Manuscripts from St Benedict's Abbey, Fort Augustus

Patristic texts [texts of the writings of the early Christian fathers], written at the Benedictine house at Regensberg, 1080-1083. The main scribe was Marianus 'Scotus', founder of the Regensburg community. In Latin, with some notes in Gaelic. The manuscript is described in N R Ker, 'Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries', vol. 2, pp.846-9 (Acc.11218/1)

A 15th-century German-produced manuscript of the Rule of St Benedict with the commentary of Bernard, Abbot of Monte Cassino. Described in N R Ker, 'Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries', vol. 2, p.849 (Acc.11218/2).

A miscellany of late 15th- to 16th-century texts comprising: 'Libellus de fundatione ecclesiae consecrati Petri; 'De limitibus parochiarum civitatis Ratisponensis'; and Johannes Tritheim, 'De statu et ruina monastici ordinis' (Acc.11218/3)

A manuscript of Father James Dalrymple, 1596, being his translation into Scots from the Latin history of Scotland, 'De Origine, Moribus et Rebus Gestis Scotorum, Liber Decem', Rome, 1578, by John Leslie, Bishop of Ross. With a copy of the disputations of Father John James Whyte at Regensburg, 1588 (Acc.11218/4)

A 16th-century manuscript of the collection of the laws of Scotland known as the 'Regiam Majestatem' (Acc.11218/5).

Twenty-seven 15th- to 16th-century printed and manuscript fragments removed from the previous binding of the 'Regiam Majastatem', including polyphonic music from the Inverness song-school. The latter are described by Stephen Allenson in an article in 'Music and Letters',70 (1989), pp.1-45 (Acc.11218/6).

A late 15th-century French-produced Book of Hours, bearing her signature and apparently used for her private devotions by Mary of Guise (1515-1560), Queen Consort of James V and Regent of Scotland after his death. Described in N R Ker, 'Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries', vol. 2, pp.850-1, and presented to Fort Augustus Abbey by Lord Mark Kerr, 1916 (Acc.11218/7).

A finely illuminated early 15th-century Book of Hours produced in north-eastern France: described in Ker, ibid, pp.851-2 (Acc. 11218/8).

A German-produced monastic manuscript, 15th century, containing a letter of St Bernard; exposition of the mass; and six moralised tales. It appears to have been presented to Fort Augustus Abbey by Mr Ellice (possibly of Invergarry) in 1893: described in N R Ker, 'Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries', vol. 2, pp. 852-3 (Acc.11218/9).

A collection of 14 formal documents, mostly English, 1516-1702 (Acc.11218/10)

A miscellany of 11 printed liturgical and musical fragments, 12-14th century (Acc.11218/11).

A volume of printed and manuscript laws and acts of Parliament, 1597-1612, n.d. (Acc.11218/12)

An annotated copy of Browne Willis, 'An History of the Mitred Parliamentary Abbies', London, 1718; the notes are by William Coles, 1760 (Acc.11218/13).

Books and manuscripts from St Benedict's Abbey

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