Microform research series

This is a listing of some particularly important collections of books on microfilm and microfiche. For a complete listing of microform collections in the National Library, please refer to 'Microform Research Collections in the National Library of Scotland' (1997), hard copies of which are available in the reading rooms.


  • Early English Books, 1475-1640 (microfilm) (shelfmark Mf.99, index Mg.38). Digitially available as Early English Books Online (EEBO)
  • Early English Books, 1641-1700 (microfilm) (Mf.98, index Mg.39). Digitally available as EEBO
  • Early English Newspapers 1601-1900 (microfilm) (Mf.83, Mf.921/1, index Mg.11)
  • [English Civil War, Commonwealth, Restoration] The Thomason Tracts 1640-1661 (microfilm) (Mf.102, index Mg.37). Digitally available as EEBO
  • The Eighteenth Century (microfilm) (Mf.134, index Mg.40). Digitally available as Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)
  • The Nineteenth Century (microfiche) (Mc.698, index Mg.69)
  • The Robert White Collection of Chapbooks from the University Library, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (microfilm) (Mf.665, index Mg.52)


  • Selected Americana from Sabin's directory of books relating to America (microfiche) (Mc.3). Sabin catalogue records are now on the online catalogue.
  • French political pamphlets 1547-1648 (Mf.986)
  • French revolution research collection 1789-1799 (Mc.1017 index Mg.105)
  • [French revolution] MacLure Collection at the Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania (Mf.32 index Mg.1)
  • 'Flugschriften des frühen 16. Jahrhunderts': sixteenth century pamphlets in German and Latin (1501-1530) (Mc.114, index Mg.35)
  • Incunabula: the printing revolution in Europe 1455-1500 (microfiche) (Mc.1007, index Mg.103)
  • Harold Jantz Collection of German baroque literature (Mf.1030, index Mg.106)
  • Pre-1601 Italian Books (microfilm) (Mf.63)
  • Italian books 1601-1700 (microfilm) (Mf.64)
  • Dutch pamphlets 1486-1648 (Mc.666, index H2.81.168)
  • Scandinavian Culture Series (microfilm) (Mf.43-45, Mf.62)


  • Aristotle Greek commentaries (Mc.666, index Mg.58)
  • Art exhibition catalogues (Mc.218, 220, 222, 229, 241)
  • Book prospectuses (Bodleian Library holdings) (Mc.156, Mc.88, index Mg.26-27)
  • Broadsides from the Bute Collection at Harvard University Library (Mf.165, index Mg.1)
  • History of photography on microfilm (Mf.132, index Mg.9)
  • Renaissance rhetoric 1455-1600 (Mc.676, index Mg.7)


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