The Keir Hardie/Emrys Hughes Collection

From Shakespeare to Soviet Union posters

This collection of some 160 printed items relates to left-wing politics, and particularly to the Labour Party in the early 20th century. The collection was begun by James Keir Hardie (1856-1915), first leader of the Labour Party in Parliament, who passed them to his daughter Nan. She married Emrys Hughes (1894-1969), the writer and MP for South Ayrshire, who also edited the radical Glasgow periodical 'Forward'. After Nan's death, Emrys Hughes married Martha Cleland, who deposited the collection in the Library.

The collection

The printed material includes posters, pamphlets and hardback books, dating from the 17th to the early 20th centuries. Keir Hardie and Emrys Hughes both feature prominently in the collection.

Shown top right is a Welsh poem in praise of Keir Hardie. There are fine illustrated books such as Walter Crane's 'Flowers from Shakespeare's Garden' (1906), shown left.

Although most of the books relate to British politics, society and religion, there are also many items relating to the USSR, particularly to the Stalinist era. This poster (right) is a fine example of Soviet realist art.


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