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  1. Perhaps what you are looking for is a manuscript? (Manuscripts are works that have not been printed and published in multiple copies. This means that most manuscripts are hand-written or in typescript.) If so, you will need to consult the separate manuscript catalogues, available in the Special Materials Reading Room. For more information, contact Manuscript Collections at
  2. Perhaps your book is mainly printed music? The Library has a number of separate music catalogues, which are the responsibility of Music Collections staff: email
  3. Perhaps your book contains maps or is mainly geographical? If so, it may be in the Maps Reading Room in our Causewayside Building. Contact Map Collections at
  4. Perhaps your book is a very recent publication, i.e. published in the past five years? If so, it may not yet have been catalogued. Contact

Your book may be part of a special collection which has not yet been fully catalogued. See our online directory of special collections for more information. There are several collections which have not yet been catalogued, including some early material. Please ask a member of Rare Book Collections staff.


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