on which pressmarks are based.

The classification K, for example, represented industry and commerce, and all departments mainly concerned with these fields now have codes beginning with K, such as KC for the Department of Industries. We have listed the old subject classification in Appendix 4.


Appendix 1 — Central government classification

AA Miscellaneous
BA Linguistic Survey
CA Curator of Ancient Monuments
CB Archaeological Survey of India
CC Indian Museum
D [Miscellaneous Commissions and Committees}
DA Indian Hemp Drugs Commission
DB Indian Industrial Commission
DC Indian Service Commission
DD Royal Commission on Labour in India
DE Pamir Boundary Commission
DF Leprosy Commission
DG Indian Famine Charitable Relief Fund
DH Chemical Services Committee
DI Taxation Enquiry Commission 1953-1954
EA Survey of India
EB Marine Survey
EC Topographical Survey
ED Ethnographic Survey
FA Military Department
FB Marine Department
FC Indian Munitions Board
HA Home Department
HB Legislative Department
JA Finance Department
JB Central Revenue Board
KA Commerce Department
KB Commercial Intelligence ('Statistics) Department
KQ Industries Department
KD Labour Department
KE Patent Office
KF Imoerial Institute
KG Imperial Shipping Committee
KH Planning Commission
KI Ministry of Community Development and Cooperation
KJ Department of Atomic Energy
LA Legislative Assembly
MA Education Department
MB Information and broadcasting Department
MC Tourism Department
NA Foreign Department (afterwards External Affairs)
NS High Commissioner for India
NC Political Department
PA Board of Scientific Advice
QA Sanitary Commissioner
QB Indian Medical Service
RA Civil Veterinary Department
RB Imperial Bacteriologist
SA Revenue and Agriculture Department (afterwards Agriculture Department)
SB Imperial Council for Agricultural Research
SC Botanical Survey of India
SD Indian Central Cotton Committee
SE Forestry Department
TA Meteorology Department
VA Geological Survey
WA Public Works Department
WB Railway Department
WC Telegraphy Department
WD Post Office
WE Civil Aviation Directorate-General
WF Mines Department
WG Consulting Architect
XA Censuses
YA Imperial Record Department
YB Indian Historical Records Commission
ZA Imperial Library
ZB Publications catalogues


Appendix 2 — Numerical list of states

IP India (Imperial government)
IP/1 Ajmer Merwara
IP/2/ Andaman and Nicobar Islands
IP/3/ Assam (1874-1905, 1911-)
IP/4/ Baluchistan
IP/5/ Baroda
IP/6/ Bengal
IP/7/ Eastern Bengal and Assam (1905-11)
IP/8/ Calcutta (Municipality)
IP/9/ Western India States Agency, including Bhavnagar and Rajkot
IP/10/ Bihar and Orissa (1911-36), Bihar (1936-)
IP/11/ Orissa (1936-)
IP/12/ Bikaner
IP/13/ Bombay (Presidency) (with Sind 1847-1935)
IP/14/ Bombay (Municipality)
IP/15/ Sind (1935-)
IP/16/ Burma
IP/17/ Rangoon (Municipality)
IP/18/ Central India Agency
IP/19/ Central Provinces, later Madhya Pradesh (with Berar from 1903)
IP/20/ Hyderabad Assigned Districts (otherwise known as Berar, 1853-1903)
IP/21/ Hyderabad (Princely State)
IP/22/ Coorg
IP/23/ Dehli
Ip/24/ Janmu and Kashmir
IP/25/ Madras (Presidency)
IP/26/ Madras (Municipality)
IP/27/ Madras States Agency (Travancore, etc.)
IP/28/ Mysore
IP/29/ North West Frontier Province
IP/30/ North West Provinces (to 1901); United Provinces (1901-)
IP/31/ Oudh (linked with North West Provinces from 1877)
IP/32/ Punjab
IP/33/ Rajputana
IP/34/ Sikkim
IP/35/ Cochin


Appendix 3 — States classification

AA Miscellaneous
AS Accountant General
AC Administration
AD Agriculture Department
AE Archaeology
AF Army
BA Bacteriology
BB Boilers
BC Botanic gardens
CA Census
CB Chemical analyst
CC Cinchona
CD Commerce
CE Companies
CF Co-operative Societies
CG Cotton
CH Court of Small Causes
CI Currency
CJ Customs
DA Defence
EA Education / Public instruction
EB Excise / Abkari
EC Emigrants
ED Ethnography
FA Factories
FB Famine
FC Finance
FD Fisheries
FE Forests
GA Gazetteers
GB General Department
HA Harbours
HB Health
HC High Court
HD Hill tracts
HE Home Department
HF Horse-breeding
HG Hospitals
IA Income Tax
IB Industries
IC Irrigation
JA Jails / Prisons
JB Judicial Department / Justice
LA Labour
LB Land Records
LC Land Revenue
LD Legal Department
LE Legislative Council
LF Libraries
LG Lighthouses
LH Lists
LI Local self-government
LJ Linguistic Survey
MA Marine Department
MB Medical
MC Meteorology
MD Mines
ME Motor vehicles
UF Municipalities
MG Manuscripts
MH Museums
0A Opium
OB Observatory
PA Paper currency
PB Photozincographic Department
PC Plague
PD Police
PE Political Department
PF Port Commissioners
PG [Not used]
PH Public Department
PI Public health / Sanitation
PJ Public instruction / Education
PK Public Service Commission
PL Public Works
PM Public Works — hydro-electricity
PN Public Works — irrigation
PO Public Works — railways
QA Publications lists
RA Records
RB Registration
RC Revenue
RD Ruling Princes / Chiefs
RE Rural development
SA Salt
SB Sanitation / Public health
SC Science
SD [Not used]
SE Settlement
SF Stamps
SG State Colonies
SH Statistics
SI Survey
TA Telegraphs
TB Town planning
TC Trade
VA Vaccination
VB Veterinary Department
WA Workmen's Compensation


Appendix 4 - Original classification of central government papers

A Miscellaneous
B Language
C Art and archaeology
D [Not used] (formerly History and genealogy)
E Surveys (formerly Geography)
D Armed services
G [Not used] (formerly Communications)
H Home affairs (formerly Administration)
I [Not used]
J Economics, finance and taxation
K Trade and industry
L Legislative assembly (formerly Social conditions)
M Education
N Foreign affairs (formerly Justice, crime and jails)
0 [Not used]
P Science
Q Medicine and public health
R Veterinary science
S Agriculture and forestry
T Ueteorology and astronomy
U [Not used] (formerly Astronomy)
V Geology
W Public works and communications
X Census
Y Records
Z Bibliography


India Papers collection

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